will shave all body hair off

Hello, daily reminder that hairy girls are beautiful. Those thick brows, that hair on your upper lip, your wispy leg hairs, armpit hair, forearm hair, hair on your belly or chest are all lovely. You don’t need to shave, pluck, or burn your hair off for society’s standards. You deserve to feel like a work of art in your normal state; casual, in sweats, or less. This goes doubly for trans women. I love you, you’re gorgeous, and I’m glad you’re alive.

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hi ang, i have a problem. i dont feel that good about my body image. i mean i have hair over all of my body and even when i shave it off it'll eventually grow out again. im envious of others that dont have body hair and feel so confident of how they are physically. i know it's not good to be like this but i feel like most of society dont even bother to focus on the mental aspects of people.

Literally im in the exact same spot dude lol i have a huge body image issue i feel exactly the same way to a T. And i can’t help you! I haven’t found a solution for it yet besides like LASER which i feel godawful about since it’s like…. why do i have to burn and mutilate my body just so i cant wear a bikini like every other person lol it’s just.. very sad the way society looks upon something so natural and unchangeable as body hair. 

I feel like this arose out of eurocentricity though since white ppl tend to not have visible body hair so that became the goal for all women i guess since eurocentric features are what’s always been set as the ideal by the media. I’m not blaming the currently existing white population for this btw, it’s their ancestors fault for fucking everything up and creating this in the first place all the companies of today are the ones perpetuating it. Like.. if there wasn’t a market for it there wouldn’t be any taboo i’m so so fucking sure of it but because they can market razors and shave cream and laser treatments for so much and they KNOW women will buy these things because they basically  force them to it’s just not going to stop. 

It also bothers me how completely excluded body hair is from mainstream body positivity movements. Like the most natural, intrinsic of the taboos is completely left out and it’s because they cannot market it. They can profit from the fat positivity movement because it allows them to sell more L and XL things and stimulate the economy but what would accepting hairy women do? Nothing. It would fuck up the livelihoods of aesthetic doctors and the companies that make razors and shave cream for women. Also it’s basically impossible at this point to do anything about it because it’s such a fucking ingrained thing in the societal hivemind like “body hair=dirty, ugly, gross, bad” it’s so discouraging and it makes women feel so fucking hopeless like “unless i pour a ton of money into laser treatment and/or waxing or just hopelessly shaving at every chance i get i won’t be seen as beautiful by society/a lover/the public/the media etc. etc.” 

Idk it’s a very very sad topic for me to talk about because it affects me so much as well i hate it lol i’m getting a lil lump in my throat as i type this lmao.. it’s just so fucking sad to me that something so innate is considered taboo.

Tickle, Giggle, Moan (Part 2)

Rating: mature, NSFW smut (gather round, kids!)
Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where the reader stole his razor and he had to shave, but he knows she loves his beard and tickles her with it and it turns into smut with beard burn (as requested by the one and only with the tickle kink, @always-a-marvel-addict - hope you like this one, hon!)
A/N: She persuaded me to do another a while ago, so I thought why not? Enjoy ;)
Previous Part

You knew he hated shaving. It was a hassle. Living without a beard made him feel bare, it made his face feel cold. He loved his beard, and so did you. 

The time had finally come for him to shave it all off. Coincidentally, you were talking about body hair with him as you lay together in bed, you reading a book and Chris scrolling through his phone. 

You should try having your eyebrows waxed,” you said.

“I had to wax my chest for Captain America, that hurt. Especially around the nipples.”

“Oh, god…” you covered your chest with your arm, cringing at the thought of it. “But the skin on the face is the most delicate, so it hurts more than anywhere else.”

“I don’t know if that’s true, I mean, I wouldn’t know. Shaving doesn’t hurt.”

“Shaving is annoying,” you replied, memorizing the page number and placing your book to the side.

“Yeah, it is. Speaking of shaving, I’m going to shave this tomorrow,” he sighed, running a hand over his beard and setting his phone down on the night stand, turning to lie on his side and face you. 

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✨Glittery fake half shave✨
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Y'all may like Disney’s Mulan but the filmmakers didn’t even know one of the most basic things about ancient China: that PEOPLE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO CUT THEIR HAIR. This is because of the ideal of filial piety in relation to the body:

“We are given our body, skin and hair from our parents; which we ought not to damage. This idea is the quintessence of filial duty.” - Confucius.

Only those who chose to enter the monastery and become monks or nuns would cut their hair and shave their heads, to signify completely cutting off their past life.

