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@apocryfoollus We’re in need of less PC, weak, lenient leftists, and more right wing, nationalistic, free-market oriented O'Rahilly’s. While I will always hold fast for the Fenian revolutionary, the socialist movement within Irish republicanism, and in general, holds none of my own sympathies or support, but my well deserved loathing. I always found the rampant Marxism that took refuge within the hearts of many republicans to be, in my opinion, extremely embarrassing. I hold communism’s evils to be extremely self-evident, and while I support some socialization, I by and far consider myself to be right-wing.

I find it extremely troubling that even in far western Europe, in certain areas of Dublin, you will find that there’s people who speak not English, nor Gaeilge, but something entirely foreign altogether. Why are Europeans so keen on inviting third worlders to occupy their homelands? Especially the Irish, who were oppressed and occupied by foreigners for centuries, and who just in the last century won their own independence?

I stand with Sinn Fein in their efforts of reunification and inspiring of civic nationalism, and one must really stand with them anyway since they’re the only Irish party to really get anything done, but they are, at the end of the day, pushing democratic socialism. I respect what WUA is about, but I do not respect them themselves because of their associations. I also stand with what was traditionally Fine Gael, though Garret Fitzgerald’s liberal agenda and the fact that they have such a hard-on for the EU really makes me want to dislike them. Generally speaking, all the Irish parties, even their “right wing/conservative” groups are, by comparison to American and European conservative groups, leftists as a whole. The Republican movement was indeed a majority socialist nationalism based movement, but it’s so sad to see where things are currently, in my opinion. Ireland is, sadly, lacking a true, strong right-wing representative.

As a matter of fact, I take great issue with the British Isle’s addiction to sucking on the tit of the EU as a whole. Northern Ireland and Scotland have been fucked against their will by England for so long that they think they might like it - they seemingly have developed a bad case of Stockholm syndrome as well as dependency. But why detach from one oppressor and flee to another? Why would they run to the EU, after seeing the travesty of suffering on the mainland, after continuing to witness what is, in my opinion, a miniature dark age. Why would they wish that upon themselves, instead of standing up for themselves, or even together - a unified Ireland and an independent Scotland, maybe even Wales, allied with one another? Why is everyone on the left in the region so terrified of an independent isles, living outside of the EU and together in harmony?

For over 40 years, Luna Park in Sydney was one of the most well loved amusements parks in Australia. One of their most popular rides was The Ghost Train. Sadly, on 9 June, 1979, The Ghost Train was consumed by a deadly fire which broke out inside the tunnel of the ride while over 30 passengers were on the ride. When the fire was extinguished, seven bodies were found deceased inside the tunnel - John Godson and his two children, Craig and Damien, and four young boys -  Jonathon Billings, Richard Carroll, Michael Johnson, and Seamus Rahilly. It was thought that the fire could have been cased by electrical problems or arson, but an investigation could not determine the proper cause and the case went cold until 2007, when the niece of Abe Saffron, a figure of the underworld, came forward claiming he had set the fire. 


EMA “Milkman”

Directed by  Will Rahilly