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shipping so many fictional characters has got me seeing ships everywhere in real life
  • Me(about classmates):so... those two are totally dating
  • Friend:...how d'you know?
  • Me:Oh puh-leeze! They are so using the same technique my otp used when they wanted the fandom to believe they were not canon. I see RIGHT through those tricks, ya hear me??? In another 100 pages or2 seasons you'll see I'm right! NON BELIEVERS CAN SEE HOW WRONG THEY ARE! BEWARE NON BELIEVERS!
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Me:I need help don't I?

The Man Who Loses Everything: Part 3

Remus: *stands outside of Number Four Privet Drive* 

Remus: *stares at the door, heart racing* 

*muted shuffling is heard inside, then the door is thrown open*

Petunia: *wrinkles her nose at the state of Remus’s clothes* May I help you?

Petunia: *bristles* Mrs. Dursley. 

Petunia: *glances around, making sure the street is empty* *hisses* How dare you come here.

Remus: M-Mrs. Dursley I… WAIT!

Remus: *frantic* *raises his voice so he can be heard in the house* … Mrs. Dursley, I just want to see Harry, just for a moment. *voice cracks as he struggles to remain calm* Lily was one of my dearest friends-

Petunia: *muffled from behind the locked door* I don’t care! I won’t have your kind barging into my home, endangering my family with your horrid, freakish abilities! 

Remus: I just want to-


Petunia: *screams, slamming her fists against the door* LEAVE!!!

Remus: *weakly* … Don’t take Harry from me too. 

Remus: *gasps as the door suddenly glows, cracking and splitting down the middle, revealing Petunia’s wide, terrified eye on the other side* 


Petunia: *her voice trembling* Leave us alone… y-you vile monster. 

Remus: *hand slowly drops down by his side, hanging limply*  

*Remus takes a few unsteady steps back. With one final look at Privet Drive, he disapparates, leaving the quiet street behind*  


  • Sirius:[being disturbingly still]
  • Lily:[to Remus] Whats wrong with him?
  • Remus:He's trying to behave himself.
  • Lily:....why?
  • Remus:He and James have a bet going with me... whomever gets detention first loses and has to be my study partner for the OWLs. [gesturing to a twitching James] I'm not sure it's going so well...
  • Lily:You mean he's not usually this twitchy? I never noticed...
  • James:[yelling] I HEARD THAT!
  • McGonagall:Mr Potter, since you seem to want to disrupt my lecture I will see you in detention Friday Evening.
  • Sirius:[rather loudly] HA!!! I WIN!!!
  • McGonagall:You too Mr. Black.
  • Sirius:damn....

last four requests, all the requests were such a fun to draw! thank you a lot, guys! :3

Sam and Sam for mrblanchett (who wanted Sam Vimes but did not specify, so here are both because I love them so much ♥)
Ran and Hibi for iracher (sorry I don’t know anime Slayers, but I couldn’t refuse request for drawing my favorite manga, there is lot of them though, but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is certainly one them <3)
Luke for Anonymous (I’m so glad I’ve finally got opportunity to draw him, I have always been so in love with him :D)
and the book scene where the trio goes to visit dog Sirius during their hogsmead trip for zoosemiotics :3

I’m so sorry to all of you whose requests I didn’t manage to draw, maybe next time ^^