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Can you do a Jughead x reader where the reader is Veronica's non-identical twin sister and the reader is all geeky and nerdy and stuff thank you xx

“Is there any way I could just go to the library?”

“Umm, I’m afraid not. You’ll have to spend the remainder of class here, Y/N.”

I sighed. “Alright then.” I just handed in my pre-calculus test with a whole 32 minutes left to spare in class. While I wanted to go to the library to work on my chemistry lab report, apparently I was to be detained in class. So I took out the tiny sketchbook I kept on me and started doodling. Or, at least I wanted to. I was drawing blanks any time my pencil hovered over the blank white page.

I looked at Mr. Stewing Silently one row ahead of me, three seats to the left. He had his deep thought face on. Granted he was taking a test just like everyone else, but he also had a look that he was in serious thought almost eighty percent of the time. I was staring, yes, and before I knew it my pencil was scrawling over the thick sketch paper.

“What are we, eight years old?” I asked my sister. “Gimme my sketchbook back!”

“I can not believe you have a crush on Jughead!” She laughed, an arm outstretched to me and keeping me at bay with my sketchbook open in her other hand to one page in particular. It was a sketch I managed to draw of her friend that was in my math class. “I mean, why didn’t you just tell me, Y/N? You know I woulda set you guys up-”

“-Because drawing someone doesn’t mean I like them,” I claimed, crawling across my bed to finally snatch the book from her hand. “And don’t tell him about this either.”

“Oh come on, why not?”

“Because I know you, Ronnie, and I know you’re gonna make a huge deal out of this! That or it’s just gonna sound really creepy when you tell him I was staring at him and drawing his face.”

“I think it’s sweet! Poetic, even-”

“-Jesus, Veronica-”

“-What? Is it wrong for me to be excited that you are finally showing interest in a guy?”

“I never said I was interested in him,” I reiterated with a head shake, now becoming frustrated that she was distracting me from getting my homework done.

“Plus it’s like the whole twintuition thing; you feel all happy and bubbly inside over a guy, I think I feel it, too-”

“-Earth to Veronica?? Are you hearing anything at all that I’m saying? Even more importantly, are you hearing yourself? I’m serious, don’t mention this to him or anyone else.”

“Not even B-”

“-No, not even Betty!”

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Hey Duke! I think you are literally the only person that I've seen that hasn't liked HPCC once they've seen it on stage! I can understand not liking the script, but that play has got rave reviews from nearly every theatre critic - the production is outstanding! I'm curious as to why you didn't like it? Is it merely the concept you object to or that style of theatre?

Okay I’ve gotten like ten asks about this (and WOW were some of them rude) but I’m only going to do my thoughts once so here we go, spoilers ahead:

Most of the people I know who have seen Cursed Child in person actually all had the same complaint, and I agree: The production value is great, but the play itself is just ridiculous, and not in a good way. I’ve heard a lot of people say it felt like bad fanfiction. Personally I thought it felt more like being trapped on a super-angsty Disneyland ride for five hours, but in the end it’s the same problem: Good special effects do not make good theatre. Yes, the dementors were very cool. Yes, the time-turner effects were pretty awesome. Etc. etc. But I couldn’t take the characters at all seriously. You thought Harry in OOTP was overdramatic? It’s like that hormonal whirlwind of a teenager wrote this show. Everything is horribly, and I do mean horribly, overdone. Harry is a joyless uptight bureaucrat. (How did THAT happen?) Albus is a whiny misunderstood manchild. Holy hell, Rose was so annoying I wanted to murder her. James I can’t even talk about, he was the kind of stereotype that makes me want to vomit–he’s what Steve is at the beginning of Stranger Things, but worse. Scorpius is a fucking caricature of a human being and that especially pisses me off because I think the “this time the heroes are in Slytherin” plotline could have been really strong and instead it turned into slapstick, like they just couldn’t actually give that possibility real consideration. Here’s the problem with all that: when I don’t give a shit about any of the characters, it’s hard to care what any of them are feeling. And man, was this show full of feelings. There was a lot of moaning and sobbing and it was all totally over the top, right from the getgo, but you know what? The problem with starting at Level 10, folks, is that if you start at Level 10, there’s nowhere else to go and as a result the whole show is one note and feels flat. It also didn’t help that they rushed through the whole thing at a million miles an hour. It’s especially hard to make that level of melodrama work when it looks like it’s all on fast-forward. I didn’t hear half the lines and what I did hear sounded like a soap opera.

But here’s the bigger problem: the story. It’s just kind of dumb. All of this idiocy happened because Harry and his kid don’t get along? Albus decides to try to change time, which is super illegal, to rescue a dead guy he never met, just because he has some weird undefinable thing to prove or is acting out against his dad? That’s a bullshit motivation or Albus is the stupidest kid on the face of the earth. It doesn’t help that he’s pitted against a frankly laughable villain. Apart from the fact that she looks like Lady Gaga and it’s hard to take that seriously in the first place, Augury is just incredibly trite and lame. A villain whose only motive is to bring back another better villain is a shitty villain. Sorry. And they just kept piling stuff on and piling stuff on until it felt like they borrowed some hackneyed ‘plot twist’ from every fantasy anything ever made. Time travel! Estranged children! Flying monkeys auguries! Oh my! It felt like an SNL skit about Harry Potter. It felt like someone made Very Potter Musical but with a trillion dollars and they didn’t know it was supposed to be a comedy. It felt like they were grasping at straws. I think it’s a great example of how storytelling can go off the rails when you try to do way too much and take yourself way too seriously. Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Ron was great. Malfoy had some good moments. As already acknowledged, the special effects are very cool. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Cursed Child has a lot of weak links.