will she meet the train in the rain

As Time Goes By

The rain fell steadily outside washing away all footprints and signs of life. Each person became little more than some faceless creature in the crowd, moving along with little thought. Maybe that was what life was, Molly thought, we get our time on this earth only for her to wash it clean of our presence. She sighed and shook her head. It was a very morbid thought to have, and no one had even died.

Moving along with the crowd, Molly waited to board. The train was due to leave soon and she planned to be on it. She had been offered a job in Edinburgh, one that came with good pay and great distance between her and Sherlock.

She knew it was time for her to move on. This time it would be for real, this time she would do it right. She would leave, drop all ties to the man. In time she would meet someone new and they would occupy her heart. They would be married and have little children. And she would no longer think about Sherlock.

People crowded around her as they shook off the rain and headed for the train. She took a steadying breath, clasped the handle of her bag and started forward. She took no more than three steps when she felt a pull on her bag. Whirling around with the intention of telling off her assailant she came face to face with the one man she didn’t want to see.

Sherlock held tight to her bag, his chest heaving as though he had been running. Molly felt her stomach clench. Never in her wildest dreams had she pictured him chasing her to the train station like in some classic romance movie. She gave him a sad smile, dropped her bag and turned back towards the train. This was not old Hollywood.

“I told Lestrade that he was insane. I told him you would never just leave.” Sherlock didn’t move, simply stood with Molly’s bag clasped in his hand.

“What did you expect, Sherlock?” Molly stopped, head hung low and eyes closed.

“I expected you to at least say goodbye. Surely I deserve that, I mean we are… friends, you said that.” There was a soft thud as the bag was left on the ground. Sherlock moved forward, standing just behind Molly but not touching.

“Always friends, but… Sherlock it can never go back to the way it was.” Molly felt a couple tears slip past her lids when Sherlock placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Why? You have never had trouble with it before, so why?” Sherlock pulled her back slightly, his hands trembling.

“This isn’t like before. I told you… I told you I loved you… and… this is for the best, Sherlock, believe me. You’ll forget about me soon enough, just delete me when I’m gone.” Molly pulled away from his hold and took a step away, her back still to him. “Goodbye, Sherlock.”

She took straight off towards the train before she lost her nerve. Never once looking back.


Molly clenched her eyes shut as she rested her head on the window. The glass was cool compared to her burning skin, and at the moment helped distract her from the man standing on the platform. She ignored when someone took the seat next to her, she didn’t even open her eyes. It continued on this way for almost fifteen minutes. It would have went on for much longer if it wasn’t for her companion’s shuffling.

Annoyed and tired of it all, she turned to berate the person next to her. The words froze on her lips as she beheld Sherlock sitting next to her just as you please. She looked around her a moment making sure she wasn’t dreaming. After a second she leaned closer.

“What are you doing?” Molly’s voice came out sounding more like a hiss than anything, but Sherlock didn’t seem to mind as he turned to give her one of his smiles.

“Perhaps you are right, things can’t stay the same.” Sherlock leaned further back in his seat, the smile still on his lips.

“What are you talking about? If I’m right then why are you on this train?” Molly could feel a headache coming on, and it was all because of the man beside her.

“There’s a lot of crimes in Scotland, and surely plenty of murder as well. I’m sure they could use the help of a consulting detective.” Sherlock said this so matter-of-factly, as though what he had just said wasn’t the height of insanity.

“Sherlock, you can’t move to Scotland with me?” Molly nearly shouted, her face going red when one of the other passengers shushed her.

“Why not? Sure, getting John to move will be a bit tricky, but I’m sure I could convince him. You could help me in the meantime.” He looked so proud of himself, as though he had just solved all their problems.

“I… I… do you even hear yourself? You are just going to pick up everything and move to Scotland? You are crazy, Sherlock. Why would you… I…” Molly shook her head and turned away. This was not happening, she had fallen on the platform and was now in the middle of a coma induced dream. There was no other explanation.

“Oh My God! Because he loves you Lady!” An American passenger across from the pair stood from her seat, arms raised in the air. She looked from Molly to Sherlock and placed her hands firmly on her thick hips. “Now, would you just stop being stupid and kiss her, so we don’t have to hear this all the way to Edinburgh!”

Molly shrank down in her seat, embarrassed by the words of the woman and the scene her and Sherlock were obviously making. She waited to hear Sherlock cut the woman down, but all she heard was him clearing his throat and the ruffle of his clothes. Then before anything else she felt one large hand slip along her cheek and turn her head. His lips were on hers before she realized what was happening.

Molly clung to him when her mind finally caught up. Around them everyone cheered, but the two ignored it all. It might not be an old Hollywood movie, but it was something, and it was hers and at that moment she wasn’t about to complain.


Author’s Note: Sherlolly Prompt for @violetjersey who asked for: Set at King’s Cross, Molly decides to move to Edinburgh, Sherlock meets her there to try and convince her to stay. Angst goodbye ensures, Sherlock then rides the train and says he was going with her since there was loads of crimes in Scotland anyways. Back and forth bickering commences until one of the passengers shouts at Sherlock to kiss her so they could leave already. They kiss and Molly agrees to his decision, thus their long trip to a new life together begins.

I thought about setting this in like 1910 or 1920, but maybe I’ll do that another time. Anyway, I hope you like it Sugar!

The title comes from the song of course, mainly because it was one of the songs I listened to as I wrote this.

Well, this ends the Tumblr Prompts I have right now. I may open them again come Spring Break.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Note: Hello! Here is my late fanfic for the prompt my partner @olivetreeorphan gave me for the RivaMika Jam :). It was an awesome prompt I had fun writing. I hope you like!

Prompt:  Levi is a famous pro tennis player.  He’s famous for playing tennis well. Mikasa is a young talented tennis player and Levi is assigned to become her new coach. Their relationship start on bad terms.

