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Best Friend WinWin

Request: I was just wondering would you be able to write a best friend Winwin cause I think he would be the perfect best friend??

A/N: i apologise that this is so short 😫

  • i feel like i’ve said this endless times already but i love it when chinaline gets requests!!
  • and yes i agree with you winwin’s best friend material 💯💯
  • even though he’s just a child at times tbh
    • it’s been long since i did this series!
  • okay i wont go on anymore let’s start

  • so how you met him

  • typical but he was that one transfer kid in high school to your class
  • and he was so so shy??
  • he held his head down most of the time when introducing himself aw
  • so the teacher asked him to seat at back of the class so he wouldn’t feel that uncomfortable
  • and guess what, you’re three seats away from him
  • and you couldn’t help but stare because he’s so adorable and shy??
  • and just when you were staring he caught eye contact with you and you saw how big his eyes widened and you probably scared him
  • and that was his first impression of you
  • “creepy girl who kept staring at me on my first day”
  • and you found he also joined the school dance team after a few days and you were shookt because it was hard to get in, like how’d he get in so easily??
  • flexible and talented boy
  • but then you also notice how quiet he was and seemed so uncomfortable be it during break time or class
  • so you and your bff jaehyun decided to talk to him and join him
  • “hey just wanted to ask if you wanna join me and jae for lunch later?”
  • “me?… ahh sure…”
  • and he blushes like mad and gets embarrassed for no reason
  • soon enough he’s with you 24/7
  • and because jaehyun’s always busy with his other friends too it were many opportunities for winwin and you to get closer
  • like that one day you tricked him into going to a haunted house at the amusement park
  • half of the time he was tugging and pulling at your arm screaming loudly
  • turns out it only takes an ice cream cone to get forgiven
  • “i love ice cream!!! thank you bestie hehe”
  • acts like a small kid most of the time
  • and when you call him out on that he gets all defensive
  • “you’re the kid here, you’re so mean to me”
  • “we’re only a few months apart, im not that young”
  • proceeds to giggle and laugh like an innocent child
  • asks you to buy gifts for him
  • and you cant resist because he’s so cute??
  • but at the same time he pays you back by treating you to meals and buying you the things you like too
  • seems innocent but is lowkey plotting pranks to play on you
  • and his acting is so good you always fall for them
  • more of a listener than a talker
  • on exceptional days where he’s in a really good mood he could go on talking for hours
  • but normally he’s just listening to you ramble on about your life and just casually adding comments
  • even though he doesnt really give great advice, he still tries his best and his listening is more than enough for you
  • but when he has problems he’s always too afraid to share them with you
  • not because he doesnt trust you,
  • he just doesnt want to bother or disturb you
  • and also because he isnt good with his words
  • but as soon as you comforted him and assure him that it was okay,
  • he’d start stating how he feels and soon it’d turn into a rant session
  • really supportive and encouraging
  • always the first one to like and comment on your photos when you post some up
  • “didn’t know my best friend was this pretty”
  • “you need a picture of us up soon”
  • “i thought i told you to post the other one up??? why did you post this. but you still look great so”
  • probably texts you in the middle of the night to ask you weird questions
  • and he wouldn’t stop until you reply
  • but when you do the same to him he gets all grumpy that you woke him up from his sleep
  • but the next day he forgets all about it
  • never gets angry at you, ever
  • at the most, he’d just be pissed off or annoyed
  • but by the next hour he’d be all giggly and happy again
  • doesnt show it much but loves it when you’re happy
  • because your happiness makes him happy too
  • and he loves it most when you smile
  • which is why he always pokes your cheeks and squeeze them when you do
  • loves taking weird selfies with you
  • and they always go up to 50 over pictures in one seating
  • which is why both of your phone storage hardly have enough space
  • has his lockscreen set to a picture of you two
  • begs and asks you to watch anime and play games with him
  • and he’d get super clingy and whiny if you dont
  • which you agree to because you love doing those two anyways
  • both of you have gotten so close jaehyun even thought the both of you were dating
  • “winwin ah, are you and Y/N… together?”
  • “no!! never haha, she’s just my best friend and i treat her like me sister”
  • “really? the both of you are super close though?”
  • “cant help it haha”
  • loves having small little conversations with you
  • yall could spend the whole night just reminiscing on all the memories you two had
  • and he’d also share with you his childhood stories when he was in china
  • and you find it so amusing because in others’ eyes he’s an awkward bun who hardly says anything
  • but with you it is as though he’s a talking machine
  • but it also shows how much he trusts you and treats you like a best friend
  • “thank you so much and i love you for all you’ve done for me ever since i stepped into the school the first day a few years back”
“I Love You” Calum Plus Size Series AU

Word Count: 2445

Warnings: Slight swearing, extremely vague mentions of sex

Requested: No

“I love you.”

