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Figures after you left the ToppDogg fandom you'd go to Seventeen, which are rip off Topp Doggs XD

im not trynna start any fights but judging from the topp dogg fandom and the use of “XD” this person is prolly like 23 lol someone come get ya friend

im so weak rn bc I wanted to kiss ppl at pride but I was too scared to so i DIDNT so like…. rn ill prolly form a crush on anyone who hits on me ???

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hi.. how do i know if the pic is yana tobosos art ?

Hi! Well, it took me some time to learn how to differentiate the official art from Yana’s work. But the main clue to guide you (for me at least) is to look at Sebastian’s face, for example:

The pics on the left are from official stuff, and the ones on the right are Yana’s. They’re pretty different if you take a look at the colors (she has a very unique and detailed way of coloring his hair), his eyes (they look quite alive if you ask me), his mouth (it’s not just a black line), etc. Plus, in Toboso-sensei’s art he doesn’t look stiff or expressionless like in official stuff.   

Also, the poses, if they look awkward, as if there’s something wrong with the angles, proportions or stuff like that, then it’s prolly not Yana’s art either. 

Compare this thing

with this beauty

That’s all I can think of right now, but if anyone can add more about this, please go ahead.

I hope this could help guide you a bit! ^.^

ugh, seeing people demonize platonic relationships is so frustrating to me. 

Prolly cause I identify as aromantic asexual I guess? Like…its very possible to care for someone very closely to a point you’d protect them no matter what minus sexual/romantic attraction.

Guess I’m just sick of being told relationships are only meaningful if sex or romance is involved. Like Platonic relationships are some HORRIBLE thing that’s not worth anyone’s time. Something I’ve had to grow up with, spending years thinking something was wrong with me because of it. 

Can we just discuss how significant the latest video us? it shows not just how far Phil’s gone but also just how ingrained Dan and how quintessential Dan has become in Phil’s channel?

Even when he was referring to a current video he brought up their sims video- and you do wonder if he had thought about how far he had gone, from filming with a black and white camera from a cereal box all the way to filming half hour videos with his best friend. how he met dan the first time, how far they’ve gone as two people who met by chance and have in fact taken more chances together. Had it not been for phil’s first video, had it not been for people watching his videos- had it not been for Dan- AmazingPhil would never be the same?

Im so fucking emotional and its not helping how theyre curr together in the north and is prolly watching this video together or even with phils family like srsly give me a moment.

‘but liz!’ you cry. ‘didn’t you do two of these before?’  & yes, i did.  ain’t gonna stop me though.  no, but this is exactly what this says on the tin. one year ago today, i decided to make this piece of garbage on a whim.  this, however, was the best choice i’ve made. normally a couple months into a muse, i usually abandon a muse in favor for another, but tegan just wouldn’t let me. anyway.  it’s just been so good to stay here & make such good friends, so this is who this is for + people i truly enjoy seeing on my dash. thank you.

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                        here’s to another year!
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I was boutta address the shit bout people making fun of sehuns lines in lmr mr removed but I’m like…. am I just making a big deal of it?? cause I’m a sehun Stan? it’s like damn I don’t wanna be a stick in the mud u kno I don’t wanna be a party pooper but I really don’t think those vids are funny lmao. sehuns a sensitive kid he got sad cause he thought he was being annoying on IG earlier this month(??) because he had gotten excited if yall can remember. but yeah sehuns sensitive as hell and finally he gets parts he’s fucking proud of it were fucking proud of it and what we do?? we laugh at him and how he raps it. what tho yall wanna try to do better pls do! he doesn’t get lines and now when he does he’s not gonna be 100% perfect and that’s coo he’s gonna improve. but when yall being ruthlessly mean it’s like?? anyways like I said its jokes ik and people don’t mean it but it’s still mean af.