will she ever get a decent mom

So I have two younger sisters. The Middle Sister (MS) is super bitchy and entitled, to the point where any time we’d see a stereotypical mean girl in a movie, we’d call that “being a MS.” She was just awful, and the Youngest Sister (YS) and I spent this past summer literally counting down the days until MS would be moving several hours away for college. Hopefully the time and distance apart will help her shitty attitude.

Anyway, for a while the house was actually pretty peaceful as the only time anyone was home was at night and MS was no longer there to start a fight. I think that YS felt a lack of bitchiness after a while, because soon, she started adopting MS’s qualities and habits that we’d both complained about. It started out small like leaving her crap everywhere like a trail through the house and throwing fits when our mom had to resort to snapping at her when she wouldn’t clean it up. Soon after, her fits started getting aimed towards me.

Because I’m not home for most of the day, I usually don’t have the time to leave a mess behind, and even when I do, I try to get it cleaned up before it becomes an issue; the same with any chores. Because of this, my mom hardly ever needs to yell at me for anything. YS has started taking it to mean that I must unfairly be the favorite, rather than she should just do her job.

I’ll spare you from most of the arguments she starts, but they pretty much consist of:

YS: WILL YOU JUST LET ME TELL YOU MY SIDE OF THE STORY WITHOUT YOU INTERRUPTING ME!!!!! *insert nonsensical rambling that leads nowhere*
Me or mom: Are you done? Okay, now my side is that-


Me: Hey, you’re not doing *insert common sense here* and if you don’t do it like you’re supposed to, then-

At first I got really upset and we’d have a yelling match before my mom jumped in and snapped at us both, but I’ve come up with a better, though primitive solution. Because our mom works more than I do, I’m usually the one she comes to for technological and schoolwork help, and because I go to art school, she brings me her fashion and craft ideas for confirmation. Now every time she intentionally pisses me off, I either record her screaming or just memorize her exact wording for the next time she wants something from me.

YS: Hey xfirechickx, can you show me how you did X?
Me: You know how to use Google *turns music up*

YS: I need you to take me to a friend’s house.
Me: That sounds like a “You problem” *turns music up*

YS: I need-

The highlight so far is when she complained to our mom what I’ve been doing, and both she and our brother yelled at the exact same time, “That’s exactly what you sound like!”

Unfortunately none of this has convinced her to change her behavior, so I kicked it up one more notch. Every day YS asks me what time I’ll be working to see if it correlates with her own schedule. You see, while she’s a decent driver and there’s a car that she can call her own, she just got her permit, and can’t park on school grounds due to security checking for parking permits that you can only get if you have a license. Because of this, she requires a ride to and from school. My mom drops her off in the morning, and whenever I’m available, I’d go pick her up.

Now ever since I’ve started retaliating against her shitty attitude, I’ve just been ignoring her calls and texts to come get her. To be clear, her friends are always ready and willing to give her a ride, but they always get sidetracked with errands to run before heading home. So it’s a general comfort to me as I’m sitting in my pajamas at home watching Netflix while she’s having to help a friend go grocery shopping for an hour before getting to come home and take a nap. Try acting like a decent human being before asking me for favors.

Boring? Probably. Petty? Yeah. Do I care? Hell no.

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Hiii! Welcome to tumblr!! Do you have any Todoroki x Momo headcanons?

Thank you anon!! TodoxMomo is one of my fave ships so I have a few :^)

Shoto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Once they get together, they are mom and dad of the class. sorry I don’t make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • They would definitely be a power couple. With their quirks, shared intelligence and compatibility, they would be unstoppable!
  • They eat breakfast together every morning. They’re two of the earliest to get up (besides Iida) so they get a decent amount of time to talk alone before everyone else starts waking up.
  • Todoroki will go with Momo where ever she wants to go. She wants to go to the mall? New movie coming out she wants to see? Just want to enjoy the nice weather? As long as he’s with her he’s happy.
  • They have a lot of “inside jokes” that only they really understand and the rest of their class just stares at them like look at those nerds
  • Todoroki is really good at doing little things to make Momo happy without even realizing that he’s doing it. “Awe you didn’t have to get me that!” “I know, but it reminded me of you.
  • Momo can always tell when Todoroki is upset or in a bad mood. Sometimes it takes a while for her to finally coax it out of him, but she knows he usually feels better once he’s talked it out.
  • They both have their own ways of comforting each other. Todoroki’s straight forwardness helps Momo when she’s feeling down about herself, and Momo’s mothering personality is comforting to Todoroki.
Mean Queens Ch.21: The End (Group Fic) - nymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: i….can’t quite believe we’ve made it to the end. I want to cry, i want to laugh, i want to hug each and every one of you who has ever read this, or sent in feedback, or - i dont know i dont do speeches. I love you all, and i’ve so enjoyed being on this crazy, crazy journey. Thank you thank you to the aq brits, hola3, wick, dottie, frida, and adrian who kept me/us going throughout this whole journey. And my bIGGEST thank you goes to wank, my best friend and my writing partner. Writing this fic with you has been the most fun, and i’m so glad our writing adventures aren’t quite over yet… watch this space.

pureCAMP’s A/N: im crying so hard plz help me i love everyone who read this and who will read this, u are all angels <3 and one last thing that i have to say: nymph i love you so so much and writing with you is the highest honour anyone could bestow on me, to be considered good enough to be your partner. I love and appreciate you so so so so so much. I will always support you <3

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No Flash Photography pt 2 (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Originally posted by idolos-frases

A/N: Thanks to @10blurredsmoke10 for requesting I continue this! hope you like it :)

if theres any spelling mistakes ill fix them in the morning

You looked in the bathroom mirror carefully adjusting your hair making sure it was just right. You had tucked and untucked your cable knit sweater into your jeans five times debating what looked better.

