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What's the best way to get an agent?

Getting a literary agent

In order to get a publisher, you need to find an agent. A few publishers will consider writers with no agents, but the typical submission route sees an agent pitching your work to publishers.

Who are agents?

Agents are experts in the book business. They consider hundreds of books a day, choose a few promising clients a year and try to pitch their work to publishers. If you did get an agent he/she is your best bookish friend! Agents are experts who believe in your book. Treat them fairly and don’t expect them to be you biatch. Their job is pitching to publishers, not advertise your book (nor edit or listen to you whine). Know what to expect.

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What do agents do?

They select authors as clients and try to get them good deals with publishers. They are paid when the writer is paid. Never give money to anyone to read your work! A serious agent would never ask for money.What don’t agents do? They don’t advertise your book, they don’t edit, they don’t cook for you, nor look after your children.

How do I get an agent?

To get an agent you have to write a query letter. In fact, on average, you have to write about 100 queries to find an agent, and that is only if your book is prime stuff. An alternative is to take part in “pitching competitions” like PitMad on twitter or attending a writers’ pitch conference.

How do I select which agent is right for me?

Don’t flood all the literary agents of the world at once. Choose two or three who published books you liked and are similar to yours. If you can’t think of any, you should probably be spending more time reading before you consider publishing.  Check AgentQuery to find agents open to submissions in your genre. Do some research on them, make sure they are a good fit and be ready for rejection.

How do I deal with rejection?

Dismiss it. It’s part of the job and it’s good for big egos. Finding an agent is like finding a soulmate, all you need is one. BUT, if after ten queries nobody asked for a partial of your manuscript, you might want to question if there is something wrong with your query or if you’re pitching for the wrong genres. Alternatively, it could be that your project is “high risk” or not “mainstream” enough, in which case most agents will not take a chance. I personally think that high risk projects are awesome: go indie and publish yourself!

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So, how do I write a query?

This is a quick guide on what is a query letter and how to write one to successfully pitch your novel to a literary agent or, less commonly, to a publisher.

Before I say anything about query letters let me disclaim that most of what I learnt comes from the infinite wisdom of Her Holiness the Query Shark, a successful agent dedicated to help hapless, unexperienced writers. Study her website and see plenty examples of failure and success, rejoicing at her snarky sense of humor.

What is a query letter?

A query letter is a short missive (typically an e-mail) that pitches your book in 200-300 words. Don’t go over 400 words, it should fit in one page. A query letter will be likely the hardest thing you will ever write.

What elements should be in a query letter?

A query should answer the following questions:

1-Why did you select this agent?

Successful agents receive about 100 queries a day. Never write “Dear Agent” (guaranteed click-delete response). Agents want to know why you think they are a good fit for you. If you are thinking this is not your job but theirs, you’re better off indie publishing. Ask yourself how many agents are banging on your door right now and how many writers are banging at any one agent’s door. Got the picture? Good. Now do research on your agent. Good lines would be: “you represent this other book (pertinent book similar in style or genre to yours) so I thought…” or “You are seeking books in this genre so…” To find information about your agent of choice, start with AgentQuery, then check the specific agent’s website and any interviews online. Sometimes you might want to go as far as to check their twitter feed or search for videos. Yes, it is a lot of work and a time drain.

2- What is your book about?

You are a writer. SHOW, DON’T TELL! Never say “this is a great story” or “this is the best book you will ever read”, “this is the next bestseller” etc… SHOW THEM!  Start with the conflict. Don’t tell them everything, just enough for them to want to read more, possibly getting a feel for your voice.

3- Why are YOU qualified to tell this story?

Are you writing a book about the Vietnam war and you’re a fifteen-year-old Italian? Well, good luck pitching that. You will have to explain why you think you are qualified, and why you are in a unique, privileged position to tell that story.

In general: You only have 200-300 words, choose them well.

1. Avoid clichés; you are a word crafter. Still, don’t overdo it! Verbose queries are not good. Use your style.

2. No typos, you hear me? None.

3. Be professional. It’s really difficult to get the tone of an e-mail or letter sometimes. Avoid jokes and confusing double meanings.

4. Be respectful. Start with Dear Miss Amman (just an example, by golly, I’m not an agent!) Most agents don’t care if you call them by their first names, but some really hate it. They are professionals and they don’t know you. Play it safe.

5. Don’t beg. If you don’t think your book is awesome, nobody will. (Avoid things like “I have been sick” “I have fifteen children” “I barely sleep” “Forgive the typos”).

6. Don’t boast. Be confident, but professional. If you have some facts that can help you list them clearly.

7. Don’t state the obvious. “I would be glad to provide a full manuscript upon request.” Of course you would be. Finish with “Thank you for your time” or similar.Essential info to include: the title of your manuscript ALL CAPITALS, the word count (approximate to the closest 5,000), the genre, your signature with your full REAL name, address and phone number.


