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So I saw the original gif on my dash and @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you had requested in their tags that someone add wings to it. I was bored and have a lot of time on my hands now that school is over (until July….) so I thought I would give it a try. 

So, Kátia was asked about the the twins rumours on a portuguese morning show. I was hesitant about posting this because I don’t really like the fact that she talked about it before Cris did, and I didn’t really want to spread her mistake even more. But, the truth is, this will blow up in no time, so I would rather you guys saw the full video and full transcript and translation instead of the heavily edited and convenient version the media will probably spread around. This way you can make your own judgements.

TRANSCRIPT AND TRANSLATION UNDER THE CUT (also sorry for the video quality i didn’t know how else to get it besides recording it from my TV.)

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Was supposed to finish this PhichiYuu doodle for tonight but the posing was not cooperating, and I kept changing it and it got more and more and MORE provocative…>.>;

Will try to finish this in time for Fri/Sat night post, and will also put up an update for Inferno around then. Art updates have been slow bc I’ve been prioritizing Inferno, should be ready to post in a week or two ^v^)b

New Studyblr!!!

Hello!! I’m Natasha and I’m 18 and an IB student from Singapore. I love sushi and love love LOVE making notes! I only recently stumbled upon studyblrs (it honestly felt like finding gold hahah) and i think this community is so so wonderful and lovely :-) I am extremely OCD when it comes to making notes/ organising my stuff and i also do a little typography once in a while. I would love to post more pictures of my notes (like this one) but unfortunately i have yet to find a way to edit my pictures to produce that crisp, clean kinda look (yknow what i mean? haha i probably sound a little insane) so for the time being i’m just exploring all the studyblrs and trying to find more inspiration for my notes. Speaking of which, there are so so many wonderful studyblrs around and i though i’d share a few which i thought were absolutely amazing!

@studytwice / @chic-studies / @studie-s / @imaginativenotebook / @foxandstar / @studysthetics / @roadmapplus / @starbucksandstudies/ @studydiaryofamedstudent / @elkstudies / @krispyklene / @studypetals / @studybuzz / @stuhdys / @reviseordie

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As a perfectionist I have a terrible habit of feeling guilty for not spending literally every second of my day polishing up a piece of work. When I am working on something I usually spend more time fixing it than actually completing the task - often to the detriment of my other, more pressing work.

So if you’re just like me what should you do?

Why is this important?

To help combat perfectionism, you need to figure out what is actually important to you. What are your values and where would you like to end up in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Where does what your doing fit in?

One technique I like is the 5 whys. This is aimed at problem solving but I think it fits in well here.

  • Write down the task you’re working on (a.k.a. spending too much time perfecting)
  • Ask why the task needs 100% of your effort
  • Ask why reason #1 is necessary
  • Ask why reason #2 is necessary
  • Repeat until you reach a suitable answer - sometimes this can be that you realise the task doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but occasionally there will be tasks that require more effort

Set a time limit

Start small. Choose one task that you need to complete today and estimate how long it should take. Leave a reasonable amount of buffer room.

Now for the hard part; get started on the task, keeping note of the time and stick to the task duration you agreed on earlier. There is no going back once the time is up, you’re done and you aren’t going to look at it again! (This is so hard but I promise it is worth it)

Think 80/20

There is something called the Pareto principle, which states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. What this means for you is that 20% of your effort results in 80% of the results. So if you spend 10 hours working on a piece of work, you should have completed about 80% of the work in 2 hours. The other 8 hours only achieves around 20%!

If you realise you’ve been spending hours and hours doing something, you’ve probably realised that the last few hours hasn’t really achieved all that much. More hours =/= a huge amount of productivity.

For less important tasks, keep the 80/20 rule in mind and spend less time working on it. Sometimes 80% is all you really need and additional time put in is not really worth it.

Will this matter in 5-10 years

So you’ve spent the last 2 hours editing an essay worth 5% of your final grade. Time well spent? Probably not. Very little of what we do now will matter to us (and others) 5-10 years down the track. The key takeaway? Focus on what really matters and forget about the rest.

Wow this sounds so depressing - but this doesn’t have to be. You can use this way of thinking to your advantage. Have a presentation coming up and you’re nervous? Remember that even if you 900% embarrass yourself no one will probably remember in 5-10 years and it’s not that important in the long term.

Forgive yourself

Even if I’ve spent hours trying to make something perfect, I’m rarely happy with the end result - it could always be better right? I could have spent even more hours?

