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Is Tim introvert or extrovert? I have been told that you have the answer :3

Hey there! I saw I got tagged in this post and had saved it with the intention of answering it but you saved me the trouble! Thanks for tagging me @arabian-batboy

So this is rather tricky because people aren’t black and white and Tim is a bit iffy in this. Overall, I would say he has more of the personality of an introvert. He’s generally much quieter, more polite, more likely to hang back and gather facts instead of launching himself into a situation. I credit that from his lonely childhood and learning to depend on himself without a lot of people around. That being said, once he’s comfortable around people he can be much more outgoing which is a common introvert trait. Also, Tim had this perception about what Robin should be, we see him throughout his solo practicing quips in the mirror, reminding himself to get out there and faking a good deal of his confidence. So there are times when Tim will take charge (such as with Young Justice) or act like he knows what he’s doing (Joker’s Wild) when, really, he’s terrified of failure and is desperately trying to live up to this grand legacy. Tim, more than all the others, had such admiration and care for the Robin name and so he pushed his natural quietness to the side in order to be the best Robin ever. He becomes more open as time passes but is still remains introspective and subdued.

Hope this helps!

please understand that people with avpd have a lot of trouble being honest about their feelings, and will sometimes even go to great lengths to pretend theyre okay

this can get very overwhelming, and a lot of the times we really do want to say that something is bothering us, but we feel like we would be a burden if we ever did mention it

i know its a lot of work, but it would seriously mean so much to us if you could cooperate with us on this and help us open up on what’s upsetting us

jyp: all of you will face consequences for what happened at that pool party

got7: *collectively sigh*

jyp: WAIT, except youngjae because he wasn’t there..



🐘  Surprise Surprise (Minghao confessing on your birthday)
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The party goes off without a hitch, considering the fact that it was spoiled for you before you were able to arrive. Nevertheless, the day was surely a special one and was surely one you would not forget, something Minghao had made sure of. Everyone save for Minghao had fallen asleep, but his heart had not quite settled down from the excitement of the party. He had gone through a whole lot of trouble to plan the party, the workload feeling twice as heavy with the anxiety of his upcoming confession. But as he glances at your interlaced fingers and the soft lights of the forgotten television radiating on to your beautiful face, he couldn’t help but think he would do it all again if you asked him to. Anything for you.

Spidey Senses

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IMAGINE: Peter finally conjures up the courage to tell you who he truly is, only you don’t believe and don’t give him enough time to prove himself. Then, when in trouble, Spider-Man comes to save you.

Request? Nah, I just have the Spider-Man, Tom holland feels at the moment. And wanted something other than Walking Dead on my dash. Which will happen a lot more actually, so send in requests! Please! I need them!

Also, i wanted to upload twice tonight since i’ve been very sloppy and short with my recent works! So here ya go!

I actually love all Spider-Man, especially Andrew Garfield’s rendition and felt he was cutt’d cruelly. Which terribly upsets me. And despite Spider-Man being a boy, i’ve always wanted those cool spidey-powers and he was my hero growing up, and still is.

Ah! I’m done gushing, enjoy!

“Y/N… I don’t know how to say this.” Peter stuttered, staring at you in fear as you stood bewildered in his bedroom. Peter was odd, as you grew closer to him and your friendship grew in length, you’d come to learn this.

He was clumsy, but smart but also extremely dense. You loved him, and had for so long to which he returned the feelings. He was weird, unreliable and truthfully dishonest but that didn’t stop you from loving him. You continued and would forever love him.

So, when you zoomed into his room, excitement at the fact that you had aced your essay which you’d only been stressing about for over a month when it was first assigned. Peter had been your go-to-guy to complain and stressed too, so of course he was your go-to-guy to gush to. But, you didn’t expect to find him some weird rendition of Spider-Man.

You loved Spider-Man just like everyone else seemed to. And you knew Peter did too, he was always the first one to defend the Spider-hero if someone was to insult him. But you never thought you’d find him dressing up as him.

“I didn’t know you were into cosplay, Pete.” You dryly joked, brushing aside his panic stricken expression. When he didn’t laugh, you turned to him, confused. “Seriously, Peter. It’s fine. We all have our weird obsessions.” You tried to joke again, sitting down on his bed.

For some reason he felt it necessary to unzip, un-button? You didn’t know, his suit and you blushed suddenly from his good looking body directly in your face. 