Those words stuck to you like glue. You meant them. You truly, really meant them. It was hard though. You couldn’t find it in you to tell Calum. You were nothing more than a hookup to him, a series of one night stands and amazing nights. You considered him a best friend, and he felt the same way about you, but that was it. You were probably, through and through, just a best friend with some amazing benefits to him. Someone as amazing as him deserved so much more than that. He deserved someone that would love him unconditionally. In reality, he deserved you, and you knew it. And somewhere deep down, he knew it too.

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replied to your post

“Okay so, awhile back I saw this post about a new fma figurine and it…”

I believe this is referring to the Kotobukiya figure, as shown in this post http://the-cookie-alchemist.tumblr.com/post/148178823932/kotobukiya-edward-elricalphonse-elric-roy I think the Roy one just came out? So the Elric one should be soon

Oh, I think you’re right! I did think it sounded similar to the new Roy one.

I wasn’t able to find much more about it than this photo, unfortunately. All I know for certain is that it is a Kotobukiya figure from the ARTFX J series, so the same as that cool new Roy Mustang figure that just came out for preorder. I believe it was displayed at an expo in the summer of 2016, and announced at the same time as the Roy figure, but I can’t entirely confirm all of that.

I bet we’re going to see more of this in the future. (And I hope so, I want one… Maybe I’ll have a job by the time it comes out…)


It’s Maiden Ariana :)

As I mentioned in my recent post about the swimming party, I am very grateful to have become a part of a group of women who are fast becoming good friends. Today we went to the opening weekend of the Bristol Renaissance Fair just across the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

It was an incredible day! I borrowed the dress I am wearing above from one of my friends. The flower crown was something I picked up at Clair’s Boutique. Finally, my brown bag that I am clutching (I didn’t mean to give a thumbs up in the fourth picture, I was just holding my bag), was made as a special order from a local girl that makes dice bags for table top gaming. I asked her if she could make one that was double the size so I could use it as a bag-of-holding :) She somehow matched my dress perfectly even though she only saw a photo of it.

I would give the Faire rave reviews. The performers, vendors, and even the attendees (most of whom also dress up) all work together to make a fun festival atmosphere. I had always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Being able to go as my true self was worth the wait :) The only drawback there was the long wait to use the ladies’ “Flushable Privies.”

I received several compliments on my outfit from random people, which I will take as a good sign that I hit the mark on trying to fit the period ;) I included one last photo there of the boots I was wearing. They were new ones from Payless and even though they fit me well, my feet are killing me because the shoes were not “broken in.” Well they are now! A pro-tip if you go to the Faire, the terrain is rough and rocky. Prepare your feet!

More big news and posts to follow soon. The Year of Ari marches on!

My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Love & Misadventures: Chapter 24

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Only one more chapter (or two) until this series is over!

Enjoy my loves. xx

Chapter 24: Ready to Run

May 2nd 2015

Your POV

Madeline and I were up early on Saturday to support Oliver at his first come back tournament. Oliver had called me last night before he came over, telling me how nervous he was since there were going to be major PGA athletes spectating this tournament, so we couldn’t miss it.

“Oliver!” I shouted when I spotted him with the number ‘13′ pinned to his shirt with Sarah next to him, under the check-in tent.

My 6 foot tall best friend turned around with a huge smile on his face then he and Sarah made their way over to us through the sea of people.

“Good luck Ollie!” Madeline was the first to hug him while I hugged Sarah.

“Good luck loser.” I said in his ear as I hugged him which made him smile.

“It really means a lot to me that you guys are here! So thank you!” He clapped his hands together.

“I’m going to go look for David,” Sarah nodded at Oliver and he gave her a quick peck on her temple before she skipped away.