“Morning” Armin greeted her. He was sitting near the table typing in his laptop. His smile normally was enough to change her mood, not today.

Eren popped out of the kitchen carrying two plates.

“Woah! You look horrible” he said noticing Mikasa’s unwelcoming demeanor. He handed one of the plates to Armin who took it happily and sat across him.

“That’s an understatement” Mikasa scowled lying face down on their couch burying her face to the softness for comfort.

“Want breakfast?”

Armin offered but she refused not in the mood to eat.  Eren sighed knowing exactly what had her ticked off that early.

“You are not dressed in proper practice attire.  The coach isn’t going to be thrilled.”

“Tch. I could care less.” She muttered irritated.

“Is that why you’re this upset” Armin asked.

“Ha!  I’m not upset. I’m beyond upset.” Mikasa sat up.

Armin opened his mouth to ask further on the subject but Eren gave him a disapproval look changing his mind. 

“Out of all coaches in this huge world I had to be stuck with him. Seriously what are the odds!”

“Him! Do you understand me Armin? I’m good. No, really good. I should have the option to choose someone of my liking right? But no! I get to train with that disrespectful, awful short jerk.”

Armin stared unsure how to respond to her venting.

“You don’t even know him” Eren added who was enjoying his breakfast knowing nothing they said was going to calm her.

“Don’t defend him.  He had no right to humiliate you in public.”

“Mikasa it’s not his fault I was over my head.”

“No Eren.  If he didn’t want to be your coach all he had to do was reject you. But that would have been too classy for him wouldn’t it? He had to make you play with him just to tell you how not good enough you are and list all of your faults in public. I call that humiliation not coaching skills.”

“Mikasa-” Eren said but was interrupted by Armin.

“Wait don’t you have to meet your coach in half an hour?”

Mikasa confirmed the time. There was no way she was going to arrive by their schedule training time. Oh well. It’s not like it bothered her.

Mikasa reached the tennis court 20 minutes late. She expected to find an unhappy coach instead there was no one. She did spot a note on one of the posts.

You’re late

She grabbed the note from the posts and ripped it into pieces creating a rain of paper when she was done.  This man was frustrating till no end.

The following day she was only 4 minutes late. Again she found a note with the same words. She growled leaving more displeased than the day before.

In the third attempt, she made it right on the hour. To her surprise there was once more no sign of her new coach.  She cursed loudly ready to knock someone out.  She went to his office but the door was closed and the lights were off. Still determined to ask what his problem was she decided to send him an email. He simply replied being early is good practice just like wearing proper training attire was and explained running shoes aren’t tennis shoes.

The next day she arrived an hour early.

“You’re not wearing tennis shoes” he said attentive of her shoes.

“Nice to meet you too” she replied.

“Introductions are unnecessary given.”

Mikasa frowned. She added arrogance to the list of things that annoyed her of him.

“I can practice fine with these running shoes.”

“You disobeyed an order” he remarked.

“Yea well I forgot them. Can we start training already?”

She turned away to pick up her tennis racket confident she won.

“There will be no training until you obey a simple order” Levi said crossing his arms.

Mikasa tensed, narrowing her eyes containing the dark feeling piling within her. She glared attempting to intimidate the man but he didn’t budge. He wasn’t afraid as others were.

“How do you expect me to coach if you don’t listen?”

Mikasa tried biting her lip to restrained herself. She had a lot riding in the scholarship but she failed to keep her sanity.

“Except I don’t expect you to coach me.  I never would have chosen you if it wasn’t for the stupid scholarship. How can I accept your coaching if I can’t even respect you?”

The tone Mikasa used on the last words struck an accord on Levi. He recognized her furrowed eyes and remembered exactly when he had seen them.

“You’re that boy’s friend aren’t you?”

“The one you humiliated?”

“He wasn’t good enough…. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of the circumstance you are stuck with me unless you decide to get your scholarship revoked. You’re choice.”

Mikasa struggled suppressing her emotions. She had already lost too much to give up on the sport that made her feel alive. A sport where she felt invincible every time she came out victorious. But this man had hurt Eren and family was everything to her.  

“Then I quit. I rather give up then spend another minute near you.”

She walked away heading home but Levi wasn’t done yet.

“If you walk away you’re not only disappointing yourself but those most supportive.  I bet your parents have given up plenty to grant you a future. Do you honestly want to crap on the sacrifices your parents have made for a childish tantrum? I know you’re great - ” 

Levi quickly moved to the side barely dodging a flying racket.  The sound of the loud thump made on impact startled him. However it was nothing compared to the hell coming out of the girl’s body. It was almost a frightening aura.

“You don’t know anything about me or my parents.”

Mikasa hissed and walked away leaving her racket behind.  There was no turning back.

He has been involved in many arguments including those involving violence. Never has anyone thrown a tennis racket at him. He had to give it to her, she chose an interesting weapon.

“If you keep yourself locked up in this office you’ll never find a woman” his old pal said as he entered the room uninvited. He welcomed himself to the chair across Levi’s desk.

“I had a tennis racket thrown at me” Levi said.  There was no need for formal greetings between him and Erwin. He was the person he trusted the most and knew very well how impolite he can be.

Erwin chuckled. He was familiar to Levi’s social skills and how often it got him in trouble.

“What bastard did you piss of now? What you do to him?”

“A she and the girl I’m coaching or at least was supposed to.”

Erwin looked at him with disbelief and laughed. Levi wasn’t amused.

“Too funny” Erwin said.

Levi sighed. He wasn’t in a favorable position debating what actions to take with the girl.  He banged his head backwards and shifted his chin up to look at the ceiling. He was drowning in deep thought. Even if he found the little tantrum interesting; protocol is to report her. If he hadn’t moved, the racket could have killed him at the rate it was going. This was no ordinary girl.

