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College AU! Yoongi - Photography Major

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Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok

A/N: School has started and I’m also very sick so updates/posts will probably be every other week as I don’t have much time to write anymore :(

This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • So Yoongi is a photography major
  • Who has a final project on capturing something that’s beautiful
  • He hears people in his class whispering about what they’re going to photograph; the list mostly consisting of nature and the sky. Hell, even food
  • He’s unsure what he wants to do the project on so he decides to just sleep on it and wait for it to come to him
  • But he still has to go to his last class of the day, biology
  • And when he walks in, his eyes instantly fall on you and it suddenly hits him
  • You have to be what he photographs for his project
  • So after class he casually walks up to you as you’re packing your things up
  • And nonchalantly asks if you’d be his model for some “lame project” he has to do for his photography class
  • Oh Yoongi, ever the cool guy
  • You already know of Min Yoongi before his proposal
  • With his handsome face and mint green hair
  • He kinda stands out
  • So you’re taken aback that he wants you to be his model
  • You don’t know why you agree but you do
  • Even though you know nothing about photography or pictures or modeling
  • So you voice your concern to Yoongi but he just waves it off and says there’s nothing that you need to worry about
  • He has you scribble your number on his arm in your bright purple pen, says he’ll call you and walks away afterwards
  • A few days pass before you get a call from an unknown number
  • Turns out it’s Yoongi and he wants to start his project today
  • It took a few days cause Yoongi didn’t wanna seem desperate and wanted to be as cool as always
  • So you guys plan a time and he tells you to meet him at some park close to campus
  • When you arrive, you find Yoongi fiddling with a giant camera and some other foreign equipment you’ve never seen before
  • You weren’t sure what to wear to meet him but judging by the way he scans your body
  • You assume you have the wrong attire
  • Yoongi doesn’t say anything, just grabs your wrist and walks you away from the park
  • He tells you to lead him to your dorm where he rummages through your closet, throwing clothes at you
  • He purposely throws them at your face to get a reaction out of you ‘cause he thinks you’re cute with your now messed up hair and pouting lips
  • Eventually he pulls out some simple dresses you forgot you even had
  • Hence why they were buried DEEP in the back of your closet
  • You bring them all to the park
  • And your shoot begins
  • It’s very awkward and you’re very tense at the beginning and you can tell Yoongi is getting frustrated with you
  • It’s actually very cute seeing him like that
  • Pouty, frowning lips
  • Fingers pulling and tugging at his mint hair
  • Yoongi doesn’t voice his frustration but instead cracks jokes and teases you to get you to lighten up and calm down
  • It actually works ???
  • Fast forward about a week
  • You and Yoongi have daily shoots, whether planned or not but usually the latter
  • Meaning you’ve spent so much time with the boy casually
  • At the beginning it seemed Yoongi was nothing more than brash and blunt and rude
  • With his constant teasing and insults and sass
  • You quickly realize that it’s just a front and he’s actually super sweet and caring
  • Like when he asks if you’ve eaten yet or tells you to text him when you’re home safe
  • Yoongi tells it how it is, whether you want it or not
  • And you recognize finally that you need that in your life
  • He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want
  • He’s basically a breath of fresh air and a positive being in your life that you truly need
  • And want
  • You guys decide to just go to random places around your campus and Yoongi just happens to bring his camera
  • Coffee Shops
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Even around your dorms
  • One night Yoongi texts you an address and tells you to meet him there the next day
  • When you arrive, you find out that it’s actually Yoongi’s studio
  • A place where no one is typically allowed
  • You’re so touched and honored that he allowed you to come to his safe and quiet place, the place he goes to escape the real world filled with responsibilities and stress that you tear up a little and get soft
  • Yoongi is very confused by your sudden hug and behavior but accepts it anyway
  • You don’t notice but he thinks you look beautiful in the dim lighting of the studio, concentrating on his work
  • So he takes your picture slyly every chance he can get without you noticing
  • You get so comfortable around Yoongi that when you two are just strolling around campus, you run up to a bench and just lay on it and tell him to snap your photo
  • “Paparazzi, take my picture.”
  • He proceeds to call you an idiot but takes your picture anyway and smiles
  • Days go by and Yoongi realizes he has a ton of photos of you to go through and he doesn’t actually need anymore
  • But that doesn’t stop you guys from hanging out and you having a movie night in his dorm
  • You actually fall asleep on his shoulder while you’re both lounging on the couch
  • Yoongi just has a gummy smile on his face as he gently lays a blanket over the both of you and just falls asleep with his head resting on yours
  • He surprisingly wakes up before you and when he looks down he’s just awe struck with how beautiful and peaceful you look while sleeping
  • The sunlight streaming through the window is hitting your face perfectly, your lips just barely opened as even breaths escape, the way your dark eyelashes fan out across your cheek
  • Yoongi thinks that this is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and can’t help but snatch his camera off the table and snap your picture
  • He ends up using that picture as the main focus of his project when he submits it to his professor
  • He realizes that he could potentially fail if his professor doesn’t understand what Yoongi sees but he doesn’t give a single shit because he knows that you are the most beautiful thing that could ever be submitted
  • It didn’t matter what you were doing
  • Whether it was blowing on your coffee, laying awkwardly on a park bench, looking at other photographs, running your fingers over the spine of books, or sleeping
  • You were the most beautiful thing he could ever dream to capture
  • When he tells you that his project is over, you’re unsure where that leaves you two
  • Were you guys done now that his project was?
  • Yoongi just laughs at the face you make, thinking it to be real funny and cute that you assumed he just wanted to take pictures of some random stranger for a “lame project”
  • He can’t resist himself but to grip your face in between his hands and tug you closer to him where he plants a kiss on your nose
  • Then on your forehead
  • You’re frozen to place as your eyes bug out to just stare at his cool expression
  • He gently places his forehead on your own and his voice is nothing but a whisper
  • “Saying my project was lame may have been…uh, a little wrong. It was on something that was beautiful.”
  • He waits until you register his words and before you can speak, he continues
  • “Y/N, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and when I went through all the pictures I have of you, it just proved that. Although my pictures don’t do you justice. Hell, I don’t think the best photographer in the world could capture just how beautiful you are.”
  • You actually tear up at his words
  • He jokes and says that, “Oh shit, nevermind. Guess no one can look beautiful while crying.”
  • You punch his arm and he makes it up by grabbing your face again and kissing you
  • Surprisingly Yoongi’s professor seemed to understand just what Yoongi saw as he passed his project with a fantastic grade
  • You demanded that he show you the picture he used for his project
  • And when he does, you just yell
  • “Why did you take a picture of me when I was sleeping?!”
  • “‘Cause you looked so terrifying that I thought I could sell it to some paranormal activity guys and make a quick buck.”
  • “Min Yoongi!”


When It’s Her - Detective! Jung Hoseok X Reader - Part 1


I’m sorry for the wait but tumblr is just a mess for me. If you knew what I have to go through just to post one part you’d understand. I love you guys for being patient and waiting for this eagerly.

Get ready because our hope and sunshine is here as a detective!
Thank you for reading!

Part 1 - Here

“We have another missing persons case except it seems this one was taken from her own home. She was gone for four days before anyone decided to call the police, god knows why they’d wait that long… if that was my friend, she’d be reported missing within the first twenty four hours.”

Jung Hoseok’s senior and long-time friend Kim Namjoon slapped a file upon his desk, eyebrows furrowed in disapproval.

“Isn’t twenty four hours a bit too early? Normally, no one bothers to check up on me unless it’s been a good forty eight.”

Pushing back off his desk, Hoseok leaned towards the freshly printed files, flicking through the still slightly warm papers.

“Hoseok. You’re a private investigator who works almost all hours of the day. No one wants to interrupt your work.” Namjoon hovered above the form of his friend with his arms crossed, awaiting for Hoseok’s acceptance of the case.

“I guess you’re right… hey, why doesn’t Yoongi take this case? I just finished one of my own a few days ago.”

If anything, Hoseok believed he deserved at least the rest of the week off. The thought of jumping right into another case was already draining him and he hadn’t even accepted it.

“I would have discussed this case with Yoongi if the man was anywhere to be seen right now. He went on break an hour and a half ago and has yet to return. Probably is off sleeping in his car…” Namjoon muttered the last sentence under his breath, a small glare finding its way onto his face.

Hoseok sighed, a grin spreading across his face. Typical Yoongi.

“Anyway, aren’t you just trying to get out of duty so you can meet up with that girl… what’s her name again?”

A pout surfaced on Hoseok’s lips and he scowled, understanding what Namjoon was getting at.

“I don’t know… I’m getting to that! It’s just, every-time we meet each other we always get interrupted so I’ve never actually asked for her name…”

A raspy chuckle escaped from within Namjoon causing Hoseok’s scowl to deepen before he briefly read through the file placed before him.

“So, her name’s Y/N, she’s twenty-five years old, lives alone… do we have a photo yet?”

Namjoon motioned towards the back of the room with his head, eyes remains trained on the open file.

“Still waiting on it.”

“I think Jimin would be better than me for this particular case. He’s great with these. The last kidnapping case he took up was solved in more or less two weeks.”

Hoseok began shuffling the papers, rearranging them into the neat position they came and packed them back into the beige folder. After doing so, he closed said folded and leant back in his seat, stretching out his arms and taking pleasure in the pleasant cracks that accompanied his action.

“If you say so. I’ll-“

“Kim, here’s the photo you asked for.” A fellow colleague known as Yoon Jin-Sun interrupted the casual conversation to hand a picture to Namjoon, who immediately placed it on top of the new file. He then playfully saluted both men with one gloved hand before returning to his desk.

“Ah, this is the girl.”

A quick scan over the photo made Hoseok’s eyes widen drastically, hands snatching the file from his desk.

“This is-! No, you’ve got the wrong photo! This has to be a prank, this isn’t funny Namjoon!”

As Hoseok frantically shouted out, Namjoon rounded his desk, confusion clearly displayed on his face as he too took in the sight of the girl in the photo.

“What are you talking about Hoseok? This is Y/N. Calm down.”

“How can I calm down when this is her!? This is my…” Being at a loss for words, Hoseok trailed off. It only took a couple of seconds for Namjoon to understand the extent of the situation at hand, his intelligence working with him. A remorseful expression dawned upon Namjoon’s face at his sudden enlightenment.

