will probably offend white people

I do sympathize with the Iron Fist haters. I mean, imagine if someone made a movie about a Chinese man who traveled to America and became a better cowboy than a white man. White people would probably be really offended and

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British family's perspective of inauguration on Sky News
  • Dad: *mumbling swear words a lot*
  • Me *mocking Trump*: I, orange Dorito...
  • Me *sees Bernie Sanders*: BERNIEEEEEEE YASSSSS
  • Mum (referring to Trump): Where is the shooter?
  • Mum: I wonder if one of the waiters is the shooter
  • Me: I bet Melania will kill him
  • Dad: When does the war start?
  • Sky News woman refers to this as the apocalypse
  • Sky News woman saying how the security is very secure so a "scene" won't happen and sounds very sad about it
  • Mum *sees Obama leaving on a plane*: No, don't goooooo. Come backkk
  • Me *sees Trump supporters*: woah, look at all the white people