will post the hq version of this at some point!!!

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Would you please 🙏 post these video again in YouTube 😁 cause I cant find it. Thanks!


Hey hun:)….We posted the whole video more than a year ago here on the blog and not on YT and we specifically pointed that they are NOT holding hands. It’s pretty obvious actually, we have it in HQ and is a longer version. Plus is basic logic they wouldn’t do it when they have the camera in front of them.

Apparently some people on IG like ‘dakidamielove’ on IG love to put ‘little hand signs’ to show things that DON’T exist which good for her(lol) if she’s into that stuff, but when OUR tag is on the video and anyone can download it from her like this and share then it’s shown that WE put the ‘hand’ and we appear like saying they’re holding hands which is NOT the case.

So… sorry, we’ll choose to not post it if some out there love creating false impressions with OUR tag on it.  Hope you guys understand♥♥