Last night Oliver came over and we finally hung out just us two because Madeline was off in her room chatting with Niall. Since all Oliver and I did the past month was study together, we never had time to talk about life outside of school. He told me about how Sarah and him had been dating for the past couple months and that he was starting to really like her. They had a lot more things in common than he expected and he said she made him really happy, which I was more than thrilled for him. Oliver deserved a great girl by his side.

After many, many ignored calls, Madeline decided to accept one of Niall’s calls and listened to him apologize profusely for what happened. They resolved their issue pretty quickly because Niall couldn’t stand not talking to Madeline. They agreed to always be open and honest with each other from now on, which they already pretty much were, but since Niall hadn’t had a girlfriend in forever, he was still learning.

I remembered Harry saying that to me once, that he couldn’t stand the silent treatment… but I guess he’s over it now.

I caught Oliver up on everything that happened between Harry and I, he had been wondering since that article about Nadine and Harry hit the news. As I told him everything that happened between us in the past few weeks, he listened intently and after I finished, Oliver gave me advice from his perspective, which was that Harry and I needed to really talk it out in person. 

“Do you love him Y/N?” Oliver asked as he opened up two new bottles of beers.

“Of course I love him.” I sighed and took a bottle from his hand.

“Then why are you being so stubborn? It’s just a city and it’s not like he’s a bad person when he’s around his ‘L.A. crowd’,” Oliver made quotation marks with his fingers.

“Yeah he isn’t a bad-” But Oliver cut me off.

“Then let it go! In my honest opinion, Harry didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry but that’s just how I see it. I mean yes, the whole Nadine kissing him and being at the club with him could’ve definitely been avoided, but the whole general argument of him being in L.A., that shouldn’t be an issue. Harry bought that house before he met you, he is forever a part of that celebrity scene and all of that comes with being his girlfriend among a lot of other things… So my question is, do you still love him enough to accept that part of him?”

I was quiet for a moment, racking in my brain everything that happened between Harry and I, my heavy heart was missing him terribly and I would be lying if I said I was okay. It had been almost a week since Harry and I have spoken and I was going insane. I knew that all of this could be easily fixed if I apologized to Harry and accepted that he was going to be in L.A. for a while, but I also needed him to see my side as well. I guess a part of me was still hurt over Nadine kissing him, even though I knew he was already over Derek landing one on me.

“I do love him Ollie. More than anything.” I admitted.

Oliver scooted himself closer and wrapped his arm around me, “Then talk to him, this whole break thing isn’t doing either of you any good.”

Ten minutes later Sarah came back with a boy that had Oliver’s number pinned to his shirt and Oliver handed him his golf clubs. 

“Y/N, Madeline, this is David, my caddie for the day. I’ve been giving him private lessons once a week.” Oliver introduced us.

The boy’s was built similarly to Oliver, tall, thin and fit. He was almost six foot, but had blonde hair and blue eyes, extremely cute and really shy, he blushed as he shook our hands and stammered, “Hi, nice to meet you both.”

This tournament was a tough one and I could tell that Oliver was letting his nerves get to him. Sarah, Madeline and I walked the entire 18 course, cheering him on and support him and for a while, Oliver was not doing so well.

“Ollie. You got this.” I lightly slapped his face as he waited for his turn.

“I know, fuck… I can’t believe I messed up that 7th hole.” He said to us as he took the water bottle from David’s hand and gulped down two mouth fulls. 

“Shake it off Oliver, you can do this. I believe in you.” Sarah patted his arm and I could see that she made him feel at ease. Madeline and I both looked at each other, telepathically agreeing that she’s perfect for him.

After a gruesome four hours, Oliver placed second in the tournament. Which wasn’t bad for someone who hadn’t actually competed in almost three years.

Madeline and I treated Oliver, Sarah and David out for dinner afterwards at one of Oliver’s favorite restaurants, Mighty Quinn’s, a BBQ place.

“Why… are people talking pictures of us?” David asked as he nodded towards a group of girls that were sitting a few tables from us.

“Ah shit, I’m so sorry about that.” I apologized.

“Sorry Sarah, Sorry David…” Madeline shook her head.

“It’s alright!” Sarah smiled at then turned to David, “Y/N and Madeline are famous.”

“No, our boyfriends are.” Madeline took a drink of her water.

“What? Really? Who are your boyfriends?” David was intrigued.

“One Direction.” Oliver teased.

I lightly hit Oliver in the arm, “We are not dating the entire group.”

“No way…” David looked at us with wide-eyes.