You need to accept that you could always spend more time on something but in the end it’s not worth your while. Forgive yourself and remember that you’re only human, sometimes our expectations are so high that we can never reach them. Try to be realistic and remember that it’s not the end of the world when things don’t work out the way we want them to.

So now that Steven Bomb 3.0 is over, we are sixty-seven (67) episodes into the current order of one hundred fifty-six (156) total episodes. We still have eighty-nine (89) to look forward to, so get ready. The regular schedule returns in August!

Inspiration for this comes from this Crewniverse post from way back when!

Edit: A lot of people are wondering if there is only going to be 156 episodes, and the answer is it’s probably not. I fully expect us getting a season 4 around this time next year.

The progress bar only reflects the current episode order and will be updated when more seasons are ordered in the future.

Sorry if I got people scared that SU was going to end after three seasons. I should have clarified the situation. I’ll try to do it better next time!

hey guyss i’m so late in posting this but i just got home aksgjfkds anyway im mel and i reside in the gmt+2 timezone.. yikes.. okay so under the cut is a little more about my baby vera and i haven’t had the chance to write up a connections page.. imma try to do that right now (i’ll edit with the link when it’s done) but if u wanna plot anyway, just like this and i’ll come to you or hmu!

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Current Project(s)

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @brynwrites​ to do this excellent tag game! Thank you for thinking of me! This is especially timely since I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of cool new Camp buds here on tumblr. My project is:


Fantasy novel, new adult, dash of comedy.

Status: Technically speaking, we’re talking the 4th draft, but to be honest it’s probably more in parts. Has undergone one round of (fantastic, patient, kind) beta readers. Act one has been edited, two and three still to go!
Counts: 25 chapters. Currently sitting at around 90k. Will go up and down a bit as we go.
Blurb: Feyskrone. The walled metropolis in the heart of the deep and enigmatic forestlands. A city of boundless opportunity, where dreams are built and broken.

Rafe Fenland. Twenty-something just-about-graduate. Scruffy grump from a small town, trying to make his own way in the world.

Facing the humiliation of having to move back home after his small business goes up in literal flames, Rafe gets more than he bargained for when he takes on a job at the Burning Book Hotel, Wensergutter. The guests are strange and the staff are stranger, and it becomes clear that the oldest building in the southern districts harbours secrets of its own…

The arrival of a face from the past sends Rafe’s tenuous security into turmoil, and the mysterious circumstances of the fire begin to unfold. Forced on a path of explosive consequences, Rafe longs for the quiet life, but what’s a guy to do when all their lives are suddenly at stake?

I post a lot about this story! :p Editing this story, despairing over this story, getting excited over my characters… This book is pretty much my life right now.

Going to tag a few who I know are writers/artists/crafty people and might be working on something cool atm: @artectica @hamsterwritin @scripturient-manipulator @spacities @amandacary-writes @darianinwriting @christinawritesfiction @sphericfaun925 @aveyondk and anyone else who hasn’t picked up this one yet? No pressure. :)

While my TruForce Kickstarter experience hasn’t been exactly perfect, what with my X-Kai figure missing (but hopefully soon on the way), I still am quite thrilled with the quality of the figures and the packaging they came in.

I held off on opening anything until I heard back on the status of my shorted merchandise, but finally got around to unwrapping what I do have today. As great as Bandai’s D-Arts line is, hot damn I’d love some more unique Megaman TruForce figs!

My print was a little bent in the bottom right corner, but wanted to scan it to preserve it, despite it probably already floating around in better quality out there among cyberspace.

Ride Chaser? It’s still the Acid Ace chopper to me. ;D

Hrmm…first time tumblr has told me my 600 DPI scans are too large to upload. Ah well. They’re always shrunk on me no matter what.

Scanned from: TruForce Collectibles MMX Kickstarter Backers Limited Edition Print, drawn by Keisuke Mizuno

School Tips: Overcoming Procrastination

Whether you’re in high school or college, the battle to defeat procrastination is endless as a student. We believe we’re just failures who will never be able to manage our apathy towards doing assignments and studying. But I’ve found a few techniques that are helpful for becoming more productive.

Originally posted by fothuzz

The excuses we come up with for not getting work done are never legitimate. The first step to ending procrastination is accepting we do it to ourselves, it’s no one else’s fault or always bad circumstances. Therefore, you have to learn how to change your work habits first. Consider, where do you work most effectively? At home or in a library? Most importantly, don’t go to places you socialize before you’ve gotten work done. You’ll avoid procrastinating by avoiding nonproductive environments.  My first tip is make daily deadlines for working on an assignment. Furthermore,if you do a little bit of work each day you’ll feel more motivated to stay on track. This technique helps make the assignment feel smaller and easier to do. For example, you have an essay due in a week, write one argument per day and leave a day for editing. Of course, you probably have other assignments that need to get done too, but planning ahead to see how you can break up each assignment helps. 