“Screw it” you thought and decided it wouldn’t matter after you put on your jacket.

You stepped out of the bathroom, but didn’t make it that far before returning to the mirror to fine tune your look.

“Y/N! Jonathan is here!” Your mother yelled from down stairs.

“I’ll be down in a minute!” you hollered back.

You smoothed out your clothes with your hands before letting out a shaky breathe. You didn’t know why you were so nervous, but you were.

You pulled on your coat and headed down stairs, wiping your sweaty palms on your jeans.

Jonathan stood in the doorway awkwardly as your mom made small talk, this making you cringe wondering what she had said to him. You caught Jonathan’s eye as he smiled at you offering a small wave.

“Hi Jonathan, sorry I took so long.” You apologized, more so to announce your presence to your mother.

“She’s been getting ready for the past two hours-” Your mom explained to your date.

“Okay mom, thats enough. We’ll be heading out now, see yuh” you said trying to leave the house before she pulled out the camera.

“Alright sweetie, you two have fun!” she said giddily. “Be home at a decent hour!” she called from the door way as you and Jonathan made your way across the porch and down the stairs.

“Bye mom!” you said giving her a look, in which she responded by mouthing “he’s cute”.

“Sorry about that” you said to Jonathan. “If you thought I don’t get out much, I’m sure that just confirmed your suspicions.”

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m sure my mom would have done the same” he laughed lightly, hesitantly linking his arm with yours.

You leaned into him ever so slightly, not wanting him to think you were weird or desperate or any other irrational fear you had.

“So where are we going?” You asked curiously.

If you were being honest, you didn’t know what to expect from Jonathan. He led you toward his car, opened the passenger side door for you and waited for you to get in.

“I’m not 100% sure yet.” He admitted scratching the back of his neck before giving you an unsure smile.

“I guess we are going to find out” you said with a smile to match his.


You had decided on milkshakes, and to avoid the chatter of the crowded restaurant, the two of you sat on the hood of his car in the parking lot. You had somehow managed to convince Jonathan to show you some of his pictures.

“These are amazing.” You said breathlessly, admiring the thought and skill that had been put into every photograph. “Your definitely going to get into your first choice.”

“Oh I don’t know” he said shyly “NYU is pretty competitive…I doubt I’m good enough.”

You grabbed his hands and made him look at you, his tired eyes not wanting to meet yours.

“Hey.” you said sympathetically “Your an amazing photographer, don’t doubt yourself. You’ve got great taste in music, take the best photos and you can help a hopeless soul like me pass science. Your a real triple threat.”

You got a laugh out of Jonathan and a genuine smile.

“Thank you y/n.” he murmured as he slowly leaned in, his thumb tracing circles on the top of your hand.

You felt yourself leaning toward him, your free hand slowly found its place on his cheek.

Your lips met his and you felt the butterflies in your stomach return.

Based on the prompt by @cs-prompts: ‘It’s two am and we’re standing outside of our apartment building because someone pulled the fire alarm. You look cold and haven’t got a coat - do you want to share my blanket?

Source here

Killian Jones had the worst bloody luck.

After he got home from a tiring day (and evening) of work at the docks he’d only just managed to take a shower and throw on some flannel pants before collapsing on his bed and falling alseep.

Now, he found himself standing out in the bloody cold across the street from his new appartment building, surrounded by his fellow residents. The building’s fire alarm had send everyone outside in the dead of night. Killian, as he’d been drilled to do by his brother, did not waste any time on getting dressed or gathering his valuables - it’s not like he was so sentimental anyway. However, he did make a stop at the appartment next door, where he knew a woman, a beautiful woman to be exact and her son lived. Finding that the door was slightly open, but that his worries were not quite yet setteled, Killian knocked on the door and took a quick look inside. Satisfied that his neighbour and her lad had obviously fled the building, Killian found his own way outside.

Emma Swan was pissed. You would think that people would know better than to pull the fire alarm for no reason at 2 am. It’s illegal, annoying and most of all, a very stupid thing to do in the appartment complex where the town’s deputy lived. Emma Swan was not on duty tonight however, which is why she found herself waiting until Storybrooke’s fire department finally cleared the building so she could go back inside.

‘So mom, are you gonna arrest the bad guys that pulled the fire alarm? Maybe it was that grumpy looking man from downstairs’  whispered Henry. ‘I don’t know kid, I don’t think Leroy is usually awake this time of night. But I’m gonna let your uncle David handle this one. As soon as we can get back inside, we’re going back to sleep.’ Seemingly satisfied with that answer, Henry nodded and looked around for a bit. ‘Hey mom, isn’t that our neighbour Killian?, he looks cold don’t you think?’. Emma looked over to who Henry was referring too, the hot british guy, who’d been greeting her with a series of ‘goodmorning love’s ever since he moved in two weeks ago.

He definitely seems like a decent guy, which is good, but Emma decided that she does not have the time for anything as distracting as her hot neighbour. Now mister piercing blue eyes was standing there out in the cold, shirtless, and with the most adorable pyjama pants on. Not realising she’d been staring, Emma quickly turned her head & attention away from him when he sent her a smirk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say ‘See something you like, love?’ After a few moments, Emma came to her senses. ‘Wait, how do you know his name is Killian?’. ‘I introduced myself’ said Henry simply. ‘According to aunt Mary Margaret we should be nice to our neighbours. Besides, he and Mary Margaret know eachother’.  