“Oh- this…. this is her? You’re friend?” Unable to reply, Hoseok simply picked up the photo, drawing it closer to his eyes. He silently stared until his eyes grew blurry with unshed tears, hoping that by some miracle, the girl present in the photo would miraculously change before before his very eyes.

“It really is her…”

Sensing Hoseok’s mood spiralling down, Namjoon straightened his back and cleared his throat, gaining said mans attention.

“I’ll inform Jimin of the situation and ask if he woul-“

“No.” Namjoon was cut off by Hoseok’s stern voice. He had initially seen this coming; Hoseok would definitely take part in this case now that he had discovered how he is related to the abductee. The only problem was that it was simply not logical to place him under this particular case. It seemed Hoseok had seen right through Namjoon’s facial expressions as his eyebrows furrowed in a way that dared him to challenge him.

“Hoseok, you know it’s not allowed. Your emotions will almost definitely get in the way of your task, ruining your chances of finding her. You’ll end up hating yourself for it. It’s happened before.”

“It’s never happened in our department and I won’t let it happen now.” The firm assurance that coated his words deterred Namjoon from his decision and the man faltered with his confident posture.

“Hoseok, how can you be sure? I can’t put you out there when you’re like this.”

“Sometimes, emotion is key to cases such as this. It acts as motivation and drives you to work harder, look deeper even, for the clues that would normally be concealed. I… I’m not going to let this go. If you don’t allow me to partake in this then I’ll just have to take leave and do my own investigation.”

Seeing the pure, unyielding determination gleaming behind Hoseok’s eyes, Namjoon released a sigh of defeat. Turning on his heel, he only replied to Hoseok when he had rounded his desk and began on his way back to his office.

“Do not let anyone know about your connection to this incident. I may have let you off this one time but I don’t know if you will be able to sway the higher ups and if they find out, we’re both in deep shit.”

Although a shock of relief and joy had racked Hoseok’s body, he could not bring himself to smile. He simply gripped the file with new found passion, silently thanking Namjoon for his approval.

There was no way he could repay him for his tolerance of his unprofessional behaviour. Hopefully, he understood how grateful he truly was.


Although Namjoon had given his approval on Hoseok taking on your case, he had also assigned him a partner. Luckily for him, it happened to be someone he was familiar with having worked on cases together in the past.

“Jin-Sun, have you found anything yet?”

Said man was busy dusting the surfaces of the furniture in your room for fingerprints though with no luck. The first task Hoseok had set Jin-Sun and himself was to visit your apartment, the place where you had unsuspectingly been taken from. Hoseok was currently searching through the bags of evidence that had been collected a few hours prior to their arrival.

“I’ve found quite a few but judging by how small the fingers seem to be it’s most probably her own. Other than that, there’s nothing else.”

Just as Jin-Sun finished his last sentence, Hoseok zipped up the final bag, heaving a heavy sigh and clenching his fists. He had to remain calm. It was a must.

“It doesn’t seem like we’ll discover much from her apartment. Aside from the indications of a struggle from the broken objects that sat on her dresser, everything else was left untouched. It’s like he walked in, grabbed her from her room and left straight away…”

Running a hand through his hair, Hoseok glanced around your room for the umpteenth time that day before nodding his head.

“We’ll leave the rest here to the police. There not going to do much except seal of the apartment and since there’s nothing more to find, there’s no point wasting any more time here.”

Jin-Sun relieved himself from his crouching position, stretching his arms out and sighing in relief before taking a step towards Hoseok.

“So where to next?”

Already halfway out of the door, Hoseok threw his reply over his shoulder.

“Her work.”

“The really popular café… ‘Latte Da’, right?”

Throwing a quick glance towards Jin-Sun, he raised a curious eyebrow at the younger man.

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“I read up on her file before we left.”

Ah, makes sense.


Arriving at their destination, Hoseok pushed open the clear glass door leading into the café, the chime of the bells upon the door giving him a sense of familiarity. He often made it his goal to visit Latte Da at least once a week, whether it was alone or with a colleague. The way her smile would instantly reach her eyes and the sudden gleam held within them always made his heart do leaps of joy. To be the cause of such a joyous expression was something he took pride in.

Now, she was replaced by her co-worker, who droned out a melancholy good morning once he reached the counter, Jin-Sun seating himself at a window seat. He would have taken some sort of offence towards the greeting if he hadn’t known the true reason behind it. She happened to be somewhat close with this particular co-worker, who would always playfully nudge her and shoot her knowing looks whenever Hoseok came to visit.

Once said co-worker realised who had reached the counter, her eyes widened for a fraction of a second before her expression took on a more sad look. Hoseok offered her a grim smile to which a glimmer of confusion shone in her eyes.

“You’re here for Y/N, right? She’s not here today and she’s not answering her calls… honestly, we don’t know where she is.”

His heart clenched at the thought of having to reveal the news that she was missing to a friend of hers.

“I know she’s not here… I know what happened to her.”

Hoseok’s words brought a hopeful smile to her face and she leaned forward slightly, eager to discover the whereabouts of her friend. When she was greeted with a solemn look, she understood the severity of the situation and quickly shuffled to the staff room. A few words were exchanged between her and what appeared to be her boss before an older man stepped out and behind the counter. She thoughtlessly grabbed two cups of water before turning back to face Hoseok.

“Um- I’m on break now. Is there… is there something wrong?”

Following her to one of the more secluded tables, he seated himself across from her before getting straight to the point. He felt rigid, his mind going blank. He wasn’t sure what to say, so he simply let the first words flow out without much thought and he mentally praised himself for taking the professional response over the emotional.

“Good morning. You are a friend of Y/F/N, correct?”

He quickly recalled her name from within Y/N’s file. Lee Min-Young, a colleague and somewhat close friend of hers.

“I’m detective Jung Hoseok, currently investigating the abduction of Y/F/N. Miss Lee, Is there any information you may have that could possibly link to her abduction?”

Min-Young did not react to her cup hitting the table whilst she was in the midst of lifting it to her lips nor did she react to the crisp cold water hitting her work attire. The most reaction he had managed to catch was the slow blink of her eyelids, her attempt to register his words painfully obvious. Hoseok watched on as a shattered expression slowly replaced the nervous one she had been harbouring only seconds before.

“…Abduction?” She choked back laughter, though there was no amusement present and the tears welling up in her eyes gave away how she really felt. Just like Hoseok, she hoped, wished even, that this was all a sick joke.

“Mr. Jung, now is not the time to be joking around.” Despite her words, her eyes had begun to leak the tears she had so desperately tried to hold back. Lips trembling, Min-Young’s tone rose with her next words.

“What motive would there be to kidnap Y/N? She’s just an innocent civilian, trying to work and make something of herself! Who would want to take that away from her!?”

Though she was not shouting at the highest volume capable, Min-Young still managed to attract the attention of some customers, including Jin-Sun who made his way over to the table the two were currently occupying.

“Miss Lee, I know it may be hard to take this information in but please calm down. If there is anything that might help our investigation, please tell us.”

Jin-Sun’s deathly calm voice cut through the tense atmosphere Min-Young had created, said woman glaring at him with tears running down her face. She seemed to be debating with herself whether to snap at Jin-Sun or not. The better side of her clouded judgment ended up winning.

“You guys know just as much as I do. She… She’s just a normal girl which is probably something you can both already tell when you come in for your morning coffees.”

Hoseok glanced up at Jin-Sun in confusion, said man giving him a sad smile.

“I come here often for coffee. They make the best.”

Nodding in agreement, he returned his undivided attention to Min-Young who had yet to stop her tears from falling.

“I can’t really help. All I can say is that you’re welcome to search her work locker if you feel the need to, though she doesn’t really use it much…”

Shooting Min-Young a curt nod, Hoseok raised himself from his seat, following her towards the staff room. When she reached the lockers standing y’all by the farthest wall, she pointed towards the second to last locker and Hoseok stepped up to it.

“It’s locked right now. I’ll get the master key…”

She begun searching for the key stored within a cabinet and drew it out, speedily unlocking Y/N’s locker. Hoseok steadily twisted the handle, heart pounding in anticipation.

What would be inside her locker? Would it just be spare work clothes or would she have hidden secrets, things he probably wouldn’t want to know?

No, I’m looking too deep into this.

Shaking the negative thoughts from his head, he proceeded to completely reveal the contents of the locker. Sure enough, there was a spare work apron and a few sticky notes stuck onto the inside of the locker door.

‘Don’t forget to feed Eul!’

‘Collect Jae’s parcel on the way home.’

‘Perfect the latte macchiato for ‘him’!’

He couldn’t help the painful throb that accompanied his shock at the final note. Peeling it off the door, he blankly stared at the neatly scrawled handwriting, a sorrowful smile replacing the set line he had before.


“Good morning! Let me guess… just the usual?”

The bright smile she had presented Hoseok drew a giant grin out of the man, who slowly shook his head. The confusion that lit her bright eyes made him chuckle and he placed double the money he usually did on the counter.

“Well yes, the usual latte macchiato and… what’s your favourite drink?”

The next expression to cross her face was surprise, not being used to such a question from Hoseok. She bit her lip in contemplation after she recovered from her initial shock, an action which he inscribed into his mind.

“I guess it would have to be the caffé mocha. Would you like that too?” He eagerly nodded, ecstatic that he had learned something new about her despite it being a detail so small. As she punched in his order, her co-worker Min-Young got to making the drinks, a knowing smirk on her face.

When both drinks were placed in front of Hoseok, he quickly shuffled back to Y/N, grin growing at the slight widening of her eyes.

“Oh, did I… did I put the wrong order in?”

No, I wouldn’t even care if you did.

“Nope. When’s your break?”

His forwardness caught her off guard and she choked, a faint pink dusting her cheeks due to the embarrassment.

“I-I’m not really sure. Maybe-“ A hand suddenly clamped down on her shoulder causing her to jump in surprise. Min-Young’s smirking face instantly appeared from behind her and she began pushing Y/N towards the counters swinging doors.

“Ki-Yong is taking over. You’re on break now.” She stuttered as she was forced to leave the serving area, a slightly younger man immediately replacing her behind the counter.

Upon reaching Hoseok’s joyous form, she began playing with her necklace in a coy manner. The delicate smile that was playing on her lips along with the way a curtain of hair fell over the side of her face had Hoseok’s face heating up and his heart thumping against his rib cage painfully.

He was sure he had the upper hand when it came to making the other blush so why was he having an extremely hard time preventing his own from spreading?

