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Missing [1/3]

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You get really used to the little things.

Alfred’s never considered himself to be something special and he still doesn’t. He wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn and eyes his alarm clock from across the room, always cursing himself for being smart enough to place it out of arms reach. He showers, dresses, groggily eats some food, and walks to the bus stop. He takes the bus, whether lucky enough to get a seat or condemned to stand, gets off a couple miles north at his college campus, and walks to his first class in the cold, snow slogging and slushing underfoot.

Then, when his classes are over, he takes the bus back home, eats a late lunch, and sits in his room. He shares a student house with a few other guys, but his particular room has a sliding glass door that leads out to a tiny balcony that overlooks the backyard. He’s only on the second floor, so the view isn’t all that great. Mostly he can see the surrounding fence and the top half of the house behind their building. It isn’t anything special, but it’s comfortable.

He has his desk set up so that he can idly stare out the window for however long he needs when doing classwork. It isn’t productive, but it helps ease some of the stress in his brain to just glance outside. There’s a big tree in the yard and this time of year its branches are already bending with snow and ice. Alfred likes being able to see it.

Sometimes birds land on his balcony railing. Once a couple of crows chose that location to fight, which was interesting enough. Sometimes they perch on the fence below, but not often. 

There are a lot of cats in this neighborhood.

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Act II of stars on ice

-the next performance was one of my favourites because of the end. It was to hip hip chin chin. This routine had a prop two chalk boards. That were placed like 10 feet away from the entrance. So first scott and I think the other person was patrick come on the ice and look like they are playing the marbles. Then a few seconds later kaitlyn, Andrew, Meagan, Eric, shawn (dressed as a girl)Ashley, joannie, and jeff come on the ice. They are all just kind of goofing around and talking then Kurt and tessa come on playing dance teachers and try to get everyone ones attention. Tessa takes the girls over to one chalk board. And Kurt takes the boys to another chalk board. Both trying to explain the dance (like a waltz) the group is doing. During this scott and patrick kind of arnt listening and just want to play marbles. Then tessa and Kurt put one boy and one girl together as dance partners. Scott was paired with shawn who was dressed as a girl. And scott “argues” that he doesn’t want to do this and be paired with “her”. Sorry I don’t remember the other pairings. So they all go to the center ice and the pairs start doing the waltz In a circle. While tessa and Kurt examine their technique and give direction. Then at one point tessa goes to scott and shawn to give them a pointer but tessa and Scott’s eyes lock and there is an instant attraction. And scott kind of shoves shawn out of the way. Then they just stand there and flirt with each other :). At the same time Kurt kind of finds an attraction with shawn (who again is dressed as a girl). But shawn is interested in scott so he goes back to tessa and scott and breaks them apart. At the end tessa and Kurt are handing out diplomas to the dancing pairs. By the chalk boards which are now closer to the entrance. When shawn gets to Kurt something happens and shawns wig is pulled off to reveal he is a guy and Kurt is shocked. (I am really not sure what happens here cause I was concentrating on tessa and scott) when tessa hands the diploma to scott. There eyes again lock and sparks fly lol. I believe they hug and “flirt” with each other. At this point they are the only ones on the ice. Then tessa just kind of says one moment or something and goes into the entrance tunnel. And scott pushers the chalk boards together. Then few seconds later tessa comes out changes and good kisser comes on…..I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE THINKING PERFECT TRANSITION INTO THEIR PROGRAM. BEST PART OF THE SHOW. It was basically choreographed for everyone that ships these two!! Tessa is wearing sparkly pants and a sparkly red top. I loved this outfit. By the way tessa just shined with her acting abilities. She really sold her part.
( that was really long and poorly explained but hopefully you get the story line a bit)
- good kisser was amazing. They are so good a hip hop. It shocked me. And what is so impressive is that they hit every beat. They dance with the music. While tessa was doing her solo part scott got changed (took off a sweater) he was in all black but has some of the red rhinestones that tessa shirt was made out of on the top of his back. Again I don’t think anything changed in this program from art on ice. They did the carman lift which is my favourite life of theirs. So I was thrilled I got to see it in person. It happens so fast I just don’t know how they do it. So I know you all want to know about the ending. Scott kisses tessa shoulder and then I believe they do kiss. I do have video of the ending but it will be a few days till I can post it.
-patrick chan was next with dear prudence/blackbird. Again it was really good. His footwork was incredible.
-Meagan,Eric , Andrew, and kaitlyn did the next number to hello. Which was probably my favourite non tessa or scott routine. There were quite a few points that they switched partners. Kaitlyn did a pairs life with Eric. And Meagan did a pairs lift with Andrew. Kaitlyn also did a death spiral with Eric. And Meagan did one with Andrew. Then they did like a double death spiral. Where both Andrew and Eric were close together holding both kaitlyn and Meagan who were side by side in the spiral. Hard to explain but really neat. I have never seen it done before. It was a great twist on the usual spiral.
-joannie did addicted to you next. It was great and very up beat. She puts on a great show.