“I’m sorry guys, I’m sure your social media is going to be blowing up any minute now.” I apologized again.

“What? Why? They don’t know us.” Sarah raised her eyebrow.

“Oh but they will. Directioners find out who people are that are associated with the boys are their girlfriends faster than FBI can track a call.” Madeline stirred the straw in her glass of water.

“Oh shit, no way.” Sarah pulled out her phone and soon enough, she was being tagged in a ton of tweets and IG posts and then a while later David’s phone as well.

“I am so sorry guys…” I felt my cheeks turning red.

“Y/N. Stop apologizing. It’s really okay, I already warned Sarah about it… she just didn’t believe me.” Oliver chuckled.

Sarah scrolled through twitter and saw that Oliver had been tagged in a ton of photos with me, I saw her quickly glance at us before she scrolled through some more photos.

Oliver put his hand over her the screen of her phone, “Come on, let’s ignore it for now and enjoy dinner.”

Sarah nodded and turned her phone on silent, David did the same after he switched all his accounts to private.

As we ate, we all talked about our future plans. Sarah was planning graduate at NYU in Biology then hopefully get into medical school to become a Sports Medical Physician. 

Oliver was still set on being a doctor himself, but wasn’t sure if Pediatrics was his calling, he said he will find out what he really wants once he actually gets into medical school.

David came from a wealthy family and was already had a shoe-in at Columbia since his father was an alumni there. I told him it was a great school and that Oliver and I absolutely loved it there.

Madeline said Vogue already offered her a position after she graduated and she planned on working there for a few years for experience and then hopefully her designs will be noticed and she’ll have her own line of clothing.

As for me, Sarah and David didn’t know about my secret, so I told them that I was debating on taking over the C.E.O. position of Sony U.S.A., but Oliver and Madeline knew that a part of me wanted to be a musician as well.

After dinner, Madeline and I went home, quickly showered and then joined Louis at a club with his friends.

- - - - -

May 3rd 2015

Your POV

Louis and I spent the entire day together since he was leaving to L.A. that evening. Liam was already on his way there from London while Niall and Zayn weren’t scheduled to fly into California for a few more days.

“How are you holding up Louis? I mean honestly… all you’ve doing in clubbing and I know that’s exactly what you’re going to do in Cali and when you’re in Vegas.” I asked as I handed him a cup of tea that I had made. Louis actually gave me a English tea-making lesson earlier that week, I got the hang of it faster than he thought I would.

“I miss her, can’t deny that… but I’m not going to beg her to take me back, you know? She’s happier without me, so it seems.” Louis fiddled with the handle on the tea cup, “I still love her and I want her to be happy, it hurts like hell to be without her so that’s why I drink, I’ve told you this.”

“Oh Lou, you can’t keep drinking like that. You’re going to fuck up your liver.” I shook my head as I took the seat next to him on the couch.

“I’ll be fine. Really!” He winked at me.

“Okay, well if you get alcohol poisoning and need your stomach pumped, I will personally fly to where ever you are and punch the living day lights out of you.” I huffed.

“Wow! I can really feel the love!” Louis grinned, “Anyway, must be nice that you don’t have to take a single final this week huh?”

“Yes!” I nodded as I sipped on my tea. Since I had an A in each class by after the last round of exams, I was exempted from my finals, which was a relief. I ended the semester with a GPA of 4.3, so I was quite proud of myself.

“Why don’t you and Madeline join us in L.A.? We’ll be there until the end of May since our next leg doesn’t even start again until June.” Louis suggested.

“Really? That long? I thought you guys would leave right after the Billboards.”

“No… we all have to finish some writing for the fifth album, oh and we are going to be on James Corden… don’t tell anyone about that.” He clucked his tongue.

“That’s awesome! He’s so funny! I like him!”

“Then you should come to L.A. with me! Join us! I know Zayn misses you and so does Liam… and-”

“Oh I don’t know…”

“Just promise me you’ll think about it, alright?” Louis nudged my arm.

“Alright, I promise to think about it.”

Louis accompanied me to a museum, having to hide himself. At first he was going to just wearing a hoodie but I told him that he would look silly wearing his hood up in a museum, so he wore a beanie instead but of course, girls still recognized him.

“Have you read ‘The Psychopath Test’?” I asked as we looked at an exhibit.