“Hey, I happen to have a spare caffé mocha. Want to join me?”

She dropped her necklace and lifted her head to meet his gaze, sporting a bright grin which he returned.

“I’d love to. That just so happens to be my favourite drink.”

After she accepted his invitation, they had sat down together and mindlessly made conversation over any subject that came to light. Half an hour had flown by and he decided to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind since he had first sat down with her.

“What’s your nam-“

Just as his question had finally reached his lips, her colleague Ki-Yong had tapped her shoulder with a small smile present on his face.

“Breaks over. Boss said he needs me back in the staff room for help.”

Hoseok was met with an apologetic look and she raised herself off her seat, giving him a small wave and a cheerful ‘thank you’.

After she had returned to work, he was called into work and immediately had to leave. It was only when he reached his desk, a broad grin on his face, that he realised he had failed to get her name. Again.

But it didn’t matter to him. Not when it’s her.

♛ just friends ♛

sideman | josh x reader (x simon)
trigger warnings | smut
requested? | Okay the imagine was where Y/n is dating Josh but she always previously dated guys that are tall and slim like Simon and she is best friends with Simon and one day she goes out on a friend day with him while Josh is at home , busy and she posts loads of selfies and cute bff things with Simon and Josh gets super insecure so when y/n gets home , she finds out and then they shower/bath together and she confesses that he’s perfect and then fluffy cute smut maybe ?? And cuddling after . I love you x

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Monsta X revealing themselves to you after working in a mascot costume.

Requested by: vickyxmelonlove

Author’s note: I wasn’t especially sure what to file this under since it’s about halfway between a scenario and proper reaction post, but maybe I’m overthinking it. This will be filed under reactions for future reference. 


He would be wearing a bear mascot costume, working hard to promote the store he was working for as you handed out popsicles to child after child. Although not your favorite thing, it was rewarding to see all the children grinning and at least you weren’t the mascot guy? Shownu was sweating devastatingly hard under all of the fabric and padding, but he continued to take photos with everyone who asked without a fight. Periodically, he’d crack a lame joke at you or do a fun little dance to try and get your attention. The two of you would exchange shy laughter and force yourselves to converse about trivial things. When the day came to a close you would take a cute selca with him in the costume, both holding up peace signs sweetly next to each other. Shownu would then pull the head off of his own, sweat dripping from each strand of hair and his face flushed from the heat. You couldn’t help but laugh a little, especially since he looked much more like an actual bear than a teddy bear. After noticing your surprise, he would question you over and over.

“Did you seriously not know it was me?” Thoroughly convinced you had to be joking as he continued to bug you. The two of you would end the day by sharing the last two half-melted popsicles together on a bench, fingers slyly inching toward each other.


Wonho would probably be enjoying this whole thing far more than he would care to admit, letting all the kids tug on the ears of his puppy costume and play with his tail. He would probably talk in a high pitched voice to everyone but you and when the kids were away, he would make greasy jokes about wanting you to put him on a leash. More of a dog than a puppy, you thought inwardly, sneering at him playfully. Whoever this guy was, you couldn’t help but admit that he was fun to toy with. With all the families around it was nice to have a distraction, even if it was some kid that couldn’t pronounce words properly and was trying really hard to be slick. Wonho would periodically tell children and parents alike that you were his “owner” knowing fully well that you could overhear every word as you kept an eye the event. You couldn’t tell if you should have stayed home or not. As the sun started to set the two of you began to clean up wrappers tossed in the grass and cups left out, excited at the prospect of going home for the night. Wonho had taken off the head of his puppy costume, but he was facing the opposite direction as he helped you pick up. The two of you almost bumped heads as you were scouring the ground and looked up to make eye contact simultaneously.

“W-Wonho?” You exclaimed, watching a smirk form on his lips due to the close proximity.

“Yeah, what’s up? Are you falling for me?” He teased, brushing off your shock easily as he finished up the work. Needless to say, he would buy you dinner that night and make a lot of sleazy comments at the wrong times.


He would arguably be the best at being a mascot (maybe only second to Jooheon) due to his sunshine-like personality. Minhyuk would be decked out in something incredibly adorable, most likely a white-haired rabbit with a cute bowtie. He would use the large floppy ears to his advantage, making jokes about how he could use them to fly away. Minhyuk would also love to whisper puns in your ear, his own little way of flirting.
“What do you call a happy bunny?”
“I don’t know, what?”
“A hoptimist.”
He would also continually beg you to put your hair in pigtails so you could ‘match’. You didn’t necessarily mind him, but boy, that kid could talk more hours. Throughout the day, you weren’t sure if you had heard him take a breath between sentences or not. Minhyuk handled the crowd well, though and made sure no one left without a pamphlet or a grin on their faces. During break, you ran to the store across the street to buy some chilled drinks and dutifully brought a couple extra for the friendly bunny, who you were sure was struggling because of the heat. No matter the weather, you couldn’t not sweat in all those clothes. He thanked you sweetly, removing the mascot head and collapsing to sit criss-cross on the pavement. Your eyes widened as they met the blonde hair, scanning over his features. Minhyuk tilted his head playfully, a large smile lighting up his face.
“Are you surprised?” He mused, sipping at his drink with his fluffy mascot hands still on. You two spent the rest of the break getting ready to hand out more pamphlets and trying to come up with more puns.
“What kinds of stories do bunnies like?”
“I don’t know, Minhyuk.”
“The ones with hoppy endings!”


Kihyun would be dressed in a kitty mascot costume, complete with tiny cute ears and a round belly. The two of you would be advertising the restaurant’s seafood menu diligently. It was a bit disappointing that you had to hire someone that wasn’t an employee for your mascot, but he was very polite and working really hard, so there was no way you could complain. Plus, the costume was really cute and totally your taste. You couldn’t help but want to tease the stranger and ended up playing with him quite a bit, neglecting the advertisement to fawn over Kihyun’s kitty form. You were sure you had made him do aegyo about thirty times and had called him cute over a hundred, but both of you were having fun and he seemed to blossom under all the attention. This duo had attracted a lot of publicity due to the playful atmosphere between the two of you, and probably all the shouting you had done about how cute he looked in his costume. By the time your shifts were over at the event, you were dying to go home and take a long shower. Kihyun had jogged to a corner store around the block and he returned with a large grin, waving you down. 

“W-Wait… You’re.. That Kihyun?”
“Is Kihyun that common of a name? I had no idea.” He hummed, eyebrows furrowing a little at your exclamation. Kihyun would walk you home after that, and you definitely make sure to get the directions wrong more than once.


Hyungwon would poke at his small antlers gently, still getting used to the extra height atop his head. You wouldn’t be able to stop the laugh that bubbled up from your stomach at the giant cartoon-ish deer in front of you.

“I hate to say this, but I can’t believe they casted you as our mascot. Are you sure you’re supposed to be a deer and not a tree?” You teased, looking up at the tall man in front of you.

“The antlers don’t help.” He pouted. Not only was he hugely tall, his voice was also deep.

Who did this? This is best joke of the year. You thought inwardly, having to turn away and cover your mouth with your hands to keep from laughing. The person who hired his boy had a good sense of humor. You tried to continue your work peacefully, but it was hard to keep your cool with Hyungwon trying to be cute and his building-like figure hovering over the children. This kid would be more cut out for CF filmings. Periodically you could hear Hyungwon mumble under his breath about needing to try harder or about he really was no good at this whole mascot thing. You smiled coyly before waving him over to have a break with you.

“You can take that stupid head off for a while, let’s take a little break. It’s not good to attempt being a cute character when you’re frustrated.” Said deer nodded obediently at your works, dragging himself over to sit beside you and cradling the costume head in his arms. Your eyes scanned over his model-like features, something clicking in your mind. Despite your shock at the fact you had been with Hyungwon all day, you kept it under wraps and attempted to continue casually. “Maybe next time instead of a deer, you should try modeling.” You smiled, earning a light laugh from the man sitting beside you. That break never ended up resuming back into work and despite the consequences sure to come, you and Hyungwon ended up ditching the hot weather to go get iced coffee together.


He would be decked out in a monkey costume, doing the world’s greatest aegyo to every little girl that passed, as well as acting fun for the younger boys, and flirting with the ahjummas. Jooheon catered to everyone’s needs, not only pulling huge groups of people because of his attitude, but also because of the games he would play. This kid practically was controlling the crowd with his assets. Every now and then, he brought you into the fun, pretending to take have “caught your nose” which would send your hands flying over your face by instinct. Jooheon not only thought it was hilarious to mess with you, but also quite cute. The banter between you two was flawless, neither one of you missing a beat with each other or the people around. Picture after picture was taken with Jooheon and you smiled happily, grabbing him quickly away to take one with you too. You puffed out your cheeks in the photo, Jooheon poking your cheek with his hand, still clad in the cute monkey glove. Before you could even put your phone back into your pocket, Jooheon was pulling out his own and forming half of heart with his hand. You quickly completed it, smiling wide as the animated shutter clicked. He got back to work soon after, but you couldn’t help wondering about what kind of guy he was under all that aegyo. Later that evening you had discovered Jooheon’s phone laying on a table, undisturbed. Playing a little prank shouldn’t hurt anyone, right? You opened it, content with the fact that he had no passcode and began snooping through his photos only to be shocked by several quite familiar selcas in his camera roll.

“Jooheon?” You muttered softly, furrowing your brow and quickly getting your business done before setting the phone back on the table. Unbeknownst to you, Jooheon had quite a similar plan. You both would return home to realize the other not only changed the lock screen to your photo together, but had entered their number into the contacts.

“Did he really save his contact under ‘Monkey’?”


Changkyun would not only show up about thirty minutes late, but also in the wrong mascot outfit. Instead of being something cute and lovable, you gawked as he sauntered up in a sort of odd bird hybrid. I really don’t understand this concept… You would think to yourself, scratching the back of your head in confusion. In the end, you decided not to question it, writing it off as an eccentric move by your boss. Changkyun’s only job for the day was to attract customers and hand out balloons with the name of the franchise you worked for branded across the front. By the time it was noon, he had fallen about twice, and accidently lost ten different balloons while trying to hand them out.
“I’m sorry, I really can’t grip with these weird hands!” He exclaimed, apologizing excessively and bowing deeply to you. You let it slide, deciding to work side by side with him as to prevent any further accidents. The two of you were let off of work earlier than expected, probably due to the lack of actual advertising going on since the two of you ended up having more fun listening to your voice after you sucked helium about of the balloons. You and Changkyun retreated from the event venue with a couple balloons he had saved to play with. He pulled off his bird head excitedly, turning around and sucking a ton of helium before trying to put his cutest display of aegyo for you.

