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Draw the squad as: drunk shenanigans I witnessed at a house party the other day

(Fun fact: More than half of these were caused by the same dude)

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do you mind more third year angst? dia is in love with with mari, but mari only sees kanan. dia tries her hardest to get them on good terms again. eventually, kanamari is happy again, but little do they know, on those reallyyy lonely nights, alone in her bedroom, dia cries out for mari, knowing that she'll never be her's...

First of all, how dare you? This is so rude I can’t believe you did my girl Dia like this, but I love it lmao I’m gonna add on bc suffering is my passion

Imagine Kanan and Dia falling in love with Mari around the same time. It was during their first days as a new idol group. Despite Mari’s initial disinterest in becoming an idol, she ended up being the more enthusiastic of the three, which was really saying something bc Kanan and Dia were pumped about all of this. Mari’s soon-to-be infamous happy smile started with the formation of their group.  

Whenever they had practice, Dia would sneak looks at Mari because she loved seeing how happy she was. There was so much passion and love in her overall aura that Dia quickly grew to love being around her. It felt as though the weight of the world was lifted from her shoulders just by looking at her. But one day she realized she wasn’t the only one who looked at Mari. Kanan watched like she had just seen the entire universe in one person. It was a look Dia could identify with because she felt the same. 

That moment scared Dia. She never considered if Mari would ever return her feelings until the reality of others being attracted to her hit Dia square in the face. When it came to Kanan, Dia always felt she paled in comparison. She was certain if Mari was given a choice, she would choose Kanan over her. Kanan was warm and friendly. She had a strong work ethic that was worthy of admiration, and the muscles she got out of that work made her all the more desirable. She was confident in herself, and people loved her for it. 

But throughout the years, Dia never experienced that same public adoration. Living with a strict family made her unsure of herself, so she never developed that natural confidence that so many people seemed to be drawn to. Kids always made fun of her pale skin, calling her sickly, a ghost girl. She wasn’t strong like Kanan. She didn’t have the same muscle definition. She didn’t have the confidence to fling herself at Mari and hug her like there was nothing better in the world. Why would Mari choose her over someone like Kanan?

All the encouragement from her Ruby and her friends couldn’t stop her heart from shattering the day her worst fears came true. That day, Dia stumbled into an empty classroom while searching for her friends, and she found them. She saw them, lips locked and arms around each other. They were so entranced that they didn’t notice her standing limp-limbed as Mari looked at Kanan the way Dia had always dreamed Mari would look at her.

The only thing Dia loved more than her friends was Ruby, so she knew she couldn’t distance herself from them, even if it meant she never healed. She needed to be there for them for the sake of the group and for the sake of their friendship. Even though Dia knew her chances at becoming something more with Mari were slim to none, the bond she had forged with both of them was too strong to break over something like feelings. 

But that didn’t mean she didn’t hurt. The emotional burden that came with having to pretend to be happy when Kanan and Mari announced their new relationship was harsh. Dia suffered as she forced herself to keep her emotions in check whenever they held hands or kissed each other’s cheeks. It was during the night when Dia allowed herself to feel. The sound of her anguish was enough to make Ruby cry with her, and many long nights were spent in the comfort of her sister’s arms. 

Even when Kanan and Mari drifted apart years later, Dia supported Mari’s desire to rekindle her relationship with Kanan. The desperation in Mari’s eyes when she came to her for advice reminded Dia of the many, many conversations she had with Ruby. She could identify with what Mari was feeling because she knew what it was like to be desperate to be seen by the person you loved. She smiled as she saw her advice become beneficial to Mari, who managed to bring Kanan back into her arms. Dia wasn’t happy, but she smiled anyway.

Strifehart Week: Day 4 - Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII

Another quickie because I’m not feeling too great about my art lately.

Anyway, I’m only about a two thirds of the way through 8 and as much as I am enjoying it, I definitely prefer 7. So here’s a quick scribble of Squall being in 7, he’s probably sharing a dorm with Cloud, looks out for him a lot on patrol because Cloud is certainly not used to the city yet(that and he is smol and cute).

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would ben like dogs? or whatever the equivalent of dogs are in the buggy world... he reminds me of one of them big ol dogs that are really cuddly and huge sweethearts that really love and protect their owner....

the closest thing to a dog in this world are Snitters, large fox like animals that are very skilled pack hunters. they’re not really known to be tamable. 

 there are prolly other canine like animals that I haven’t gotten around to conceptualising yet, but Ben owns some Griffs (large fluiffy cat birds with tiny superfluous wings) and they’re very loyal and loving animal companions to him :)

When is the ace discourse going to end I stg. Can we not accept the middle ground? Ace and aro people are welcome in the LGBTQIA+ community as long as they recognize that their experiences are inherently different, just as homosexual and transgender experiences are different but can overlap, and stop trying to talk over the rest of the community.

I’m not trying to start shit I’m just frustrated at how angry and defensive everyone gets when both sides have valid points but refuse to compromise or acknowledge each other

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ok ok fareeha in a suit is gOOD but imagine fareeha in a dress and have you seen how tall and fit she is? and the dress has a reeeeeally long slit and angela is all 'legs o mein gott the legs' and she kind of wants fareeha to crush her with them because hOT DAMN THOSE LEGS

You liSTEN. 


I’m such a big fan of thighs you have no idea. And Fareeha has thighs of the gods. Like, prolly soccer player thighs. So that they can launch her up and catch her when she descends. Imagine Fareeha in a dress with a v slit in the front and all the way down to her navel and high slits on each thigh. Open back. The woman is basically just putting her muscles on display and I can’t handle it. Also she’d wear heels because she rocks her height lesbihonest. And Angela is over there dunking her head in the punch bowl.