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Hottest chilli pepper in the world accidentally created by Welsh farmer
A Welsh fruit grower trying to come up with a novel entry for next week’s Chelsea Flower Show has accidentally created the hottest chilli ever recorded.

A Welsh fruit grower trying to come up with a novel entry for next week’s Chelsea Flower Show has accidentally created the hottest chilli ever recorded.

Mike Smith, from Denbighshire, declared himself “chuffed” if a little “surprised” after scientists indicated that his Devil’s Breath chilli had eclipsed the existing American record holder by a clear margin.

Originally intended to be a thing of beauty rather than a sensory beast, the peppers measure a formidable 2.48 million on the Scoville heat scale, ahead of the 2.2 million achieved by the Carolina Reaper.

The Doomsday Clock is a tradition upheld by an obscure science magazine called the Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists (a name perfectly suited to its founding in 1945). The placement of its hands is decided by a bunch of scientists and climate researchers, who periodically get together to talk about how worried they are about things in general. So that’s the first misconception about the Clock: the only thing it actually measures is the worry of a few people.

In all fairness, said people are esteemed scientists. However, scientists often don’t know shit outside their own, narrow fields of expertise, so making a bunch of them from different fields discuss wide-spanning global issues probably isn’t all that far from you and your coworkers shooting shit at the water cooler. 

Anyway, the consensus from these meetings is published in the Bulletin, complete with the updating of a symbolic logo they call the Doomsday Clock. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. What does it mean to be five minutes to midnight instead of six, or ten, or forty? Nothing. And now you know why the Doomsday Clock folks once randomly counted the Fukushima nuclear disaster right up there with Cold War nuclear proliferation, completely ignoring the fact that Fukushima happened because of an earthquake and tsunami while the latter’s cause was massively powerful countries locked in a deliberate arms race of mutually assured destruction.

Hell, even the very “minutes to midnight” concept of the Doomsday Clock is not just flawed, but actually the exact opposite of a scientific process. The clock was originally set at seven minutes to midnight … for no good reason at all. Martyl Langsdorf, the artist who designed it, chose that reading for this heavily revered symbol on the basis of “it looked good to my eye.”

5 Official-Sounding Measurements That Are Complete BS

New images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope are helping researchers view in unprecedented detail the spiral arms and dust clouds of a nearby galaxy, which are the birth sites of massive and luminous stars.

The Whirlpool galaxy, M51, has been one of the most photogenic galaxies in amateur and professional astronomy. Easily photographed and viewed by smaller telescopes, this celestial beauty is studied extensively in a range of wavelengths by large ground- and space-based observatories. This Hubble composite image shows visible starlight as well as light from the emission of glowing hydrogen, which is associated with the most luminous young stars in the spiral arms.

M51, also known as NGC 5194, is having a close encounter with a nearby companion galaxy, NGC 5195, just off the upper edge of this image. The companion’s gravitational pull is triggering star formation in the main galaxy, as seen in brilliant detail by numerous, luminous clusters of young and energetic stars. The bright clusters are highlighted in red by their associated emission from glowing hydrogen gas.

This Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 image enables a research group, led by Nick Scoville (Caltech), to clearly define the structure of both the cold dust clouds and the hot hydrogen and link individual clusters to their parent dust clouds. Team members include M. Polletta (U. Geneva); S. Ewald and S. Stolovy (Caltech); R. Thompson and M. Rieke (U. of Arizona).

Intricate structure is also seen for the first time in the dust clouds. Along the spiral arms, dust “spurs” are seen branching out almost perpendicular to the main spiral arms. The regularity and large number of these features suggests to astronomers that previous models of “two-arm” spiral galaxies may need to be revisited. The new images also reveal a dust disk in the nucleus, which may provide fuel for a nuclear black hole.

The team is also studying this galaxy at near-infrared wavelengths with the NICMOS instrument onboard Hubble. At these wavelengths, the dusty clouds are more transparent and the true distribution of stars is more easily seen. In addition, regions of star formation that are obscured in the optical images are newly revealed in the near-infrared images.

