will rahilly

For over 40 years, Luna Park in Sydney was one of the most well loved amusements parks in Australia. One of their most popular rides was The Ghost Train. Sadly, on 9 June, 1979, The Ghost Train was consumed by a deadly fire which broke out inside the tunnel of the ride while over 30 passengers were on the ride. When the fire was extinguished, seven bodies were found deceased inside the tunnel - John Godson and his two children, Craig and Damien, and four young boys -  Jonathon Billings, Richard Carroll, Michael Johnson, and Seamus Rahilly. It was thought that the fire could have been cased by electrical problems or arson, but an investigation could not determine the proper cause and the case went cold until 2007, when the niece of Abe Saffron, a figure of the underworld, came forward claiming he had set the fire. 

Emily Rahilly was not a hag.
The Monk knew this
some twenty pages from the stairs.
Alex was hopelessly out of
touch with reality
and if he were human, he would have been shut up in a madhouse long ago.

When I was a boy
I walked into the woods alone
to climb the tallest tree.
Bulldog Jaws on
more honest people like you.
And I have seen
through over-dilated pupils
the little things
that spin along our edges.
Intruders with vigorous honks
beating off wings
with sharp nips blunting bills.

Alex thinks his dead wife
still lives in an oil drum.

Forty-one years ago
Mrs. Leah was on her way to America.
(She was sure the Wi-Fi
would bring us closer.)
A beautiful man dressed
in women’s clothing.
Another captain unwilling
to go down with the ship.
And when they spoke
she felt like mortar pressed between brick;
Eyewitness sketches of Titanic’s end;
An iceberg laughing at Mankind,
In a world where even the pretty people
were sad inside.


EMA “Milkman”

Directed by  Will Rahilly