-Check for specific guidelines on each agent’s webpage! Some will go as far as to tell you what type to use. All will specify if they want a partial with the query (typically the first three chapters pasted in the body of the e-mail).

-Send no attachments unless specifically asked. It’s the fastest way to the garbage bin. They fear viruses and will never open an e-mail with unsolicited attachments (signatures, files, anything).-Separate your paragraphs, so that your e-mail is not a scary block of text. Happy querying :D


I compiled this and more advice on a free writer guide you can get from my blog. Click here to check it out. No, it’s not a scam. Yes, I’m a real published author.



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Until next time~

I’m offering $10 commissions, that is:
$10 for one character and $5 for any additional character
(transparent background or simple gradient)

Price may vary depending upon request or amount of details.

If you wish to get one, simply send me references for the character you want me to draw and any details you see necessary!

I usually do a sketch before accepting payment and also may send you WIPs to coordinate my work in a better way.


- I may do some nsfw, but it won’t be uploaded to this blog
- Methods of payment: PayPal only
- When sending an e-mail, be sure to include your request and character reference in the first message
- This may take some time (applies mostly to those who will end up being the last on queue)


Preferably human, cartoony, anthro or any human-like character.
Can’t say there are any restrictions so ask if you feel unsure!

CONTACT E-MAIL: ncrcake@hotmail.com
(tumblr messaging’s ok too, I guess?)

P.S. As noted in this post, I usually recieve more notes than I can/want to take for one batch. I will suggest another way of picking out requests next time.


Update: 4/24/2017

I’m updating my prices and revamping my commissions! I really need money so that I can buy my medication, so I could really use your help!

How does it work?

1. You send me your request/prompt. Try to give me as much info as possible!

3. Upon agreement, I start working and show you a beta version. This may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the art.

4. If you like where the commission is going, I will continue working on it until it is finished. If not, I will continue working on it until it’s going in the right direction.

5. I will notify you if I am finished, and will release the final piece once full payment is made.

Other things:

-Feel free to use your commissioned piece in any commercial or non-commercial project of yours, provided that you do not claim the art as your own. You’re not allowed to resell the piece, either.

-If I catch you passing off my art as your own, I will be publicly posting all your usernames across all sites on my blog, on Facebook, and blacklisting you so that you do not steal any more art.

-I would appreciate it very much if you linked back to my art tumblr!

-Don’t use USD as your currency? Pricing might be a bit different.

-I accept payment through Paypal and Western Union.

-I draw: People, fictional characters, real people, simple landscapes, spacescapes

-What I’m not used to but will try to work around: Animals, anthropomorphic animals and non-human subjects, nude paintings, art with self-harm and suicide themes

-What I will not draw: Pornographic material, hateful material, propaganda material

I reserve the right to reject any commission if I find it distasteful or hateful

And if you don’t have any money, it’s fine! I’d really appreciate it if you boosted this post so that more people could see it.


                        There’s a door.

                               It might be a door you go through every day, or the first time your ever going through it.

                     Either way the door doesn’t go where it’s s̸̢̢͡͞u̴͡p̵̴̡͟͢p̴̀o̢҉̸̸͢s̀̀͜͡è̴̛̛d̵̡͠͠͞ to.

It opens to a bright cheery tavern seemingly lifted right out of a stereotypical fantasy world, and while this may be incredibly confusing, the place seems to call to you, something there drawing you into the warm inviting room.

That feeling vanishes as the door slams shut behind you and the world quakes, and the warm room suddenly seems cold and unfriendly despite nothing having changed.

The barkeeper, a large gruff dark haired man with an eye patch, sighs, and smiles at you. “Whelp, there that goes again. ‘Fraid you’re stuck here ‘till it gets back to your world buddy.”

If you reopen the door it opens to a barren unfamiliar place that definitely isn’t where you came in from. 

The Barkeeper quietly asks a patron of the bar to show you to a dorm, and you’re led out the only other door in the bar, into a blank white hall that seems to stretch on forever, and you’re struck by the unsettling feeling that you’ll be here forever too.

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see my art tag for more examples!

• Paypal only!! I use invoices, so remember to provide your paypal email!

• Prices will vary on how complex the character(s) are/what you want done

• Additional character(s) are +$10~ per. Detailed backgrounds start at +$20

• Please provide details of the commission + references upfront!

• Can provide a sketch/rough to send for approval upon request

• I’ll draw: oc’s / fanart / mlp / anthro + animals / mild nsfw

slots are unlimited atm, provided you’re ok with a wait! I work a bit on the slow side

email me at: sutexii@yahoo.com

(this has been edited 9/12/16 but too lazy 2 mek a new banner)


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what you get;

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other info;blacklist ‘rachel’s bday pg’ if you don’t wanna see these 
pls don’t let this flop
Commission status: Open!