“Im Changkyun, was it seriously you inside of this stupid thing all along?” You would scold him, immune to his aegyo. Eventually after some playful arguing, Changkyun would ditch the crazy bird suit, and the two of you would decide to wreak havoc somewhere else in the city.

Hollow - Finale

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Finale

Word Count: 3,284

Summary: He was always busy, leaving you feeling hollow.

A/N: this is the final part for hollow and i just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been following along this story! 

Jinyoung hated to admit it, but something had definitely changed.

As the both of you were visiting the night market, it was obvious that your attention was elsewhere. There was a far-away look in your eyes and it seemed like you were searching the crowd for something.

‘No,’ Jinyoung corrected himself. ‘Someone.’

He knew you were looking for Jimin, albeit it was probably unintentional. Although it hurt to know that you were thinking of another man while he was there, he was determined to keep your attention.

“Y/N! Let’s get some shaved ice,” Jinyoung suggested, tugging you through the crowd and towards the shaved ice stand he had spotted earlier. Jinyoung kept his head lowered in hopes that no one would recognize him. He had brought a face mask, but wanted to spend the night free of worrying over fans and just give Y/N his full attention.

“One mango shaved ice, please,” you ordered, ignoring Jinyoung’s protests when you pulled out money to pay. “Relax, you don’t have to pay for every meal, jagi.”

His face turned red involuntary. It was unusual hearing you use any endearing nicknames in public, you liked to save it for when the both of you were in private.

The both of you picked away at the shaved ice, fighting over the mangoes as you guys absentmindedly browsed the booths. A booth caught your eye and you told Jinyoung to go buy some food.

“Okay, let’s go.” You shook your head, unlooping your arms.

“Actually, I’m going to go buy something real quick while you buy food. Meet me back here in fifteen?” Jinyoung was hesitant to leave you alone, but eventually agreed as you were practically shoving him in the direction of the food stands.

Once Jinyoung was far enough, you darted back over to the couple booth you had spotted. Exchanging a few words with the owner, you gazed at all the cute couple phone cases they were selling. Your fingers hovered over a few different designs, contemplating which would be best.

Finally settling on a phone case with colors similar to GOT7′s most recent album ‘FLY’, you purchased the pastel cases and picked up two small identical key chains to loop through the case. The tiny puppies reminded you perfectly of Jinyoung.

“Y/N!” You turned to see Jinyoung approaching. Hiding the bag behind your back, you joined Jinyoung.

“Can I see your phone for a second?” you asked innocently, holding out your hand for it. Jinyoung raised an eyebrow but handed it over. You grinned mischievously as you pried his old case off and replaced it with the new one. Jinyoung, still confused as to what was happening, watched you loop the doggy key chain through the corner of the case before handing it back to him and doing the same to your phone. “Now we have matching cases!” Jinyoung examined the case, mentally noting how cute you looked because of your excitement over something as simple as matching phone cases.

“Shall we take a photo to commemorate this event?” Jinyoung pulled you to his side, arm wrapped snug around your shoulders. You held up your hands, trying to form a peace sign with your left hand even though it was also holding your phone. After the photo was taken, you immediately started complaining about your face.

“Oh my god, please tell me you’re never going to let anyone else see that. It’s not fair if I look like trash while you’re god tier over here,” you scowled as you peered at the photo. As a small revenge, you quickly snapped a selfie while Jinyoung wasn’t fully prepared.

“Ya! I’m not even smiling in that photo! You didn’t even get my good angle,” Jinyoung screamed, the both of you chuckling at the other. Due to Jinyoung’s protests, you ended up taking a few more photos together until both of you agreed on one that looked good for the both of you.

“I’m going to save this as my wallpaper,” you hummed, already setting it as your home and lock screen. Jinyoung quickly followed, though he secretly posted the photo of the two of you on his twitter. “Alright, should we head home now?”

Jinyoung nodded his head, “Let’s go.”

It didn’t take long for you to discover the photo Jinyoung had posted of the two of you.

“Jinyoung!” you screeched, finding the photo two days after it was posted since a friend of yours had sent it to you demanding an explanation. Jinyoung gulped, eyes scanning for a possible hiding spot in your apartment. The two of you had been spending the day lazing around inside until you had gone to shower.

Scrambling towards the kitchen, Jinyoung barely managed to dive under the island counter before you rounded the corner. “Where are you? Explain this photo right now!” He poked his head up, grinning sheepishly.

“You looked super cute, I couldn’t resist.”

“All your fans have been blowing up about this!” you grimaced, scrolling through the tweets. “Many of them noticed that the phone case you had in that mirror selfie was the same as mine and everyone is asking questions about us.”

Jinyoung frowned, maybe he should’ve consulted you before surprising his fans with this photo. He just wanted people to know that he was finally with someone that made him happy.

“I’m sorry, jagi. I just wanted to show my fans, people that have brought me to where I am today, that I finally found someone that makes me unbelievably happy. I want them to know about you.” You bit your bottom lip, as adorable as Jinyoung’s reasons were, you didn’t even want to think about what his company would say.

“I know, I want that too but I’m just scared about how your fans and company will react,” you mumbled, moving to Jinyoung to rest your head against his chest.

“It’s okay, we’ll deal with this together.”

JYP Entertainment had decided to remain silent on the photos, letting the media release whatever else they had in store and go from there. They needed a better read on the situation before making a move so for the moment the both of you were off the hook.

Jinyoung knew it was a reckless move, but he didn’t regret it. Though a small voice whispered about how pretty soon he wouldn’t have to worry about it since you’d eventually go back to Jimin.

“Hyung,” Yugyeom called out, poking his head into the older male’s bedroom. “Y/N’s here.”

Jinyoung nodded his slowly, mind grasping for an answer to why you were here. The both of you hadn’t made any plans for the day since the both of you were too afraid to be spotted in public since fans had started connecting the dots. Despite the company refraining from saying anything, they still suggested that Jinyoung and you lay low for a couple of days.

Moving to greet you at the front door, the both of you retreated back to his room. You waved at the members before the door closed and Jinyoung gestured to the bed for the both of you to sit on.

“I didn’t realize you were coming over today. I thought we were just going to lay low for awhile,” Jinyoung mumbled, arms snaking around your waist and drawing you closer to his body until you were seated on his lap. He freed one of his hands to shift you hair away from your shoulder so he could nestle his head there, letting the peaceful silence fill the room.

“I know… I didn’t think I’d come over either but before I knew it, I was outside of your dorm,” you giggled lightly, head leaning on his.

You didn’t want to break the peaceful atmosphere with the true reason you had come. There was no point in mentioning the bouquet of your favorite flowers that had awaited you on your apartment doorstep when you had returned from your run. You knew exactly who had sent them and as much as you hated it, your feet had carried you to Jinyoung seeking for affirmation of your love for Jinyoung.

“Well, I’m not complaining at all. I missed you too,” he whispered huskily, lazily playing around with your hair.

He didn’t want to break the peaceful atmosphere and mention how spaced out you had been in the past weeks, even currently spacing out. There was no point in mentioning the glazed look your eyes had every time you thought of Jimin. He could tell immediately when Jimin was on your mind and as much as he hated it, there was nothing he could do to change it.

The two of you spent the rest of the day, bodies pressed so close together and yet both feeling so mentally far away from each other.

You let out a heavy sigh as your eyes examined the fresh bouquet of flowers preached in front of your apartment door. Your fingers itched to call Jimin and demand him to stop but a small part of you was scared of what would transpire if you heard his voice again.

You crouched down to pick up the flowers, eyes catching a small paper wedged between the stems. Your fingers plucked the paper out of the flowers, heart clenching at the words and the familiar handwriting; handwriting that could only belong to Park Jimin.

I miss you and I promise I won’t give up this time.

Your brain screamed to throw out the note and the flowers but you still found yourself pocketing the note. No matter how badly you wanted to forget about Jimin, he still had so much control over your heart. It didn’t feel fair at all since Jimin could easily forget about you.

Glancing down at the flowers still in your arms, you decided to give them away to your neighbor instead of tossing them away. Just because you couldn’t enjoy them didn’t mean they had to end up in the trash.

You knocked on their apartment door, eyes still trained on the bouquet. The flowers were beautiful and brought back memories of when Jimin would surprise you with a bouquet. Bittersweet memories surged forward, breaking through the barrier you had put up everyday to try and keep Jimin out of your mind.

The elderly woman opened the door, greeting you joyfully and you could hear her husband inside shouting his greeting too. They were lovely folk that always made sure you were eating enough and you always watched over their cats when they went out of town.

“Oh dear, what are those flowers for?” she inquired. You froze, brain shutting off.

“Um…” you trailed off, trying to explain that they were for her. “I just received them but I remembered I was supposed to check with you to see if you guys were going out of town for the long weekend and if you guys needed me to feed the cats.”

“Oh, thank goodness you remembered! I completely forgot to tell you to come over this weekend,” she chuckled. “Are the flowers from someone special? A boyfriend, perhaps?”

You plastered on a tense smile, hands tightening their hold on the flowers. “Something like that.”

She smiled and passed on the details of when she needed you to come in to feed the cats and waved goodbye as you trudged back to your own apartment, cursing yourself for not giving the flowers away. You thought of sweet Jinyoung, who would never hurt you and what you just did to him.

“I hate you for making it so hard to get over you,” you cursed Jimin as you unlocked your door and started preparing a vase for the flowers.

Another few weeks passed and you weren’t surprised that the flower deliveries didn’t.

At the beginning of every week, a bouquet of your favorite flowers ended up on your doorstep with a note from Jimin. And every time you received them you cried yourself to sleep for not having the willpower to throw out the notes or the flowers. The only solution to your problem you could think of was to visit Jinyoung more. There were moments with him where you completely forgot about Jimin, albeit they were scarce.

The two of you had finished your lunch date and decided to return to your apartment to relax. As the both of you rode the elevator, you tried your best to focus on Jinyoung. He was everything you could ask for and yet you were still hung up over Jimin.