Originally posted by tinarannosaurus

It often seems like teachers and profs conspire together to have everything due around the same time. Especially when you have multiple tests to study for it’s hard to juggle all that knowledge. There is a way to space out studying for each class. Do the intense memory work for your earliest test two weeks before. You might still have some material to cover a few days before the test, but the majority of the information will just be a refresher for you. Then, study  a week before for your next earliest test. For your last test study five days before it. If you have more than three tests due in a week, see if one of your profs would be willing to let you write their test at a different time. Most times, they’re willing to help you out. Even three can be too much to handle, so never be afraid to ask to adjust your schedule. 

Originally posted by burgers-bobs

Not everyone can study using the above method, having great memory recall takes time. However, there is another option when you have more than one test to study for. When you’re short on time associate what you need to know with things you already relate to, like t.v. shows and movies. For example, you have a psychology test, remember what bipolar disorder means by associating it with a t.v. character who shows characteristics of that disorder. You’ll remember facts and terms faster by triggering them with pop culture references. This method also saves time by studying orally, when you repeat the associations out loud, instead of writing out study notes. Most importantly, get the right amount of sleep every day to help your memory. In the end, it’s better you knew for certain 60% of the material on the test, than you maybe knew 70% of the material.  

Originally posted by mx-re

Overcoming procrastination is hard, but ultimately you have to be the one that makes the change to do better. The best motivation is to make yourself proud. Good luck!

Hello, people of the internet. Just an FYI that summer is especially busy for me, so there will probably be a lot more reblogging and a lot less “original content” on my page until September. I’ll do my best, but I just don’t have as much time to GIF or write (i.e. edit words until they look slightly less horrific) during the summer. I’m still around and reachable. Just less active. No hard feelings if you need to unfollow. :)


Revision is the much-dreaded process of turning your vomit-worthy first draft into a polished, refined, and ready-to-publish work. Rather than doing line-edits, you’ll be looking at it on a much broader scale. And if you do this process right, you’ll probably be spending more time revising than you did writing.


Now is the time to figure out how much you truly need to rewrite the story. You need to asses both the structure of the story and its contents. Consider the following questions as you’re rereading your work:

  • Does the story start at a point of intrigue?
  • Were all the promises you made at the beginning addressed?
  • Is the plot pushed forward by the characters and not the other way around?
  • Is the work free of plot holes?
  • Is the plot free of cliches?
    • If it does have cliches, do those aid the work positively?
  • Does the plot arc have an obvious climax?
  • Does the plot just make sense and is never pushed forward by out-of-character actions?
  • Does the story end in a way that satisfies the main plot and most, if not all, of the subplots?

If you didn’t fulfill all of these, create a plan to tackle the points you missed. These are some of the big issues you should be looking at to make sure your story works at its most basic level.


Characters are the heart of your story, and therefore arguably the most important thing to analyze when doing revisions. These are the people your readers are going to either love or hate, relate to or completely misunderstand. Characters can change a cliche, trite plot into a moving novel. Consider the following when you’re looking at your characters:

  • Is your main character’s personality firmly established within the first couple pages?
  • Does your main character change over the course of the work?
  • Is your main character more than a cliche or a single personality trait?
  • Is your main character flawed?
  • Does your main character have an established motivation or goal?
  • Do your characters act consistently with their personalities throughout the work?

Again, you should be answering all of these positively. Otherwise, it’s time to do some character work.


This is going to be the hardest part. Language is more than grammar; it’s the word choice and style you use to communicate the story. Language is what pushes a work from great to amazing, so spend some time on these questions:

  • Does the dialog push the plot forward and/or establish character?
  • Are you avoiding lazy language?
  • If you’re writing in first-person or third-person limited, does the tone and voice of the writing reflect that of the main character?
  • Have you erased any “feeling” words?
  • Have you gotten rid of most instances of passive voice?
  • Does your sentence structure vary?
  • Do you need every adjective/adverb you used?
  • Do you avoid stating the obvious?
  • Is the work free of grammatical and spelling errors?

Answered everything positively? Awesome!