Emma hadn’t know that piece of information, but it didn’t change the fact she doesn’t like her son talking to strangers, seemingly having picked up on Mary Margaret’s & David’s tendency to only see the good in people.
Emma couldn’t deny that it was awfully cold though. It was wintertime in Maine after all. Figuring her hot neighbour, Killian, at least didn’t deserve to catch hypothermia, Emma made a quick decision and made her way over.


Killian startled when he suddenly heard a soft, ‘uhm hi’ coming from next to him. Standing there was his beautiful, blonde and usually though looking neighbour, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket. ‘Hello love, are you quite alright? I’m glad no harm has come to you or your boy’
‘Yeah, we’re fine. Actually, Henry noticed you must be pretty cold without a coat and all, so I figured we can share my blanket. Just for warmth though, don’t get any ideas. - And I’m not your love’
A bit surprised, but none the less touched by her offer, Killian replied ‘Why thank you love.. eh lass, if it’s not too much trouble, I could certainly use a little warmth. You don’t have to worry about me, I am a gentleman after all.’

‘I’m Emma by the way. Emma Swan’
Swan, I’m Killian Jones, at your service’

Killian Jones had the best bloody luck

(India points out that their having children together secures Bendy’s status as a literal incubus; and she instantly regrets it because she was basically teasing him, but Bendy thinks it’s an extremely amusing thought and never lets it go.

Especially once Henley starts showing demonic powers they’re like “oh god what have we done”. Just kidding around though, they love her dearly. Bendy definitely spoils her and India pampers her. There’s a reason she does what she wants with confidence.

I imagine she’s actually very close to both of her parents; like after she’s born Bendy’s like ‘a girl, gee, I hope I can connect with her’ but I could see India having some level of postpartum depression and Bendy sort of picking up that -specifically emotional - slack.

You can bet Bendy definitely started freaking out more and more before Henley was born, thinking he’d be a terrible father. I mean, he’s Bendy; he’s a demon, he has faith in being a team with India but that’s about it. For almost all of his life Bendy certainly never thought he would ever be a parent and never even entertained the idea for fun so he didn’t have any kind of preparation, educationally or emotionally.

So saying India needed his parenting skills to step up fast in a way neither expected isn’t inherently a good thing; but it definitely let Bendy prove to himself very quickly that he was capable of it.

Plus, Bendy has twice the energy India does, so while he’ll still whine and complain about having to get up in the middle of the night for Baby Reasons, he bounces back a lot faster than India who will be in a bad mood all day because of it haha.

Anyway, India grows to love being a mom long before Henley is ever at a legitimately impressionable age and she and Bendy are actually a pretty decent couple of parents. But Bendy never had the trouble getting close to Henley that he initially worried about. -HG)

Are We Power Rangers? or Are We Friends? (Zack and Kimberly BRO Moment)

Zack liked being in the mines with the other rangers. It was therapeutic in a sense. However, he had only revealed his hangout spot to the rangers once. His abandoned train car was sacred in his mind, and he had taken the rangers up there the night before Rita’s attack. The battle ended about a week and a half ago so he didn’t understand why he didn’t want to take any of them up there again.  

Now, he sat on the roof of his train car, staring at the flickering lights of Angel Grove in the distance. He had a fire going below him for a bit of warmth and light. A slight breeze passed by and Zack closed his eyes, letting his hair and clothes ruffle in the cool air. He breathed in the scents of the night air, memorizing the way his lungs filled with fresh air. Zack found himself sighing. It was late, but he still didn’t want to head home just yet.

“Everything alright, Zack?” a voice called out from the entrance to his little cliff. Zack turned his head slightly to see who it was in his peripheral.

“Hey there, Pink! What brings you to my part of the woods?” Zack asked playfully. It was a bit awkward since he hadn’t spoken to Kimberly specifically in a while.

“I saw the fire. Knew you’d be up here. I was out on a hike, just trying to get out of the house,” Kimberly replied easily. Zack nodded and smiled. He was glad there was someone to talk to, but it was strange that Kimberly was the first in a while. He always thought that he had a connection with Trini.

“Trouble in paradise?”

“I guess you could call it that.” Kimberly placed a small bag she had with her by the train car. She leaped up to the roof with Zack easily. “Bad night for your mom?”

Zack froze. He told the other rangers about his mother, but he hadn’t really thought that they listened, considering there was little to no response at the time. 

“… I guess you could call it that,” Zack mimicked Kimberly’s answer.

Kimberly dropped down beside Zack, looking out into the dark horizon with him. “Is this where you’ve been for the past few days? We thought you’d come back to school, but you’re only ever in detention.”

Zack chuckled slightly. “Don’t worry. I get decent grades since I get work done outside of class.”

“That wasn’t what I was worried about, Zack. I’m worried about you.”

They sat in silence for a moment. Zack tried to process what he just heard.

“Why?” Zack’s voice cracked a bit.

“What do you mean why? Aren’t we friends now?”

Zack peered at her. “Are we Power Rangers? or are we friends?” He remembered the words that Trini stated that night he gathered the rangers at his hideout.

Kimberly looked shocked at the question. “Right. The big question.”

Zack raised his head to trace the constellations. Kimberly hugged Zack, squeezing him tight. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. 

“For what?” Zack was genuinely confused.

“We should’ve been there a little more for you. God knows you’re lonely enough, and we knew that. We still didn’t do anything about it though. It’s frustrating, knowing that we could’ve done better.”

