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it made me so so happy that so many great blogs entered, and i had a seriously hard time narrowing it down to my three favourites for each category, but here they are ✨

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I just submitted a setup earlier this week, but the photo turned out horribly and I realized I’ve yet to really show off my little field watch, so… Here’s another one. Also, the Willamette Whittler has got to be one of the snazziest folders ever! Cheers!

Women’s World Cup coaches have upped their fashion game, but can they compete with John Herdman?
by Laura Vecsey

Forget soccer. This World Cup is bringing us a showdown of some of the snazziest sideline dressers in women’s futbol. The looks are so impressive that, we hate to admit it, the most sartorial savvy coaches sometimes steal the stage. Christine Sinclair is a fabulous athlete, but coach John Herdman is positively eye candy, thanks to his fastidious grooming. The camera don’t lie.

Herdman almost broke Twitter last week when he showed up for Canada’s knockout round win over Switzerland wearing, perhaps, the tightest white short-sleeve shirt this side of “Magic Mike.” 

No matter how Canada does in this tournament, the program should be significantly enriched by the poster sales of John Herdman’s tight shirt

— Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur)

June 22, 2015

John Herdman, down a few shirt buttons, looking cool pitchside #FIFAWWC. Forget Dos Equis guy. Canada coach may be most interesting man …

— Neil Davidson (@NeilMDavidson)

June 6, 2015

Snark award for the best commentary about Herdman’s haberdashery: “What’s this? Herdman shopping at Baby Gap?” The 39-year-old Englishman came so close to popping his shirt buttons that B.C. Place fans were said to be issued safety goggles.

Herdman is easy on the eyes, but he’s not the only one. Of the eight coaches left standing heading into the quarterfinals, five wear street clothes on the sideline and three wear team gear, so we’ll leave out Jill Ellis (Nike) Philippe Bergeroo (Nike) and Norio Sasaki (adidas) because, apparently, they choose not to use any imagination inside the dressing room.

Now it’s time to vote now for your snappiest sideline general:

John Herdman - Canada

Hao Wei - China

Silvia Neid - Germany

Alen Stajcic - Australia 

Mark Sampson - England

So who’s your pick?

Photos courtesy Getty Images


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