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Tooru is a little too caught up with pampering Haji at the moment. Based off the headcanon that Iwa really loves neck kisses and being spoiled rotten by Tooru. Happily, he finds himself indulging in each caress of Tooru’s palms against his skin. Breaths mingling, their desire to touch one another the fuel to a their sexual lust. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered by their lover? “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you, Everything I do. I tell you all the time, Heaven is a place on earth with you, Tell me all the things you want to do, I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true? It’s better than I ever even knew, They say that the world was built for two. Only worth living if somebody, is loving you, Baby now you do.” Inspired by Video games by Lana Del Rey (Click for Full Quality)

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Another terrible photo quality image because I’m too lazy to scan and fix it up.
Enjoy Nico’s protection squad. (I forgot Will and coach I know, but I ran out of paper space) 
ᕕ(;;◉Д◉ )ᕗ {y’know what I’ll probably scan these shit quality stuff and repost in better quality later)

I’ve been stargazing up on my roof a bunch, and it gave me an idea for a hella fluffy g/t pic with Birch and Garen.

I probably could’ve done more if i spent more time on it? but idk i like the kinda messy style i ended up with… (though i could be happier with the clouds imo)

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Baekhyun- Sweet lies

sorry that you probably have been waiting for a long time… also I just wanted to use baekhyun also that smoke lowkey looks like a dick it says i tell her, sweet lies sweet lies sweet lies if you can’t read it that well lol

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furry boyfriends + bea and mae (tumblr made the quality bad so i apologize)

finished drawing that one magic kid

(looks so much better if you click on it)

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30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 1: Holding hands

Guess who’s doing another 30 day challenge thing!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Because this challenge’s rules are more lenient, I’m probably not going to post one everyday (so expect better quality lol

The OTP I shall be drawing for this challenge is Adrienette/LadyNoir/Ladrien/Marichat (because honestly those are all the same ship)

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Hey, @essentiallypetewentz here to talk about my most favorite subject: Patrick Stump. 

Some of you probably have heard this story a few hundred times if you’re familiar with what my personal blog was like on August 18th, 2011.

If not, here’s a recap. Ignore my shaky finger typing and whirlwind of post-heart-bursting word vomit and really just ignore me all together. 

Anyway, I came across a low quality version second to last picture on @quicksilvcrr ‘s blog and figured the world deserved to see it better. 

Someone anonymously asked me to do a redraw of a previous drawing. Original post can be found here.

Based on the “Hard Time” fanfic by Strickens, read it here.

Serious continuation of my other drawing. DAMN PB. shit is getting real.

I tried this less cartoonyish style, I probably need to brush up on my anatomy skills. It’s my first time drawing something like this so I’m sorry if this isn’t nice or something >_> -runs away and hides-

reposting for better quality/ to throw it into my art page. woop.


Reposting these now that I have the digitals because they’re slightly better quality than the scans. Probably. I’m no expert. The dude is my friend John because my husband didn’t wanna be in the pictures with me. John also wasn’t supposed to be in the robots picture but The Spine pulled him in so I GUESS I’ll allow it. :P

Steam Powered Giraffe @ RealmsCon

photo by Geekshot Photography

So this is the first thing I have ever cross-stitched and I’m really proud (I had to draw the pattern myself and everything) 😊. So, I watch @therealjacksepticeye​ all the time, he’s a super duper booper dooper! and has an endless amount of energy 😄 I decided to stitch his charecter from Legend of the Brofist because I thought they would be perfect to cross stitch, which is the reason I taught myself. If you would like to reblog this so Jack can see it I would be very appreciative!

So Jack if you do see this, Hello! Thank you for making your videos and If you would like one of these I’d be happy to make another because it would probably be better quality haha😅 Also I am loving the Spyro play through, so much nostalgia😊

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