So, the dramatic haircut Mulan does? Utter bullshit. Also, her hair length is completely wrong - it should be much longer than that, since she would’ve never had a single haircut in her life. Women wore their hair in many different styles, but only married women would wear their hair in a bun. Long plaits were very common amongst young women and girls.

Please note that the above refers to Han Chinese culture, and that there were other cultures in China which did not share the same beliefs - for example, the Manchu men would shave the front half of their heads and tie the rest in one long braid called a queue. When the Manchu people conquered China and formed the Qing dynasty, they tried to force the Han Chinese men to follow their customs of shaving half the head or face death, but many people resisted this order. There was even a slogan that said, “Not shave your forehead and lose your head, or shave your forehead and keep your head”. People were literally made to choose between their heads and their hair.

Many were willing to die for their beliefs rather than submit to something that went against one of the most fundamental elements of their culture’s ideology. Brutal massacres were carried out because people refused to cut or shave their hair, so when a movie that’s supposed to be about ancient China has the main character slicing off a portion of her hair… well, like I said before, that’s bullshit.

And the more you think about it, the worse it gets. The story of Hua Mulan (that’s the proper transliteration of her name, none of that “Fa Mulan” bullshit) is, at its core, one of filial piety. A young woman cared so much about her father that she was willing to go against her position in society, face great danger and risk death by execution just to ensure his well-being. She was also one of the rare examples of someone who was able to fulfill both her patriotic duty and her filial duty at the same time, because by going to war she saved her elderly father from having to do something well beyond his physical capabilities.

Duty is an integral part of Chinese morality. A person has many duties - to one’s parents (filial piety), homeland (patriotism), friends (loyalty), etc. Even though fulfilling one’s patriotic duty was considered morally right, it did not exempt one from the duty to take care of one’s parents. Young men leaving for war would sorrowfully apologise to their parents for not being able to carry out the full extent of their familial duty. Patriotic duty and familial duty were often mutually exclusive, but Hua Mulan was able to fulfill both.

Disney took a story about filial piety and then made the central character break one of the most basic rules of ancient Chinese morality. Do your fucking research.

This is to all my middle eastern kids

•muslim or not but were still called a suicide bomber/terrorist
•who never get a fair representation in todays main stream media
•who were bulliged in school for having to much hair on your bodies and had to start shaving at a too young age
•who were told your skin color was weird/teased because your skin was darker than your classmates
•who were told “say something in your language I promise I won’t laugh” then made fun of because “i couldn’t help it, it sounded stupid”
•who were made fun off because you were the only one with a “weird” name/surname
•who always got asked if your dads were oppresing you or not
•that, if you’re a girl, always gets asked where your hijab is & why you aren’t wearing it, even if you’re not muslim
•that doesn’t speak your parent/s native language
•that are told you’re not “middle eastern enought”
•that are a part of the lgbtq+ community but are to afraid to come out to your parent/s
•who have a mental illness you’re too afraid to tell your parent/s about

You’re all strong and amazing and valid and I love every single one of you

I am 11 and this is what I know. time feels slow and my friend invited everyone but the kid no one talks about to her birthday party. it is 7:00 am. I am the fattest girl on the swim team and everyone can see it, oh god, everyone can see it and they know it, too. I eat too fast and the boys all stare at lunch and one of them told me there was too much hair on my arms so I went home and cried because my mom wouldn’t let me shave it all off and this is what I know.

I am 13 and this is what I know. he didn’t mean to do it. I was asleep and he didn’t mean to do it. but I wasn’t asleep. I was squinting my eyes so just barely I could see as his hands learned the shape of my body, so I could see his lips whisper my name, “are you awake? are you awake?” I am not awake. I am asleep and I am afraid and friends’ dads aren’t supposed to be doing this but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing either and this is what I know.

I am 15 and this is what I know. he loves me more than anyone else in the whole world. he tells me so. he tells me as he slits my skin and bathes on the banks of the rivers, bathes in the guilt-ridden apologies I scream through sealed lips. he hunts me down on a Sunday night to whisper his love into my bleeding ears as he grips my throat tighter and tighter with every hiss and all I can say is I love him too. I love him too and I will never stop and this is what I know.

I am 17 and this is what I know. I’ve been to the hospital twice within two months and nothing has been right for so long and sometimes I forget to breathe so I inhale so sharply that people stare and I want to go home but the sadness lives there, too. it’s everywhere. and I haven’t eaten in three days, and my body still aches from his silence, and sometimes I still touch the spot on my body where “I love you” was written in blood. and smoke tastes like dying and beer doesn’t taste like anything anymore and this is what I know.

