will post more pics tomorrow


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!


Ok guys this has been a big day. We all have made it through. I will continue to post my inbox tomorrow. Also with all of this our theme day got interrupted. I will continue to post more of those pics tomorrow.Everyone just relax and have a goodnight! ❤


(( OOC: So my sister’s boyfriend is an incredible photographer ( and designer… and musician… seriously, multi-multi talented dude right there ) and he was kind enough to take some pics for me. XD I’ll be posting more tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek. Happy early Valentines! :D )) 

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just got home from the Against Me! show, drove for about 7 hours today. had fun, but I’m tired as hell. I’ll def talk more about it, and post some pics tomorrow (I guess later on today)

I got handed the set list right as Chris was walking the barricade in front of me such an amazing end to the night