“Y/N.” he mumbled, to which you redirected your focus on his eyes, not on your terribly good looking body. Seriously it was unfair how he could make you melt in a second without even having to do anything. “I’m… I’m Spider-Man.” He suddenly said, with a renowned confidence.

You took a moment to process what he said before tilting your head. “Umm, what?” 

“I’m Spider-Man, Y/N.” He gestured to his suit. “This isn’t a costume, well it is, but not because of cosplay. I truly am the Spider-Man.”

You stood up, bewildered at his habit of lying. Did he think you were dumb? You didn’t want to doubt him, but after all the times he’s told you things only for it to be the opposite, it made it hard for you to believe him. Walking to his door, you shook your head. “Yeah, and i’m the queen. Seriously, Parker, don’t lie.” You walked out, the excitement from earlier gone as you were slightly pissed at him.

How dare he lie like that? Sometimes you wanted to smack the pretty boy across the face.

You said goodbye to Aunt May on your way out, giving her a smile and a hug. She wished you well as she tried to call Peter down to walk you home, you reassured her you would be fine.

“Don’t worry, May. I’ll be fine.”

“Be safe, dear!”

It was already dark, and checking your phone you realized it was ten’o’clock already. Thank god you didn’t have work or school tomorrow, all you wanted to do was go home and fall against your bed. Maybe you would write? You weren’t sure. You would talk to Peter tomorrow, and try to figure what possessed him to believe he was Spider-Man.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts, you didn’t realize the footsteps looming behind you. Not until something grabbed your arm and slammed you against the back of the alley. You head smacking against the brick of the building, knocking your senses out of whack for a moment.

You blinked, your vision clearing to show a man, much older than yourself staring at you with a dangerous look in his eyes. You squirmed in panic. “What are you doing out here so late, little lady?”

You struggled, earning a kick in his groin as you quickly turned to flee. Only he was quick and grabbed your hair, slamming you to the ground. He stroked your cheek, covering your mouth when you opened it to scream.

“You’re a pretty little girl aren’t you?” He mumbled, letting his other hand fall lower down your stomach. Your eyes widened as you wiggled your hips. Your breath left you when his body suddenly went flying and hitting the building. You immediately grabbed the back of your head, a bit of blood leaking. You gasped when a blur of red and blue went by you.

The figure kicked the man who assaulted you in the head, knocking him out before he came rushing to you. “Y/N!” He yelled, and in shock you made the figure out to be Spider-Man. You recognized the voice and suddenly your mouth dropped open.

Spider-Man reached you, grabbing you by the cheeks as he scanned your body. “Are you okay? Oh, god, you’re bleeding.”

You felt yourself slipping and with one final blink, you whispered. “Peter…”

When you woke up, you were in Peter’s room. You felt uncomfortable and in pain, when all the memories came flooding back to you, you sat up abruptly. Immediately becoming dizzy and having to steady yourself.

“Peter… was Spider-Man?” You mumbled staring at your boyfriends room. You tried to piece the pieces together before you remembered earlier in this very same room.

“I’m Spider-Man, Y/N”

He wasn’t lying. You were just too stubborn to believe him. 

His bedroom door cracked open and you caught his eyes, relief flooded his eyes as he slammed his door shut and came running to you. The glass of water coming down on his night table. He gave you a hug, his breath laboured, you felt tears building up as you returned the hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered.

You shook your head, breaking the hug. “I’m sorry…” You mumbled.

His brows furrowed. “Sorry? For what?”

“For not believing you. I-I should’ve believed you. I’m terrible.” You gushed. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Peter grabbed both sides of your face. “Y/N. I’m not mad, I didn’t explain it right. Anyone would be shocked.” You nodded your head, before grasping him in a hug again.

“OMG! You’re Spider-Man!”

Did you enjoy it?

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You know how sometimes in Medical Dramas, one character gets in trouble for not saving a rich person who donated a lot to the hospital? How likely is that to happen in real life?

Heyderr! Okay, so personally, I have not been involved in the parts of hospitals where this might happen. I’m a lowly paramedic. If intelligence and income rises as you go higher up in the hospital, there is a very good reason they have me work not just from the ground floor, but actually down the hill and outside.