—  8/15/16

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Alien!Joshie x jenna x ty: so like Josh meets jenna for the first time and is literally in fucking love and also is in love with ty and they constantly cuddle and love each other and josh always asks about the difference between men and women produts

he thinks they’re both so beautiful and majestic, always staring at them with stars in his eyes, body glowing pink with love. he’s so curious, always watching Jenna put on her makeup, and watching Tyler shave his face but then he walks into the bathroom and sees Jenna shaving her legs ? “Jenna can I ask why you are abstracting your leg hair with a blade? I mentally conceived only Tyler did that. and me. I did not surmise you did identically tantamount.. only to different body components.” but Jenna just giggles and washes the soap off her legs before standing “no sweetheart. daddy shaves his face and yours while I shave my legs” and Josh nods all sweet “well, what is that pigment you put on your face to make your ocular perceivers and mouth all effulgent colored? makeup? how come daddy doesn’t put it on?” Jenna shakes her head and chuckles “he wears it sometimes. he looks very beautiful in it,” and Josh squeals before running out to Tyler, “Tyler! you must put all the pigments on your face to make you comelier like Jenna! you must!” and he drags Tyler to the bathroom and Jenna dolls him up before doing the same to Josh and Josh lovess it

important questions I have for sebastian stan and/or bucky barnes


HERE WE SEE CHEST HAIR. A grown-ass man will sometimes have chest hair. This is unsurprising. It is even on display for us with that rugged deep V. Werk, Bucky.



Sir, I have QUESTIONS. They are as follows:

  1. Who waxed you?
  2. Or were you shaved?
  3. Was it a HYDRA employee or were you required to do this yourself before you went under?
  4. Did they just wax it all clean or did they take a Gilette to your nips for detail work?
  5. Are your arms also as hairless as a newborn naked mole rat?
  6. Is all of this hairlessness to reduce friction underneath the 100lbs of body armor you have to wear?
  7. If this hair removal process was done while you were frozen, couldn’t they just have like, buffed you with a rag and all of it would have broken off? 
  8. Couldn’t they have also taken the time to shave your face or give you a decent haircut? I just feel like this is a strangely specific kind of effort to put in, manscaping a Murder Tool. 
  9. Were you oiled?
  10. How often were you oiled?
  11. Do you need assistance oiling yourself?
  12. Any further details on the process of oiling your body are appreciated. Don’t be shy.
  13. Is there any way for us to have this conversation even in jest without getting super sad about the fact that you were tortured for like 95 years while your best friend/boyfriend was frozen in the Arctic and also thought you were dead after watching you fall from a train and being unable to save you and blaming himself for your death?
  14. Do you need a hug?
  15. Can I have a hug?

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hair, mouth, skin, and hands for Spiridon

[hair]: He wears it long, and it is almost white, with only a hint of golden at the roots where the sun hasn’t bleached it to bone white yet. He also wears it loos, only tying it up in the simplest of hairstyles to get it out of his eyes.
It’s always grown quickly, but it frays and splits badly at the ends because his hair is as prone to dryness as his skin. 

It’s straight and though not particularly silky and shiny, it is still nice to the touch.
He has a thing with his hair, a whole web of weirdnesses and complexes with it. According to clan Lavellan traditions, a young person about to receive their vallaslin will shave all hair off their body, including hair on their head, much like the sentinels in the Temple of Mythal seem to have done. This is done to show submission and reverence to their chosen Creator, and to make the applying of vallaslin a little less… hairy. After that, the newly blooded elf can grow back their hair however they want.

Spiridon never shaved his hair. In fact, he’s cut it minimally since he was a toddler. It was as much a rebellion against the Creators and the clan as his refusal to take the vallaslin was. His mother, Aule, had always admired his son’s hair and let it grow freely even when it became long enough to be an annoyance for a growing, active toddler. Still, to this day, loose, full head of untouched hair is something he’s very proud of, and nobody touches his freakin’ hair. Shove your ooh-fancy-braids up your ASS, Leliana!

Which is why it’s a big deal when he lets someone grab him by the hair during sex. This way, he shows his submission and his willingly chosen humiliation.

As for his body hair, he’s got hairy legs, with the hair abundant but silvery, downy and very soft and pleasant to the touch. Some with the pubic hair, which is more straight and downy than coarse and curly. 

Spiridon’s lips are on the thin side, with the upper lip plumper than the lower one. His mouth his mouth is wide, and drawn into a permanent sneer due to the scars that split it at each arch of the cupid’s bow. There’s another scar splitting open his left cheek where there was a blade stuck into his mouth once that cut open his face. It never healed properly, but it did give him a constant grotesque yet weirdly mellow perma-smile.
Due to the scarred mouth, he does drool at night.

