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And just because why not, here’s my Emperor’s Soul project all in one post!

For my portfolio I did this Visual Development Project based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“.
In an Asian-inspired fantasy setting, we follow the story of Shai, a so called „forger“ with the magical ability to change an object’s appearance and history by applying a „soul stamp“ to it. @torbooks

Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson

*SPOILERS FOR MISTBORN ERA 1 and for this book*
I cried for an over hour while still reading this. I cried when Vin and Elend showed up in the In-Between…I teared up every time Kelsier mentioned members of the crew…
I couldn’t read anymore when Vin joined Kelsier, I had to take a step back. Sanderson got me big time.

Even though I haven’t read Era 1 in a long time he still got me. But I also laughed.

Kelsier decked a fucking God and he called him Fuzz. Kelsier did one last con, AND he is still around for gods sake. Kelsier literally cannot be killed.

I also noticed somethings:
-Like Nazh, he collected some of Shallan’s drawings on Roshar
-I didn’t recognize Khriss’ name but she must be a Worldhopper too
-Were the people at the Ire from Elantris? Their skin glowed and one of them said “Merciful Domi”
-Spook has gotta still be around with Kelsier in Era 2, and maybe their will be a return of Kelsier…I’m way way more excited to read those books now
-It’s cool and scary that Kelsier knows about the Cosmere…

All in all 10/10

The Problem with Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Universe

Friend: “Do you have any book suggestions?”

Me: “You absoulutely need to read The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, it’s my favourite series in existence.”

Friend: “Oh, okay, thank you! I’ll check it out!”

Me: “Well, actually, you should read the Mistborn Trilogy before the WoK just so you get an introduction to Sanderson’s writing and trust him enough as an author to get through the massive exposition in WoK (which is soooooo worth it), not to mention the two series are set in the same universe of different worlds… On that note you should actually read Elantris too because it’s also in that universe on a differnt world, but it’s the first book he wrote in that universe and it’s amazing. And before you read WoR you need to read Warbreaker because some characters from that show up in the last half of WoR and it’s really great. Oh yeah! There’s this one character that shows up in every single book that’s set in that universe, which is called the Cosmere by the way, so look out for him. Alrighty, so you need to read Elantris, Warbreaker, Mistborn Trilogy (possibly all three trilogies), and the Stormlight Archive, which is going to be ten books long but only two are out right now oh it’s going to be so fun.”

Friend: “…”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

My friend and I were talking about Brandon Sanderson the other day and how that man can pump out huge novels like once a year, and we came to startling conclusion that he feeds off the productivity of others starting with Robert Jordan which is why Sanderson finished Wheel of Time for him. He is also the reason its taking GRRM to take another decade to finish Winds of Winter… Sanderson never meant to kill Jordan but now he’s syphoning off of all the other fantasy authors for his own goals.

Mistborn Characters as things my family members have said
  • Vin: does prada sell knives
  • Elend: your book recommendations make me cry and want to kill a man
  • Kelsier: dont you fuckin curse in front of my kids
  • Spook: yo if i throw the firecracker on the roof do you think itll make the bats come out? *proceeds to nearly set the house on fire*
  • Sazed: *stubs toe* MOTHERF-TERESA
  • Tindwyl: thats it. no one is putting any hot chickens in their pants.
  • Marsh: 🎵jingle bells, jingle bells, kill me any daaay🎵
  • Zane: Jesus didnt die for this but thats not gonna stop me

☀︎ At the beach ☀︎

Jack: Can’t deal with the heat, but was forced by the Guardians to come along (he doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s having a good time)

North & Sandy: Sandy was supposed to help build insane sand sculptures but fell asleep on the job

Tooth & Bunny: Taking a beach volleyball match against some punks way too seriously

Pitch & Emily Jane: “Crocs might be ugly, but they’re very comfortable”

+ Bonus Emily Jane & Jack, because I have the feeling they’d get along wonderfully