Zack raised his eyebrow and turned on his suave voice. “Come on now, Princess Pink. Don’t turn this into a chick flick.” He smirked at her.

She smacked his arm. “Hey! I’m trying to be sincere here!” she laughed.

Zack laughed along with her, reveling in the sound of their friendship. “Right, sorry.”

The silence rolled back in. 

“You know, I’ve wanted to say this since you spoke out that one night around the campfire. I’m sure the others wanted to say it too. I want you to know that no matter what, you have a place with me. You’re crazy and immature, but I really do value you. You’re my best friend along with the others!”

Zack nodded grimly. “Thanks, Hart.” She tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled. “I’m glad you guys are my friends. You’re good for me.”

Kimberly rested her head on Zack’s shoulder. “Thank you for fighting against the odds in everything you do,” she whispered. “You have it tough, shouldering so much burden. Taking care of your mom, going to school, saving the world. We’re here to lighten the burden a bit for you. Remember that. Remember: Together, we are more.”

Zack leaned into the touch, feeling his voice catch in his throat. “Chick flick.”

Kimberly laughed. “Oh, shut up. You love it.”

Zack nodded, smirking. “Oh, I suppose I can deal with it.”

They sat there for a moment longer, holding each other. Kimberly’s stomach growled a bit though.

“… Want some donuts?”

“… Yes.”

“Krispy Kreme?”


“Cool, let’s go.”

They jumped off the edge of the train car and began the trek down the mountainside to the 24-hour Krispy Kreme, talking and laughing with each other like old friends.

From then on, Zack didn’t mind bringing the rangers up too much, but he and Kimberly always met late at night when one or the other had a bad night. They’d joke on the train car and test their new abilities with each other, competing like a couple of children. Most of the time, they’d end up at the Krispy Kreme.

Skip ahead a couple weeks

Zack and Kimberly sat on the train car’s edge once again, just star-gazing. Zack smiled warmly.

“So…. Friends?”

Kimberly knew exactly what he was talking about almost instantly.

She laughed and nodded. “Friends.”

Zelink Week II, Extra Days: Tribute to the Fallen Hero

Hello darlings! I hope your trick or treating went well. I present you the last installment of Zelink week. I kinda bent a little the prompt, because I deviated from the original idea (Adult timeline) and went with another (child timeline), based on a headcanon I shared some time ago.


Forty-two Poppies.

Her hands were covered in dirt, nails and cuticles encrusted with it, for she had never been one for manual labor, nor she had the tools to do it properly. It was a whim of the moment, that surprised the castle’s gardener.

She just sat among the bright red flowers, all in mourning attire, the darkness of her gown contrasting with the bright greens and red, looking with a bittersweet smile at the fruit of her work.

Zelda spent all night planting them on the courtyard.

Their Courtyard.

She remembers so clearly: a restless blond boy, same age as her, wearing a green tunic and cap, surprised to see her.

His eyes had their childish gleam, but they had seen, lived things.

Some of them she knew. Most of them he took to his grave.

He was always full of secrets.

He didn’t even tell them to Malon.

Poor thing, she was devastated. She had to cry for the both of us.

How is it possible, after all you went through, you, Link, the Commander of the Hyrulean Army, had to die of a heart attack while training with the soldiers? The irony!

In the end, you left as suddenly as you came into my life.

I’ll miss you forever.

I just think I will never get over this. First Donovan earlier this year, and now you.

The Goddesses have a wicked sense of humor.

Maybe they just hate me for some reason.

‘Mother’, a deep, male voice she recognized well called. It belonged to a tall, robust man with thick straight brown hair and beard, clad in black clothes.

‘Daphnes’, she answered, ‘come have a sit with me, darling’. she patted the ground next to her.

‘Are you alright?’, he joined her, ‘You haven’t slept since we returned from the funeral, and you went to do… gardening? It’s so unlike you’.

‘I am, I just needed to do this’, she pointed at the flowers, ‘These were his favorite’.

Daphnes hummed a laugh, and scratched his dense beard. ‘Same color as auntie Malon’s hair’.


Either that, or the crimson irises of Sheik.

He loved those dreams I had. It’s like he weaved a story in his head. I always wondered if they were real. 

They were so vivid. I always felt awful after I woke up.

‘You had a thing for redheads too, remember when you said you were going to marry both Rosie and Lily? Cheeky.’

Mom, I was ten at that time’, the prince’s face started to match the flowers. ‘And we were like bread and butter, always together, like siblings. Godfather Link and auntie Malon always said I could be either King of Hyrule or a ranch hand if I wanted; I had talent for both things’.

Zelda laughed, remembering her son running around Lon Lon Ranch with Link’s daughters, catching bugs, riding Epona, breaking pots with a slingshot, running away from Talon’s fearsome cuccos.

They were such happy kids. Carefree, wild, and bright.

So unlike the both of us.

We carried sorrow, and a darkness in our hearts.

We were old souls.

‘Same age when I met Link’.

Daphnes just nodded, realizing why she had planted such a precise number of plants. Adding ten, it was Link’s age.

‘You did love him’, Daphnes affirmed, not surprised.

‘Yes’. She smiled warmly. ‘And I loved your father too, don’t get the wrong idea’ - she elbowed him - ‘They were two different men, two different ways to love’.

‘I do get the idea, mom’. The prince rubbed his ribs. ‘I’m thirty-two, remember?’.

‘You’ll always be my baby’, Zelda pinched her son’s cheek, eyes full of mirth, laughter lines on her cheekbones and corners of her lips.