Yet he couldn’t.

“Are you going to report this?” Erwin asked. He wasn’t laughing anymore.

“I don’t know” Levi mumbled.

“She left quite an impression.  You’ve killed careers for less.”

“The thing is it wasn’t just a tantrum. There was something else.”

“An explosion full of contained rage?”

Levi straightened up. Erwin’s words held a double meaning. When he nodded looking at Erwin.


“Then you know what has to be done.” Erwin patted Levi’s shoulder and left.

“I’ll get it” Armin yelled from the couch.  When he opened the door he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The famous professional tennis player, Levi Ackerman, was standing inches away. Eren and him idolized him since there childhood days.  When he found out Eren was going to try to get Levi as his coach when the news broke out that he was recruiting a pupil he almost fainted. The idea of his best friend being in close proximity with his idol was unreal.  He was bummed out when Levi rejected him but his excitement resurfaced when Levi recruited Mikasa.

“Good afternoon” Levi replied.

“Who was it - ” Eren dropped books he was carrying when he spotted Levi.

“W-what are you doing here?” he managed to ask.

“I wish to speak to Mikasa. Is she home?”

Armin shook his head. He was unable to release any words.  

“I guess I’ll come another time.”

“Wait!” Eren yelled. Levi curious looked at him.

“Please don’t give up on Mikasa” he begged.

“She threw a tennis racket at me" Levi defended.

Armin nervous started to scratch his head already aware of what transpired between the two.

“She mentioned it…. Sorry Mikasa is just too overprotective” Armin added.

“I can prepare some tea. If you stay we can tell you more about her and why she reacted so aggressively.”

Levi sighed and accepted.

“I see” Levi said drinking the last portion of the tea he had left.

“So you can imagine why she is very attached to us. As if witnessing her parent’s death wasn’t bad enough she relived it with my mother.”

Eren explained struggling on his last words.

“Mikasa never returned to her cheerful childhood self. She became our unconditional protector instead. When I was bullied, she’d retaliate and it was never a pretty sight. It got to the point people feared her name.” Armin chimed in giving Eren a moment to recover from the disturbing memories of his mother’s death.

“She isn’t fond of anyone who would hurt her friends” Armin added.

Levi wanted to learn more but ended up not prying. He could see Eren restless after bringing his mother’s death.

“Thank you. I should get going.”

Armin and Eren nodded.


Levi felt there was something he needed to make right before he walked through their home’s door. Listening to their past hit a nerve.


“I didn’t reject you because you were horrible. In fact you are better than most professional players. However, you still haven’t reached your full potential. If I had accepted you I would have done more harm than good. I’ve seen it many times. Train harder and you’ll get there.”

“T-Thank you sir.”

Levi nodded and left pleased.

Hanji was frustrated grading papers. She couldn’t believe how poor her students were doing in her class. She knew most struggled as she is pushing their limits but that semester was worse. She warned them the first day her class was intense with no room to slack off.

“Professor Zoe?”


Hanji was thankful for her student’s visit. She needed a break from her disappointment.

“I came to return these” Mikasa said putting a new pair of tennis shoes on her desk.

“Something wrong with them?”

Hanji was confused. She had bought them as a present when she heard of Mikasa’s scholarship award. She was a friend of Mikasa’s mom. When she heard of her friend’s death she felt compelled to always keep an eye on Mikasa. Though she wasn’t always success; she tried her best.

“I‘m quitting tennis and my scholarship.”

“Wait what?! What the hell did that damn prick do to you?!”

Hanji slammed her desk loud.

“I threw a tennis bracket at him” Mikasa responded.

“You did what? Why?!”

“We had an argument and something he said triggered me. Before I could stop myself I reacted.”

“Oh Mikasa” Hanji said gently.

“It’s ok. I told him I was quitting tennis anyways. Besides right now he must have reported me already.”

Mikasa rarely showed any emotion except when she was upset. But Hanji could see right through it.

“Sit down” she invited. Mikasa complied taking the empty chair.

“Have I ever mentioned I’ve known that jerk face for years?”

Mikasa shook her head.

“Well I have and we’re good friends.  Believe me when I say he isn’t the villain the world puts him as. Sure he acts like it often. But for those who have known him as long as I have know he has a gentle side. Talk to him because the Levi I know hasn’t reported you. You need to apologize too.”

“I can’t” Mikasa muttered staring at the floor.

“You can’t or you don’t want to?“

Mikasa stayed quite. Hanji was glad she was at least thinking about it.

”How about this. Hold on to these shoes until next week okay?”

“You’re tough to find.”

Levi took the empty swing next to Mikasa who was swinging lightly.

“What are you doing here” she asked in a neutral manner. He was content she wasn’t out to pick a fight like in their first practice.

“I talked to your friends.”

Mikasa quickly stopped and looked at him.  

“They told me everything” he said.

“You had no right-”

“Let me be your coach” he interrupted her. He expected her get insulted with his intrusion but it was important to be honest. This time he was going to get control of the conversion to avoid any negative confrontation.

From Mikasa’s body language he was aware his request caught of her guard.

“Did you forget what happened?”

“No. That’s exactly why I want to be your coach.” He replied with no signs of hesitation. He wanted Mikasa to know he was serious. She shifted her eyes to the ground. He stayed in silence to give her room.

“I was wrong turning to violence but that doesn’t mean I was dishonest. What you did to Eren wasn’t cool.”

“You’re right. It wasn’t the best way to handle it.”

Mikasa briefly jumped. She looked at him in disbelief he just confessed to being wrong.

“I don’t want to be your coach because I want to fix you. You’ve had a fucked life and nothing I do will change that. I can’t magically wash away your rage. What I can do is help you channel it to the sport I know you care.”

“I-I don’t know” she said. He could hear doubt and that was his queue to keep going.