Once you’ve analyzed everything above, your work should be almost completely ready for query. All you need now is a grammar/spelling run-through, and you should be golden.

a day in december: christmas lights

on ao3

my friend buff asked for djwifi so here i am!!! really though this ship deserves more love, i love them so much

i finished at exactly midnight. why am i like this. also i start school again tomorrow so we’re going to see how this goes yikes

(unfortunately, nino is no longer considering the coconut)


Nino checks up and down the street, checking to make sure there’s no raging akuma headed his way before he crosses quickly and ducks inside the small café. He closes the door quickly before the icy air can blow inside and tugs his beanie down over his ears. He spots Alya sitting alone in the corner.

“Hey,” he says as he drops down into the seat across from her.

She looks up from her phone with a smile. “Hey! You found me.”

Nino snorts. “Wasn’t hard. This is your favorite post-attack hangout, after all.”

“You know me so well,” she teases. “It’s almost like you’re dating me. But it’s not post-attack for once.”

“Get sick of the cold?” Nino asks. He steals her drink and takes a sip, making a face at how bitter her coffee is. “Ew.”

Alya rolls her eyes. “Sorry I don’t like hot sugary milk. But yeah. The fight is long and cold and it’s getting too dark for it to actually be worth filming.” She sighs and rests her chin in her hand. “No point in videotaping mostly darkness.”

“Man, I’m sorry, Al.” He pushes her drink back toward her. “I’m sure whatever footage you got is great though. And if it makes you feel better, I can buy you a pastry.”

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anonymous asked:

Ahh, i really wanna watch but i have to download the app.

Well, hmm..

I think it’s relatively easy to access on computer? I don’t really remember if it involves downloading anything on computer though.. I mean, the final result of what I edit will be up on my account before the end of today so that part will still be seen. 

I think this first edit might take.. maybe an hour? Maybe two? And then more requests may flow in after that so, if you get to a computer or if you decide to download the app, I’ll probably still be around streaming by the time that you do.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for 8 (again - though I also really love the section you chose!), 15, 21, 27, and 40(again)? Sorry if it's too many, you can just pick a couple instead of you need to! (I'm just endlessly curious!)

I’m skipping the dialogue one (Q8) (though I have answered it) not because I don’t want to but because this post just got really really really long and I’m already embarrassed. e.e

Have answered 15 here!

21. How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

It really depends on what it is.

Random fic oneshot? Probably not that many times. Once?

Something in the Fae Tales verse? That usually goes through more rigorous editing. Sometimes around 2-5 pass-throughs from me, depending on how smooth I think the chapter was. (I have been told by a head editor of a publishing company that I write very ‘clean’). But I have a habit of writing clunky or clumsy sentences, and sometimes editing pass-throughs are less about typos and more about sort of smoothing out the reading experience so it’s more pleasurable and less ‘well that was a weird fucking sentence.’

Fanfiction really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m super thorough, and sometimes I don’t care that the word ‘enough’ has been used three times in the same paragraph. I also don’t care about passive tense as much as some people, because I really like passive tense. I’ll still always edit though. I’ve never written something and put it up straight away.

Original novels get edited per chapter, and then get about three really thorough edits from me at the end. That will be a grammar/typo/sentence structure edit, a continuity/substantive edit (including adding/subtracting scenes) and the a final formatting/copy edit.

Just about everything I write goes to a beta, and original novels/short stories go to a couple of betas and then an editor. After the final editor pass-over, I make those changes, send it back to the editor, and after that I proof-read, which is my least favourite part and I have been lazy enough on this before that a typo I missed and the editor missed made it through to print, so…eep.

Read mores hide my shame at how long this response is (and you don’t have to see how much I hate AO3 story collaborations as a rule):

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Valentine's Day!-Derek Luh Imagine

A/N:I thought this was a cute idea let me know and I could’ve quite easily carried on writing more but anyways hope you guys like it!!💖💖

The dreaded day of the year for us singles Valentine’s Day was today but likely I was occupied with helping out on the skaterade tour mainly keeping Delany company as she didn’t want to be the only sane one so we said we weren’t going to be the typical singles on Valentine’s Day and mope around doing shit all we were pretending it was another day “hey y/n guess what” “what” I say laughing at how happy she was “I have a date tonight” “what D you’ve fallen into the trap” I laugh “I know but he is so cute though” she turns her phone round on his tinder profile “he is so I suppose you have to go” “yeah but can you run the merch table cause obvs won’t be around” “I suppose so” “great I’ll just go tell the guys” she walks to the other side of the bus were the guys were.

