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HetaHalloween 2017!

It’s that time of year again! Time for fun costumes, spoopy memes, and lots of candy >:D

To celebrate, my muses ( @ask-aph-la-catracha and @ask-i-do-not-sparkle ) will be hosting a Halloween Party Event lasting from October 27 - November 3! You may come with a date, or show up with your best buds!

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Once you’ve done either, you’re free to participate! Post pictures of your muse(s) in their snazziest costumes with the tag “HetaHalloween 2k17″ so I’ll be able to find them! (You can also mention either of my blogs if you really want to make sure I see it)

Interactions are encouraged! Feel free to greet either of my muses or talk to any of the other guests that show up!

Hope you enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Hi, your writings are lovely, and very well thought out ^^ Here's a question: how would each of the guard leaders react at discovering Gardienne was trying to hide a wound from them? Sorry in advance if I have formulated the question poorly ^^'

You flatterer. Now I need to reward you with three scenarios. ;)  

Nevra: Activates ‘Parent’ Mode 

Nobody slips past the vampire while he’s awake. His people are evolved hunters, born with the ability to pinpoint spilled blood from at least a quarter of a mile away, with just their nose. If it’s even closer than that, he can tell which approximate species just met with an accident.

So the moment the Guardian returns to HQ, and does not make a beeline to the infirmary, he’ll intercept them in private before the hour is out. Spooking them is a bonus. Leaning against a convenient pillar right in their path, his arms folded, and his expression set in a cool frown that simultaneously says “I am disappointed in you” and “Show me: now.” The business of his soldiers is always his business; that’s what being in a clan team is about.

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Title: First
Summary: Full access to one’s mind comes with a few downsides, like stumbling on private fantasies the All Seeing Eye could have lived without ever having to see. Not that they’re not kind of flattering. And really, there’s a first time for everything.
Characters: Stanford Pines, Bill Cipher.
Rating: T
Status: complete.

A/N: Have I ever mentioned before that I am BillFord trash.
So go ahead for pre-betrayal BillFord. Includes some making out and Ford being a smitten fanboy. Sort of. 


There were times when Bill would not show himself the moment Ford fell asleep and opened his eyes in the Mindscape. Sometimes he had to find him and, more often than not, it was almost as a game: his mind was vast and Bill full of tricks, and sometimes Ford would follow his laugh for what felt like forever before he found his Muse.

This time, however, Bill was not hiding. He found him before one of the floating doors that opened in the vastness of his mindscape, looking inside at something Ford couldn’t see from that angle, arms hanging limply in the air. A bit too limply, so that was something Ford should have probably picked up - but he did not, and called out.


Three things happened in quick succession, none of them expected. First, Bill screeched. Second, Bill slammed the door shut and whirled around to look at him like a hare caught in the headlights. And third, Bill blurted out something on how nice the weather was in the cyberspace and hey, had he ever told him that fun story about Orion’s belt?

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spockowhales  asked:

For the Les Mis HC - what are your HCs for the Amis' morning routines? :)

Enj: coffe first and above all. Takes a shower and gives himself a peptalk in the mirror when he’s doing his hair like “u r the manliest man everyone loves to talk to you and listen to you and people love you because you are the snazziest dude”. It helps with his anxiety.

Ferre: has the same cereal every morning. Wakes up at like 6am. Reads the newspaper with his cereal before making sure his bag is packed before heading to work by bus.

Courf: it involves a lot of showtunes but the actual pysical routine changes everyday.

R: since being sober they found having a set wake up time. Theyve actually become quite a morning person. They like to drink black coffee on the balcony and watch Paris wake up.

Joly: their OCD means they have an incredibly important morning routine. They make cereal. They pack a lunch. They brush their teeth for exactly 2 minutes. They have to kiss Bossuet’s bald head 3 times for good luck. (once Boss had to go on a business trip and he made Joly an egg with his face on it that Joly could kiss)

Boss: Boss works from home so doesn’t really have a morning routine. He doesn’t want to freak Joly out either so he just chills in bed and ponders how much he loves Joly and admittedly… Worries a little bit.

Jehan: yoga every morning. A simple sun salutation. They water all their plants and and say good morning to them. Picks a tea to go with their mood and qatches the news on tv.

Bahorel: i know it’s cliche but he does push ups and sit ups every morning. It makes him happy that. He makes breakfast for him and Fee. Frilly pink apron absolutely included.

Feuilly: wakes up as feasibly late as possible. There is always breakfast waiting for him. Always checks his emails just before he leaves.