‘Don’t fool me and keep talking’, Daphnes chided his mother, ‘You had never told me about what happened exactly, I had just heard rumors from court’.

‘We were in love since we were fifteen’, she sighed,playing with a strand of her long, already grayed hair, ‘Your grandfather had already chosen my betrothed, your dad, when Link proposed. We knew he would probably not reconsider and lose the battle, but, Goddesses, oh Goddesses…’ - she burst into tears - ‘It was so worth fighting for it’.

Daphnes rubbed his mother’s back, who was undone in sobs; tears held back in his eyes and a knot in his throat. He waited for her to regain composture to keep listening to her story.

‘That’s why I didn’t shed a single tear at my father’s funeral: he never listened to what I had to say’, Zelda wiped her face with her muddy hands, leaving strokes of dirt on her cheeks, ‘whether it was Ganondorf, Link, or about saving the Gerudo from obliteration. I was just there to be pretty, silent, and to bear an heir. I worked to prove him wrong out of sheer spite’, she sniffled, ‘I spared you the pleasure of meeting him, you should be thankful to your old mom’.

The prince laughed at her mother’s sarcasm: He was born ten months after the King’s death.

‘On the way I also happened to shut up for eternity the filthy mouths of those gossipmongers of the court when you were born’, she smiled proudly at her son, ‘They were waiting for you to have blonde hair. As if your mother was a cheating tramp’.

Daphnes’ eyes widened. ‘Assholes’.

‘Anyway’, Zelda changed subject, ‘Even if we didn’t have a fairytale ending, we honored the friendship we always had. There is no greater love than the one that knows to let go, son’, she sighed, and gave one last look at the poppies. ‘And your father, may the Goddesses guard him on the Sacred Realm, gave me the most precious thing for a heartbroken woman like me’.

Daphnes brow raised at her last sentence.

‘Time’, she smiled. ‘He knew how I felt about Link, and waited patiently until he won me over… and he never, ever resented him, quite the opposite’.

‘He chose him as my godfather, didn’t he?’ 


She stood up, and dusted off her hands on her dirty black dress before putting on her gloves.

‘Let’s go see Malon once I get decent’, she told her son, ‘That ranch sure feels lonely when the girls and the kids go back to Ordon. That dork left her alone and I can’t allow her being that way. She doesn’t deserve it.’.

‘Of course, mom’.

Anyway general update post. Last week after my mom and I had our epic falling out I contacted her AGAIN and I told her why, for the second time, how her words and actions had hurt me. She said “I didn’t mean it like that” which is as close as she ever gets to an apology. And she started treating me decent again.

It’s not the genuine “I’m sorry for saying hurtful things” I had hoped for, but I have never gotten that from her and never will. It’s better than ending our relationship though. No matter how angry I get or how poorly I feel I’ve been treated in a given situation, I was raised with the idea that family is everything. That always comes through in the end. It’s especially true since I am an only child, single, and my closest connections are long distance tumblr friends.

I am not saying this to make excuses for her but she has a chronic disabling, degenerative condition that leaves her in severe pain 24/7 for the past several years. She also gets like 3-4 hours of sleep every night because of it. I think that living in severe pain all the time is what causes her to have these episodes where she lashes out with such anger at me. It’s not excusable, but it is what it is. She’s loving and supportive at other times when she’s not having an episode.

Again…it is what it is. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

The situation with Roommate is also so toxic that I’m going to need to perform an exorcism on the house when she moves out.

I went to an ice cream tasting event yesterday with Parvati, Sahana, and Em, who I hung out with on Saturday evening/night. Sahana flew back to her city today, but hopefully Parvati and Em and I can be the new squad. Parvati and I have been friends since October, and Em is a coworker of hers who just joined the boxing gym and therefore our little squad. I used to do cool things around the Twin Cities with train guy, but now I know I can call Parvati and Em for that, until/if I feel ready to hang out with train guy again.

Also: Em is pretty hot, 12/10, single, nice, and has a great job and fantastic manners and is very courteous. I would be very interested under normal circumstances. Except my self esteem was so shot after what happened with train guy that I now believe no guy I am interested in will ever like me lmao, so there’s that and I cannot allow myself to hope or have a crush.

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What's your opinion on the Robin series so far?

I’ve been holding onto this cause I’ve had a post in my drafts on my thoughts on Robin once I finished. Once I got this ask, I decided I’d post them here. So here’s a bunch of random thoughts on Robin in no particular order. I’ll put it below the cut cause it’s kinda long also, you know, spoilers.

**Spoilers for the Robin series**

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I’m a Nervous Wreck (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Requests: Hey, first of all I just wanted to say that I love your stories so much and that I think you’re a really talented writer! Second, could you do like a high school type fic where the reader and Patrick like eachother but they are both like super nervous and it’s really fluffy <3

Monday Morning

I can’t help but smile as I see my name on the seating chart. It’s arranged in alphabetical order, just like every year, which means, just like every year, I’ll be sitting next to Patrick. I try to hide my glee as I walk back to my seat, sitting down and calming myself down to wait until he gets here. I wonder if he changed over the summer, I wonder if he’ll think I changed. We haven’t seen each other since the last day of school, two months ago, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about him. It’s possible I might have the tiniest crush on him, and in the past I’ve always been too nervous to talk to him, but this year, this year it’s gonna be different.

Right before the bell rings, Patrick walks in and immediately checks the seating chart, before shuffling back to slide in the seat next to me. He gives me a small smile, but the teacher begins to talk before he says anything.

