will reply all tmr

The Bitch is Back

Well well well. Look who it is. 

So I am like the absolute worst. I know you guys probably think I am full of shit but like omg when I initially went on hiatus, I only planned for it to be a few weeks maybe a month max. Not frick THREE MONTHS.

I feel like I owe you all an explanation and I am super sorry. I do want to say that my inbox is overflowing with messages from you guys and honestly it made me wanna cry. Like I say this a ton, but I don’t think my writing is anything that great. So the fact that people love reading my garbage that I post and actually miss my content just ugh *clenches fist* warms my heart. 

So you guys are the greatest and I will be replying to you all tmr :D Shoot me a message tomorrow if you wanna chat :D

So to give you a rundown of what has been going on in the shitshow that I call my life. It has been sucking. Like so hard. As some of you may know, I am currently going to UNI and like its been a lot of work. Not only that but I volunteer and work full time. So things have been pretty hectic. To make matters worse, someone stole my Macbook. 

Which had all of the fics that I had worked on or were in the process of working on. I spend a lot of time on my writing, outlining it writing it, rewriting it, playing with twenty different ideas. I also like to write a few chapters at a time so that I have something done and ready to release so when all of my stuff was gone it just set me off. I was super upset and I didn’t have a computer to do my work let alone write these fics so it been tough. I don’t wanna get too in-depth but things have been rough so the fact that you guys have been so amazing just ugh means so much <3

Luckily though things have been turning around. Life is looking up, the whole pot of gold at the end of the rainbow shebang. But yeah I don’t wanna too personal LOL but yeah. So if you all were a bit curious as to why I’ve been really MIA here’s basically why LMAO. 

I plan to keep releasing fics, I will try to get one thing out a week or every other week but life is still crazy. I appreciate all the love support and patience you guys have shown me. It truly means the world. <3 

Love you guys<3 MUAH <3