“Is that a book…?” Louis’ Doncaster accent will never get old to me.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good. I just finished it last night, you should read it, I think you would like it.” We walked together side by side.

“Why is that?”

“It talks about the idea that many corporate and government leaders are psychopaths… it’s really interesting.” I nodded.

“Yeah? Well if you suggest it, I guess I’ll have to give it a shot. I’ll be able to understand it right? I know you’re a genius and all so don’t give me a book that will have me googling every other word.”

I let out a big laugh and quickly covered my mouth to quiet myself, “Yes! You’ll be able to understand it, dork. I’ll give it to you to read on your six hour flight.”

A huge group of girls were waiting outside of the museum for Louis after we finished and Alberto swiftly guided us into a suburban and got us out of there. Funny thing, Alberto and I got to know each other while he was in New York with Louis, he was such a great person and he really did care for Louis a lot. We both agreed that Louis’ mouth was definitely going to get him in trouble one day; I was really happy Louis had someone like him protecting him.

Louis finished packing his things after we got back and had a homemade dinner booked by Madeline with Oliver and I before he boarded a private jet to L.A with Oli, Calvin, Alberto, his manager and the rest of his team.

- - - - -

May 4th 2015

Harry’s POV

It had been a week since Y/N and I talked and I thought I was going to lose my damn mind. Jeff, Ben and James could tell something was off about me but I really didn’t want to tell them what was going on between Y/N and I. I felt bad for what I said to her, about running to Louis’ for everything, but she did. I was more private about our matters, while Y/N liked to talk to her closest friends, which was fine, as long as they didn’t give me shit for it, but I already knew I was going to get an earful when I saw Louis today.

Louis, Zayn and Liam decided to rent out a nice place to stay in Beverly Hills, near my house, saying they didn’t want to inconvenience me. Niall told me he would probably stay with me for a few days and then the rest of the other boys for a few days. I honestly didn’t feel like playing host while Y/N and I were on a break, knowing that they were probably all going to tell me to stop being stubborn and apologize to her or something of the nature.

Louis and Liam were suppose to come over for dinner this evening so I hired a great chef to cook dinner and invited James, Jeff and Ben as well, wanting to make it a guys night.

As the chef was preparing dinner, I heard my doorbell ring around 6pm, which was odd since I told everyone to come at 7. 

I opened the door to see Louis and Liam standing in front of me, Liam holding two bottles of wine in his hands. 

“Harry!” Liam gave me a quick hug and then walked inside.

Not even two seconds later, I felt a strong kick on my ass which nearly knocked me on my knees but I grabbed onto the doorknob for support.

“Louis! You wanker!” I shouted as I balanced myself, Louis gripped my arm and helped me stand up.

“I promised Y/N, I would kick your arse and I always keep my promises.” Louis huffed but then he shrugged,“So how you doin’? You look quite tan there Harold.”

“You dick.” I spat as I slammed the door shut.

“Yes, I do have one mate.” Louis clucked his tongue as he made his way in the kitchen.

I shook it off and introduce Liam and Louis to the chef and then all three of us walked out onto the bridge that connect my house and the guest house and talked.

“Zayn is coming in with Niall on the 8th.” Liam leaned his back against the rail.

“Yeah? So what exactly is the plan the next few weeks? Hit the studio? Record? Taping with James? Billboards?” Louis pulled out his phone to answer his text messages.

“Sounds about right.” I nodded.

“You boys ready for the rest of the tour?” Liam asked.

To be honest? I wasn’t. I didn’t feel like performing when I was feeling like shit. I didn’t want to start touring again without Y/N. She told me she was going to be by my side all summer and now that we were on this stupid break, I didn’t know when the hell I was even going to even see her again.

“Earth to Harold?” Louis’ voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, sorry… yeah, no I’m not sure if I’m ready.” I didn’t want to lie to them.

“It is because of Y/N?” Liam asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

I didn’t say anything and they both knew that my silence meant it was because of her.

Louis had a long chat with me about Y/N while Liam listened, telling me how she felt after we fought and what she told him, I was curious since she sure as well wasn’t telling me and it made me feel a bit better knowing she had missed me.

As soon as James, Ben and Jeff showed up, I pushed my problems to the side and enjoyed my evening with friends.

- - - - -

May 7th 2015

Your POV

“Okay babe, get there safe, text me or call me when you can… I love you too… bye.”  I heard Madeline say as she walked out of her room.