“Good Morning class, I hope you all had a lovely summer. Now as you know, this is homeroom, so we will be meeting here every day for fifteen minutes. And the seating chart is permanent so I hope you get comfortable”

The teacher goes through rules and roll call, and then we’re given free time to talk. I see this as my chance to start a conversation with Patrick, but I suddenly find I have nothing to say. I open my mouth but nothing comes out, so I quickly drop my eyes to my desk when he glances over. Okay, maybe this year won’t be different.

“H-hey (Y/N)” Patrick says, glancing at me, “How was your summer?”

“Oh” I say, momentarily surprised out of words. “Um. it was fine. And yours?”

“It was good” Patrick replies simply. I nod in response, unsure how to respond, so we sit in an awkward silence for a second.

“Well, did you, um, do anything fun?” I ask, attempting to restart the conversation.

“Not really” Patrick says with a shrug, “Just stayed in town and hung out with friends and stuff”

I nod and wait for him to say something else, but he doesn’t. I clear my throat, trying to find something else to say, but the words die in my throat.

Patrick glanced awkwardly around the room, and looks back at me, but right as he opens his mouth, the bell rings.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks quietly.

“Yeah, see you then” I say quietly, with a small smile.

I heave a sigh and walk to my next class, hoping that I can figure out how to be a little less awkward by tomorrow.


*Patrick’s POV* Monday Afternoon

“It was horrible” I groan as we push through the door’s on our way out of school.

“Im sure it wasnt that bad” Joe says, squinting in the light of the sun.

“No, it was, trust me” I complain, “We said like, twenty words in the entire fifteen minutes, and it was awkward and silent and I don’t know, it was weird”

“I thought you had some big plan about how this year was going to be different- you were finally going to talk to her, maybe even ask her out-”

“Yea well obviously I’d like that to happen” I say miserably,” But everytime I see her I just forget anything I want to say”

“Aw how adorable” Joe says in a fake sappy voice.

“Shut up,” I say, shoving him to the side, “ I can’t go through another year of this, what am I supposed to do?”

“Grow some balls and talk to her” Joe says rolling his eyes, “ Just ask her questions, girls like talking, you just have to come up with topics, and it’ll be easy after that”

“I doubt it, But I guess I’ll give it a try” I say doubtfully, sliding into the bus seat next to Joe.

I hope tomorrow’s going to be better.

Tuesday Morning

“Good morning, (Y/N)” I say with a smile, trying to stop my heart from pounding as her golden brown eyes meet mine with a nervous smile.

“Hey Patrick” she responds quietly.

“So, uh, what classes are you taking this year?” I ask nervously, trying to not sound weird, which I probably failed at.

“Oh um,” she says, looking surprised at the question, “ Well I’m taking…”

I hear her start the list of classes she’s taking, but I’m too nervous that I barely hear her words.

“Sorry, what?” I say quickly, realizing she’s staring at me, as though waiting for an answer.

“I asked what classes you had” she said, looking confused.

“Right, sorry, i’m, just kind of tired’ I give as a half hearted excuse, and answer the question.

We talk lightly about classes until the bell rings.

It wasn’t much, but at least  it was a conversation.


Wednesday Afternoon - (Y/N)’s POV

“It’s nice, actually,” I say slowly,” Just kind of strange. It’s like he’s asking me all these questions, but hardly listening to the answers”

“Im sure he’s just nervous,” Paloma says reassuringly, “At least you guys are talking”

“Yea,” I say with a smile, “ But it’s still just normal small talk, I want to be normal around him, but I’m so freaking awkward and nervous I act like an idiot every time we talk”

“No you do not,” she says sternly, “ You just have nerves, it’s okay, he does too”

“Yea but If I’m nervous like this all the time, nothing is ever going to happen” I complain

“And what is it exactly that you want to happen?” she asks grinning suggestively.

I feel my cheeks go pink,”I don’t know, but I’ve liked him for two years now, and we’re finally making a little progress, I just want, I don’t know, something more”

“And you’ll get it, I promise, it sounds like he likes you just as much as you like him, you just have to be patient, grasshopper. Now, have fun at lunch, I’ll see you later”

“Wait, you’re not staying with me?” I ask, grabbing her arm, “ I thought you changed your schedule to get into this lunch?”

“I tried, but they wouldn’t let me, I’m sorry” she says, apologetically.

“No, come on, I don’t want to sit by myself” I complain, even though I know there’s nothing she can do about it.

“Sorry, but I’ll see you in math, okay?”

I murmur an agreement and head into the cafeteria. Looks like this year I’ll be sitting alone.


*Patrick’s POV”

“Go sit with her” Joe demands, jabbing me in the shoulder


“Dude come one, she’s all alone” Chris points out.

“So you guys go sit with her” I respond defensively.

“She’s your girl” Joe says, raising an eyebrow.

“She’s not “my girl”” I say immediately.

“Okay but you want her to be” Chris says knowingly.

“Okay yes sure, but if I go over there, It’ll be 25 minutes of awkwardness and it’ll ruin what little progress I’ve made”

“Dude, all you’ve done is bombard her with questions over the last two days. If you want to build a relationship with her, you need to have real conversations” Joe says firmly, shoving me off on the bench, “ Now go sit with her!”

“You guys are dicks” I say gruffly.

“You’ll thank us later” Chris says with a smug grin. I flip the both of them off and grab my lunch off of the table and make my way across the room.

“H-hey (Y/N)” I say, clearing my throat, “Mind if I sit?”

“Of course not, sit down” she say with a relieved looking smile.

I get distracted by her smile before I realize I should probably say something.

