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Too Much - Jaehyun

Suggested: Highkey need a Jaehyun scenario where he is a cold, ruthless and flawless assassin and runs into oc in some hilarious way and she refuses to believe he’s dangerous much to his dismay. I just need a super bad jae who goes from cold to annoyed to cute.

A/N: This should be a drama [there prolly is one like this already].
I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure how to go with this?? It’s one of those plots that need a lot of time and development, but- 
if u can think of a better title pls hmu -admin finn

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Word Count: 1,185

You smiled at the sight of the young girls teasing each other as they folded their clothes across the shop.
The scent of lavender tickled your senses, making you scrunch your nose. The warm tones of the setting sun splashed over the shops tiles and walls.
You gaze darted back to the novel you held, deeply engrossed. Your ears perked as you heard the distant chime of the bell, signaling the earlier customers had left. The silence granted you tranquility, allowing you to escape into the enthralling novel once again.

Several hours passed, the silent clock ticking with each passing moment. It was nearly time to close.
The bell clamored noisily, quick steps making their way toward you.

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angelheartwell  asked:

What about something like Pining! Shiro with Confused/Oblivious! Lance? Like Shiro casually doing things for Lance and going out of his way sometimes and Lance just being like "?? Thanks?!" Meanwhile everyone else on the ship is like "How the hell does he not NOTICE?!" Prolly at the end or something Shiro, exasperated sits somewhere and Lance asks him whats wrong and shyly confesses.

Been so busy the last few days, but I finally found some time to write up something quick. I hope you enjoy it!


“How can he be so cute and yet so aggravating at the same time! I just want to grab by the arms and kiss him!”

“Then just do that. Since your ‘flirting’ doesn’t seem to be working on him.”

“Keith I can’t just do that! What if he isn’t into guys, or if he thinks I’m too old.”

“Shiro you are literally a year or two older, i don’t think he’ll think you’re too old. And I’m very sure he’s into guys. Just ask him out already!”

Shiro hangs his head off the bed and hides behind his hands with a frustrated groan. How is it that Lance can make him feel like he’s high school girl having trouble asking out the cute guy. He doesn’t know how to go up to him and just ask him out. No, instead he’s laying on Keith’s bed complaining about how much Lance makes him want to just scoop him and never let go.

“But I don’t want to seem overbearing. I’m the leader, I don’t want it to seem like he HAS to date me. I don’t want him to feel forced into it.”

He could hear Keith give out his own groan, feeling the bed give as Keith sits next to him. Shiro moves his hands so he can look at Keith, who looks about ready to shove Shiro right at Lance.

“I don’t know why you come to me with your crush problems. You know I have zero knowledge or need of romantic relationships. Just talk to him!”

Shiro opens his mouth to protest, but Keith beats him to the punch.

“And if you say that you can’t i will not hesitate to just tell him myself!”


“Now you’ll have to talk to him, or I will.”

With a defeated sigh, Shiro gets up from Keith’s bed, and with a solemn good night, leaves Keith’s room.

There has to be some way for Lance to get the hint that Shiro likes him. But he’s already tried most things. He’s tried flirting; Lance thought he was joking and merely shot cheesy flirts back while laughing his cute laugh, which did not help since each one of them kind of worked on Shiro. He’s tried giving him gifts; which Lance always thanks him for being such a good friend. And he’ll give him that warm smile that could melt Shiro’s heart if he looked at it for too long (which he was perfectly fine with, as long as he got to see such a sweet expression on Lance’s face) he’s even tried spending one on one time with lance; joining him on his spa days, walking with him whenever they go to a swap moon. But he’ll just call it ‘bro-time’ and be completely oblivious! It was so aggravating that Lance just doesn’t get how much he cares, how much he just wants to be with him.

What’s worse that EVERYONE else on the ship can see it, but Lance is so clueless to his advances. Shiro has already had ‘the talk’ with Coran, and while some of his threats didn’t make any sense, the tone alone was enough to know that whatever he was saying was not to be taken lightly. Pidge will always just give him that knowing smirk and will call Shiro out whenever she catches him staring at Lance for too long (but can you blame him?) Hunk has tried to help by getting Lance and Shiro some time alone, not that it ever works, but it’s still nice of him to help. Even Allura has caught on and has suggested some ways to getting Lance’s attention.

Wait. That’s it! Allura mentioned before about taking Lance out on a date. That might be it! There’s no way Lance wouldn’t be able to get the message if Shiro went all out. There’s no way.


The date went off great! When they landed on the nearest planet, Shiro took Lance to one of the restaurants that the king of the planet had suggested. While the food was a little…..exotic, they had a lot of fun trying it out, Shiro was even able to feed Lance. If that doesn’t scream romantic, shiro doesn’t know what does. After the meal, they went on a walk and talked endlessly about pretty much anything; the color of the sky on this planet to what their favorite music was.
It was perfect!

Once they got back to the castle, The rest of the team is waiting for them.

“So….how did it go?” Allura coos.
“That restaurant was great! It was nice getting out of the castle.” Lance replied.
“Did you two have fun out on your date?” Pidge blatantly states, not even looking up from her laptop.
“Date? Pidge I don’t know what you’re talking about….”
Wait. What?
“This was just two guys hanging out and exploring a new planet.” Lance finishes. Leaving everyone dumbstruck, even Pidge looked up from her screen to give Lance an ‘are you serious?’ expression.
Lance doesn’t think it was a date.
“You can’t be serious?” Keith deadpanned.
“Yes I’m serious, mullet. What made you think it was a date?”
“What about it WASN’T A DATE!” Keith yells back.
Lance just answers him with a dismissive wave of his hand, beginning to walk out of the main corridor. “I’m gonna hit the hay, see you in the morning!”
And with that he turns into the next hallway and he’s gone.