This image was composed by the Hubble Heritage Team from Hubble archival data of M51 and is superimposed onto ground-based data taken by Travis Rector (NOAO) at the 0.9-meter telescope at the National Science Foundation’s Kitt Peak National Observatory (NOAO/AURA) in Tucson, AZ.

Object Names: The Whirlpool Galaxy, M51

Image Type: Astronomical

Image Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Acknowledgment: N. Scoville (Caltech) and T. Rector (NOAO)

Time And Space

after almost a year since i made the last two chemical witches, here’s Caffeine! also known as Kaferine. she’s going to appear in a tentative second chapter of the scoville scale sisters story! she’s around the same chronological age as the sisters, she wants to be capsaicin’s rival!

she’s. well. she’s intensely energetic and hyperextroverted. she’s actually quite popular in her town! she has grown well liked and appreciates it! she tends to host many activities among humans and/or witches and… basically anyone. you ask her to promo your bday party and she will. she’s able to keep up with many people in her life and have several conversations at a time. she uses magical AND human social media a lot. she’s not particularly nosy but she just knows everyone!

her abilities are electricity and energy related. she can shock people and leave them numb, usual paralysis, etc. she’s also able to buff others with her magic, but the side effects include severe shaking! her magic is impressive and flashy, but easily cornered. that’s why her side abilities include a lot of strength and endurance! she’s also incredibly fast, and she has to keep moving. she has to move all the time, she barely sleeps and barely needs rest.

she also has a familiar! i’ll post about that one soon :P

here’s allyl isothiocyanate better known as weslia! she’s a chemical witch as well, like the rest of the scoville scale sisters crew, and is going to appear in a tentative second chapter. allyl isothiocyanate is the active chemical in wasabi and mustard among others that makes them spicy! the nature of her abilities is more psychic, but she herself is not very fond of engaging in battle anymore.

she’s rather mellow and introverted. she’s been around for a long time, before the sisters and menthol, but not before piperine. she uses her human name because unlike the other witches who became so through sacrificing their identities, she sacrificed something else.

she used to take jobs in which she had to assassinate people, but she retired a long time ago. she distanced herself from society until she felt ready to go back, and nowadays hangs out in her own home, living a peaceful life and liking it that way. she has lowkey depression

her abilities are mostly based on knocking people out through their faces. she doesn’t make much fire damage, and doesn’t even use red magic. she takes advantage of accessing and stimulating the mind of whoever she touches. she can disable people’s sense, overload others, and has some basic mind reading and mind control. she’s also very stealthy and has trained a lot through her entire life! she has a strict training routine even if she doesn’t actively fight anyone.

nowadays she doesn’t stand out much, but her past job was also forgotten by the new generation.

While I’m on Team Rowlet (because I REALLY just love birds so much), I still DO adore the Litten line, but more specifically, Incineroar. It’s design just calls out to me in the way Hawlucha drew me into it, apart from being a bird, because it’s a Luchador.

LIKE, can you imagine all the cat-like things you can make Incineroar do?? WITH THAT DESIGN?! Because you have to admit, making the wrestler tiger do the cat thing is pretty damn amusing to even imagine, LIKE…

The most cat-like thing I can get from its design is the fact that you probably can’t touch its stomach because of the fire belt. But like…have you ever tried to touch a cat’s stomach in the first place?

I want to imagine this fucker just bringing fainted Hawlucha to your door like, “I beat them for you.”

Flying/Fighting vs Fire/Dark, Incineroar will be pretty damn PLEASED if it can bring that toddler-sized luchador bird that’s known for taking on Hariyama and Machamp to your door. Because by any other means, Hawlucha would have had the advantage. But NOT THIS TIME, so Incineroar wants you to see its conquest against a typing that it doesn’t do so well against.

(I’m using Hawlucha as an example because cats and birds and what better Pokemon to pair the wrestler tiger than the luchador bird?)

This giant buff tiger just sleeping on your pillow and you waking up next to it in the morning, like doesn’t even give a shit that they’re huge, THEY CAN MAKE IT WORK. It probably get pretty damn annoying in the summer or in some high temperature area because of the fire-typing.

Or the best of all things: BOXES.