“Where’s the girl you usually sit with?” I ask, praying that doesn’t sound rude.

“She got switched to the other lunch period, so it’s just me” she says looking a little sad.

Okay, I can do this. Cheering people up is something I’m actually decent at.

“You know, the worst lunch I ever had was the first day of fourth grade” I start.

“Oh yeah? How come?” She asks, intrigued.

“Well, I was uh, wearing these brand new pants my mom bought me right? They were bright yellow, and they had batman on the pockets, so they were clearly the coolest pants to ever exist” I say, grinning when she giggles at my joke. “ So obviously I was super proud of these pants, I mean who wouldn’t be?” I ask with a grin, feeling a little more euphoria as she continues laughing, slowly giving me more confidence. “ So I was bragging about them to the class, and when we went to lunch, I realized we were having chicken nuggets and fries- the height of luxury, so Obviously I was also excited about that too. I grabbed my tray and was racing back to my seat, because I was Batman, and so I had to be the fastest. But then, I tripped over my shoelace, and accidentally dumped my tray, ketchup and all, right down the white shirt of a boy named Jack- the scariest boy in all of the fifth grade”

“Oh no!” (Y/N) says, eyes growing wide with worry, “ What happened?”

“Well, he looked down at me, grabbed his grape juice, and dumped it on me, ruining my shirt, my shoes, and my wonderful Batman pants.”

“That’s horrible!” she says, cracking up at the story.

“A true tragedy, those pants were never clean again, my mom threw them away”

“I’m so sorry for your loss” she says giggling, “ but I think I can beat that story”

“Oh yeah?” I say surprised, “Try me”

She grins at the challenge and delve into a story involving summer camp and s’mores, and the rest of lunch flies by in the blink of an eye.

“I could walk you to your next class,” I say nervously after the bell rings,” I mean if you want me to”

I see the blush creep on her cheeks, and It only makes her even more adorable

“Sure Patrick,” she says, “ I would Love that”

*Thursday Morning*

“Hey (Y/N)” Patrick says with a smile as he sits down, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Hey, what’s up” I say, surprised to find I feel a lot less nervous than before.

“So um, are you free tomorrow night?” he asks, now looking uncomfortable.

My heart immediately starts fluttering, “I think so, why?”

“Well my friend Joe is having like a hang out thing at his house with a few people, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come hang out?”

I can’t help but grin, “ I’d love to! I can give you my number and you can text me the address?”

“Sounds good” he says, also looking very happy. He pulls out his phone, and we switch numbers.

I guess I know what I’ll be obsessing over until tomorrow night.

*Friday Afternoon*

“Is this good?” I ask Paloma, twirling so she can see my full outfit through the camera.
“Girl, you look wonderful, I love how you paired the black leather pants with the flowy top- makes you looks adorable and hot, at the same time”

“Thanks Pal,” I say with a giggle, “ I’m really nervous for tonight” I confess, dropping on the bed.

“I know, but it will be fun, I promise, now go before you’re too late!”

I nod my head, say goodbye and get ready to go.

Tonight might change everything.

*Friday Night* - Patrick’s POV

“Why isn’t she here yet?” I ask anxiously, wringing my hands.

“You told her to come at 6. It's” Joe stops, checking his watch, “ 6:04, you need to chill”

“You’re right sorry. I’m fine, go hang out with the other people I’m just gonna wait”

“Alright, “ he says, standing from the couch, “ Don’t spaz out, ok?”

I roll my eyes and mutter a sarcastic thanks, eyes still pretty much glued to the door.

Five minutes later, she walks through the door, and she looks amazing.

I jump up from the couch,” Hey (Y/n)” I say, walking up to her, “I’m glad you came!”

“Me too” she says with a small smile, reaching up to adjust her beanie, “ I didn’t know what to wear so..” she trails off glancing down at herself.

“No you look perfect” I say immediately, my blush matching hers as I realize what I said.

We start talking, and we even manage to get through a whole conversation without me stuttering.

“Okay, Okay” I say finally, holding my hands up with a laugh, “ If we talk about school any longer my brain is going to explode! Let’s do something else”

“Like what?” she asks with a smile

“I don’t know… we could play truth or dare or something”

“Okay” she says with a grin, “ I like this”

We begin our game, both of us going for far more truths than dare, and I learn more about her in that hour than I’ve ever know over the last several years.

“So,” she starts nervously, looking at me after I pick truth “ Why, um, why do you stutter so much around me”

“Oh,” I say blushing,” Um, well it’s because you make me really nervous. Truth or dare?”


“Do I make you nervous?” I ask seriously.

“Yeah,” she says with a surprised laugh, “ You actually make me more nervous than anyone else I’ve ever met”

Im suprised by that, but it also kind of makes me happy for some reason.

“Truth or dare?” She asks.

“Dare” I say confidently”

She smiles shyly at me, “ I dare you to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time”

I cock my head, thinking about what to do. I glance around the room, and suddenly I get an idea.

“Are you sure?” I ask her. She nods, looking a little confused.

I take a deep breath, lean forward, and kiss her softly.

“Um, sorry, but I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” I say, pulling away blushing.

“N-no, that was, that was good” she says blushing a brilliant red color.

“Truth or Dare”

“Truth” she says

“Why are you so nervous around me?”

She takes a deep breath, turning red again, and looks away, avoiding my eyes “ I’m so nervous around you because I really like you and I don’t want to mess that up”

I smile, relieved, as that is exactly the answer I would have given. I desperately want to kiss her again, so I decide I might as well try. I lean forward slightly and she notices, a small smile coming onto her face. She sets her drink down and looks at me through her lashes, leaning forward to meet my lips.

