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Phanniemay 2014: Transformation / Under Appreciated

Jazz had always been hard working, self motivated, and just a tad obsessive in whatever she did. That used to mean she was a straight-A student with the highest score in the history of the CAT who worked on her college thesis for fun. And that was still true, but after she found out about Danny’s powers, she channeled that energy and at least half of her all-nighters into helping him however she could: distracting their parents, discovering which inventions actually had a chance of working, making sure he had a decent breakfast every once in a while, keeping the first aid kit stocked at all times, and coming up with extensive psychological profiles on major threats like Ghost X.


Busy all day checking out gorgeous Saturenorn..the Beta version folks will be checking while I’m away.

Norn rebuilt the Risian Pool that @satureja13 first made, in order to fit it into the location better. This was a lot of work. Thank you Norn..you knew how badly I wanted this structure here and made it happen.

I’ll post more pix of it tomorrow..really sleepy now.

Second pic I will also show more of tomorrow. It is an amazing community garden, with a sci-fi Chinese vibe, by @willky12

I love it..so many neat details. Again, way better than what i would have come up with. So glad you joined us @willky12

I also have pix of her Salon and Gemshop..both of those are stunners. Tomorrow. :)

It is so amazing to see this concept nearing completion. Its come a long way since that fateful convo Satureja and I first had about this idea for a colorful ice world. :)

I approached people to be alpha testers based on their enthusiasm for the world as evidenced by comments on my blog pix of this world and pms about it also. Testing is a lot of work..I wanted people who seemed really into the world look and concept to go through it thoroughly. Our  alpha testers have been VERY helpful.

Thank you @owly-sims, @omgdoubleume, @willky12  for your very thorough notes, enthusiasm,  and the time you put into testing for us.


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!