will she ever get a decent mom


So, per the advice of myself, my mom, dad, wife, uncle…basically all family members, my sister is breaking up with her fiance today. It’s something that needs to happen. In the beginning he was like most guys (I know, I know) and was polite and respectful and I was actually happy that she found someone decent for a change. But, like most guys, when you finally get to know them and in a relationship for a while, they turn out to be basically jealous children. But I think in his case if they ever do get married, this has a chance of turning physical. He quit his job because he didn’t like it. Didn’t go to an interview because he didn’t want to start work on a Friday. Mind you, she doesn’t have a job either. She has a 5 month old that she’s taking care of. So he lays around my dad’s house and complains about how my dad doesn’t clean much and it’s annoying. Like, you don’t have a job, fucker. Earn your keep and clean. At least do something. Then there are the MAJOR warning signs that I enlightened her on that I think finally got the point across:

 - He gets mad when she goes ANYWHERE without him. Like the gym (with me), to get food (with me. I pay), to my mom’s place, to get groceries, to do really anything.

- He think that going to the gym with me equals her wanting to make her self fit and “attractive” so that she’ll look for someone else. 

- Speaking of attractive….

My sister is gorgeous. Like one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever me (and not just because I’m biased). Notice the almost 200 likes and whatnot on her photo? Dude wanted her to go through and delete everyone that she didn’t personally know, because they’re just “horny dudes” that liked it for attention. 

Like, that’s how most of my mom’s murder shows start out. It really freaks me out. 

So, as far as the plan goes, she’s calling his mom (because he doesn’t have a running vehicle…real winner) and she’s coming down from NWA to pick him up and I’m heading over there to make sure he leaves.