“My mother was my everything. Whenever someone dared mention her name I’d go berserk. I am aware she wasn’t a saint but I understood why she made questionable decisions. She did them so I can have a chance.”

“Was?” She took interest even if she wasn’t sure why he suddenly started sharing part of his personal life.

He nodded.

“Mmhm. She was murdered by my abusive step father. I was so devastated that I decided to act on my own accord.  I bought a gun and threatened him. I was going to shoot him until someone got in the way.  This person tried to talk me out of it but I refused to listen.  The last straw was when this person said my mother wouldn’t approve my actions. I lost it and I pulled the trigger.  Luckily I missed and this person bargained with me. I essentially was asked to give up my soul to not get in trouble with the law and here I am. That bastard Erwin made me into the tennis player I am today. He didn’t change me, instead he helped me find a better use to my darkness.”

During his story Levi didn’t notice when Mikasa started to shed tears. He was touched.

“My last coach said I was a lost cause” she said hiding her pain behind her hair.

“If you are ¼ as stubborn as me then I don’t doubt it. Good thing I don’t want to change you. See you at 7:00 AM sharp in tennis shoes?”

Mikasa nodded.


Levi left smiling knowing he made the right decision.

Circus Freaks, p1

Summary: Due to something traumatizing happening and missing the circus, reader gets depressed, so Jerome surprises her by setting up an aerial arena for her in the penthouse so she can still train and “perform”, and cheers her up by playing as her ringmaster.

Warnings: Fluff. That’s it for this one. 

“Ms. y/l/n, we have some… negative news,” your old ringmaster folded his hands in front of him. A few minutes ago, there had been a knock on Theo’s penthouse door. Assuming it was the police, or they had been discovered, there was a hell party ready to meet the knocker, and you had been there with a long knife and your trusty baseball bat, ready to rain down on any threat like a hurricane, Jerome at your side. Instead, after the count of three and the tense throwing open of the door, you had thrown out your arms. “STOP, I know him, it’s safe,” you had gone on to explain that this is your ringmaster from your days in the circus. With much grumbling from the excited Maniax, more than prepared for a fight, he was invited in. Now, he told you that he had bad news.

“Wh-what is it?” you thought, wondering what bad news there could possibly be. Your parents are long gone, maybe dead by now.

“Can we speak.. Privately?” Ringmaster Ronald glanced at Jerome, who was on the other side of the room leaning against a table with his ankles crossed, fingering his favorite knife while darkly gazing at the two of you. You rolled your eyes and gave him a look. He immediately whined and made a pouty face.

“But Y/N-”

“Jerome,” you interlaced your hands in a begging motion towards him. He sighed and shuffled out grumbling “these people, don’t know how to take a joke anymore,” and other annoyances.

Turning back to your old acquaintance, you smiled a little.

“What was it, Mr. Ronald?” you were chipper in your mannerisms.

“You… Y/N, your brother Tyler, he’s…” he paused, a pained expression on his face, “he passed away recently, he’s been having health problems, but we didn’t know how serious they were until… “

No. No, this isn’t alright. You had nearly forgotten about your younger brother Tyler. A circus family had taken him in when you left, and you’d been close through childhood. He was your baby brother, the second of your only two emotional ties you’d ever had. You reached for something to hold onto as your vision clouded a little in shock. One thought rushed through your brain: I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there. What felt like was a million moments, but was only a few moments of silence as you slowly dropped to your knees passed by, and then you screamed. A shriek of anger, shock, and bitter sorrow.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N, I-I’m…-” Ronald began, but the door flew open and there was Jerome. He quickly took in the situation and rushed to your side, putting both hands on your shoulders so you knew he was there, but you were oblivious. With a fake, angry smile, he grinned at Ringmaster Ronald. “GO.” he commanded, and Ronald quickly shuffled out, a tear streaking down his cheek.

“Y/N, I’m right here, I’m right here.” the redhead reassured you. Silent sobs racked your body, and you rocked back and forth, head in your hands. Slowly, the Maniax crept in along with Theo, watching in confusion as Jerome crouched next to you and slid both arms around you, resting his chin on your head, hushing you quietly.

***** Two days later *****

11:30 am. The clock on your nightstand made you constantly aware of how late it was. You didn’t care. Rolling over, you take a deep breath and let it out slowly. The shock had faded, and now you were just confused. This was a lot of emotions you weren’t used to feeling. Being a sociopath, emotional ties rarely exist, and most relationships are superficial and for your benefit only, except for Jerome and your baby brother. But this, this had set you down an emotional roller coaster that wouldn’t stop. It felt like your fault, because you hadn’t been there, you hadn’t contacted him, you’d just disappeared. You were sad, just sad all the time. Jerome and the other Maniax gave you space, and tried to cheer you up every now and again. Jerome came into your room and told jokes every now and again, and even did magic tricks for you. But you were just… sad. And Tyler wasn’t the only reason. Ringmaster Ronald had reminded you of life before Arkham, the Maniax, murder sprees, Jerome. Before all of it. Life where people came from all over the country and the world to see you flying through the air, flipping, climbing silks and dropping 50 feet, nose inches from the ground. Life where you lived in a camper, and sat around campfires with your circus friends and laughed about the performance. Life where you spent hours off the ground, hanging by one leg or one hand. You missed the show, the air, the silks, the rings and trapeze bars.

All of it hurt. You weren’t aware of time moving anymore, but it felt like it would never pass. Dragging your thoughts with you, you slowly sat up and swung your bare legs over the edge of the bed, tying the drawstrings on your sleep shorts, which you had barely changed out of in the two days. At that moment, the door handle quietly twisted, and Jerome’s face peeked through the cracked door.