As the two of you approached your apartment, you spotted a new bouquet of flowers. You sucked in a shaky breath as Jinyoung took notice of the flowers too. It wasn’t Monday, so why was there a new bouquet?

“What are those flowers for, Y/N?” Jinyoung asked, kneeling down to examine them.Your hands reached out to stop him but he had already found the note hidden in the flowers. His face remained neutral as he read the note, eyes skimming back over multiple times before handing it over to you. “Seems important, you should go.”

You observed his expression, trying to figure out what was going on in his head before reading the note.

Meet me at the park at 3:00. I’ll be waiting.

You nervously chewed at your lip. How were you going to explain this all to Jinyoung?

“Listen, I-”

“No, I get it, Y/N,” he cut you off before placing his hands on your shoulders. “You still love Jimin. I’ve known for a while. Go be with him.”

Your mouth fell open, mind blanking at Jinyoung’s confession. “I always knew you’d go back to him. Go be happy.” You pursed your lips, feet confused about who they should run to. In the end, you finally let your heart make the decision for you.

“There was never a moment where I wasn’t happy with you, Jinyoung. Thank you for everything.” And with that you were gone, running down the hallway and away from Jinyoung.

He watched with a sad smile, surprised he managed to keep such a calm facade through the whole conversation. Tears started to sting his eyes and he chuckled lowly.

“Aish, why am I so upset?” he laughed loudly, voice cracking as tears started running down his cheeks, just as fast as you ran towards Jimin. “I already knew this was going to happen.”

Trying to get his emotions under control, he crouched against your apartment door and let the bittersweet memories of you flow back into his mind. He thought of the joy that came with having you as his, the way your eyes would sparkle when you listened to him sing, how delicate you felt in his embrace. As much as he wanted you to be completely his, he always knew your heart still belonged to Jimin.

“God, I’m a sucker for pain.”

You rushed to the park, panting from the long run. It was already almost four and you wondered if Jimin was even still there. As your eyes scanned the empty park, you let out a sigh. You had missed him.

Darkness suddenly surrounded you and you let out a shriek, hands reaching up to pry away the hands that were blocking your vision. Your ears caught a familiar chuckle that had you whirling around. Jimin grinned brightly at you, holding our a bag of two canned coffees.

“Thought you’d want something to drink.” You accepted the drink, mumbling a thanks. The two of you settled onto a bench nearby, just taking a moment to bask in the autumn weather.

“So what did you need from me?” you started, not wanting to forgive Jimin so easily.

“I’m not too sure,” he admitted, taking a gulp of his coffee. “I guess I wanted to see if I was getting through to you at all with the flowers.”

“Yeah, you got through loud and clear. I almost ran out of space for them,” you chuckled, the confession slipping out. Jimin’s eyes widened along with his smile.

“I didn’t think you’d keep them all, thought you’d throw them away.”

“To be honest, I wanted to. I wanted to so badly and yet at the end of the day they found a new home in my apartment. I guess I just couldn’t throw something from you away so easily.” The both of you stayed quiet, letting each other process what was happening.

“Do… Do you think we could still… try to make it work out?” Jimin began timidly, eyes drifting away from yours and focusing on his hands. “It’s just, these past weeks have been hell without you and the whole time I just thought about how much of an idiot I was towards you. But I never gave up hope cause I honestly think we could work out.”

You stayed silent, fingers circling the rim of the can. Throughout the whole time Jimin and you had been apart, you knew there wasn’t a single day where he didn’t appear in your mind or your dreams. The thought gave you comfort, giving you hope that maybe a second chance wouldn’t hurt.

“I think we should give it another go. I’ve missed you a lot and I think we could work through this and come out stronger.” Jimin’s face lit up as he reached out to pull you towards him.

“I promise you won’t regret this! I love you so much.” You giggled at his puppy-like behavior, leaning in towards him for a kiss.

“I love you too.”

Yugyeom scrolled through his phone, briefly skimming over the flood of articles on Jimin and your relationship going public. A lot of fans were confused, questioning how the rumors had changed from Jinyoung to Jimin. JYP had finally made a public statement denouncing the rumors and claiming that Y/N had only been there as a friend for GOT7 to help them through prepping for their comeback. The rumors of Y/N and Jinyoung being a thing quickly turned into hype for the new album.

“Hyung,” Yugyeom called out from his spot on the couch to where Jinyoung was. “Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” Jinyoung mumbled, trying to ignore the notifications that kept popping up on his phone about Jimin and you. He had been doing well for the past week, ignoring anything on social media that had to do with Jimin and you. Though some nights, he found himself browsing through your private social media, trying to judge how happy you were with Jimin through your photos- trying to see if you were happier with Jimin than you ever were with him.

“I thought you loved Y/N-noona. How come you let her go so easily?” Jinyoung looked up from his phone, eyes catching the maknae’s. He pondered the question for a moment, trying to find the best way to word the answer.

“Sometimes, no matter how much you love that person, you know that you aren’t the one meant to be with them,” Jinyoung began, a pained smile making its way onto his face. “So you just have to learn to cope without them and push them towards their own happiness.”

Yugyeom stayed silent, watching the far off expression in Jinyoung’s eyes and his strained smile before commenting, “You must have really loved her, hyung.”

His eyes cleared and he turned away back to his vibrating phone. You had posted a new photo on Instagram and a small preview of it popped up, showing Jimin and you together at a restaurant Jinyoung and you had gone to once. A hollow feeling settled in his stomach as he forced himself to tear his eyes away from the screen.

“I still do.”

A/N: and that wraps up hollow! i want to thank everyone that has followed this series, it’s been one hell of a ride and i personally am very happy with how it turned out. hope you guys enjoyed it! ps. stay tuned for a new series that i’m hoping to get out soon.

In My Way - Chapter 6

AO3 link, First Chapter

Genre: Chaptered. Actor!Dan AU, fluff, bit of angst, slow burn, getting together (eventually)

Summary: Fiction. Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.

Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much.

Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

Warnings: Swearing, Ace!Phil, Bi!Dan, slight a- and bi-phobia, discussions of sexuality

Keep reading

Title: Selfie
Characters: Baekhyun/Reader ft. Junmyeon
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Friendship
Word Count: 1,847
A/N: WARNING: Mild Language. For those of you who complained about Pluviophilia Baek for not talking about his problems, have yet another Baek who doesn’t know how to talk. ;u; Also, sorry for not posting in forever! ;; My projects are almost all completed, just one more to go
(and a few tests), and then I’ll be officially back. :) Thank you for being so patient with me.

“You’re a fucking asshole!” You shout at him, and he yells in anger.

“You’re telling me!” He scoffs, equally as livid. “You’re the one kissing other guys while we’re dating, so sorry if I get a little pissy about it.”

“But I’m not kissing other guys,” You groan, unable to look at him any longer without strangling him. “He kissed me, and I didn’t have the chance to move away before you walked in.” You swear.

“Whatever, we’re over.” He shakes his head at you, and you look at him in shock.


“I said we’re over, now get out of my apartment.” He demands, pointing at the door.

“It’s not just your apartment. This is my home, too.” You say incredulously. Is Baekhyun really doing this?

“Out. Now.” He seethes, and you stare him down for five seconds, before grabbing your coat and walking out.

The snow bites your skin as you run through your favorite park. Winter is doing its job for once (it’s been years since you’ve actually seen snow here). Cold, strong winds are whipping your hair back, drying your tears and making them stick uncomfortably to your cheeks.

Baekhyun broke up with you.

Baekhyun, the guy you opened your heart to. The one who promised you “forever and always” on prom night. The one who asked you to move in with him after college. This special guy, who never once doubted you, suddenly can’t believe that you’re faithful?

You trip over the uneven sidewalk, catching yourself moments before going down face-first, and scratching up your hands in the process. You sob, staying in that position because your hands and your heart hurt.

How could he do this to you?

A jogger slows down, but you don’t notice until they speak. “Um.. _____, is that you?” You look up in surprise, and they gasp at your puffy eyes and wet face. “Oh my gosh! Are you alright? What happened?”

“Junmyeon…” You say desperately when your best friend kneels down. You grip his sleeve, unable to help but sob again, and he holds you right there, in the middle of the sidewalk. His panting form somewhat calms you, listening to him breath erratically from his jog until it evens out to steady huff.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He murmurs, holding you at arms length while wiping your cheeks.

“Baekhyun broke up with me.” You tell him, and you get a sick feeling in your stomach when he doesn’t look surprised. “Why aren’t you saying, ‘oh my gosh, are you serious?’” You utter in defeat.

“Well..” He says, and that’s all you need for an answer. Baekhyun’s been planning to break up with you for who knows how long now, and he finally has a reason to do it.

“That fucker.” You growl, and Junmyeon’s eyes widen in horror.

“Wait! No, hear me out.” He frets, and you huff in frustration, but stay quiet. “Baekhyun talked to me about his plans recently,” He explains. “But I thought he was going to fast, and now this.”

“'Going to fast’? What do you mean?” You ask, squinting your eyes in confusion.

“Come on, I’ll buy you some ice cream.” He says, pulling you up to your feet. When you glare at him for ignoring your question, he says, “I don’t think you’re ready to hear it, anyways.”

“I can’t believe they’re all closed.” Junmyeon drags his feet as he opens the door to his home and lets you in. You chuckle at him endearingly as you take a grocery bag from him.

“It’s the middle of Winter, Myeon. What did you think?” He pouts at you, before leading you to his bedroom. “Now what?” You ask him as he sits you down on his bed and turns on the T.V.

“What was that show you liked watching?” He quips, logging into his Netflix account. “Supernatural?” He clicks on it before you answer him, and plops down onto the bed with you, pulling out two pints of ice cream and handing you one. You smile and take one from him, making him giggle. “Best friend ever, right?”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” You tease, but lean against him when your favorite rerun starts playing.

Junmyeon lets you live with him for as long as you need to, which ends up being almost two weeks. All that time and no word from Baekhyun at all, not even with Myeon.

That is, until tonight. You wake up from a notification on your phone, and when you slide your thumb across the screen, you see it’s from Baekhyun. You don’t want to read it, but your eyes betray you as it scans his message.

ByunAsshyun: I’m at the studio right now… :( :( :( Can you come over?

Seconds after you read it, he sends a photo of himself in the mirror. He looks tired, or maybe it’s just the shadow from his cap. Hell, it’s probably just that, no way he’d lose sleep over you.

But then, why is he texting you now?

ByunAsshyun: _____? Please? I want to talk.

