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5 Things from the TDB Rewatch: Showmance

1. Oh, this is why Finchel came to hold people’s hearts. Look how sweet they are.

I have lots of disjointed thoughts about their dynamic in this episode:

  • When Rachel noticed Finn freaking out about the social suicide of performing Schue’s song, I looked at her and thought, is it possible that she’s thinking of something beyond herself? So much of Rachel’s story is about learning to see herself as more than her talent, but along the way she also slowly becomes “a real girl” by letting others inside,  starting to understand that they are real. I think it starts here.
  • In their conversation in the hallway, Lea’s approach is just so spot on. The little almost imperceptible shake in her voice when Rachel invites Finn to practice with her is just such an aching reminder of adolescence; I can just feel that wanting. And Cory matches her beat for beat. The way he just glows when she praises Finn as a singer. You can see all the tension this boy carries around just fall away. 
  • That picnic on the stage is Rachel’s version of Kurt’s harem room. She knows what she’s doing; this is a seduction. And it’s so ridiculously over-the-top.
  • I think these actors have chemistry, but boy, are these kids plagued by miscommunication (which, after all, is a tried and true way to tell such a story). We know what’s happening with Finn; his problems with premature ejaculation and his shame about that have been shown to the audience, but NOT to Rachel. So she interprets his shame as being about her.

2. “Pretty fly for a white guy.” So when Mercedes says this, Mr. Schue assumes she’s talking about him, right? But she’s talking about Artie. Like, she’s looking at Artie as they sing, not Schue. This tiny moment = Schue’s on his own journey , and is as self-involved as any teen because in reality he IS one, and he still needs to grow up. AND–these 3? Maybe 4, including Kurt? remain invisible to him.

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Glee - Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

Featuring Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Tike, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson,   Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce, Finn Hudson, Artie Abrams,   Mike Change, Tina Cohen Chang, Mercedes Jones, Will Schuester, and others

5 Things from the TDB Rewatch: Pilot

1. What do we learn from the first minute or so of this show? Some things that remain true throughout, and others that we seemed to forget. A. That the woman with the bullhorn is TOUGH on those kids. That Mr. Shue is oblivious, and a bad Spanish teacher, and clearly plays favorites. B. That the gay kid, Kurt, is fierce and isn’t a victim, even as he’s being tossed into Dumpsters. That the football players and cheerleaders are at the top of the high school pyramid, although an attentive eye would note that the blonde at the top of the pyramid falls off immediately. That the tall kid wants to be liked and is conflicted about his role in this world. C. That Earth Wind and Fire is transcendent, but what year is this? And that Will–Mr. Shue–is living in a dream world.

2. Will and Terri’s marriage: Yikes! I’ve talked about this before, and will again, but these two are so unhappily yoked.

  • The first thing we learn about this marriage is that Will plans to hide the $60 a month Figgins is extorting from him. Later we learn that she is hiding her spending habits from him as well.
  • They just seem to have such different value systems. (And may I just say that Jessalyn Gilsig is a hoot. She delivers Terri’s awful lines with intensity that matches Lea Michele’s Rachel.) But man, is Terri a bully. 
  • When they’re having their date night building an American Gothic puzzle, Will says, “You usually don’t let me into the craft room.He is not her equal in this marriage.
  • One of the first things Emma learns about Will is that he doesn’t eat nuts because Terri is allergic. She hears, “I respect my wife’s needs and sacrifice for her happiness.” But what he’s saying is, “She won’t let me.”
  • Finally, they both are using the pregnancy as an excuse to NOT fix the marriage and, in the case of Will, to deal with Emma honestly. That becomes more and more true later, but i was true from the start.

3. Finn’s true love is music.

That’s the story he tells us, with his flashback. I love Darren the Lawn Guy, and so does Finn. Though it’s a complicated memory, because Carole was hurt by it, to Finn that time was magic because it’s when he discovered music. 

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Brittany: Mr. Schue, is he your son?
—  Brittany Pierce to William Schuester about Jesse St. James - 01x15 The Power of Madonna

Ryder Lynn + Will Schuester - Glee (Imagine 298)

“Hello, I would like to introduce you guys to my daughter, y/n, She’s going to be joining the glee club.” Will said.

“Hi.” You smiled awkwardly. Deciding it would be the best idea to sit down and not be any more awkward, you made your way to the seats. You sat next to a boy with brown hair.

“Hi, Ryder.” He grinned reaching out a hand to greet you.

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