Theoretically, donors are treated like any other patient in the hospital. But I also absolutely know, for a fact, that this is not the case. Money, especially Money-money, is taken seriously, and typically only get seasoned attendings and/or someone they have hand-picked, or is hand-picked for them.

I know this because I’ve been told to pick someone up in my critical care ambulance, who was able to walk, because we send this guy the best ambulance, period.

I have also been to stupendously swanky floors of stupendously swanky hospitals where these people are likely to be treated, which just oh my freaking gods oozes money in a way that makes me really uncomfortable. Like, think special chefs and wood paneled walls and a literal chandelier in the waiting room. (I have even heard, and seen photos of, a super-swanky, wood-paneled ambulance, just for swanky-people transfers. Hand to dog.)

Hey, whatever. That medical center also has its own charity where they just…. Pay for things. Like, oh, you’re impoverished and your son has a massive TBI? Your ridiculous hospital bill is covered. Just…. Covered. No insurance, no fighting. Your kid gets care, and it’s paid for. I’ve seen some jaw-dropping amounts simply charged to “charity”. No questions asked. It’s made my heart swell with pride.

There are two sides to every coin, and that’s only if it’s a very simple coin.

As to your actual question: people die. Even donors. If someone screws up, of course they’ll get yelled at, and patients’ families yell about pretty much everything, especially at either end of the income scale (personal experience).

But people also get terminal illnesses, or pneumonia, or hit by a bus, or what have you. And doctors are still doctors, and nobody works miracles. So if a donor dies, that’s a problem for the hospital, but the emphasis is more “shit, this guy’s dead, now we don’t know about funding for X” than it is “shit oh my gods YOU KILLED MONEYBAGS”, unless the doc in question actually did kill Moneybags.

Ya feel me?

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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i just wanna say, if it wasn’t actually confirmed that credence did survive and is gonna be a major character in the next movie, i would’ve been beyond mad. like absolutely and tremendously pissed.

because i’m sick of this trope where the character who’s troubled, traumatized and broken and due to their instability are a danger to others and themselves, cannot be healed, so they just get killed off in order to save the world. wtf. like that is exactly the message a lot of movies and tv shows deliver us, that if you’re mentally ill you can’t be saved. just die. i’ve seen it happen so often. troubled character has unwillingly become a ‘villain’ and the protagonists offer their help, and just before the troubled character can say okay, i want your help, i want your help because i realize i can’t get out of this on my own, some asshole appears and kills them off because they’re ‘dangerous’. this trope is so fucking toxic and needs to disappear.

if any character deserves to be a survivor and get better, if anyone deserves happiness, it’s credence.

i guess this is kinda like a mock/fake cover for hero!kook au of kookmin? If I ever wrote/drew it or whatever >w>;; [my original tweet]

if anyone is interested, basically it takes place in canon universe, BUT kookie is fighting evil by moonlight! and winning love by daylight!!! As Fencing Man, his powers are a magical voice, and wielding a fencing sword, ofc. One of his fans happens to be his fellow BTS member Jimin (ofc) whom Kookie will end up encountering as his alter ego when Jimin finds himself in trouble and in need of a saviour! When you’re saved by a dashing hero with an angelic voice, of course Jimin’s heart has to get just a little moved…. okay maybe a LOT moved…!

Aaaand there’s more details, but I won’t reveal for now, hahahaaha (and because from just this blurb, u can tell how bad i am at writing lol)

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in which they both have lots of scars.

fem!reader x newt scamancer, feedback is appreciated 

Y/N had always been keen to trouble. If you thought that Newt had a lot of scars, you sure as hell haven’t seen Y/N. There wasn’t an inch of her skin that wasn’t painted with marks and dents. Of course she hid it well, she was used to hiding, a secretive thing she was, but if it wasn’t for her trouble challenging self she would have never met the magizoologist.

They had met on accident, or actually a dragon in need of saving had brought them together. Y/N was faster to find the little thing, being the talented witch she was, what she wasn’t talented in was reasoning. That’s where the hello trouble part came in, no matter how talented in witchcraft her wand was out of her reach and she only had her bare hands left to protect the poor baby dragon. That’s how Newt found her, a group of wizards stood around the woman who was grasping the Norwegian Ridgeback to her chest, using her body as a shield to protect it. If the blue coated wizard wouldn’t have shown up in the exact moment Y/N would have never even made it, her body shaking as the wizards showed her no mercy, disgusted at how she’d go that far to protect a dragon.