“Heeeeeyyy, look who’s up!” He threw out both arms, and dramatically bowed to you, looking up  with a winning smile. Your mouth twitched a bit in a sad little smirk. Rising and hopping on the bed next to you, he put an arm around your shoulders.

“What do you need, Y/N?” he asked, legitimate care in his voice, “can you talk to me and tell me what you feel? Because obviously you’re feeling stuff, doll.”

“I’m just very sad, about Tyler. It seems like it’s my fault even though I know it isn’t.” your voice is quiet, barely louder than a whisper. Jerome flopped onto his back on your bed, and gently tugged you back by your waist.
“What else, baby, are you sure there’s nothing else little and small?” he asked, furrowing his brow as your head rested against his chest, and one snakey, strong arm slinked around your waist. 

“I miss the circus, Jerome. Seeing my ringmaster made me miss that too, my training, the aerial arts, performing.”

“From what I’ve heard, you were pretty good up there in the air.” he glanced down at you and ran his fingers through your silky hair. You nodded, and he smiled, still stroking your y/h/c locks. For a few minutes, you lay there, letting him comfort you. His hand roamed from your hair to your face, and slid down to the soft skin of your side, and then back slowly. You were silent, finally fully resting. Your mind calmed, and Jerome could just feel the tornado cease for a little bit. And then he got angry at what had made his Y/N like this, the bounce in your step gone. At this moment, he began to brainstorm about how to cheer you up, some way to make his doll happy again. Glaring at the ceiling in determination, Jerome Valeska decided to do whatever it took.

anonymous asked:

All the angst in the manga and fanfictions are driving me insane. Could you please write a Gruvia fluff? Fluffy reunion perhaps? I badly need it to cure my depression and anxiety over the feels. Thank you soooo much honey!

I don’t personally think they’ll have a fluffy reunion in which Gray returns to the house and everyone is all peachy — so I’m going to write Gray returning to the house where Juvia is waiting because I can and you’re so right, anon, the angst is driving us all insane. Hahaha. <3 Spoilers.

The rain’s aggression hadn’t let up since Natsu Dragneel left on his journey to bring Gray Fullbuster home. Wendy’s company appeased the loneliness but didn’t completely diminish it. It was nice having someone to talk to, someone to confide in, but the words in Juvia’s heart wouldn’t reach her lips. Wendy was a wonderful confidant to have when the words did surface. She often left Juvia to her own devices if she wished to be alone but was there in the blink of an eye whenever Juvia needed someone to lend an ear.

Every morning Juvia found herself trying to relive the routine she and Gray had carried out during his presence. Today was the first day she’d been able to set foot in the rain to attempt a training session. There was something incredibly lonely about the way her own voice echoed back to her from dull clouds scudding across the village. She wanted desperately for Gray’s eyes to meet hers as she spun around, or for her ponytail to clip his shoulder as they moved around one and other.

Holding her breath, Juvia pressed her lips together as tears triggered small shivers up and down her spine. She thought about the day Gray’s marks had appeared, about the way his face showed no signs of remorse. Of concern. He’d told her it would be okay. Had he always known that he’d be leaving? Didn’t he trust her? Her knuckles turned white — whether from the cold or her own silent frustration, Juvia wouldn’t be certain.

Heartbroken, Juvia let out a whine and threw a punch at the air, followed shortly by a kick level with her nose. Juvia attempted to repeat the kick with her left leg but found herself losing balance and toppling backwards in the rain. A thick arm wrapped itself around her waist before she hit the ground. The clouds trailed away from their gathered mass, exposing shafts of sunlight overhead. 

She knew this warmth.

“What did I tell you about bending your knees?” came a familiar, stern tone.

Muscular arms straightened her posture in the slowing rainfall. She wanted desperately to turn around, desperately to pinch at her skin and make this dreamlike scenario a reality. When she attempted to turn a hand moved to her cheek, forcing her eyes forward. She focused, instead, on a tree in the distance. A tree splintered by one of Gray’s beautiful lances. 

“Juvia forgot,” she breathed, tears mixing with the rain on her cheeks. “Gray-Sama’s voice has become so distant lately, I had forgotten his instructions.”

She tried to turn the other way but his hand came up to stop her. He pressed his palms to her shoulders and added weight with the hopes of keeping her steady. She obliged his wishes, if only to indulge in his presence a little longer. She would drink up his warmth while she continued to dream. 

“Don’t turn around, please.”

Juvia shook her head. “Why? Will you disappear? Am I dreaming after all?”

He laughed. “I wish that were the case.”

“Can Juvia welcome you home or are you—”

“I don’t know if I can stay,” there was a period of silence. “Not after I…”

“Juvia will always forgive Gray-Sama. Juvia will wait a lifetime for Gray-Sama to return home. I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

His hold on her shoulders relaxed just enough to give her the window of opportunity she’d been waiting for. Slowly, carefully, Juvia turned in his hold to face him. His gaze penetrated hers. It took her a moment to find the courage to look at his face, to take in the marks decorating his exposed upper body. 

“It’s disgusting, isn’t it?” he asked.

Juvia let out a high-pitched laugh. “Gray-Sama could never be disgusting. You’re as handsome as the day we met.”

“You know,” he held a palm out in the rain, “We really have to stop meeting in the rain like this.”

Juvia gave a weak smile. “Sorry, Juvia’s sunshine has been away for a while. I think the rain will stop soon.”

Gray’s fingers drifted across her cheek. “You know, on second thought, I kinda like the rain.”

Juvia’s cheeks flushed. “You like the rain?”

“Sure,” his face moved closer to hers. She closed her eyes and welcomed the touch of his lips against her own. There was something magical about the way his fingers curled into her damp hair or the way the rain turned to a drizzle that made his warmth all the more prominent. “It always leads me back to you.” 

“Welcome home, Gray.”