What’s more interesting and even striking than the ugly scarring is his teeth. A slight smile reveals a charming gap between the front teeth. A wide smile, however, exposes a row of savage, sharp teeth, with his canines being by far the longest and most impressive. This was a mouth bred for biting and tearing flesh from bone when arrows and blades had failed and all there was left were fists and kicking legs and teeth. All elves (headcanon) sport sharper teeth than humans or dwarves. However, in helai elves, it is by far the most pronounced. That is a fighting bite.

This is why you don’t want Spiridon grinning widely at you. It is not a show of friendliness, it is the last threat through body language before you’re shit out of luck. This is why Spiridon doesn’t really smile with his teeth but prefers a chaste, closed-mouthed smile. Here, check out his fucking badly drawn teeth!

[post with toothies]

[skin]: ashy and pale. very dry, prone to cracking and bleeding in different weather conditions, especially in humidity and biting cold. Freckled from head to toe as even slight sunlight brings those freckles about. Spiridon is ludicrously prone to sunburn. Travelling to South-Western Orlais was a nightmare, and his own mother had taught him to drape himself in loose fabrics that reflect as much sunlight as possible, and to cover up in sunny weather.

It was funny at first for his companions when they saw him in sunlight at first. There was some teasing and opinions that ‘it can’t be that bad’. That stopped after they saw just how bad it can get with only ten minutes uncovered under the summer sun. This is also why he prefers whites and beiges. Spiridon runs naturally hot and does badly in warm weather or even warm rooms. Dark clothes absorb light and heat up.

It is also important to note that Spiridon sleeps naked under furs that still have their natural oils on them to keep his skin from getting unbearably dry. He also sleeps with windows and doors open, even in his own cold Skyhold tower. He only allows warmth in his room if he’s entertaining a sex partner who’s afraid of cold. After the deed is done, there’s an offer: you can either curl up next to me under these furs with the rest of the room cold, or you can do the walk of shame right back into your own accommodations. Most pick the latter, though it’s subject to debate whether they do it because they hate the cold or because Spiridon was being such a fucking gentleman. Pfahhafhafhh.

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Which vampires would be most accepting of body hair? Some ladies and gentlemen don't like to shave their downstairs and even though I only have problems with it when they never care for themselves properly I know it just generally turns some people off. Which vampires would be down to go down with body hair and which ones would be less thrilled by it. (PLEASE INCLUDE THE ROMANIANS! I LOVE YOUR ANSWERS WITH THEM!)

Here’s my unified theory on vampires and hair removal: all of them enter immortality with idiosyncratic views, shaped by culture and personal preference, and then they mellow out.

We know, for instance, that the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians really cared about removing their body hair. It was an aesthetic ideal for women and arguably for men as well. And, as is often the case, grooming became a symbol of class and ethnic identity. (Or, to put it another way, Sulpicia went a little nuts rubbing the hair off her legs with a stone because this is what Proper Romans did, and how dare any part of her body imply that she wasn’t a Proper Roman??)

But then, most vampires wake up from their transformation… rather stubbly. They weren’t warned that they would be bitten, so they didn’t tidy up in preparation. On top of that, it takes the body a few days to fully ‘die’, so people with darker/faster-growing hair would have a five o’clock shadow everywhere. Finally, the majority of vampires are nomadic and not in possession of tweezers and hand-mirrors, so it’s not like they can do a little emergency grooming after their first foray into cannibalism. When you’re prickly yourself, you’re probably not going to judge your partner too harshly for errant hair. 

Anyway, I have trouble seeing any vampire being totally turned off by body hair on others. The ones who are more committed to humanity– either their era or origin or keeping current– might be preoccupied with their own appearance, but that’s it. 

Finally, to touch upon the Romanians, I have to think they’re really chill about body hair. They came from nomadic tribes who didn’t seem to have a set of rituals around beauty or bathing (in contrast with the Romans and the Egyptians), so their expectations wouldn’t be rigid. 

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hey i hope this isn't awkward but i really need help lol. could you give me some tips on shaving down there? everytime i do it, it is so painful and i don't know the technique! so any advice would be wonderful oml

Hmmm….. well lol. Go with the hair, or sideways, I go sideways because it shaves it better. I wash my body before I shave.. like anywhere. Gets all the dead skin off and makes it a cleaner shave.. and the razor burn won’t be as bad (I think)… make sure you’re razor isn’t fucking dullllll lol. BecAuse that shit never turns out good. Hmm what else. Oooo gotta have shaving cream. I get all my shit through the dollar shave club. Look it up:) wanna know anything else? I mean I’m basically a pro😉 Lolol

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I have a semi-nsfw question: So being new-ish to the lesbian community, I was wondering what the general consensus is on pubic hair? Like from the time I was way too young (in hs) I've been shaving/waxing my pubic hair because of porn culture and being told "it's what makes you desirable to men". I was never even having sex, but I allowed men's opinions to make me uncomfortable with my own body. So I was wondering, is having unshaven pubic hair a turn off to most lesbians?