And that kiss was perfect. That kiss changed everything.

Something inside her hopes that her grandpa would understand, even if she is so bitter & resentful at this point that she is half convinced NOBODY will ever understand.      Well I’m kriffing ALMOST an adult and everyone’s out there complaining like we need pilots because they loose like half of them every other encounter, and I’m here being like I’d be a decent pilot. Let me help out. Except mom WON’T, & she’s YOUR daughter can’t you DO SOMETHING about it?   ❞  Max’s words are like a steamroller, she hit the pedal and then she was off on her rant, getting progressively more and more frustrated with every word. 

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Summary: Beatrice Everdeen-Carter and Ramona Mellark, two friends with one mission–to get their parents together. Modern AU Everlark.

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The Family Plan

Part Six

Beatrice opened her eyes at the beep of her phone. Sitting up, she refrained from squealing at the picture message since it was still early and she was sure that Dylan and her Dad were still asleep.

Rise and shine, sis –R’

Just above her morning greeting from Ramona was a photo of her Mom and Peeta asleep—fully-clothed, thank God—in his bed. They looked happy and content to be wrapped in one another’s embrace. Not to mention, in that sweet morning light, her mother looked younger than Beatrice had ever seen her.

She quickly messaged back, ‘Can I call you?

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Headcanon that the Hephaestus kids are notorious for their bad singing. Like they can play instruments all right–they are basically tools of music–but singing? Never gonna happen.

So of course Leo is the outlier. His mom used to sing while she worked and he started singing with her. He kept it up even after she died, though no one ever realized it because he only ever sang when he was working in private. 

Everyone expects him to be just as bad as his siblings. The whole camp gets ready to cover their ears when they see him run up to start singing to his favorite song and are in for a huge shock when he hits the notes perfectly. 

Dear 14-year-old Mary,

You know how you feel like you relate a little too much to the characters in those gay fan-fictions you and your cousin read? Yeah well, that’s because you’re right. You are a gay man, and it’s gonna take you a while to accept it. But when you do, it’s gonna be the best thing ever.

When your second serious boyfriend lets you be the “boy” in the relationship it’s gonna be the most bizarre and wonderful thing that has ever happened to you. When you look back, it is going to make so much sense to you when he too comes out as Bi.

When you cut your hair short for the first time it will be well after high school and you’re going to wonder why it took you so long to do it in the first place. You will never have long hair again.

You don’t start out as transgender right away and go through a few identities before realizing you are a boy. For a while, you will dress the most feminine you have in your entire life. People will hold this against you but don’t let them. Boys can wear dresses too and even as a man, you still love flowers and thigh high socks.

When the pretty boy you work with tells you no one will ever like you unless you are girly with long hair, don’t believe him. He’s no good for you and years after you’ve come out and socially transitioned, he will still call you by your dead name. Don’t let him break your heart.

Your brother both takes to your new name right away, and he is the most supportive person you could ever ask for in a sibling. Tell him everything. He will be the one that will be there for you the most.

Your sister isn’t going to accept you right away, and after she calls you an abomination, things between you are going to be strained to say the least. But go to her wedding anyway because being there for her is what sets the two of you apart. Plus you and your boyfriend looks awesome in matching suits (although you sister does fail to get one decent picture of you.)

Your Mom couldn’t care less whether you are a boy or a girl. So take it with some grace that she’s too wrapped up in herself to understand your struggle. Help her if you can, but make sure to help yourself first.

You’re still working on your Dad. Even two years into socially transitioning and a few months from starting hormones (yeah, you want to start Testosterone, and get chest surgery too!) he still doesn’t know your chosen name. But you know that no matter what happens, he will love you. Don’t be scared.

At 22 you have a loving partner, and you are living with him and your brother; you have graduated from college, and have 2 jobs in your field. Everything is getting better and you are shaping up to be a fine young man. Please don’t think the darkness is going to last forever; things get very rough and you get very scared and sad but just hold on. It’s amazing where you are now.

I Love You, Don’t Give Up,

With Love,

Maxwell (That’s You!)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been following you guys for so long and you're just the cutest family ever. I've been seeing all these lovely pictures of your kids floating by and it made me wonder, how is marriage with kids? I'm sure it's hard but how has it changed your relationship? I'm scared that having kids will somehow break us apart or something, or am I being crazy? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, I just have no one else (with actual experience) to ask

Kids do change a relationship a lot. That change is both in good ways and bad.

Let me say the bad things first and then tell you the good that we’ve experienced.

Everyone will tell you that keeping a baby alive is the hardest thing, and they’re right. For me that immense love also equals immense fear of losing it. Both you and your wife will be doing more and working harder than you ever have in your life. You’ll be exhausted and anxious constantly.
Megan and I never fought until Quinn came along. Even still, we didn’t fight about her. We had to learn to communicate. We learned that it’s important to show appreciation for the things each other does. It’s important to know you’re both working harder than you ever have. It’s also important not to get lost in the baby’s needs but to take time for each other and to show affection.

Starting a family has been a huge benefit to our family too. You really learn to rely on each other. You really need each other. It bonds you in a new way. I’ve gotten to know my wife in a new way too. She has amazing qualities that I wouldn’t have noticed without seeing her be a mom; she’s organized, a decent cook, never snaps at our kids (even when I’m about to), and is driven to help them learn and succeed.

She adores them in a way I’ve never seen her look at anyone before- especially our son. She beams every times she plays with them.
Seeing her be a mother is feeling myself fall in love with her all over again.