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Ghost Girl in Burning Building

On the night of November 19, 1995 the town hall on Wem, England caught fire. Townfolk watched in horror as the blaze consumed the building. Resident of Wem, Tony O'Rahilly snapped this photo of the inferno. When the film was developed he noticed a little girl standing within the burning building. Tony, the firefighters and the many spectators never noticed a girl in or near the building. This lead many to believe the girl seen in the photo was a ghost. In fact, they even stated that the spirit is that of Jane Chum who accidentally started a fire in 1677 in Wem which killed her and destroyed much of the town. The photo was investigated and said to be authentic. Skeptics believe that the girl pictured on the photo was trick of the light or the smoke. Others still continue to believe that a picture of a girl from a 1922 postcard was photoshopped in. The photographer passed away in 2005 and nobody can prove or authenticate the photo to this day.

For over 40 years, Luna Park in Sydney was one of the most well loved amusements parks in Australia. One of their most popular rides was The Ghost Train. Sadly, on 9 June, 1979, The Ghost Train was consumed by a deadly fire which broke out inside the tunnel of the ride while over 30 passengers were on the ride. When the fire was extinguished, seven bodies were found deceased inside the tunnel - John Godson and his two children, Craig and Damien, and four young boys -  Jonathon Billings, Richard Carroll, Michael Johnson, and Seamus Rahilly. It was thought that the fire could have been cased by electrical problems or arson, but an investigation could not determine the proper cause and the case went cold until 2007, when the niece of Abe Saffron, a figure of the underworld, came forward claiming he had set the fire. 

6 of the Most Famous Ghost Pictures Ever Taken

The paranormal is famously hard to capture, when someone claims to have a photograph of a ghost it is usually trick photography or has been digitally enhanced. However some photographic evidence of ghosts do exist and this collection of photographic evidence has stood up to scrutiny and stood the test of time. Without further ado here are our top six most famous ghost pictures ever taken.

Lord Combermere Ghost

This photograph of the library in Combermere Abbey was taken by Sybell Corbet in 1891 . The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair on the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest can be clearly made out. This is reputed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

The second Viscount Lord Combermere died in 1891, after being struck by one of London’s first motor cabs which was electrically powered. While Sybell Corbet was taking the above photograph, Lord Combermere’s funeral was taking place over four miles away.

Young Girl at the Window

Photographed by Tony O’Rahilly at Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England while it was on fire. There was no one in the building at the time, yet this photo shows a young girl peering out. The photo was examined by Dr. Vernon Harrison, the former president of the Royal Photographic Society. Harrison deemed that the photo had not been tampered with and was therefore genuine.

In 1677, a young girl named Jane Churn accidentally set fire to a thatched roof with a candle, setting off a blaze that burned down many of the town’s old timber houses. Several people believe that her ghost has haunted the area ever since and witnesses claim to have seen her on a few occasions over the years. It is generally believed that this ghost is her.

Corroboree Rock Spirit

Taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock, at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959, this famous photograph appears to show a woman holding her hands toward her face, peering out into the distance.

The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove

Taken on August 10th, 1991 during a paranormal investigation by the Ghost Research Society of Bachelor?s Grove Cemetery, which is near a suburb of Midlothian, Illinois.

Back Seat Driver

This famous ghost photograph was taken in 1959 by Mable Chinnery. After visiting the grave of her mother, Mable turned and took a picture of her husband, who was waiting for her in the car. What Mable didn’t expect was her mother coming along for the ride!

The Brown Lady

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, reportedly haunts the great house in Norfolk, England. This is of the country’s most famous hauntings primarily due to the captured image of the ‘Brown Lady’ on the staircase. The photograph which would become one of the most famous paranormal photographs of all time was taken by photographers from the Country Life magazine that was at Raynham Hall photographing the staircase.

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