A tribute to Kiki Seiran

It made me so happy that Kiki and Mitsuhide got a lot more screen-time at the end of the second season of AnS. Especially Kiki with the arranged marriage interview with Zen and her family background story. 

I grew really fond of her after learning that she actually is a count`s daughter but would rather serve as a swords-woman on Zen`s side. I admire her for her calm nature and her ability never to lose her composure in any situation. And her attitude towards balls and dresses struck immediately a chord with me! 

(Because of that Mitsuhide even could`t realize that she was a girl at their “first” meeting on training ground, and would think of her as a “noble boy” for a short time afterwards. Baka!) 

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Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Summary/Prompt: Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.

Author’s Note: So, I think I’m going to start writing everything in third person, because I really don’t like writing in second person.  I’m sorry.  Also, the clock goes Months:Days:Hours:Minutes and I took this in a slightly different direction.

Originally posted by merlinsprat

Most people’s clocks started counting the day they were born.  It was sometimes recorded by peasants, ignored by nobles usually – how could they rely on love to make treaties?  Marriages were merely political tools and nothing more.

     Merlin’s clock never counted down.  It had stayed where it was, at 00:01:17:12, since the day he was born.  His clock’s frozen state was one of the first indications to Hunith, Merlin’s mother, that her son was special, but it was one of the first things that Merlin had observed that caused him to believe he was cursed.

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vet clinic au: Eggsy runs a veterinary clinic and has a special knack with animals, caring for each one as if it were his own. Roxy Morton is a regular client and a policewoman who is training her poodle Athena in bite work so she can be a police dog. 

He meets another regular customer under unusual circumstances. The bell rings just as he’s about to close one rainy night, and Eggsy looks up to see a stunningly handsome man standing in the doorway looking composed but out of breath. His glasses and hair are damp from the rain, but his umbrella is unopened. He must have run in from the parking lot, Eggsy thinks.

“I apologise for the late hour; I’m afraid it’s an emergency,” the man says. “My name is Harry Hart. I came to you on recommendation of Merlin.”

Eggsy recalls Merlin, a regular client who turns up every few months with a different cat, enough that Eggsy isn’t quite sure how many he has, and in the winter months, he’ll arrive with the cat curled up on top of his bald head like an ushanka. 

He owes Merlin’s cats free treats for life, Eggsy thinks, dazed, as he takes in the long lines of Harry’s legs and gorgeously tailored three piece suit. It’s then that he notices a small wriggling ball of fur tucked under one arm.

“And who is this?” Eggsy asks and walks over to inspect the small terrier that Harry is holding like it’s the most precious thing in the world.

“This is Mr. Pickles,” Harry says gravely. “On the account of getting himself into them very often, which is unfortunately why we are here.”

Mr. Pickles assents to the accusation with a sheepish guilty woof, and Eggsy is utterly charmed.

Meeting Molly


Its evening and Cameron is walking in the rain, having failed at flagging down a cab. Today was an interesting day. Three schizophrenics. That isn’t typical. She usually gets one or two a week, not a day. Camerin pulls her phone out to set a reminder to check on the last schizophrenic patient in 24 and 48 hours- she had to put her MANDT training to use. She already made a report for the staff in her office to keep an eye on herself. No restraint is a truly safe restrain until those 48 hours have passed.

She looks up at the sky with a sigh, bumping into someone going the other way. “Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, I wasnt paying attention, are you ok?”

Oh My God You Sleep With That Pt. IV {bucky x reader}

Plot: A loud noise at the base has you checking out the source of the ruckus in the middle of night. You clutch your stuffed toy cat Charlie (whom you’ve been sleeping with since you were young) for some moral support as you hunt down the intruder.

In this chapter: bucky is unusually relaxed at the meeting and you can’t stop staring at him

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Wordcount: 1.2K+

Warnings: it’s still pretty PG, awkwardness/tension

Tags: @matteblackvevo @5secondsofmerrick  @wolvrins

In case you missed it: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five (final)

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

All eyes were on Bucky as he plopped down next to Steve. He was never the last to arrive for a meeting, until today. With a hoodie loosely covering his bedhead hair, and wearing slippers instead of covered shoes, the team exchanged looks, wondering what to make of this unusually relaxed version of Bucky they hadn’t seen before.

“Slept well last night, Buck?” It felt like old times again, lazy Saturday mornings after a night out with Bucky and two girls, or rather double-dates he had arranged for that Steve never wanted.

“Mm-hmmm,” Bucky mumbled in response as he finished the last of his sandwich.

Director Hill updated the Avengers on SHIELD plans, dangerous organizations to look out for and some other stuff you weren’t paying attention to because you were too caught up with Bucky. He was so at ease, slouching on his chair, eyes trained and focused on the pictures Hill put up on the board, but his eyebrows were no longer furrowed as they would have typically been. You were clearly fascinated with this Bucky without the tension and heaviness that had clung to him like darkness over rain clouds in low skies.

Wanda nudged you slightly. “You’re staring,” she mumbled through clenched teeth.

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Your Fairy Tail Awaits .com

Your Fairy Tail Awaits .com

summary:  After feeling pressured by her friend to find love, twenty-three year old Lucy Heartfilia creates an online dating profile on FairyTail .com where she is introduced to a cat-loving pyromaniac with serious crazy issues. What has she gotten herself into? Lucy’s Fairy Tail Awaits. NaLu AU.

rating: M (sexual content in later chapters)

pairing: Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia

Part 2, Part 3

Chapter One: Insert Profile Picture Here

The sound of agitated conversation and footsteps pacing back and forth across hardwood floors echoed softly throughout an upscale Crocus apartment unit. Lucy Heartfilia had just arrived home from an exceptionally long day at work, wishing only for the comfort of her plush pink slippers and the relaxing taste of chamomile tea. Just as she was preparing a bubble bath, the screen of her iPhone lit up to reveal an incoming call from her biggest annoyance and greatest friend.