“Is that him?” You flinch, turning your head to see a sleepy Myeon squinting at the bright light of your screen. His hair sticks up every which way, and it’s honestly the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

You turn your phone off and set it on the night stand. “Sorry,” You apologize, but he grunts and reaches past you, grabbing your phone and turning it back on. “What are you doing?”

“Saving your relationship.” He tells you, typing something back. When he hands it to you, Baekhyun replies instantly.

ByunAsshyun: Great! I’ll see you in ten. :D

“I don’t want to see him.” You groan, already feeling the tears well up again, but Junmyeon gets out of bed and turns on the light. “Myeon.~” You whine as he pulls you out, too, then gives you some of his nicest clothes to wear and sends you to the bathroom.

“Change and be out in two minutes, or else I’ll come in and dress you myself.” He orders, and you cover yourself in horror. He laughs at your attempt to be modest, before commenting, “It’s not like I haven’t seen your body. Remember that time in gym class–”

“Okay! Shut up, I get it! I’m changing!” You dash into the bathroom, reluctantly obeying your friend. Hopefully, he has the right idea about all of this.

“I’ll wait in the parking lot if it doesn’t go well.” Junmyeon promises you, hugging you and fixing your bed head a little as a last form of encouragement. It doesn’t help.

“See you in ten, then.” You tell him, before turning and entering the practice room. Baekhyun’s still on the floor, in the same spot as he was in his picture, when he turns his head to look at you.

Instead of thanking you for coming, he does what Byun Baekhyun always does. Pouts. “You’re a minute late.” He says jokingly, but you don’t think it’s funny.

“What did you want to talk about?” You ask him. Seeing how you’re not up for playing around, he grows serious and stands up to walk over to you.

“I wanted to say sorry.” He says, stopping two feet in front of you. He isn’t sure how close he can get.

“No one’s stopping you.” You shrug indifferently, and Baekhyun looks at the floor in disappointment.

“Well, I am sorry, _____. I-I was mad because… because you’re supposed to be mine.” He rambles, hitting his chest to show possession. “After you left, I.. I found that guy so I could beat the crap out of him.”

You look at him in horror, wondering about the outcome and Baekhyun waves his hand dismissively at your expression. “I asked him about what happened, and he told me the same story you did.” He says guiltily. “That he didn’t even ask before he kissed you, but you never reciprocated.”

Baekhyun smiles lop-sidedly. “So I only gave him one good punch.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” You ask warily, wanting to leave because you can only see this situation going one way. As in, you forgiving him, because when have you ever been able to stay mad at Baekhyun when he’s begging you like this?

“That day, I was going to ask you something.” He continues, taking a hesitant step closer. You decide looking him in he eye isn’t a good idea for your emotions, and look away. “I was going to propose.” He mumbles, voice cracking. When you look back at him in shock, he suddenly has tears in his eyes.

“You were?” You reply incredulously. Everything was completely normal between the two of you that week; nothing out of the ordinary or different. If what he’s saying is true, you would have been caught off guard.

“Yes! And then I walk in on that guy all over you and–” His face scrunches up in pent up anger, and he huffs to cool himself down. “I thought I got ahead of myself. That maybe I didn’t find the right person for me.”

Baekhyun’s angry expression suddenly shifts into one of surprise, and you don’t realize why until you feel a tear slip down your cheek. “You big…” You whisper, bottom lip trembling. “…jerk.” You finish, inhaling sharply. “If you would have just listened. to me,”

“I know.” Baekhyun cuts you off, closing the distance between you two. He gently grabs your arms, pulling them to his waist. “I’m sorry. This was all my fault. None of his had to happen.” He says.

“No,” You argue, shaking your head. “I think it did.” He furrows his brow in confusion and anticipation, waiting for you to break his heart and deny him. But, you don’t. “I think we needed this, Baek.” You tell him genuinely. “Or at least, I did. Now that you told me all of this, I feel..” You carefully wipe away a tear when it falls from his eye. “..like we’re closer.”

Suddenly, his lips are on yours, taking your breath away. You were just about to kiss him back when your phone vibrates in your pocket. “Oh,” You mumble when he moves back, looking down. You take it out and give him a “sorry”, before checking it.

JunBunny: It’s been ten minutes… can I clock out? ;)

“Who’s ’JunBunny’?” Baekhyun asks you, face hardening as he looks at you judgingly.

“Calm down,” You swat his cheek lightly, so it goes away. “It’s Junmyeon.” He makes an “oh” sound, before apologetically pecking your cheek. “I have such a possessive boyfriend.” You chuckle as you tell Junmyeon it’s fine.

“Fiance.” He corrects you, pulling out a small black box.

You give him a playful look. “Are you deciding for me? I think that’s against the law.”

“Har har.” He answers, opening the box and showing you the ring. “Are you saying no?”

“How can I with a ring like that?” You laugh, teasing him further. He frowns at you, so you cup his face and kiss him. “I’m just kidding, Baek. Yes, I’m saying yes.”

My Body Is Mine

A/N: yes this is an imagine about nate but it’s like 1:15 in the morning and I just watched these two videos I want y’all to watch,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1bGgnCBU14 && https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNuqON3U-qg

please watch them before reading the imagine but now let me give you a little background. This imagine is basically a body positive imagine because I know so many people, myself included, that try so fucking hard every day to love themselves and love the body they were given but fail. But you know what I have to say to that? Fuck society and every single fucking standard it’s put in my head about how I should and my body should look. I’m a big girl and I accept that. You’re small girl, rock that body! You’re a big girl? Rock that body! You don’t have curves? Who the fuck cares! You to many curves? You are still beautiful. Your body is yours and nobody or nothing should make you hate it. I love every single one of you exactly how you are and if you are ever, and I mean EVER feeling bad about yourself come to me okay? Because I love you so much. Now that my rant is over lets get to the imagine.

Y/N’s POV:

“how does @skatemaloley let @y/t/n leave the house wearing the clothes she wears”

“honestly nate deserves better than @y/t/n”

“i swear @y/t/n loves to post the sluttiest pictures”

“the amount of ‘self confidence” y/n has makes her so ugly”

“@skatemaloley i would actually act a way you would be proud of”

“I heard @y/t/n parties more than nate and we all know he parties hard”

“heard miss innocent actually has a very wild past @y/t/n”

Sometimes, more often than not, the tweets I see directed at me really do effect me but I hate letting anyone know that. I set my phone down and look at myself in the mirror.  I was wearing a short faux leather skirt with a maroon lace crop top and my favorite leather jacket that I had owned since I was sixteen. Tonight one of my good friends Maggie was throwing a party and I wanted to let go of my innocent girl act I always put on whenever I went out with Nate.

“Fuck them Y/N. You’re hot” I say to myself, mustering as much fake confidence I can and walk out of my closet. Nate’s eyes widen at the sight of me and he pulls his bottom lip in between his teeth.

“Damn lil mama. How did I get so fucking lucky?” he breathes as he places hungry kisses on my neck. I giggle before pushing him away.

“Let’s go. We’re gonna be late to the party.” I smile.

“Um are you sure you wanna wear that? I mean you look so fucking sexy but..” he trails off.

“What are you trying to say?” I ask him, all the tweets popping into my head.

“Well you know what people say.” he says seriously and that’s when the flashback starts.

2 years ago..

“Y/N are you really gonna wear that? Out?” my mom says, before I can get out the door.

“Yeah mom, I really am.” I answer.

“It makes you look like you’re asking for it.” she says harshly, leaving me standing at the door to stunned to move.


“No Nate. I don’t know what they say. Care to inform your GIRLFRIEND why you are letting criticism from others affect how you look at her ?” I say angrily, emphasizing the word girlfriend.

“Woah Y/N don’t get all defensive. It’s just when I let you go out like that it reflects back on me” he says defensively.

“When you LET me? You may be my boyfriend but you don’t let me do anything. I let myself do what I want but I have enough respect for you and our relationship to make sure you’re comfortable with things I do. And let me remind you, my body is mine.” I growl, leaving the room. I rush down the stairs and grab my keys, heading to my car. I give one of my good friends Amanda, also know as makeupbymandy24, a call.

“Are you coming out tonight Y/N?” she whined.

“Hell yeah I am!” I smirked.

“Looking hot? You sound confident as hell” she laughs,

“I’ll be there soon!!” I laugh, hanging up the phone.

I arrived at one of my good friend Maggie’s party and went inside. She screamed as she saw me and ran over.

“Babe you look so hot!” she yells over the music.

“Thank you! So do you!” I yell back and we began to dance. A few of our friends come over and we all begin to dance. I felt hands find their way to my hips as some random guy began to grind against me. Maggie gave me a look and I just shrugged and started to grind back. After a few seconds I heard my friend Teala start to yell, “Fuck yeah, wild Y/N is back!” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Turning around to face the guy, I wrapped my hand around his neck and started to grind against him slowly. I looked over his shoulder as I heard a guy shout “Nate man! Didn’t think you were coming out!” Nate’s eyes scanned the room, clearly looking for me when we made eye contact. I smirked as I saw him become jealous at the sight of me and the guy. He started to make his way over just as Becky G’s song Can’t Stop Dancing started blasting. I looked over at Amanda, noticing she had put the song on and she sent me a small smirk. I started singing at the top of my lungs, dancing around and making a fool of myself. A circle of people started to form and I realized I was in the middle. I started to move my body to the beat, noticing Nate on the outskirts of the circle, eyes dark and staring at me. Someone pulled me into their arms and I looked up to see Nate.

“Are you fucking kidding? Did you not think I wouldn’t show up? I saw that photo on Maggie’s snapchat of you with that guy” he growled in my ear.

“Oops” I smirk, starting to walk away from him but he pulls me back and pins me to wall.

“Don’t walk away, lil mama” he mumbles and pulling me to the dance floor, starting to grind against me. God, he was so angry and his eyes were filled with so much lust I could feel myself getting weak. I would not let myself show him though. I would be in charge when we got home. Not him.

A/N: smutty part two maybe?? was this even any good?? I just kinda went with it so yeah. love y’all

Fic: Development

Inspired by this post and much encouragement from anderson-hastings. All canonical dialogue sourced from gleetranscripts. ~2700 words, PG, probably obscenely sappy.

In Kurt’s mind, McKinley High School had exactly one thing going for it: the wifi was unblocked, thanks to Figgins’ total technological ineptitude.