- now for the 20 min performance with music by super tramp. Kurt did a great job with this. It is kind of hard to explain and I didn’t really get the whole story. To me it is one of those things that I have to see it again. So hopefully there will be some good video of it. It was based on like airplanes. I don’t think I can explain the story line but I will give you things that happened during it especially with tessa and scott. There are props involved with this two. One skater I think it was shawn is on sort of stilts about 2-3 feet tall. And jeff plays a trolly and has this bar attached to his back that people can hang on to. So it starts with Kurt who is skating making an paper airplane. Then the rest of the cast come on I think. Scott (who plays a pilot) is sitting in a chair and tessa (who plays a pilot attendant) is waiting on him. Pours him water and massages his shoulders. She is playing someone who is in love with scott. (Hehe) scott kind of acts like a jerk in this. So at one point scott and patrick start shoving each other. And then “slap” each other. Then shawn (foreman) declares scott and patrick to race. So tessa is by scott trying to get him motivated for the race and support him. Tessa also straps something to Scott’s skates (looks like lights or something) and someone straps the same thing to Patricks. The start of the race begins by I would say 4 skaters pushing scott and 4 skaters pushing patrick. At one point the light comes off of Patricks skate and later on scott picks it up and throws it off to the side. He did this so swiftly and without slipping out of character shows how professional he is. So after the race scott becomes very arrogant towards tessa. Ignores her when she comes over and pushes her hands away when she try’s to touch/ hug him. At one point he pushes her onto the ice. This is the emotional part to Tessa’s character. She is visible upset over his actions. Then there is just tessa and Kurt on the ice. Kurt kind of gives tessa hope again I would say. That she needs to stand up for herself. So at one point when all the skaters come back on the ice. Scott motions to tessa to get him a glass of water. She pours a glass but takes a drink from it herself. He gets mad at her so she throws the water in his face hehe :) after a moment all the skaters feel hope. And start tearing down the props like they are tearing down the place they worked at. Eventually scott gets this hope feeling and apologized to tessa and they hug. (This is a terrible explanation but I am tired. It I remember more I will tell you guys tomorrow) it really is something tho I need to see again cause there was a lot going on and I was focusing on tessa and scott. Again the acting was good in this by all skaters but tessa and scott really played their parts extremely well.

- the last performance was let me entertain you. It was the usual end performance that you would see. Although tessa and scott never did the goose lift which I was surprised at. At the very end Kurt did another backflip. ( the cast would not have seen the first) and the whole cast went nuts. Especially scott he was jumping up and down and trying to get the crowd louder. Tessa was laughing. There was one point where the cast started to line up while some where still performing elements. And at this time scott half hugged tessa. It was cute. At the end all the cast were hugging each other and you can just tell the respect they have for one another.

So glad I got to go. And I hope many of you are able to experience this incredible show. After it was done I wanted to buy a plane ticket right away to go see the next one. I would go to every show if I could.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.

If I remember anything else I will share tomorrow.