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share your editing secrets with me please and thank you!

Hi!!! I actually don’t do anything too crazy I guess! I’m not the greatest with photoshop tbh and I probably make everything harder than it has to be. >.> I just use my action I made found here & I use filter>render>lighting effects to give a more realistic lighting effect and then sometimes I select my sim(s), select inverse & then filter>blur gallery>field blur. Also in this picture I added hair for the first time (just messing around) by looking up hair stroke brushes. :DDD I also use a lot of light leak filters and lense flares.

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Was supposed to finish this PhichiYuu doodle for tonight but the posing was not cooperating, and I kept changing it and it got more and more and MORE provocative…>.>;

Will try to finish this in time for Fri/Sat night post, and will also put up an update for Inferno around then. Art updates have been slow bc I’ve been prioritizing Inferno, should be ready to post in a week or two ^v^)b

New Studyblr!!!

Hello!! I’m Natasha and I’m 18 and an IB student from Singapore. I love sushi and love love LOVE making notes! I only recently stumbled upon studyblrs (it honestly felt like finding gold hahah) and i think this community is so so wonderful and lovely :-) I am extremely OCD when it comes to making notes/ organising my stuff and i also do a little typography once in a while. I would love to post more pictures of my notes (like this one) but unfortunately i have yet to find a way to edit my pictures to produce that crisp, clean kinda look (yknow what i mean? haha i probably sound a little insane) so for the time being i’m just exploring all the studyblrs and trying to find more inspiration for my notes. Speaking of which, there are so so many wonderful studyblrs around and i though i’d share a few which i thought were absolutely amazing!

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Original gif created by Bagginshield

So I saw the original gif on my dash and @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you had requested in their tags that someone add wings to it. I was bored and have a lot of time on my hands now that school is over (until July….) so I thought I would give it a try. 



 for the meta meme – i’m curious to see what your…

ooc. if sara dies / isn’t recruited, she gets turned into the deadlord canis, so that supports your ideas! i find it hard to believe he doesn’t know she exists when all the loptyrians in fe5 are preoccupied with protecting her before she joins leif’s army, tho

Ah, right! I find it interesting she becomes a Deadlord, to be honest. Her granddad dabbles in dark magic like it’s no big deal, and he’d probably resurrect her as one given the chance. 

Still, Manfroy is dead by the time FE5 rolls around (he cameos in flashbacks but that’s about it), so even if he had known about her, there’s not much he can do now. She’s pretty safe, now that he’s dead. 

Edit: Haven’t played FE5 yet, but it turns out that Manfroy appears in more than just flashbacks. Thanks, Jugdral fans, for informing me of this! The wiki said he simply appeared in flashbacks (it LIED!). Anyways, I will revise this once I’ve finished FE5. 

I do, however, have the head canon that Sara’s mother placed Sara under some sort of protection so that Manfroy couldn’t get to her easily, and that, prior to FE5, mere rumors of Sara’s existence were flying about in the Lopt Sect. Manfroy, obsessed with his plans on getting a host for Loptyr, chooses to leave that particular avenue of interest alone for the time being. He likely wanted to find his granddaughter after his plans had worked. He spent most of his free time trying to make certain Julius would be the perfect vessel for his god, and hadn’t a moment to spare to look for Sara. 

While my TruForce Kickstarter experience hasn’t been exactly perfect, what with my X-Kai figure missing (but hopefully soon on the way), I still am quite thrilled with the quality of the figures and the packaging they came in.

I held off on opening anything until I heard back on the status of my shorted merchandise, but finally got around to unwrapping what I do have today. As great as Bandai’s D-Arts line is, hot damn I’d love some more unique Megaman TruForce figs!

My print was a little bent in the bottom right corner, but wanted to scan it to preserve it, despite it probably already floating around in better quality out there among cyberspace.

Ride Chaser? It’s still the Acid Ace chopper to me. ;D

Hrmm…first time tumblr has told me my 600 DPI scans are too large to upload. Ah well. They’re always shrunk on me no matter what.

Scanned from: TruForce Collectibles MMX Kickstarter Backers Limited Edition Print, drawn by Keisuke Mizuno


Revision is the much-dreaded process of turning your vomit-worthy first draft into a polished, refined, and ready-to-publish work. Rather than doing line-edits, you’ll be looking at it on a much broader scale. And if you do this process right, you’ll probably be spending more time revising than you did writing.


