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so … you know how the ravens’ outfits and clothes and appearance was always controlled by riko and tetsuji ?? (ex: they all dressed the same in the banquet) can we talk about kevin leaving the nest and finally realising he has the choice to do whatever tf he wants ?? here’s a bunch of random hcs:

  • he starts wearing as much colour as possible (partially to avoid black bc you know) and finds a new love for the colour orange
  • after his first year at palmetto is over he dyes his hair because why tf not ?? what’s stopping him ?? not riko that’s for sure (why am I like this) anyway he asks renee for help and does it because he wants to use it to express himself a little more, make a drastic change
  • he starts wearing more accessories like bracelets his fans give him or maybe even cool jewellery he buys for himself
  • he’s hanging out with the girls one night bc why not when allison decides she wants to put nail polish on him and he decides he actually doesn’t mind it so he starts to wear it a little more often
  • he gets white shoes but buys cute and colourful shoelaces and just keeps switching them. his favourite combo is his white stan smiths with his faded blue shoelaces.
  • he tries new trends instead of just plain clothes and starts to wear more pattern and print
  • he purchases very very very skinny jeans with rips at the knees and everyone is Shook™️ bc dAMN those legs ya know
  • he buys the coolest socks !! socks with sushi on them ?? he’s got them. tie dye socks ?? bought those too. kitten socks that nicky bought him as a joke ?? yup he still wears those.
  • he buys a bunch of cool ass rings fight me on this
  • basically he finds his own style and finally enjoys dressing for himself

☀  Richie And Beverly Playlist  ☀

Whether you ship them or love their friendship this playlist has a bit of everything! I thought of so many headcanons whilst making this playlist :) There’s a mix of shipper songs, and songs I just think Richie and Bev would listen to. ~Requested by anon ~

Where is My Mind - The pixies
Just What I needed - The Cars
Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder
XTC - Dear God 
Even Flow - Pearl Jam 
How Soon Is Now - The Smiths 
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star 

And lots more! I’ll always be adding to it as well! 


Thank you iris.editts on insta for making this for me!


Mephistopheles’ Return x Gravity Falls

Request: “A travel playlist because I’m going to a few places?”

Listen Here - Spotify: Travel More. // 8Tracks: Travel More.


01. Heart And Soul - Twin Atlantic // 02. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5 // 03. Parachute - Otto Knows // 04. Get Lost - Icona Pop // 05. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling // 06. All Over Now - Eric Hutchinson // 07. Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan // 08. Chum - Earl Sweatshirt // 09. Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso // 10. Say This Sooner - The Almost // 11. Friends Of Friends - Hospitality // 12. The Coldest Heart - The Classic Crime // 13. Restart - Sam Smith // 14. Faded - Zhu // 15. New Year’s Resolution - The Limousines // 16. No Way Back - Foo Fighters // 17. Earthquakes And Sharks - Brandtson // 18. Carnivals - New Cassettes