He had to patch her up that night, Y/N falling in and out of consciousness, grabbing Newt by his shirt with the last strength she had to ask if the fire breathing baby was okay. Newt was amused by the woman’s care, he’s never met another mage who’d see a beast’s worth higher than a penny. Maybe that’s why he immediately took a liking to Y/N, greeting her with a shy smile as she woke up the next morning, looking around in his brief case of magical creatures. That’s how they came to be, Y/N, with her impulsiveness, and Newt, with his shy self, the gang of fantastic beasts.

Currently they were back in America, to visit the Goldstein sisters. Y/N didn’t mind them at all, but she much more preferred to be alone or to be just with Newt. So naturally the two didn’t see each other much this week, Y/N didn’t even have time to tell the wizard that she has tracked a hippogriff that was illegally transferred to the states. Or not even the lack of time, it was more or less Newt ignoring her. He has been so caught up with spending time with Tina Y/N felt long forgotten. Thing is, she really did like the man, like a lot, like more than just like, she has grown fond of him during their travels, not having any other people in her life besides creatures. So naturally she felt insulted, wounded even, far worse pain than any scar that lingered on her body, that he had forgotten her. And so in her deep sorrow she has decided to save the winged bird horse herself.

The scums holding the beast gave Y/N no trouble, low levels that didn’t even know how to contain a hippogriff themselves. But that’s where the hard part came in, the animal was so disrespected and hurt Y/N could barely get it back to Newt’s case. It was chained, the metal tightly digging into his neck as the creature flared at Y/N. She sighed bowing down to the hippogriff she already decided to name Silverstein, him inspecting her carefully as she took a step closer, completely ignoring if she was allowed to or not. The beast stood immediately on his back legs as she went closer, the chain tied to his neck hitting Y/N as she trashed to the ground, her wand flying out of her pocket as she rubbed the blood of her now bruised cheek. She, being her Slytherin self, immediately grew frustrated. All she wanted was to help and she was going to do so. She stood, looking Silverstein right in the eye as she charged for his neck, the beast’s beak digging into her side as she clung at his feathers, a scream ripping though her throat. But as she fell back, the chain from the hippogriff did too, setting it free as he stepped back, extending his wings to stretch.

The owner of the magical creatures was just getting down to his brief case as he heard Y/N yelling. The hair on the back of his neck immediately stood up, skin erupting to goosebumps as he ran to the sound, finding a hippogriff he’s never seen before and Y/N in a pile of her own blood.

“Merlin’s beard, what did you do?” Newt kneeled down to the witch, trying to get a better look at her wound but she only pushed him away, standing up with shaky legs as she held onto her side, completely drenched in red. He mustn’t see.

“Well, you were too busy and this guy needed help.” She explained, Newt frowning at her words.

“So you decided you’d rather rescue him alone?”

“Well I did it, didn’t I?”

“Y/N, you’re about to pass out, you taming a hippogriff is about the same as muggle pigs starting to spit dragon fire.” He said angry not at how reckless the woman he’s fallen in love with was. He loved her for that too, but the fact that she wouldn’t even tell him actually hurt him. And she was hurt now too, as he looked back at her, it wasn’t the physical pain that was in her eyes, but what Newt said, an insult shooting her like an arrow straight to the chest.

“Then tame him.” She spat, turning around, falling at first, but as the freckled man reached to help she stood again, wincing horribly as she walked off. She made it to the shed, feeling around her clothes for her wand without any luck, and fuck it then she’s going to do this the muggle way. She looked around the room, finding the first aid kit they had just for the strangest emergencies like this, Y/N sitting down as she yelled out in pain again, the gash on her side flooding the floor immediately. She ripped her shirt, bottom lip bruising from the way she was biting it to contain more screams, as she began to clean the wound. She didn’t even know why she was so angry with Newt, well she did, she was hurt, and jealous, and even more sad because hell, he’d never like her. They were just allies, people with similar goals, two creature loving freaks. She was beyond too irrational for the man, Newt’s moves were always counted and careful, gentle even, his shyness making him incredibly observant and vary of his surroundings. While Y/N was a mess, scattered with the ugliest scars, she was a hurricane, destroying everything she touched, people running away from her the moment their eyes too sight of her. That’s why she had no one, Newt was just caring enough to help her out, but she should’ve left the same night they met in Norway, she shouldn’t have staid to only bring so much trouble into his life everyday day.