“Niall on his way to L.A.?” I asked her after she hung up.

She nodded with a big smile on her face, “Yeah. He should get there in about 12 hours.”

Madeline had been working tirelessly all week on her final project for class and then her part-time job at Vogue. She was exhausted so we agreed that this week was going to be very low key so that she could catch up on her rest.

Before I could say anything, my phone starting vibrating on the table and I saw a picture of my mother and I in Singapore light up my screen.

“Hello? Mom?”

“Darling! How are you?” My mum’s cheerful voice boomed through the receiver.

“I’m okay, I’m glad this school year is over.” I motioned at Madeline to eat the sandwich that I had made for us.

“Your father, Aaron, Lisa and I are in L.A., we were wondering if you and Madeline were planning to come here.”

“You’re in L.A.? You all are? Why?” I was really surprised.

“Well we are all planning to hit Vegas next week since we’re going to the Billboards. Speaking of! Your lovely boyfriends have been nominated for a few awards this year! You two are coming right?” 

I hesitated to answer, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to face Harry, much less thousands of other artists and celebrities.

“I saw the article Y/N, do you want to talk about it baby?” My mum’s voice was now full of concern.

“Which article…?” I sucked my bottom lip in.

“The one about that model kissing him. Your father and I are worried about you.” 

I felt my stomach drop a bit, of course my parents know about it, “You don’t have too. I’m okay. We are working it out.” 

“Working what out? You honestly don’t think he’s cheating on you, do you?”

“No. I don’t think he is, I’m just still upset that he could’ve avoided all of that.”

“What do you mean?”

“He didn’t have to go to the club with her.”

“Y/N, that’s silly. They are friends and so what she has a little crush on him? It’s not as if he feels anything for her.”

“How do you know mom?”

“Because I see the way he looks at you. When I met him in New York, the time I spent with him in Singapore and lord, all the paparazzi pictures of you two together… he looks at you as if you are the only person on the planet. I know that he loves you. I don’t doubt that one bit.” My mom said confidently which brought tears to my eyes.

“We’ve been arguing a lot lately, I’m just a bit overwhelmed with everything so I asked for a break.”

“What in the world is a break?”

I almost let out a laugh as I wiped away the stray tears that fell, “I just asked for space so that I can rethink this relationship.”

“Y/N… I know you, I can see how much he means to you, do you really want to walk away from him?”

“I don’t know anymore. I do love him and honestly, I don’t even know why we are even still on this break anymore. At first, it was because of him being in L.A. but now I realize that I’m being silly… I’m so exhausted.” I admitted to her.

“Then you know what you have to do.”

- - - - -

May 8th 2015

Harry’s POV

I wanted Niall to come out with me this evening but he was really jet-lagged so he decided to crash in one of my guest rooms instead. Jeff, Glenne, James, Julia and I decided to go out to dinner together and I might have had one too many drinks.

A few fans saw us and asked for pictures and it took me a minute to gather myself before posing and then as we left, we were bombarded with paparazzi. James and Julia decided to take the back entrance, since Julia hated being papped, but Jeff, Glenne and I were sort of used to it. 

After I climbed in the car, I checked my phone to see if Y/N had called or texted but there was nothing, almost two weeks since we’ve spoken and I was about to break. I needed to hear her voice and if it wasn’t for all the damn work we had to do this up coming week, I probably would’ve flown to New York by now.

My phone was opened up to her text conversation and my thumb hovered over my keypad as I debated on sending her a text.

“Harry, you alright?” Glenne asked.

“Yeah! I’m good…” I grinned then locked my phone.

“Drunk? Your face is flushed!” She pinched my cheeks as Jeff just shook his head at us. Glenne oddly reminded me of Gemma at times, the way she teased me and joked around with me.

“I’m pretty sure I am.” I slurred.

“Well we’re almost to your house. Don’t throw up now.” Jeff chuckled as he leaned forward and looked at me from the other end of the backseat.

“I won’t, I won’t…” I waved him off.

“Whoa… guess what someone just sent me….” Jeff held up his phone to show us a picture of Nadine and Derek together at a restaurant close to the one we were just at.

“That’s… nice.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I haven’t seen or talked to Nadine since that night she kissed you and now she’s all cozy with one of the biggest music producers in L.A.? What’s going on with her?” Jeff questioned.

