will ron ever take anything seriously

Okay after this, this post discussion will be dropped like a hot potato so i can get back to loving Ron so you lot listen up.

I will not take any Snape apologist argument seriously, if you can’t conjure up an argument that does not consist of anything other than excusing Snape and blaming his behavior on everyone else. I dont even do that for Ron and James and people round these parts know I love those two to pieces If you can do that @scarabella I’d love to start a discussion.

But seeing as no Snape apologist I’ve come across can bring themselves not to blame everything on James or to admit what Snape does to innocent childern as abuse , I doubt I’ll ever find a Snape apologist to have this conversation with.

(Not to make things too peronal but I know the difference between a teacher abusing and bullying a child so that’s why that particular point is of importance to me specifically and thats why I don’t respect anyone who sweeps the shit Snape pulls under the rug.)

So yeah if I find someone like that lets talk. Until then fuck off.