Tears filled her eyes now, trembling hands going by her wound with a needle and a thread as she shook violently with everything building up inside. Another ugly scar she’s placing upon herself, a taint showing how nobody could ever love her — the creaking of the door made her raise her eyes, Newt standing upon her as she looked down again. She tried to stand then, trying the hide herself behind what was left of her shirt, the needle and thread still hanging from her wound that she was surprised she has stopped screaming about. But then a set of warm hands were on her, her eyes coming to meet a pair of calming blue ones as Newt pulled out his wand, murmuring a spell for her flesh to heal. The moment her skin stuck together she pulled away, trying to hide behind her damn shirt.

“Y/N, did you forget how we met? You mustn’t hide your scars, I’ve known about them since the day I first laid my eyes on you. And I don’t mind. Is this what it’s all about? Wait — are you jealous?” He asked, the witch’s mouth slightly agape because god no, the night she was passed out he helped her recover, he saw her wounds, yet even knowing about them he stuck by.

“Me? Jealous? Don’t be silly, Newton, what could I be possibly jealous of?” She tilted her head away, in an offended manner as Newt smiled at her.

“It’s fine, Y/N. I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring, you should’ve told me rather than going on foolish adventures by yourself. Also, I didn’t mean what I said back there. For someone who has never dealt with a hippogriff—”

“Silverstein.” She interrupted.

“— you did great, I was just mad at the moment because I hate seeing you hurt. It was surprising how this week I didn’t notice that you were hurting because of me.” It was the wizard who darted his eyes away now, Y/N’s eyes wide at his confession but her heart quickly swelled, seeing him so concerned over her.

“You didn’t hurt me, maybe tad bit, but no you didn’t, don’t you dare blame yourself. It’s just me being stupid, ignore me from now on, okay? Just, please be happy. As long as you’re happy I’ll be okay.” She said, nodding to herself, more to herself even, to assure that she would actually follow what she just said.

“But, but how can I be happy when you’re not?” The corners of his mouth raised again, eyes shilly coming to look at her as the woman stared at him in shock now. 

“But — but, Tina?” She only mustered.

Tina? She’s a friend, Y/N. And you — you’re something special.” He smiled fully at her now, her own eyes starting to glisten. “We can be ugly scarred together.”

“We can be ugly scarred together.” She repeated, a smile spreading on her lips.

honestly if you’re lifting at a mall and have a car you should be going back to it as often as possible to put lifted stuff in it.
like if you leave one store and they call security and you plan to stay at the mall, the two seconds it took to run outside and back in could save you a lot of trouble, especially if you’ve hit a lot of stores and not just the one.

Broken Spirit // Hyungwon

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genre: angst, au, hyungwon x reader

trigger warnings: blood, violence, domestic abuse

summary: you decide to pay a visit to hyungwon, much to his father’s disapproval

im in an angsty mood and the all in mv really gives me a lot of feelings, so here you go!

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“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry.” (Derek ShepherdxReader)

Request: Hey there! I heard you take requests and I was wondering if you could to a Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy x reader? Maybe if she’s a patient and he’s sweet and comforting to her and he falls for her? If it’s not too much trouble!! I really love your imagines. 

A/N: I had a lot of fun making this one and I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: Swearing 

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You laid in the hospital bed, listening to the heart monitor beep softly. You listened to the sound of the other patients coughing or the sound of a loved one crying. You had been in the hospital for 3 days. You had to have heart surgery but the hospital was a little touchy over the fact you had no family but they were a hospital and they needed to save you. You saw a very handsome walk past the door. “Wait!” You called out. He stepped back a few steps and poked his head through the door. “Damn, his hair is amazing” You said in your head. “ is everything alright?” He asked walking over to you with his stethoscope out. “Nothing. I’m just lonely.” You replied. He smiled at you. You read his name on his lab coat and smiled. “Well Dr. Sheppard, can you sit with me?” You asked with a small pout on your face. He smiled as he walked over to your chart. “Well I don’t know Ms…….” His eyes scanned the sheet. “Y/L/N, if there’s nothing wrong with you, I don’t think I can.” He said placing your chart down then looking back at you. His blue eyes were the second shiniest thing you’ve ever seen. “Please! Just for a little bit?” You begged. He smiled. “Okay. A little bit.” 