There can be a mixed response, depending on who you talk to.
Personally, I don’t agree with shaving or waxing; it can come with a variety of health issues, and is just overall painful for most of us (though I know some women find the presence of the hair itself worse, so if it’s more comfortable for you to shave it, then by all means, do so, but do your reading and be careful about how you do it!)
What I would suggest is trimming, and making sure to wash super well (and often). Especially during menstruation, for an obvious reason.
And when you’re in a relationship, I think that’s a discussion to be had, to be honest.

Who’s Smiling Now? MirrorKirk and Jim

He’d spent the two hours since his arrivals going through all of Jim Kirk’s personal effects, opening every drawer, digging through the closet and cabinets. He sniffed at the man’s toiletries and toothbrush, used his razor to shave the scruff from his chin. With damp fingers, he brushed his hair back and wiped off his face, smiling at the image in the mirror.

“Good thing I’d always been careful with my face,” he told his reflection as he pulled a black off-duty long sleeve t-shirt over his head, covering the old scars on his body from various fights over the years. The freshest was bright red. It trailed along beneath his ribs in a smile that mirrored the one on his face.

“That was a good fight.” He particularly enjoyed the look on Sulu’s face when he’d carved a deep scar along his face, nearly taking out the Chief of Security’s eye. But a lesson is wasted if you kill everyone who threatens your position. Sometimes it was better to leave your victim breathing and talking about what a bad ass you are.

The door to the apartment opened. Stepping back from the counter, Captain James T. Kirk, formerly of the ISS Enterprise, slipped into the shower stall as his counterpart stepped into the room. He kept out of sight as the other stripped off his uniform and leaned on sink, before scooping up some water to wash his face.

Silent and shift, Kirk grabbed the other, looping his arms through Jim’s as one foot slipped between the other’s legs to knock him off balance. There wasn’t much room in the bathroom, which was just fine for Kirk. A quick twist, a started look on his counterpart’s face, his electric blue eyes going wide when he saw himself. That pause gave Kirk the opening he needed. His fist connected just right, and he chuckled as Jim Kirk lost consciousness.

*** a few hours later***

Kirk slid open the bedroom closet where he’d left Jim, crouching before the other, he clipped the collar in place. It was a tight fit, but it wouldn’t cut into the skin of his throat. He’d programmed it with the apartment computer, after changing the codes, to keep control of his captive. “It’s as good as a brig cell,” he told the groggy man whose eyes were starting to open. “You’re going to be a good puppy, aren’t you, Jimmy? That’s made for a targ. You know what that is? It’s a Klingon dog-thing. If you scream, it zaps you. If you leave the bedroom or bathroom, it zaps you. Understand?”


Imagine living in a world where nobody shaves their legs or underarms or genital area. Like, maybe swimmers would shave some body parts, but it’s not considered a beauty or hygiene standard. Nobody would think of it like that. Human beings just have hair.

All right, NOW, imagine that someone comes along and says you needs to start shaving for all the reasons we give for shaving right now: it’s cleaner; smooth legs feel nice; they look good. What would you say?

First off, since shaving isn’t actually cleaner, you could dismiss this reason out of hand, but after that you would probably just plain disagree. You’ve grown up in a world where everyone has hair on their legs (I’ll focus on legs for simplicity) and so hairy legs will be what you see as normal and attractive. And as for feeling nice, the wind in your hair feels pretty nice as is. Why would you want to lose that?

But let’s say they convince you with their reasons and, with the thought that you can just never do it again if you don’t like it, you ask for a razor and instructions. This intrepid pioneer tells you how to shave your legs and you find out that this will involve cutting yourself until you bleed, painful ingrown hairs, and the silky smoothness will last for a day or two at most. Would you still do it?

If you shave your legs and head,
You will grow back all the lost hair.
If you scrape off a few layers of skin,
You still have a few layers to spare.

If you go out in the biting cold,
You will shiver until motion makes heat.
If you stand beneath the hot sun,
You will sweat ‘til you have the sun beat.

If you go without food for a while,
You will no longer need much to be full.
If you need all the strength you can get,
In life-or-death matters, nothing’s impossible.

Your body is made to help you;
You are built to win the toughest fight.
Don’t give up until your body gives out;
Fight back with all your might.