*A Few Hours Later*

“okay so are you sure your okay doing the merch” “yes I’m fine now go or your going to be late go get it girl” I say practically shoving her out the door. I walk out of the bus into the building where the guys were rehearsing “at y/n so nice for you to join us” Derek says as I was a bit late “whatever Delany was worrying” “yeah yeah excuses” he says as he jumps of the stage walking over to you “um so merch is over here” he says walking me over to the table where Swazz was “hey Swazz” “hey girl” he says and wraps me in a hug “what time is Delany coming back” “I’m not sure she said probably late they were going to a club after” “oh okay” Derek says “Well at least one of us has a date on Valentines date” he says looking at me “yeah whatever it’s just another reason to have sex unattached” I say causing them both to go “oooooo bitchy” “that wasn’t bitchy it’s true but I wouldn’t mind” they both raise they’re eyebrows “not unattached sex you idiots spending Valentine’s Day with someone” “damn I thought I was going to get lucky” Swazz says trying to fist bump Derek who fake laughs and smiles along.

Swazz walks over to Nate “nice fake laugh” “what no that was a not a fake laugh” “yes it was I know when you fake laugh” “it wasn’t but whatever” “hey shouldn’t go get ready doors open in a few” “yeah probably should” he says turning around not before winking at me. I finished doing the merch and the concert starting to begin I walked back into the bus so I could get some work done and plus I had already seen the show 3-4 times and was going to see it a lot more. I was editing my YouTube video ready to put up tomorrow when Derek bursts through the door making me jump “fuck you scared me” “sorry c'mon the show is waiting” “what are you doing” “I noticed you weren’t in the crowd or on the side of the stage c'mon” he says slightly out of breath I decided not to question it and went with him practically sprinting so he wasn’t going to be gone to long he pulls me to the side of the stage and runs out on stage “woah someone’s out of breath” KDL says “dude he just made me run from the bus like what the fuck” “oh right” he says with a devilish smirk “what’s going on” “nothing” “KDL tell me!!” “Nah wait till the shows finished then you’ll know” the show ends when everyone of the crew runs on stage apart from me cause me and Delany never did causing everyone to get hyped they all come of stage Derek walks straight over “good job you stayed” “yeah what are you up too?” “Nothing but do you want to go grab some food” “sure lets go” “nah y/n we going too a fancy restaurant let me get changed” “what?” “Yeah I thought cause you and Delany were going to go out after the show I would take you instead” “oh so like a pity date” “no not at all y/n I can make both of our Valentine’s special” “fine but I will need to get changed as well” “okay but you look good” “what in jeans and a TShirt” “yeah baby” “whatever Derek” I say as we both walk out and go and get changed.

I walk out in a maroon curve hugging dress with some black heels “ready?” I ask looking up seeing Derek in a shirt and jeans which was really smart for him “damn y/n how do you not have a Valentine’s” “I do don’t I” I asked slightly confused “what me damn you can have me anytime you want” I laughed as we hopped in an uber going to the restaurant it was so fancy and romantic Derek holds my hand as we walked in this was weird but kind of nice "table for two for Luh” Derek says to they waiter as he walks us over to a small booth I slide in and Derek slides in opposite “here are your monies enjoy your Valentine’s” they waiter says as he smiles and walks off “oh my god Derek this is so expensive” “y/n don’t worry I’m paying I’m gonna treat you good” I smile in response we order have food and are heading back to the bus it was about 2 AM when we got back and the guys where starting to go to bed as we walked in “there’s the love birds” KDL shouts Derek shakes his head quickly as I turn to him with a confused face “I’m going to get changed” “alright tell me if you hear from Del” I nod and walk upstairs that’s where mine and Delany’s bunks were I kick of my heels and start to try and undo my zip how could I zip it up but not be able to unzip it “Derek” I shout down “yeah” he walks along to the stairs “has Delany texted you” “no I’m can you help me” I slightly whisper he walks up the stairs I turn around he places one hand on my lower back and the other on the zip he slowly pulls it down tracing his hand all the way down my back he steps closer and places a kiss on my neck as I move my arms trying to shimmy my dress off he smiles into my neck and pulls it off he turns me around and looks me in the eye I smile as he connects his lips with mine he pulls away “happy Valentine’s Day” “I don’t think islets Valentine’s Day anymore” I giggle as he pulls me into a hug “I’ll see you in the morning yeah” as he turns around and walks down to his bunk. I climb into mine steal hearing there voices downstairs saying night after about 20 minutes it went silent I knew that everyone was in their bunks I slowly climb out of my bunk trying to be as quite as possible and sneak down the stairs I kneel down and slowly pull Derek’s curtain to his bunk back he turns around “what ar…..” He stops when he sees me and smiles he raises his arm and the duvet signalling me to get in I snuggle into him as he closes the curtain and leaves a kiss on my head.