Now is the time to figure out how much you truly need to rewrite the story. You need to asses both the structure of the story and its contents. Consider the following questions as you’re rereading your work:

  • Does the story start at a point of intrigue?
  • Were all the promises you made at the beginning addressed?
  • Is the plot pushed forward by the characters and not the other way around?
  • Is the work free of plot holes?
  • Is the plot free of cliches?
    • If it does have cliches, do those aid the work positively?
  • Does the plot arc have an obvious climax?
  • Does the plot just make sense and is never pushed forward by out-of-character actions?
  • Does the story end in a way that satisfies the main plot and most, if not all, of the subplots?

If you didn’t fulfill all of these, create a plan to tackle the points you missed. These are some of the big issues you should be looking at to make sure your story works at its most basic level.


Characters are the heart of your story, and therefore arguably the most important thing to analyze when doing revisions. These are the people your readers are going to either love or hate, relate to or completely misunderstand. Characters can change a cliche, trite plot into a moving novel. Consider the following when you’re looking at your characters:

  • Is your main character’s personality firmly established within the first couple pages?
  • Does your main character change over the course of the work?
  • Is your main character more than a cliche or a single personality trait?
  • Is your main character flawed?
  • Does your main character have an established motivation or goal?
  • Do your characters act consistently with their personalities throughout the work?

Again, you should be answering all of these positively. Otherwise, it’s time to do some character work.


This is going to be the hardest part. Language is more than grammar; it’s the word choice and style you use to communicate the story. Language is what pushes a work from great to amazing, so spend some time on these questions:

  • Does the dialog push the plot forward and/or establish character?
  • Are you avoiding lazy language?
  • If you’re writing in first-person or third-person limited, does the tone and voice of the writing reflect that of the main character?
  • Have you erased any “feeling” words?
  • Have you gotten rid of most instances of passive voice?
  • Does your sentence structure vary?
  • Do you need every adjective/adverb you used?
  • Do you avoid stating the obvious?
  • Is the work free of grammatical and spelling errors?

Answered everything positively? Awesome!

Once you’ve analyzed everything above, your work should be almost completely ready for query. All you need now is a grammar/spelling run-through, and you should be golden.

Okay guys. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Mark will get to 12 million tomorrow. Though it’s probably unbelievably stressful to have to be responsible for entertaining that many people, it’s often overwhelming for us, too. It’s our job to care about everyone and spread the love in this very, very large community, and some people have a hard time finding their place here. Let me tell everyone single person in this community, new or not, that you don’t need to do anything special like edit fantastically or draw perfect fanart. The more love to share around, the better, as so many of us need it when we’re at our darkest times.

Twelve million subscribers is a huge thing, and it’s a great cause for celebration, but we need to remember that it’s not just Mark that accomplished that by entertaining 12 million people, but because we’re capable of loving 12 million people.

HI YES HELLO i am ash and i’ve always wanted to create a network/group chat thingy and im getting an iphone soon so i thought now would be THE BEST time to do something like this

so basically this network will be about anything and EVERYTHING clemmings bc as u know if u follow me im obsessed w clemmings and i want to create a group of people to scream about clemmings to basically…. 

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what u get if ur selected:

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i will be picking whenever this gets a lot of notes but hopefully around a week or so and i’ll probably pick 4-5 people :) or more depending on how well this does!!! if this gets no notes this never happened

Moved (Again)

I’ve moved to odinsson.

 It’s set up as a sideblog, meaning all follows and first-hand messages will come from this account, but this primary blog will no longer be active. The theme I have for this blog at the moment will stay up for a while for self-reblogging purposes, but I’ll eventually put up another hiatus theme. Rebuilding this blog just wasn’t working out after a one-year hiatus, so I’ve decided to start anew - for real this time. I don’t have much time to make edits or be completely involved at the moment (college apps, ugh), but I’ll probably have more time and motivation after those ^^

Surprisingly, the majority of the followers I had on this blog a year ago still follow me, so if you do, please follow my new blog instead! I really appreciate everyone’s support, and hope that I can do better at this this time around :)

Thank you!

