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Check out this fluorite cube - can clearly see growth zoning inside it.

Imagine getting thoroughly bashed by the tabloids when they find out you’re dating Tom. None of their comments were even original, just what you typically hear when someone wants to complain about a woman - you’re not thin enough, you’ve been with too many men, you’re too clingy. You try to pretend like it didn’t get to you, but Tom knows you better than that. He takes you in his arms, looks deep into your eyes, and tells you every little thing he loves about you until he’s convinced you feel better.

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Nate And The AUs Songs

{Hell, I like the AUs and I love doing song oriented posts, so why not}

•Nate: Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time- Panic! At The Disco

•Natemare: Another Way Out- Hollywood Undead

•Flower!Nate: Plant Life- Owl City

•Angel!Nate: Hallelujah- Panic! At The Disco

•Pastel!Nate: Bubblegum Bitch- Marina And The Dimonds

•Assassin!Nate: City- Hollywood Undead
World So Cold- 12 Stones

•Puppo!Nate: Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer>

{PS. If anyone ever wants to use one of my AUs, that’s perfectly fine! I don’t mind one bit– They’re all under free use!}

《Bloodstained Petals》[Microfic #6]

{I’ve done this for Natepat, now I’m doing it for Nookie}

Hunter looked over at Nate, sighing weakly.

He was getting worse…

Those flowers, those stupid invasive, parasitic plants were killing him, strangling the life out of him day by day.

The brunette remembered when he first met Nate. The musician had been so energetic, only a few flowers coiling his arms, clinging to his skin.

And yet, over the few months of being with him, Hunter watched his sweetheart’s health deteriorate.

He watched how he whimpered and winced at soft touches, jumping and flinching at loud noises. With his vision being obscured by those colorful flowers, the larger male understood why.

But, that didn’t mean the pain would be eased.

It was the second month that Nate would begin coughing up bloody and wilted flower petals, his voice jagged and rough.

And yet he kept smiling.

He kept laughing.

He kept acting like nothing was wrong.

He acted like he wasn’t in pain, though Hunter could see it in his body language, the way he shriveled at a simple brush of his fingers against his arms.

He could hear him crying at night, his soft sobs muffled by his pillows as he pressed his back almost desperately to the brunette’s chest.

Hunter would watch how hesitantly Nate moved, how he grazed his fingers over everything to determine what it was.

And that’s all he could do…

Just watch.

The Daughter of Isabel Rochev

So I posted a crazy theory yesterday and I was super excited by the response to it. I also got some feedback from @memcjo and @fallingmeleth saying they would love to read a fic about it, so here you go! 

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The Daughter of Isabel Rochev

This couldn’t be happening.

It was impossible. She had been careful, methodically so. Yes, she’d been young and naive, but she had a good head on her shoulders and she knew the importance of birth control. She wasn’t
an idiot. She had fallen in love.

Perhaps that was her downfall looking back, the chip in her armor, her Achilles heel. If she had just kept feelings out of it, handled sex like a business transaction, then she wouldn’t be in this mess.

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