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i made closure with my completed and first bullet journal that got me through the spring/very beginning of the summer. after watching robert pattinson write in his leather journal in the movie remember me, i was inspired to invest in one, which is what i’ll be using from now on. while i love the bullet journal set up (the journal i was using wasn’t too big and it was thin enough that it didn’t feel like carrying around a book) using a small leather ring binder makes it so much easier to remove pages that aren’t as relevant anymore when the binder gets full instead of starting an entirely new journal. i struggle with this a lot because, as pictured above, my summer bucket list is in a journal i’m not even using for the summer. hopefully when i post the pics tomorrow my new journal will make more sense!


(FANCAFE) 170731 Monsta X Holiday Season 5 [I.M’s Sight] Part 2 cr:mxtrans

1. Ah I should’ve re-taken the pic
2. Busy Jooheon
3. That’s amazing, even to me
4. Do you want to grab a can of Monster?
5. Oh it’s warm
6. Two kids who will be in trouble when mum comes later
7. A life.. …..like this…

Silly bbs

Phanniemay 2014: Transformation / Under Appreciated

Jazz had always been hard working, self motivated, and just a tad obsessive in whatever she did. That used to mean she was a straight-A student with the highest score in the history of the CAT who worked on her college thesis for fun. And that was still true, but after she found out about Danny’s powers, she channeled that energy and at least half of her all-nighters into helping him however she could: distracting their parents, discovering which inventions actually had a chance of working, making sure he had a decent breakfast every once in a while, keeping the first aid kit stocked at all times, and coming up with extensive psychological profiles on major threats like Ghost X.