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While I’m on Team Rowlet (because I REALLY just love birds so much), I still DO adore the Litten line, but more specifically, Incineroar. It’s design just calls out to me in the way Hawlucha drew me into it, apart from being a bird, because it’s a Luchador.

LIKE, can you imagine all the cat-like things you can make Incineroar do?? WITH THAT DESIGN?! Because you have to admit, making the wrestler tiger do the cat thing is pretty damn amusing to even imagine, LIKE…

The most cat-like thing I can get from its design is the fact that you probably can’t touch its stomach because of the fire belt. But like…have you ever tried to touch a cat’s stomach in the first place?

I want to imagine this fucker just bringing fainted Hawlucha to your door like, “I beat them for you.”

Flying/Fighting vs Fire/Dark, Incineroar will be pretty damn PLEASED if it can bring that toddler-sized luchador bird that’s known for taking on Hariyama and Machamp to your door. Because by any other means, Hawlucha would have had the advantage. But NOT THIS TIME, so Incineroar wants you to see its conquest against a typing that it doesn’t do so well against.

(I’m using Hawlucha as an example because cats and birds and what better Pokemon to pair the wrestler tiger than the luchador bird?)

This giant buff tiger just sleeping on your pillow and you waking up next to it in the morning, like doesn’t even give a shit that they’re huge, THEY CAN MAKE IT WORK. It probably get pretty damn annoying in the summer or in some high temperature area because of the fire-typing.

Or the best of all things: BOXES.

If it fits, I sits…if it doesn’t BURN.


C A T  N I P



Except go a step further because this thing is a wrestler, like…”oh hey, looks like we’re gonna have to replace the table because Scoville forgot that they weren’t a Torracat anymore.”

*breaks a mirror* “God dammit, Scoville, that’s seven years bad luck!!”

Or just a hilarious situation in that an Incineroar will try to play with you BY FUCKING SUPLEXING YOU OR SOMETHING. Like, halfway through hug, you get German Suplexed by this fucker.





5 MILLION SCOVILLE hotsauce with @markipliergram before he leaves for PAX East. #cyndaplier #hotsauce #challenge

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Az a pillanat,

amikor ebéd után hat órával és három kézmosással belenyúlok a szemembe, és kiderül, hogy az egymillió Scoville-fokos szószból még azért csak maradt valamennyi a bőrömön. Annyi azért nem, hogy ne tudjam kikönnyezni, de okozott pár vidám másodpercet.


Waucoma, Iowa
Population: 257

“At first, and for many years, the town had a tardy growth, but the advent of the Davenport and St. Paul branch of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, in 1879, gave the village a new lease of life peopled with a class of public spirited citizens whose influence, money and enterprise.

The Waucoma mill was one of the earliest industries established in the town, and one which did more than anything else to bring trade and develop business. It was at first equipped with the old fashioned stone buhrs. but with the progress of the times it became a full roller system and turned out as fine a quality of products as any of its competitors. At present this mill is operated exclusively for the grinding of feed, buckwheat, etc., and has abandoned flour making since the failure in the spring wheat crops.

The first hotel in Waucoma was operated by Milo Goodell and was known as the Empire House. A little later it passed into the hands of “Uncle Bill” Scovil, who operated it after a manner peculiarly his own, for many years. The Commercial House and the Palace Hotel were later additions; the latter, and the best hotel Waucoma has ever had, was burned in January, 1907, and the Commercial suffered a similar fate in the autumn of 1908. In each case other property was destroyed, these being the greatest fire losses the town has ever sustained.“

  • Markiplier: I'm not a masochist
  • *ingests a scoop full of hotsauce*
  • Markiplier: I'm not a masochist
  • *electrocutes self*
  • Markiplier: I'm not a masochist.
  • *trips and falls off the treadmill*
  • Markiplier: I'm not a masochist
  • *ingests 5 million scoville hotsauce*
  • Markiplier: I'm not a masochi-

Chili pepper that makes your head explode

Cultivated by Ed Currie, founder and president of the PuckerButt Pepper Company in South Carolina, the Carolina Reaper would probably ruin most people’s day after eating it.

Currently rated as “the world’s hottest chili pepper” by Guinness World Records, the pepper averages 1,569,300 on the Scoville Heat Unit scale, with peak levels of over 2,200,000. In comparison, a regular jalapeno pepper comes in at around 8,000 units. Source: Oddee

Happy birthday to Wilbur Scoville, the chemist who asked “how hot is hot?”

Scoville created the ranking for varieties of peppers by their level of Scoville Heat Units (SHU), a score he created in 1912. Scoville’s “Organoleptic Test” was simple: he mixed an extract of ground-up peppers with sugar water and fed the solution, at increasingly diluted concentrations, to a panel of taste-testers until they could no longer detect the heat. The higher the score, the hotter the pepper, from the benign bell pepper (0 SHU) to the jalapeño (2,500-4,000 SHU) and the Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper (up to a stratospheric 2 million SHU).
The Scoville test is still used by some chile enthusiasts but scientists, producers, and processors commonly use a more precise method. Called high performance liquid chromatography, it helps determine the level of capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their pungency.

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