“Levy, hey. What’s up?” Lucy cradled her cell phone between her ear and shoulder while assembling her night clothes on the marble countertop of the bathroom sink. She could hear loud music and hushed conversations from the other end of the line before a sweet voice rang in her ear.

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Endings and Beginnings

Summary: E.N.D. impersonates as Natsu after he returns from his year long traveling and Lucy is none the wiser.

Characters: Lucy, Natsu, E.N.D.

Author’s Note: Hello lovely followers! I’m back from studying abroad in Germany! I had an amazing time and if any of you have the opportunity to do it you need to, it is a wonderful experience! Anyway this is story is about the theories that were circulating months ago but of course I only wrote it now. Anyway hope you guys enjoy it!

Read on FFnet here!


It had been a year and she had missed him, more than she had thought she would, more than she could believe really. She had realized when he was away how much she needed him in her life, how much she never wanted him to leave her side again. And then after months of tears and aching loneliness, he was back, with his smiles, his warmth, and his joy.

But he was different. There was a strain in his smile, a manic tone to his laugh, and twisted sense to his joy. He wasn’t right but she brushed it off, created excuses. He watched his father, who he had been searching for his life, die in front of his eyes. He and Happy had went their separate ways on his journey. He had been just as alone as she had been. So of course he would be different. He was trying to get stronger to fight a greater evil.

But when he put his hand on her shoulder or waist, she flinched back. Something was wrong. It was clear in how he would snap at her instead of tease her when she would complain or when she brought up bringing the guild back together. That should have been her first clue but she reasoned her way through the question and thought that of course he was probably ashamed of being weak during the Tartaros battle that he couldn’t face them. So she did nothing, choosing to wait while he dealt with everything that had happened while she let him know she was there.

He started touching her more, at first innocent touches but as they traveled and camped and fought together their dynamic changed. She knew it would, she had been anticipating it, craving it, but when it happened with them laying in front the dying embers of the campfire, the lazy sun slowly rising over the horizon, with him holding her close to keep her warm, it was wrong. It was wrong when he trailed his fingers down her arm, leaving goosebumps in their wake before entangling their fingers together, and it was wrong when he nuzzled his nose into her neck before brushing his lips across the sensitive skin of her neck. It made her shiver, not in delight or pleasure but in fear and anxiety. She pulled away instantly, flushing, her heart beating. She stood, taking a few steps away from him before turing back to look at his face. She had been expecting disappointment and sadness in his eyes but what she say instead made her take another step back. It was there for only an instant, but she saw it, a burning anger seething inside him through his eyes and taut muscles. But then it was gone and replaced with a tight smile and a string of apologizes. She didn’t know what to think of it, or him, but he became a question to her.

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Jungkook is the region professor’s son, but no matter what his father said, Jungkook chose the ones with the highest stats and battled almost mechanically, scoffing at the trainers he pummeled in battle. That changed, however, when he got to the Elite Four. He beat the middle two, but Jimin and Taehyung stopped battles that they were winning and told him he would not be able to beat the Champion and asked if he’d still like to go on. He said yes and they let him go through, but got pummeled by Namjoon, who told him the reason why he couldn’t win was because he didn’t have a connection with his pokemon. Since then, Jungkook’s changed.

He grew up with pokemon all around him. He grabbed Charmander by its tail, pulled him over, and that was that. Charmander is calm and understanding, and he stayed by Jungkook even through his intense training because he knew Jungkook had a kind heart inside. Charizard’s Mega Stone was a gift from Jungkook’s father after Jungkook lost his Champion battle and started changing his ways. Charizard has always been the leader of the team, and the Mega Stone just cemented that. 

Jungkook caught one of the many, many Zubats flying around in a cave because he knew the potential it had when evolved to a Crobat. It actually took a while for Golbat to evolve into Crobat, mostly because Jungkook was strict, but Golbat finally realized Jungkook actually cared about his team a lot and evolved to Crobat as soon as she realized that. She is the fastest on Jungkook’s team, zipping through battles in the blink of an eye. 

He was originally going to skip out on Horsea, but he got his hands on a Dragon Scale and figured he might as well. She is the shiest member of his team, hiding behind Jungkook even now when she’s big and one of his best-rounded pokemon. She does, however, have the biggest crush on Hoseok’s Empoleon, who she met when Jungkook brought all of his pokemon to get groomed after their loss in the League.

Jungkook caught Absol recently at Hoseok’s suggestion. He’d gone into the League with 5 pokemon, believing he didn’t need any more, especially not a dark pokemon as Tyrannitar was already half dark. But Hoseok told him to go look for one. He found her silently sitting on top of a boulder in a cave, looking down at him. He just stared until she came down, tapped an empty pokeball, and came with him. Since then, Jungkook’s thanked Hoseok every time they meet for suggesting he go get an Absol.

As soon as he’d trained Charmander into a Charmeleon, he went to go get a Bagon. The course had been difficult, especially since Jungkook only had Charmeleon by his side, but they managed to capture Bagon. Bagon evolved to Shelgon on the way down. He ran away once because he couldn’t stand Jungkook’s training. Jungkook found him again and waited in the rain until Shelgon finally understood Jungkook did care about them all, and became the powerhouse Salamence he is today.

He got Tyranitar’s egg from a boy with a Sylveon. He’d been looking to catch a Larvitar when he saw the boy holding a Larvitar egg. The boy had caught Jungkook looking and asked if Jungkook wanted it. Jungkook said yes, wondering if he wanted a battle and trying to figure out if he could knock Sylveon out before it became a problem for his Dragons, but the boy handed it to him with a smile, told him to take good care of it, and went on his way with Sylveon daintily stepping beside him. Jungkook originally wasn’t certain if he could hatch an egg, but he did, and trained Larvitar up to an unstoppable Tyranitar.