If it fits, I sits…if it doesn’t BURN.


C A T  N I P



Except go a step further because this thing is a wrestler, like…”oh hey, looks like we’re gonna have to replace the table because Scoville forgot that they weren’t a Torracat anymore.”

*breaks a mirror* “God dammit, Scoville, that’s seven years bad luck!!”

Or just a hilarious situation in that an Incineroar will try to play with you BY FUCKING SUPLEXING YOU OR SOMETHING. Like, halfway through hug, you get German Suplexed by this fucker.




callacaptor  asked:

Hey Grillby, do you have any fun stories about drunk Sans?

Ah yes. I remember a rather entertaining one.

Not too long ago Sans came into my bar, rather lately, I must say. He appeared to be in a good mood since he ordered drinks for everyone - putting the bill on his tab, of course. After a few drinks and even a Fireball Whiskey I told him that I won’t serve him alcoholic drinks anymore, since he had enough. Sans was rather frustrated by that and tried to annoy me by drinking all my ketchup I had in stock. Or so was his plan, I am sure of it.

Unfortunately - or luckily - his first grab was the hot sauce. With hot, I mean hot: at least a million scoville. I usually only use one single drop to spice things up. But I have used it that evening, which is why it stood on the counter.
Now, Sans didn’t just drink one drop, but took a deep swig from the bottle.
Imagine his face! It scrunched up into a look of pure horror, and I am pretty sure he went sober right then and there.

Call me cruel but of course I laughed. I’ll never forget the face he made once he realised.
Afterwards he threw the bottle against the wall.


“That’ll be the subtitle of the flavor, it’s OOH MOMMY! The Danieltaste! And it’ll be as bitter as Swiss shard and a TRILLION Scoville units! OW! My mouth burns! But it’s so sweet!”

“I’m Dead Now! from Danieltaste.”

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How old are you? 28

What’s your current job? (or major or what type of job you’re looking for, etc) I work for the state, in affordable housing.  It’s a great job in many ways, but I do spend far too much time trudging through dull paperwork (and thus daydreaming about aliens).  *jazz hands*  bureaucracy!

What are you talented at? combining a strange assortment of CSA-box veggies into “meals”, losing myself in fictional worlds, the board game Scoville, abstract nonsense ideas

What’s your aesthetic? comfy / colorful. burgundy, salmon, blues, greens. jeans and a button up and a cable knit sweater.  breezy sundress. purple or teal t-shirts.

Do you collect anything? coffee cups and beer cans, in my bedroom.  by accident.

What’s a topic you always talk about? stAR TREk !!!  social dynamics. development patterns and land use?  whatever book I’m reading at the time.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? i kinda hate the phrase “pet peeve,” it gives me the heebie jeebies.  I think mostly I do things that are other people’s pet peeves.

Good advice to give? ummm… be brave against the soulless minions of orthodoxy.

What are three songs you’d recommend? this past week I’ve literally listened on repeat to nothing but: Florence + Machine on shuffle and the Watership Down soundtrack…. so I’m not the one to give song recs.

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Does anyone know of an approximate Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) value for the pungency of allyl isothiocyanate (the compound responsible for the pungency of mustard seeds, horseradish, and wasabi), gingerol (ginger), cuminaldehyde (cumin, presumably fairly low) and/or cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon)?

Unless limitations in solubility prevent it, there should not be a difficulty in assessing this by the original Scoville method of dissolution in alcohol, followed by serial dilution in sugar water until pungency is no longer detectable by trained tasters. And the idea of applying it to compounds other than capsaicinoids is certainly not radical; it’s fairly common to see piperine (white/green/black pepper and long pepper) quoted as having an effective rating of 100,000 SHU and/or “about 1% as pungent as capsaicin” (which would equate to 160,000 SHU — and given that Scoville values assessed by the traditional method vary by up to 50% for chilis, that’s not an unreasonable spread). But I can’t seem to find any numbers for the other major pungent spices.

(Values for the spices themselves would also be satisfactory; given approximate concentrations of the compounds in their respective spices, approximate interconversion shouldn’t be too difficult.)