Lets Get Physical

Request: Can you write something about being on the set of supernatural and having to do an intimate scene with Jensen (Dean) <and if that’s too much it can be a kissing scene> and the reader gets all nervous and Hensen comforts here (sorry if that’s smit I just know in sex scenes they don’t actually….)

A/n- It was refreshing to do a show imagine after so many band ones (though I still love the band ones). This wasn’t really smut, so writing it was not an issue at all! I probably should’ve spent more time editing this but I’ve been very busy lately and I have a schedule I’m trying to stick to. I might come back to this, though.

You were hanging around the motel set with Jensen for a read through. You fidgeted nervously as you flipped through your script, trying to find the right scene. You’d had butterflies since the first time you read your script by yourself, alone in your trailer. Your character, Alex, was about to go on a suicide mission to kill off the main villain but Jensen’s character convinces yours not to by admitting his feelings and things get… intense. While you often read through with Jared and Jensen and joked around offset, getting a text from Jensen requesting to rehearse privately only heightened your anxiety.

“Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised Alex has a thing for Dean, the handsome devil,” you joked, trying to relax.

“Everyone’s got a thing for Dean,” he winked.

To hide your blush, you raised your script so it was blocking your cheeks and squinted, pretending to read some of the notes you’d written in the margin.

“Where’s the lie?” you raised your eyebrows.

“So, are you okay to try it without scripts so we can work on the blocking?” he asked tentatively, sensing the tension.

Your heart rate quickened and a lump formed in your throat. You nodded, forcing out an “Mmhmm.”

“Okay, should we start from your line, ‘Just let me go!’ then?”

You nodded again, standing up and wiping your hands on your jeans, worried you were sweating. You took a deep breath before getting into character.

You looked up at Jensen, eyes pleading. On the verge of tears, you begged, “Just let me go!” You were tired of this argument. You knew the only way to keep him safe was to get the job done yourself.

“I can’t!” he shouted.

“Why not?” you demanded, voice reaching the same volume as his.

“This is why!” He covered the distance between you and grabbed your waist, pulling you into him. He kissed you with such fierce passion, you were taken aback. It felt so real. You truly felt as though this man loved you and wanted to protect you.

Losing yourself in the moment, you began kissing him back, though not as intensely. Still kissing, he began to back you up until you felt your legs hit the bed. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him.

You expected once you became Alex and got into the scene, you’d be fine. Unfortunately, your real self came crashing back just as Jensen set you down on the bed.

You dragged yourself to the other side of the bed, shaking your head and muttering, “Sorry,” repeatedly.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, a look of concern replacing the calm, self-assured mask he wore as Dean.

“I’m sorry, I can do this. I just need a minute,” you said, more to yourself than to him.

“Look, if you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to do this,” he sat down across from you slowly, trying not to upset you further by making you more uncomfortable. “I can talk to the writers, maybe get them to change it so it’s more platonic.”

“I want to be able to do this. I’m an actor! It’s my job!” You had surprised even yourself with that outburst.

“What do you think is holding you back?” Jensen asked calmly, getting to the heart of the matter.

“I’m just- I’m nervous. I’m used to romance and making out or whatever, but I’ve never done a- well, a sex scene,” you admitted timidly.

“If you decide to go through with this, we can work on it as much as you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable and ready. You’ll be fine. And if you don’t want to, we can definitely work things out.” He gave you a gentle smile, making you feel a bit better.

“I’d like to do it. It was this awkward the first time I did a kissing scene but now it’s no big deal. If I can get one under my belt, I’ll be fine.” You made eye contact briefly before looking away again. “But could you maybe give me some pointers? I mean, you do this all the time. You make it look so easy.”

He considered this for a moment. “The biggest thing is practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets. And if you have a good relationship with the other person, professional or personal, that makes it easier.”

“We’re already part of the way there,” you noted.

“Yes we are.” He paused for a beat. “Are you okay to try it again? I can tone it down this time and take it slower if you want.”

You nodded and he stood up, offering you a hand. You accepted and he pulled you up.

“You’re going to be great. We can rehearse as much as you want.”

Nerves sufficiently calmed after talking to Jensen, you both went on to work on the scene a few more times.

By the time you actually had to film it, you nailed it on the first shot.