(And, okay, glee club was also decent sometimes, when everyone wasn’t infighting over solos and relationships. It still gave Kurt more stress headaches than he really wanted to have, though.)

This complete access to the Internet allowed Kurt to scroll through his Tumblr pretty much whenever he felt like it, so his queue could always be stocked and he could be in near constant contact with his small collection of Internet friends. Sure, his blog wasn’t massively popular, but he got enough messages swooning over its aesthetics that he wanted to devote as much time to it as possible to keep it looking good.

He had only one rule: everything he posted had to be black and white, with the occasional text post thrown in for fun or as a life update. If Kurt was being honest with himself, the black and white reflected how muted and somber he felt outside of the Internet, like his world was just dreary, interchangeable shades of gray.

Kurt shook himself and focused back on his phone, where a new post had shown up in the “black and white” tag he tracked.

bowtiebirdie: hey guys, what’s up? I’m new here and hoping to find some good b+w blogs to follow as inspiration - like this post if you think I should give you a look!

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5sos Preference: you're best friends with Harry and when you meet 5sos you and Luke hit it off (Requested)

“Harry, I want to go.” You whined for what felt like the hundredth time.
Your best friend Harry was leaving for a weekend with the other boys and the band who opened for them on their last tour, 5 Seconds of Summer, I think?
“Why? It’s just the lads and I, nothing special.”
“Because I never get to do anything with you guys anymore” you said, you were going to get your way. You were not about to sit home alone all weekend, besides you missed the boys.
“What are you talking about? You hang out with me all the time.” He retorted.
“I never see the other boys and I want to meet the new band.”
“Ugh,” he sighed, “you’re impossible, you know that?” He smiled and gave in, telling you to pack your bags because you were leaving in an hour.
You were beyond excited. A weekend away with your best friends was exactly what you needed. You packed your things into the trunk of Harry’s car and you two were on your way.
The drive to the beach house was a lot of fun. You and Harry sang every song on the radio and car danced to you hearts desires, laughing at one another.
When you pulled up, everyone was already there. Louis and Liam were unpacking their trunks when Harry parked behind them, Louis saw you in the passenger seat and dropped the bag he was holding, running over to your side and opening the door.
“Y/N!!! I didn’t know you were joining us, how are you, doll??” He began talking your ear off as you all walked in where you were greeted by the rest of the boys.
You scanned the room as you smiled and hugged all of your friends. You saw the new boys, they seemed cool. One had crazy colored hair, one had dark hair and was dark complected. Another boy had dimples you could spot from miles away. The last boy You noticed really caught your eye. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, a lip ring, and he looked shy compared to the others.
“Oh!” Niall exclaimed, “let me introduce you to the lads!”
He began point to each boy, “this is Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke.”
All four boys waved as their names were called.
“Hey, guys, I’m Y/N,” you said smiling.
“If I’d have know there was going to be such a cute girl here, I’d have dressed better,” Michael said.
“Watch it, Michael,” Harry said.
You were a little annoyed. He always acted like this when other boys were around, he was way too over protective.
“Drinks anyone??” Louis burst into the room. He began pouring drinks and Zayn played some music. It was chill after that, everyone talking amongst themselves. The new boys were really nice.
Harry was smothering you in the living room, watching every move and listening to all your conversations with the 5sos boys.
You told him you had to use the restroom and got up. You actually snuck out to the pool area where Louis and Luke sat chatting.
“Y/N!” He shouted.
“Sh! Harry thinks I’m in the bathroom,” you hushed him, hurrying over to sit next to Luke.
“Ah, he’s pulling the old big brother card, eh? Classic lad,” he looked at you and Luke, “I’ll tell you what, you two have a chat and I’ll go keep him busy,” he winked at you and ran off into the house.
“Poor Harry,” You laughed. Luke laughed, too. He seemed nervous.
“I’m Y/N,” you said, reaching for his hand. He shook yours.
“Yeah, Niall introduced us, remember?” He laughed.
You sipped your drinks and talked for a while.
You talked about almost everything you could think of. You talked about food, music, concert stories. He was really easy to talk to and you already felt like you were good friends. He was cute, too.
“Let’s take a selfie!” You said, getting out your phone, “I like to document fun nights.”
You motioned him to scoot over on the lounge chair he was sitting on and he did. You say down next to him and he put his arm around your waist, pulling you closer for the photo. You took it and laughed, you hadn’t realized he was pulling a goofy face. As you posted the photo to twitter, he kept his arm around you and his chin on your shoulder watching.
“Posted,” you said turning your head to smile at him.
“You’re really pretty, Y/N,” he said with a nervous smile.
“Awh, you’re pretty handsome yourself,” you blushed.
You both instinctively leaned in, lips about to touch when you heard the door slide open and Harry’s voice. You both pulled back and looked at him.
“What happened to the bathroom break, Y/N?” He smirked, he knew what he had just interrupted.
“Ugh, Harry,” you started to whine.
“Y/N, I think you should go see what Liam and Louis are doing, I need to talk to Luke,” he said.
You began to protest but he had already taken his seat and he wasn’t moving until he got his way.
“Fine,” you scoffed into the house but didn’t go to find the other boys. Instead, you stood beside the door where they couldn’t see you but you could still hear them.
“So, Luke. You have a thing for her?” Harry started. He was so embarrassing.
“I mean,” Luke began, “she’s very beautiful. We spoke the entire time she was out here and it was really easy conversation. She has good ideas and views. She’s interesting.”
“Okay, look,” Harry interrupted, “she’s my best friend, more like my sister, really, and if you hurt her, Luke, I will kill you. I promise.”
It was weird hearing that come from Harry’s mouth. He was one of the kindest guys you knew, but it was nice to know he was protecting you.
“I don’t plan on it, Harry. I’d really like to get to know her, though.” Luke stated.
“Well, you’ve got all weekend,” Harry sighed, “Y/N, you can come back I know you’ve been listening.”
You laughed and hurried back out to your seat. Harry knew you too well.
“You two behave, I mean it.” Harry smiled and went back into the house.
“I’m sorry about that, Luke,” you blushed.
“Don’t be,” he said, motioning for you to rejoin him on his seat, “Harry loves you, he’s only looking out for you, I get it.”
You joined him, smiling.
He looked you in the eye, “now, where were we?” He smirked and all of a sudden your lips were met with his.
“Wooooo! We have a romance in the house this weekend!” Louis exclaimed running to jump into the pool, behind him the other boys laughing and whistling.
You and Luke both laughed as blushed as the rest of the boys joined you at the pool.
You spent the remainder of the pool party in Luke’s arms laughing and talking with him and the other boys.
It felt nice to be back with your best friends.


Authors Note: hey guys! Here is the new preference:) I’m really having a lot of fun writing these! I’m always taking requests. Enjoy!

Toy ☆ Gun Gun: Hosokawa Haruki

Because i’ve predicted the anime will probably end around chapter 16 i’ve decided to write everything up until now about Haruki.

This covers chapter 17-26 and is picture heavy. Spoilers naturally if you haven’t read that far.

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Pref #5 - Surprising him on tour

SEND ME REQUEST GUYS!!! SEND REQUESTS!!! I want to know what you guys want me to write. It can be anything, song prefs, I’ll attempt picture prefs if you want me too. Just SED REQUEST CAUSE I’M OU OF IDEAS.

Surprising him on tour:

Michael: You snuck onto the tour bus, with help from the boys and Liz obviously. The boys had managed to get Michael to leave his bunk long enough to go and get some food before your scheduled Skype date. And Liz had texted you when they were gone and also cleared you with security. Luke quickly texted his mum when they were 5 minutes away giving you enough time to hide your bags in the other boys bunks and sneak into Michaels. You almost gave the game away by giggling when you heard Michael stomp onto the tour bus moaning about how he was 5 minutes late for your Skype date. You were hidden right next to wall on your back and covered yourself with the duvet and his teddies so he wouldn’t see you until he pulled back the quilt. You heard the curtain to his bunk slide open and he fired up his laptop. He pulled back the quilt without noticing you at first, his attention still on his laptop as he logged into Skype. Just as he was about to sit down you caught his eye and with a shouted ‘Oh my god!’ He attacked you with a hug while you giggled and the boys clapped around your bunk. ‘You knew?’ He asked the boys and they all laughed while nodding. He made a pouty face before telling them to get lost and pulling the curtain back across so you could cuddle together. But not before a shout from Calum of ‘save the sex for after the show. You know what it does to your legs Mike.” Making the other boys laugh.

Calum: You surprised him at dinner. It was his birthday and the boys had arranged to take him out for dinner to celebrate before the show. Calum thought you were probably doing something normal at home but you were actually in the same hotel getting ready for the meal as well. Just on a different floor. You had managed to get 2 weeks off of work/school so that you could finish the tour with the boys but you hadn’t told him that and so you had to keep your travel info on the down-low. You did bump into a fan in the airport but she swore she would keep the photo and secret safe until after tonight’s show. You arrived at the restaurant with Liz about 20 minutes before the lads so you could set up the decorations on the table. The boys arrived and you hid in a room just around the corner. 5 minutes later your phone vibrated, a text from Ashton saying it was time. You peered around the corner. Calum was sat reading a menu with his back to you so you could sneak up on him. You gave him the thumbs up and Luke started talking and handed him an envelope. You stood behind Calum and saw they had written ‘Calum’s Present’ on the front of it. He turned it over and opened it to see a small piece of card with the words ‘Turn Around’ written on it. He gave the boys a weird look with a smirk on his face and slowly turned his body around to see you. The look of shock on his face made you laugh as he jumped up from his chair and picked you up swinging you round in circles. Echoes of the boys laughter in the background.

Luke: You had managed to get into the show as low-key as possible. A couple of fans had noticed you and you took photos with them happily. They said what you were doing was sweet but they promised not to post anything on twitter. You hoped that Luke hadn’t noticed you stood in the crowd a few rows from the front as every time he looked in your area you’d manage to hide behind someone or their poster. But that dash of hope was soon vanished when they started to sing your favourite song. You started to sing and dance along and the boys were rocking the stage. You loved seeing ‘Stage Luke’ as he seemed to forget about everything that bothers him and have a good time. Just before the end of the song he stood by his microphone, strumming on the guitar, he looked up momentarily before he was supposed to sing and his eyes locked on you. He continued strumming but his mouth was still agape and his missed his cue, coming in a few words too late but his eyes still fixed on you. You smirked at him and winking while waving making him shake his head and laugh to himself. After the song finished he took to the microphone.