Duty vs. Desire: Dean, Castiel, and Casablanca~

And I said I would never leave you.

And you never will. But I’ve got a job to do, too. Where I’m going you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do you can’t be any part of.

Crowley’s movie choice in 9x16 is intriguing to me. Casablanca, a tale that, at it’s core, is about the struggle between duty and desire. Since Crowley has served as a mirror for Dean all season, I decided to watch this movie, and wow…I felt like I was basically watching a Dean/Cas au the entire time.

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Arrow AU: Wild, Foolish Love

Summary: Felicity is going to bang that hot guy at the bar. [Crazy Stupid Love AU one-shot]

Notes: I wanted to do one last fic before the end of 2015–just under the wire (and not even for many ;P - first fic of 2016?). Why this one? I don’t know; once I thought of it, here we are (I promise I AM working on the next GG chapter, it’s coming, I swear). Some twists of character here, should be interesting. This may be the worst time to post but ah, well, have fun with it if you feel like it! I’ll have a lot more to say about the new year shortly–for now, I hope you enjoy!


When she’s standing in front of the bar, cold rain plastering her hair to the sides of her face, Felicity realizes she’s not sure how she got here. She remembers the grip around the steering wheel of her car that turned her knuckles white, the squeak of the windshield wipers swiping the downpour from her view, the tail lights and stoplights passing in a blur of color through the dark.

But she doesn’t remember when exactly she chose to come here.

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bloomingcrimsonrose  asked:

Red String of Fate(any muse)

Leave “Red String of Fate” in my inbox…

To see what is in our muse’s destinies then I’ll write some drabble (or starter) based on the number generated.  26 .Our muses are destined to meet in the rain when they are forced to share an umbrella Muse: Weiss

It had been a long day of training, and Weiss was ready to go back inside and relax. She hoped everyone else was as tired as she was so the room would be quiet. Upon her travels back, it began to rain. Weiss took shelter under a big tree hoping to keep dry. “Really? Now how am I supposed to get home?”
Ice trail (fairy tail spin off), and how it kinda pissed me off

Okay, so in one chapter in ice trail, we have a series of inconvenient events that involves both Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster.

So Gray, in this chapter, needs to buy a train ticket, and Juvia lost something she has to give to her uncle. Now, note this, they never meet.

That’s perfectly fine to me, because they don’t really have to meet lol, they meet when they’re teens, and i’m happy with that. What really pissed me off was the fact that little Juvia, in that very spin-off, saw the clear skies.

Now I’m not saying I don’t want her to see the clear skies. No, Juvia needs that light. She can’t live under the rain forever.

if Juvia saw the clear skies as a child, then seeing them after her battle with Gray is kinda rendered pointless. She mentioned in that very episode (or chapter, whichever) that she has never seen the clear, blue sky. That’s her main reason for falling in love with Gray, and It’s a very beautiful one.

This man, who she had just met, took her rain away, and made her feel a dozen emotions she had never felt before.

And in that chapter in ice trail–Juvia saw the clear skies.

The reason why I shipped Gruvia was because Gray gave a depressed young woman the light. It was a beautiful scene, and it touched the depths of my cold, cold, heart. To see it kinda destroyed and deemed irrelevant by a spin-off–well hahahaha

But that’s just my opinion XD HAHAHAHHAA

Autumn in New York


It was a grey day. The rain had been present when she went to work, and it was even worse coming out. Her umbrella did little to shield her trench coat from the drizzle.

She never liked rain much anyway. It reminded her of sketchbooks and graphite pencils. And much more.

Peggy was on her way to meet Angie at the diner, as she always did when work allowed. Howard Stark’s case had showed she was more useful than everyone thought. Heaven forbid a woman trained in translating military code could actually do more than serve coffee and take lunch orders.

As she rounded the corner, she caught a glimpse of someone who was following a bit too closely behind for her liking. Peggy pretended to ignore it and continued on her route like normal, but reached into her purse and searched around for something.

Dropping a few coins, she quickly chased the rolling currency into the nearest alleyway. She bent down to pick it up and kept her umbrella close. At the last second, she forced the umbrella shut and smacked her stalker with as much force as she possibly could.

Felicity Smoak needs her computers like she needs air

Summary: Damian Darhk and H.I.V.E. are able to grab hold of Star City basic system’s. As the city wakes up without power, water and communications Oliver, as Mayor, as to address the problems while calming Star city residents what he wasn’t expecting was that Felicity was his main problem.

The night before Team Arrow had been able to spot one of HIVE Ghost’s but, not even with all their efforts combined, they were able to catch him. They still didn’t know why the Ghost was there at the power plant.

Oliver felt really tired the next morning. He so wished he could stay in with Felicity, in bed, at least a few more hours but that life had been put aside the day he decided to run for Mayor and Felicity started to be a full time resident CEO of Palmer Tech.

Right in that moment he wanted to touch her and after all the minutes, hours, days, months he couldn’t touch Felicity he had promised himself he would never again deny it to himself but in this moment he was making an exception as he was enjoying her peaceful features. She had so little peaceful moments at late. Palmer Tech struggling not to go bankrupted made Felicity’s efforts during the day hard and many times disappointing; Team Arrow struggling to stop Damian Darhk made Felicity’s efforts during the night just as unsuccessful as the daylight ones. So he let her sleep blissfully.

Oliver saw her opening her eyes slowly.

“Good morning.”

“‘G’morning” she was only half awake, in that moment between sleep and awake when he loved to catch her off guard. Their best morning sex was when he managed to slip inside that dream like state of hers, entering her dreams getting to the rough Felicity, her unfiltered reactions and he enjoyed that quite a lot. And he did go for it right then, only to have the alarm clock blare making her fully awake and Oliver jump over her to silence it.

“Why did you set this awful thing up?”

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