Derek came everyday at the same exact time until your surgery. You were talking about how your best friend had been killed in a crash just weeks before your heart started to fail. “Where did she go?” Derek asked looking sorry for you. “Here actually. I was reluctant at first to come here at first but I pushed myself to come. “I’m sorry.” Derek said softly almost feeling guilty. “It’s fine.” You said softly.”She was dead before the paramedics even got there.” It was quiet for a moment. “I’m going to make sure you’re okay and that you make it, okay?” Derek said holding your hand. “Okay.” You smiled.

 As they were carting you away early that morning you looked up at the surgeon, who’s name you came to find out what Miranda Bailey from Derek, and you grabbed her arm. “Can you stop please?” You asked. She nodded her head. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “Can you tell Dr. Sheppard, if I don’t make it through surgery, that I would’ve totally asked him out on a date.” You said, feeling the red creep up your cheeks. “Tell you what, when you get out of surgery, you can ask him yourself.” She smiled. You smiled back and relaxed. She nodded and you started moving again, towards the O.R.

You woke up groggy and your chest kind of hurt. Derek was in the seat across the room. You watched him get up and walk towards you. He cupped your cheeks and kissed you. “What was that?” You asked. You felt your brand new heart beating quickly in your chest. “Will you go out with me?” Derek asked with a small smirk on his cheek. “Of course.” You smiled. Derek smiled back at you and kissed you again. This kiss better then the last. 

the zodiac signs as people i've known
  • Aries: Really chill, does and says whatever she wants whenever she wants.
  • Taurus: Works 24/7, short temper, loves cooking.
  • Gemini: Know-it-all, worships the Beatles, kinda basic.
  • Cancer: Aggressive, never gets off tumblr, loves Supernatural.
  • Leo: EMO 2 D EXTREMO, high key attention thirsty, holds a lot of grudges.
  • Virgo: Easygoing, the guy everyone likes, has a plug for any drug you can think of, low key a douche.
  • Libra: Talks about his feelings a lot, has a lot of love to give, just wants everyone to be happy and okay.
  • Scorpio: Always smoking cigarettes (Newports to be exact), dyes her hair every other week, always gettin in some trouble.
  • Sagittarius: Lives for memes, a real oddball, the most genuine person I've ever met.
  • Capricorn: The most antisocial person I know, really fucking good at saving money, cries in front of someone once in a blue moon.
  • Aquarius: Tries really hard to fit in with the outcasts, 100% against drugs, band geek.
  • Pisces: Always high on something, really into politics.
  • Bob: I've just had the police in, asking about what happened yesterday.
  • Robert: It's why I'm here. What exactly did you tell him?
  • Bob: What I saw. I'm not gonna lie to the police, am I? Something happened, I don't know what, all of a sudden Aaron's lamped him. He's not stopping, like something off that MMA.
  • Robert: He's going to prison for a very long time.
  • Bob: Well, I gave him a good character reference, though. I said he's been in a lot of trouble in the past with his anger issues and all that, but deep down he's a decent lad.
  • Finn: (coming in with Emma) Mum, you don't need to follow me.
  • Emma: I want to.
  • Finn: I'm not gonna do anything stupid.
  • Robert: Hey, erm... you saved me a journey, I was gonna come around yours.
  • Finn: Look, whatever you've got to say...
  • Robert: I need you to speak to Kasim, you've gotta get him to drop the charges?
  • Finn: You what?
  • Robert: Please, I know you and him might not be speaking right now, but if you could just put a word in.
  • Finn: You're actually serious, aren't you? After what Aaron did?
  • Robert: Okay, maybe he went a bit too far.
  • Finn: No, cos of him Kasim never wants to see me again.
  • Emma: Finn!
  • Robert: Oh, I'm sorry, you had your little heart broken? Aaron is stuck in a cell right now for protecting you!
  • Bob: Alright! We're all in Aaron's corner here. Maybe wrong choice of words...
  • Finn: Well, I didn't need protecting, and I'm in no-one's corner. Now if you don't mind, I'd like you to leave me to my breakfast in peace.
the signs as villains