“HI guys, so I just want to say I didn’t forget the words_” He was cut off by the other boys laughing and he laughed at the crowds reaction. “What actually happened was that I got shocked because I thought I was going insane.” He said laughing into the microphone and scanning the audience. “Because I thought that my lovely girlfriend Y/N was sat at home probably doing something productive when actually she’s stood right there.” He said pointing at you and everyone screamed. “And I was so happy to see her that I forgot to sing.” He said and everyone in the crowd awe’d. “Actually guys can you clear a path for her cause I wanna bring her up on stage and give her a hug cause I’ve missed her.” He said and they obliged thankfully. Luke placed a kiss on your forehead when he got you up on stage and chuckled when you whispered ‘surprise’ in his ear.

Ashton: You surprised him after the show. You, like so many other girls, had waited outside. The girls around you knew who you were and talked to you but after telling them you were going to surprise Ash they awed and agreed not to say anything to him when they met them. You just hoped that they wouldn’t be too much longer as you were freezing and you actually hoped that they’d meet fans otherwise your surprise would be a fail. You got a text from Michael asking where you were and you told him what you’d planned. About 10 minutes later they all emerged and started to meet the fans gathered around. You smiled as you saw Ashton getting closer to you. The girls gave you a smirk over their shoulder and you smirked back as they all got hugs and pictures. A few giving you their twitter names. When he was distracted enough you managed to stand beside him.

“Can I get a photo Ash?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

“Course you can just give me a moment.” He said as he finished signing a girls poster and looked up to meet your eyes. “What!?” He asked making everyone around laugh.

“Surprise!” You said doing jazz hands and he threw his arms around you and pulled you into his chest while laughing. The vibrations running through your body. You heard the girls around you giggle and saw a few flashes off cameras and a few hours later pictures of Ashton enveloping you into a hug with the biggest grin on his face were splashed all over twitter.

I loved and I loved and I lost you - Part 5

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Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 ,  Part 7

A/N: Today is a short one ;)

Word Count: 1852

This was wrong! You didn’t sleep twice with one person and most certainly never played girlfriend. This is so wrong, stop it! Get out of this damn car! STOP IT! Your mind kept screaming but your lips stayed pressed onto his. Fingers brushing though hair, pulling closer until the space in the car wasn’t enough anymore, for a split second your brain and body agreed.

“I should get out of here, wanna come along?”

Your lips brushed his one last time as you opened the door to the apartment block, hoping he would follow and Luke did. It seemed impossible to keep the hands of each other, in the time both of you reached the right floor hickeys were littered over your neck, his hair was more of a mess than usual and his shirt torn open. Crashing into the wall next to the apartment door distracted you form finding the keys.

“Y-Y/N, we should get inside.”

Again his lips nibbled on you neck leaving you with a sweet hum in a response. Ignoring the screaming voice again. What the hell are you doing? Are you fucking serious? Don’t you dare open that door! It was as if that voice gave the final push, enjoying its frustration as you dug for the keys and kissing the hot devil in front of you. Unlocking the door became quite the hindrance with Lukes hands and lips distracting you all the time. His hands moving up under your shirt helped in no way, but the screaming voice shut up for a second. With a click the door opened, stumbling into the apartment everything felt so rushed, the voice kept screaming and demanding but was silenced as Luke and you hit the sheets. This were only flash moments in which you felt free of guilt, it had been like that the first time and it repeated itself just then. The touches, the kisses, the whispered sweet nothings, skin on skin. It was rushed, not romantic at all but your heart felt like it started beating again all of a sudden.

You woke to the sensation of pain in your face, caused due to you laying on an arm. The second one was wrapped lightly around your naked torso. Blinking, trying to get everything together you turned your face slightly to relive the pain. You need to leave. Come on get up! The sun burned into your eyes making you groan as you sat up. Looking around you realized this was your own place. It was normal to wake up at strangers’ apartments but not once had you taken anyone to your place.

“Shit, Luke.”

Pressing the eyes closed you cursed and rubbed your head. What the hell were you thinking? And how the hell should you get out of this?

“C’mon Y/N, 10 more minutes.”, the blonde mumbled into the pillow, with a sleepy voice. Well he could have his 10 minutes you weren’t. Getting up as silent as possible you grabbed some clothes and went to get a hot shower and the hell out of here. Leaving a post-it at the front door.

Lukes POV

She left him behind again. What was her deal with always running, even from her own place? At least this time she left a note: “Make yourself home, just close the door when you leave” Seemed like she wouldn’t return too soon. So the blonde used the opportunity to look around, while freshening up and helping himself to coffee. The most obvious thing was, that in the entire apartment there was not one picture, nothing! No photographs of family, friends or boyfriends, decorations didn’t seem to be her thing either. Stuff lay around everywhere, mostly clothes, but this didn’t look anything like a home, more like a hotel room. Something was definitely wrong with Y/N and if he was able to ignore it until now it was obvious now as he stood in her place. At first her mysterious act was fun but it started giving him a headache on top of that this relationship was slowly getting messy. Luke had been friends with benefits before, that had always ended messy. At some point the girl wanted more, but he didn’t, he never did. This concept here with Y/N was different, she walked out on him, more than once. What frustrated him about it was the fact that he went along with that. Whatever the deal was with her physically they fit perfectly and she was being a friend helping him out with that Jen-girl.

Luke searched the drawers for a pen as the landline started ringing, eyebrows rising at the thought that somewhere beneath the mountain of clothes lay a phone. He didn’t intend to answer the phone, this wasn’t his business, so he kept on searching to find a drawer with a bunch of stuff in it. Papers, envelopes and markers, seemed like he had the right drawer, so he kept on digging though it as he found a photo. This second the answering machine took over.

“Hey sweetheart, it’s mum. I know you properly don’t wanna go but you got an invitation to your High school reunion party. Laura brought it here. Why don’t you give them your address already? I know you’ve just been here, but I’m sure they would be happy to actually see you…. Please stop blaming yourself Sweetheart and come home….” There was a short break and a sight as if Y/N’s mom knew it was useless “Take care and call me as soon as you get this.”


He had overheard the entire massage as he stared at the Picture in his hand. The girl in the photograph was definitely her but she looked way different. The girl in the picture was a ray of sunshine, smiling widely as a boy pressed a kiss on her template cupping her cheek with one hand. It was as if this was another person, and as he scanned the picture again he recognized his bracelet, it was identical to the necklace she always wore. Turning the worn paper curiously to see from when this was he saw the note on the back:

Took me 14 Years to get you to look at me. But only 1 second to fall for you – Love Tobey

So this Tobey-guy wasn’t just another hook-up or something. Shaking his head Luke dropped the paper back in the drawer, giving up on the note, he could call her later.

He did in the late afternoon after not hearing a single piep of her the entire day.

“Hey grumpy, still up for our deal?”, now he himself wasn’t too sure about this anymore.

“Yeah sure. When do we meet with this Jen?”

“Does dinner at 8 sound okay?”

“Wow you want to go through an entire dinner with that girl?”

“Let’s just say I hope she leaves before dessert.”

“Are there any specifics about your fake girlfriend I need to know about?”

“Nah, just come as you are.”

Well she did put in some effort, wearing black jeans with high heels and a slightly transparent black blouse-thingy, her hair in the fake side cut, he met her with. Luke couldn’t help himself but stare, not because she was breath-taking beautiful, Y/N looked totally different to him compared to usually.

“Stop staring! You wanted the fake-girlfriend on date night and you got her. Now play along!”

She punched him on the arm to get him moving. “Let’s go, darling…”


That dinner was awkward, but Jen bought the story. Luke realizing, he had feelings for you since you were little after meeting up after years of being separated… It sounded hilarious to you but Jen seemed to believe it. You simply had to say some empty phrases. As you went to the bathroom she followed you giving you a speech of how not to dare hurt him or she would hurt you.

“Listen up, I’m capable of taking good care of myself. Don’t give me this shit and leave us be.”

With that you turned around leaving her behind flustered, for a second you wished you didn’t conceal the bruise on your face, to show her you weren’t all talk. But she seemed to get the picture, excused herself and left before the desert, just as Luke had predicted.

The tall guy positioned himself more comfortable glancing at you “So you won’t be going to your high school reunion?”


“Your reunion. I overheard the call by your mom this morning. What’s up with that? Could you not find a proper date?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Where you bullied during school? Is that the reason you dropped out?”

“NO! Why would you think that? Do I look like the kid who got bullied?”

“No but you don’t seem like a ray of sunshine either.”

“What? Geez, Luke you know barely anything about me.”

“Yeah that’s right because you’re like a closed book. I hardly know anything about you.”

“So what? You don’t need to know my favourite colour to fuck me.”

“Oh, so now we’re back to only fucking? I thought we were something like friends!”

“We are friends, sort of”

“We are? Until you decide to ice me and the rest out like your folks form high school? They don’t even know where you live. Do you even have real friends, Y/N?”

“What the fuck? You know what, I’m leaving. I don’t have to take your shit.”, You stood up ready to leave, as Luke decided to lash out once more. You felt as if you’ve been struck by lightning, slowly turning back.

“Oh? Where? Into Tobey arms?  I feel sorry for that poor guy.”

“Don’t you dare speak his name! YOU KNOW NOTHING! YOU BASTARD!”

You didn’t care if everyone was staring at you shouting at the good looking man who stood up approaching you.

“You know nothing, Luke!”

“That’s because you selfishly decide not to tell me.”

You stood baffled, him walking past you. You didn’t cry, you wouldn’t! There was no reason to, situations like this were the reason you didn’t do friends or hooked up twice. Both made you venerable and your heart felt like it lay open without protection. But deep down you knew it was your fault, once again you had crashed the car.

“I’ll take you home, Y/N….”

Still incapable to speak a word you followed him to his car. The ride back was uncomfortable; he didn’t say a word but didn’t turn on the radio either. When Luke stopped he opened his mouth again.

“You need to stop pushing people away and blame them for not knowing you. Do whatever you want after tonight. Leave, disappear, never come back. But whatever is going on in your head it’s holding you back. You need to get over it. Because right know you’re just a dead person walking. You’re not moving in any direction and that won’t change no matter how much you drink or sleep around ….. You can call me for drinks, sex or to simply talk. But you need to move forward.” 

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