Yooo so a few nights back I threw up a post asking if anyone would be interested in commissions to help me raise money for a trip and the response to it was absolutely astounding. Everyone was super kind and I was extremely humbled so I am pleased to announce that commissions are up! I’ll take about 5-10 people to begin with, and provided more people are interested, I’ll update the list regularly.

So, without further ado, the price list:


- $5 for pencil sketches
- $10 for penned lineart
- $15 for full color (example shown above)
- +$5 per character for sketches and lineart; +$10 for full color

I will draw whatever. Fanart, hell yeah; OCs, throw me a full ref and you got it; animals, yes please. No NSFW stuff though, that’s not how I roll.

Space silhouettes:

- $15 for 3 small silhouettes or 1 large
- +$5 per extra silhouette or detail

These look best with animals, but again, I can do this with anything so long as it exists and possesses a silhouette. Prices might vary a bit depending on how complicated the outlines are. The space will be black with two secondary colors that you may choose! (If you want 2 silhouettes instead of 1 or 3+ we can negotiate, but it usually looks best with odd numbers)


I have a lot of cute, soft, patterned flannel that I plan on making scalemates out of. Now, since it’s frowned upon to sell these, I won’t do it, but if you feel like randomly sending me $30 dollars, I’ll let you pick out two fabric patterns and send a scalemate to you for free as a thank you >;]

So yeah, that about covers it. All commissions will be scanned in and edited properly rather than very obviously looking like iPhone photos. Any additional drawing references can be requested, and everyone is free to check out this tag for example doodles.

If you’re interested, shoot me a message, and we can talk details and pricing and payment info. Thank you all so much!

Writing Commissions

Hi, everyone! 

So, long story short, my partner and I are just about to travel overseas, where I’ll meet her family for the first time. It’s not the best of circumstances, as it’s very short notice and part of the reason we’re going is that her grandfather is very ill. It’ll also put us in a bit of a tight situation financially, as we’ll have to cut into our savings to afford it.

Our families are helping out so travel costs aren’t a problem but I would like to have a bit of extra money stowed away, so I am offering writing commissions until we leave in mid-January.

I work reasonably quickly (around my day job, of course!), write for a lot of different fandoms and can also write for original characters or settings upon request; check out my commission info here!

Pricing is between $15-22USD, roughly $1 per 100 words + $2 for NSFW if desired. I welcome your questions, so if my information page isn’t sufficient please send me an ask!

I really appreciate your help in this; even if you can’t afford a commission yourself, I’d love it if you could spread this post around a little.

- Annabel (sortita)

Writing Commissions: OPEN

I’ve decided to open up fanfiction commissions, so here’s the break down: 

  • 1000-3000 words - 10 USD
  • 4000-6000 words - 15 USD
  • 7000-10000 words - 20 USD
  • 10000-15000 words - 25 USD
  • 16000-20000 words or more - 30 USD
  • NSFW material - additional 2 USD on the original price (negotiable)

Anything more than 20000 words is negotiable at the moment, but as of now, I may refuse to do such a big project should I have so many commissions lined up. These prices are firm. 

I’m really not here to make money, just some extra help as I am still in college and do not have time for a full time job (I’m already working 30+ hrs a week). A little spending money can go a long ways. Just be specific! You’re paying for the length and prompt, let me know exactly what you want so you’re happy with the result. 

You may recognize me from AO3 (as cottontale) or from my tumblr drabbles, both of which you can find here and here. I’ve written in a few fandoms, typically breaking the 1000+ kudo mark for a multi-chapter. Other one shots have reached around the 300-800+ kudo mark. This is just for a reassurance for you–I know what I am doing and enjoy my work. 

I will write for a multitude of fandoms and pairings, but only those I am familiar with as I want you to get your full moneys worth. These fandoms include–shingeki no kyojin, free!, haikyuu!!, kuroko no basuke, marvel, and a few others. Upon request, I will inform you if I will write for your specific fandom and/or pairing. No OCs, RPs, or rape/non-con, please. I reserve the right to refuse my services. 

If you’re familiar with my work, you should know my typical pairings and genres, but I am willing to stretch to meet your requests. I only accept payment through paypal, unless we’ve reached an agreement through another form of payment. Once the commission is completed, I may post the work on tumblr and/or my LJ, however if you do not wish for me to post it, let me know upon initial request

Contact Information

  • email: redfingertipsofdawn@gmail.com
  • skype: upon request
  • tumblr (main blog: foxicology)
  • ao3: cottontale
  • livejournal: niabe
  • paypal: upon request

Upon receiving payment, I will begin the commission (first come, first serve). If you wish to cancel, please contact me and we will discuss refunds (I’m super flexible so don’t worry). Any additional questions, concerns, please send me an email or message on tumblr. 