aries - this villain is all spandex and red, fiery colors, using their speed and high energy to their advantage as they outrun both the government and the hero chasing after them. Being a villain is all fun and games for them

taurus - slow to carry out their menacing plans, but they know patience is a virtue. they’re eyes are always strictly on the prize, and they are merciless

gemini - one minute, they are ruthless and bloodthirsty, and the next, they spare your life because they can’t watch you writhe in pain. With them, only one thing is certain: they can cause a whole lot of trouble even if they themselves aren’t sure why they’re evil

cancer - these are the heroes turned villains, the ones that realized mid-saving the world that it might actually be a more terrifying place than they thought. They work solely from their secret lair, and they often have minions doing the dirty work for them

leo - these villains are actually well liked and are always a crowd pleaser. People may tend to cheer on them more than the hero. Plus, they always look amazing

virgo - super mechanical and precise, all their evil plans to rue the world are mapped out to the smallest details. This can often be one of their weaknesses, because a disruption in their process might set them back

libra - afraid to disrupt their normal life, this villain really does work in secret. They are the masked ones, never leaving a trail, and are among the most manipulative with their words

scorpio - usually the ones with the severely hidden pasts, these villains are never seen, but they aren’t hiding. they closely watch the hero and once they attack, the hero would’ve wished they never got on their bad side, because they are the most ruthless

sagittarius - they always slip on their sunglasses and say “it’s showtime” before they carry out their big plan. These villains always put a special twist to their crimes and are very cunning

capricorn - the villain that actually wins, they aim to achieve world domination and are actually crazy good at the havoc they cause. All their research paid off

aquarius - the most creative and strange with their plans, they are the villains not out to hurt people but to bring down society as a whole and become the new leader, where they would impose laws they see as better and more rational than the world they grew up in

pisces - to these villains, everything is personal. Even if taking out the hero–or the world–seems impossible, they would stop at nothing because the hurt in their heart is too great

headcanons for the sharom/sam friendship because this is important:

- kick-ass bros saving the day™

- gossiping about the avengers and shield while eating hamburgers

- hamburgers w bacon & movies nights

- “hey, where’s your bird costume?” jokes

- “i bet that you can’t throw steve’s shield in that tree” “challenge accepted”

- a lot of trouble because of bets

- jogging and joking

- just the best bro and sis making bro and sis things

anonymous asked:

Why do you think you overcame the odds and were able to succeed when all the other foster youth you knew didn't?

Honestly, probably just having a job saved me. I worked some absurd hours during high school and in turn, that kept me out of trouble. I was also probably the youngest, so I think a lot of my older coworkers kind of took me in. Working with them was like having a family to go home to everyday after school.

Other than that, in middle school, I had a teacher that I guess either realized something was up or I guess teachers were informed of my family situation (? I actually have no idea if they are, but I assume rumors fly) and she would pretty much let me stay in her class after school for hours until she left because I didn’t want to go home. I think she instilled in me how important education was, which led to me realizing pretty much the only way I was going to make it out of my whole situation was getting into college.

Vandead Carnival Ruki Sub Scenario with Kou

Ruki: …Why are there so many people?

Yui: Oh? That bright hair colour reminds me of the hair style of…

(As I thought, it’s Kou-kun! There are a lot of women around him…)

Ruki: Kou, what are you doing?

Kou: Aah! Ruki-kun, save me!

Female vampire D: Your name is Kou-kun, isn’t it!

Kou: Hahaha, thank you.

But, it’s a bit of a trouble to be surrounded all at once…

Yui: Ruki-kun, can’t we do anything to help Kou-kun?

Ruki: Haa.

Oi! From here on I’ll have you follow my instructions. First of all, everyone form immediately a line on the right side of the road.

Listen! You each have 30 seconds to talk to Kou alone. If you want to take pictures, you have to do it in the same amount of time.

…How long are you going to stand around?

Yui: (Amazing…! A queue is forming in front of Kou-kun)

Ruki: Oi! Queue jumping is forbbiden. Go line up in the back!

Yui: (Good! I’m gonna help Ruki-kun too!)

Scene fade

Yui: …Finally they’re gone. That was really exhausting.

Kou: Haa, I’m exhausted.

Who would have guessed I’d have to do fanservice in the demon world…

Even so, Ruki-kun you really helped me out. I want a manager like you!

Ruki: …oh…!

Why did you say something like that…