Shiro can only look at the floor, crushed.
“Just how blind is he?” Pidge chirps up, giving him a pat on the back “nice try. I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Eventually.” She wishes everyone a goodnight and heads off on the same direction that Lance took. Hunk give him a big hug and whispered words about not giving up on Lance just yet, before he too left for his bed. Allura promises that she’ll help him think of some new idea tomorrow, and Coran simply wishes him a good night with a sympathetic ruffle of his hair. Once they too left for their bedchambers, Keith takes a hold of Shiro’s hand and leads him down to his own room, where he’s already stashed some of Hunk’s alien popcorn and an Altean movie that Pidge had added English subtitles too. It’s going to be a long night, but Keith isn’t going to let his brother wallow for too long. He’ll get Lance soon or later.

I don’t know why, but I’m literally in such a great mood today??? Like I woke up at 6:45 feeling refreshed???? And, I actually got up, and got dressed by like 7:15 and ate breakfast. I feel so productive and excited about the future and like happy for my friends like what the FUCK is wrong with me

I feel like happy Zuko when he woke up from his transformation. Prolly gonna turn right back like Zuko too but y’know

SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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Hypothetical Handplates scenario in which Sans realizes he can teach himself Common.

(Ugh, tumblr is making them blurry for some reason so I guess full-view if you want the not-blurry version??)

Convoluted explanation incoming. Handplates is an Undertale fancomic by @zarla-s and if you like Papyrus and Sans, go read it, is good stuff. So I guess this is an AU fancomic of an AU fancomic? I dunno, the idea wouldn’t leave my brain until I did something with it. So. Zarla did a Christmas doodle where Gaster gave the boys a box of ginger cookies that had the word COOKIES on the side in big letters, and because my job gives me way too much time to think about random stuff, I realized something.

In Handplates, Gaster taught the bros to read and write Wingdings but deliberately did not teach them monster Common (ie: English) so they can’t read his nametag or anything. Thing is, Wingdings is a 1:1 substitution cipher for English. Every Wingdings symbol exactly equals an English letter; it’s not a different language, just a different set of pictures. As somebody who has taught herself a fair number of substitution ciphers, there are a few things you look for when you’re trying to translate a code and you don’t have a key in front of you. Most notably, single-letter words (in English they will usually be A or I) or double letters next to each other. Like the OO in “COOKIES”.

Sans is smart. Gaster has fed them junk food before and odds are good Sans knows how to spell “COOKIES”. The word is on the box in huge letters and Gaster just said it out loud, so it is fresh in Sans’ mind. That double-O is a huge tip-off. He would put it together that the word on the front of the box matches what’s inside. Once you figure out a few of the letters, it becomes steadily easier to decode the rest.

I feel like Gaster exposes the boys to enough Common (the nametag, food wrappers, computer monitors, the books Sans sits on) that Sans could pick it up with a proper starting point. Papyrus probably not, because he had a hard enough time with Wingdings, but Sans is eager for any opportunity to undermine Gaster and I’m sure he’d jump at the chance. In this comic he elects not to tell Papyrus, though. He doesn’t know Gaster has cameras in the cell (or even what a camera is) but he’s figured out that Gaster can spy on them somehow, and the last time Gaster caught them learning something he didn’t like, Papyrus got the ever-loving hell beat out of him. So Sans keeps quiet about it for now. And thus starts the long-standing tradition of keeping important secrets from his brother.

On the technical side, it took me a freakin’ week to sketch and outline this whole thing. Coloring and shading only took me like a day. In the meantime Zarla actually kinda addressed the cookie comic, but this was almost done by then so oh well. I’m finding my poses and proportions turn out a LOT better when I’m doodling skeletons, like what, drawing basic anatomy will make you better at anatomy, you don’t say?? A lot of this was a self-challenge to see if I could imitate Zarla’s art style, and I referenced previous Handplates comics a lot for the backgrounds and Sans’ face. Full disclosure: Gaster’s pose up there is basically copied from Zarla’s original comic because I was rushing through to get on to the actual meat of the story. He’s just here for setup. I had fun trying to figure out how to do his Lost Soul head though. Also, I hate Papyrus’ face from the front. Also also, it was tricky trying to convey “mentally translating an unknown alphabet into a known one” when pretty much everyone who sees this comic is already familiar with the “unknown” one and not the “known” one, but I think I pulled it off. 

TL;DR- I imitated somebody else’s style to do an AU of an AU; I am not Zarla; Zarla is the creator of Handplates and also Gaster’s pose in the first panel; I like ciphers too much and also I gave the cookies icing because that is the only kind of ginger cookie I know.

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - OC kid doodles #2

featuring the second son, the Yurio x Yuuri kid, Shura <3

More info on the kid and the AU HERE.

(NOTE: the AU itself is Yuuri-centric multishipping poly. Heed all tags and warnings)


This INTRO POST covers some of the basics of how ABO works in this AU.

For links to the other comics in this AU, check out the “Future!verse ABO” section of my YOI Art Masterpost HERE!



Y'all mind if I uhhhhhhhhhhhhh think about how brave and strong Allura is (even when she thinks she’s weak), and how smart, ruthless, and strategic she is, but also how forgiving, kind, and compassionate she is, and how Allura isn’t perfect but she’s always willing to try and improve, and how at the end of the day she just wants… peace. Y'all mind if I love Allura.

Eleanor: Magilou! PDA isn’t allowed at school!
Magilou: Now now, Ms. Secretary. If you’re jealous, you’re always welcome to join!
Velvet: [longest sigh ever.mp3]