Marius: he is trying to recover from his OCD so he tries to shake up his morning routine to avoid a serious relapse. Also always wears odd socks!

Cosette: doesn’t eat breakfast but does drink about a pint of tea. Not much else routine-wise

Eponine: wakes up to make breakfast for Zelma and Gav every morning. Brings them to school before driving straight to work.

Chetta: “I don’t have a routine it’s not in my star sign”

Musical motifs in Pokémon Sun/Moon

Sun/Moon have a very well thought-out soundtrack with lots of recurring leitmotifs, so I thought it would be fun to write about it! In this post I’m going to point out some musical connections you might not have thought about. I’m not going to write about every single recurring motif in the game, just the ones that I think are interesting and/or non-obvious. Still, if you find something that I missed, please let me know!

Oh, and I’ll refer you to YouTube videos of the songs so you can listen for yourself. I won’t embed them, since that would take up tons of space, but there’ll be links. Now let’s get started!

The Kahunas and the Tapu

Let’s first talk about some motifs that seems to be strongly associated with the Island Challenge and Alolan culture.

To begin with, there’s a recurring phrase associated with the Kahunas and the Tapu that appears all over the soundtrack. Let’s say we call it the “Kahuna leitmotif”, for lack of a better name. You can hear it prominently in the Kahuna battle theme at 0:03 and at 0:17. It’s also the melody of the (out-of-battle) Kahuna theme (kicks in at 0:05), so it seems pretty firmly connected to the Kahunas. At the same time, it also appears in the Ruins theme (try listening at 0:16), as well as the actual Tapu battle theme (try 0:38), so it’s definitely associated with the Tapu too! Since the Kahunas are pretty much appointed by the Tapu to be their human representatives, it makes a lot of sense that they have a shared leitmotif.

Secondly, there’s a short phrase that appears in the Tapu songs but not the Kahuna songs; let’s call it the “Tapu leitmotif”. You can hear it right at the start of the Ruins theme, and in the Tapu battle theme at the beginning and at 0:33. Unlike the above Kahuna leitmotif, this one is exclusively associated with the Tapu, and only seems to play when you’re actually in their presence.

Finally, the main melody of the Kahuna Battle theme is of course that of the Trial theme, thus musically connecting the Kahunas to the Trials and the Trial Captains. Makes sense, since battling a Kahuna is in itself a Grand Trial. It also happens to be the catchiest, snazziest song of this generation, so it makes for a great battle theme, hehehe!

Team Skull and the Aether Foundation

Team Skull’s leitmotif is pretty easy to pick out, it’s right there at the start of the Team Skull theme. It’s also in their battle theme, and in Plumeria’s battle theme, and… well, you get the picture. The melody of Guzma’s theme is actually also the same leitmotif, but with a different rhythm, so it sounds quite different. Still, listen closely and you’ll hear it’s the same ten notes in the same order, hehe!

The Aether Foundation also has an easily recognizable motif that appears in most of their tracks, perhaps most notably the Aether House music at 0:14 and the (more sinister) Aether Foundation battle theme at 0:16. But you knew that already!

What’s really interesting, though, is that you can find a trace of the Aether Foundation leitmotif in Guzma’s battle theme, starting at 0:42. It’s heavily distorted, but I would argue it’s there! Nice bit of musical foreshadowing, perhaps?

The Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beast battle theme is pretty cool, but did you know the same melody plays in Ultra Space, slowed down? Most people don’t pick up on this since the Ultra Space music only plays for a very short segment of the game, but it’s a cute detail, hehe.


This one’s not too easy to catch either. Try listening to the Solgaleo/Lunala battle theme at 0:26, where the melody comes in. Now compare it to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone music at 0:08. Again, even though it’s slowed down, you can tell it’s the same tune! Cool!

Regular Alola Battles

The Wild Pokémon Battle and Trainer Battle themes don’t really contain any overt references to other songs. (I guess it’s fitting that “regular” battle themes should have their own independent identities, since they help establish their generation’s unique atmosphere.) However, both of these battle themes make use of a descending blind octave passage - I’d say that’s a big part of what gives these Alola tracks their distinctive sound! So I thought I’d point it out anyway, hehe.

Check out the Wild Pokémon battle theme at 0:16 and the Trainer battle theme at 0:37, and I bet you’ll hear it too!

Gladion and Voltorb Flip

Okay, listen to the beginning of Gladion’s battle theme and tell me he’s not connected to the Goldenrod Game Corner in some way. I’m sure we can find an in-universe justification for this somewhere…

… r-right?