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A Small Reminder

While this won’t get a lot of attention given I’m a pretty small blog, if it even helps one person who might happen to see it while scrolling through their dash then I’m okay with that. 

This is a reminder that Pre-Expansion Blues are a very real thing.

We have what? 23 days until early access of Stormblood. By this point, aside from RP (And even then it can wane given that the drive to log in can diminish) there really isn’t much for the average player to do.
You’ve got a case where people aren’t logging in simply because they don’t want to at the moment, or they’re taking the next couple of weeks to maybe play through some other games before SB takes up all of their attention. 

A lot of us not only use something like an MMO as our video game of choice and source of entertainment, but it’s also a social outlet as well. 

It can be incredibly disheartening to have a regular RP partner be distracted with another game, or that little spot you used to to go that always had people now be empty.
Hell even that buddy you used to run roulettes with not being around has the same effect. 

This is a reminder to not give up or make any rash decisions while activity is at an all time low. Take a step back and a deep breath, it doesn’t stay like this.


Darcey Bussell on how to dance The Sleeping Beauty’s Lilac Fairy (The Royal Ballet)