New York Comic Con 2015 Homestuck Photoshoots

Hey there, nycstucks, NYCC is upon us! I’m sure you’re all dying to meet other homestucks and get some cool pictures of your cosplays, so here is the info on how you can!

Friday, October 9: 4:00 PM
Saturday, October 10: 4:00 PM
Sunday, October 11: 1:00 PM

Location: Same as last year, outside under the overpass (under Javits center and 35th street.

Times and location are subject to change, please look out for posts by me in the nycstuck and/or nyccstuck tags in the coming weeks or the days of! Send in asks for pairing requests you want to see AFTER reading through the ones already offered on the list. List is below the cut.

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For the full detailed version of this post go to HERE

Some notes:

  • Payments made through paypal.
  • Prices will fluctuate depending on complexity! These are all base prices.
  • More complex background prices are negotiable!
  • Message me on tumblr or email me at profiadart@gmail.com

Will do:

  • Nude and mild NSFW (artistic nude and suggestive content)
  • Existing characters (if the creators allow it!)
  • Original characters
  • Some anthro and most object-head
  • Mild gore and most violence

Will not do:

  • Porn/Fetish art
  • Mecha (it’s for the best, trust me)
  • Extreme gore
  • Most anthro/furries- when very animalistic (also in your best interest, trust me)
  • Hate speech or anything of the like

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, regardless of reason.

Even if you aren’t interested, please spread the word. I would really appreciate it!!!


my blog’s 1-year anniversary is coming up, so i’m doing my first ever tumblr awards! (can i get a hell yeah)

shoutout to onionflower for pretty banner photography

alright so to enter:

mbf me

reblog this post! (likes don’t count)


best URL

best theme

best mobile theme

best avatar

best original content

best baby blog (less than 5 months old)

best overall

personal favourite

prizes !!

a follow back from me

a spot on my blog forever basically

tag #pissent in selfies/original posts you want me to reblog!! (use it don’t abuse it tho)

my support in BOTM polls (upon request)

winners will get a drawing done in prismacolor premiers (!!) based on your blog/URL/face

more info:

y'all are gonna need a /tagged/me if you want a portrait :)

i’ll need your address if you want the drawing mailed to you, otherwise i’ll just send you a photo which is lame

1 winner per category! the number of runner-ups will depend on how many notes this gets

any type of blog is cool

this post must reach 100 notes or i will cry probably

ends on january 31st !! ❋ 

HEY ALL Zo here, I’m taking up the reigns for the annual trade this time around!

Sign ups for this trade start NOW! and you have until oct 24th to sign up for the trade + send a prompt request!! Like last year, the trade is open to anyone who has ever been a part of the Tegaki TF2RP!  So past and present members, come on in!

Please avoid doing Streitadt related requests, as Marr is most likely going to run a trade specifically for all our Streitadt needs in the near future!

Upon completion of your finished work, this year I will have you submit your work directly to this page in a specific format in the description box. furthermore, I’m not asking for masterpieces but i expect some effort for the pieces you turn in (no sketches)! More info on all that when I send out prompts!


To participate in the TF2RP 2014 Art Trade, fill out the form below!

What you like to draw: .
What you do not like to draw:
Extra Information:
Prompt request:

When you’ve completed the form, send it along to rfbritton@gmail.com with “[Your Name] TF2 Art Trade” as the subject title! Be sure to submit your application by the 24th of October.

Time for my third ever… *drumroll please*…Tumblr Awards: Female Character Themed! In the best way I know how, I’m ringing in the new year with a tumblr awards, but at the same time, appreciating those bitchin’ ladies who made 2014 so great. And who are also some of my favorite characters.

Rules ~

  • must be following Clara Oswald
  • reblog this (likes don’t count)
  • check out my bots, Catelyn Stark
  • only fandom blogs please
  • if you want to enter a sideblog, let me know!

The Awards ~

  • The Amy Pond Award: best overall
  • The River Song Award: best doctor who
  • The Ellie Miller Award: best multifandom
  • The Gwen Cooper Award: best theme
  • The Christine Daae Award: best icon
  • The Eponine Thenardier Award: best posts
  • The Sarah Manning Award: best url
  • The Pam Beesly Award: nicest blogger
  • The Alice Morgan Award: best underrated**
  • The Robin Scherbatsky Award: anna’s favorite

What You Can Win ~

  • There will be one winner & one runner up per award
  • Winners get up to five promos upon request
  • Runners up get one promo upon request
  • My love & friendship
  • I might start a cool network where we can appreciate female characters! (more info to come)

**please send me a screenshot of your follower account if you have less than 500 followers