“I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t talked to her since that night either. I think I’m going to be staying away from her from now on…” I sighed.

“Are you and Y/N okay? We’ve noticed you’ve been a bit down lately.” Glenne asked.

“I honestly have no idea anymore.” I drunkenly admitted.

“Why don’t you give her a call?” Jeff suggested.

“It’s like 3am in New York right now.” I looked at the time on my phone.

“So? I think she’ll pick up no matter what time you call her.” Glenne nodded as she laced her hand in Jeff’s.

“Yeah… maybe I will.”

I had been out since 8 o’clock that evening and it was midnight now, I was out right knackered and needed my bed. 

Our driver for the evening dropped me off at my house and I stumbled into it,l. I tried not to be so loud knowing that Niall was probably knocked out down the hall from me, but I failed miserably when I tripped over my feet and almost face-planted on my wooden floors.

“Holy shit, Harry! You alright mate?” Niall’s voice scared the hell out of me as he put one of my arms around his shoulder.

“Yeah! I’m fine! Sorry mate, did I wake you?” I slurred as I turned my head towards him.

“No, I slept pretty much all day, I’m wide awake now. Up and at’em.” Niall’s arm was around my waist as he helped stand and walked me up the stairs.

“Thanks, you’re a good friend Niall.”

“You would do the same for me.” He shook his head.

“Get some sleep Harry,” Niall sat me down on my bed and I kicked off my boots and took off my blazer.

“I miss her.” I finally allowed myself to say outloud.

“I know you do.” Niall stood up straight and stretched his arms over his head.

“What if she doesn’t want to be with me anymore?” I felt my heart cripple as I dropped my head in my hands.

“Don’t think like that Harry, she said she just needed space right?”

“Yeah but we’ve been arguing and fighting so much, I miss being with her. I miss being us. You know what I realized today?” I rubbed my face and looked up at him,

“What’s up?” Niall leaned against the wall parallel from me.

“I haven’t done anything particularly special for her lately…”


“You know… I just really haven’t done anything to make her feel like she’s everything to me. I keep telling her but I haven’t actually shown it and I think I need too.”

“Hey, whatever you want to do Harry, I’m not going to stop you.” Niall held up his hands.

“When I first met her, I did everything I could to get her because I fell in love with her and now that I’m thinking about it, I stopped doing those things.”

“Oh… well you know, I’ll help you if you want! I’m quite romantic myself you know.” Niall motioned a hair flip.

“Okay, now that’s a lie.” I chuckled as I slightly leaned back and pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“Hey! I take offense to that.” 

“What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for Madeline?” I set my phone on my side table, along with my wallet and keys.

“I’ve surprised her with a candle light dinner! Sent her flowers! Showed up at her place and cooked her dinner… I… ummm… whatever! I’m romantic!” Niall pouted.

“Okay, okay you’re romantic. Now let me get some sleep you leprechaun.” I laid down on my side and rolled to the center of my bed.

“Good night you lanky tree.” Niall mumbled before he shut the door to my room.

That night, I fell asleep dreaming of Y/N.

- - - - -

May 10th 2015

Your POV

What am I going to do? Seriously. 

I haven’t been able to sleep properly the last few weeks because I had missed Harry so much and I was going insane trying to decide if I wanted to continue this relationship or not.

I love Harry with everything but I was starting to realize that love isn’t enough sometimes. Yes, I knew that when I agreed to be his girlfriend, it came with a lot attached to it, such as the lack of privacy and constant paparazzi. 

But at the same time, it’s Harry. I was deeply in love with him and I don’t think anything could ever change that.

I had recorded a new cover last night and I was debating on whether to share it publicly or not. It was already uploaded onto my account but was set as a private video. It was one of my favorite songs and it described exactly how I felt about Harry.

I let out a big sigh as I listened and flipped open the book that was sitting on my lap, Lullabies by Lang Leav. 

After a minute or so, I heard a loud voice boom through the intercom and pulled out an ear phone, “Good evening Ms. Y/L/N, this is Captain Jerry Bright and we are preparing to leave the hanger, please turn off all electronic devices or switch them onto flight mode.”

I decided to hit the share button next to my cover before I switched my iPad and iPhone on airplane mode.

I stared out the window as the plane reversed onto the runway and positioned itself.

My cover of ‘Unconditionally’ by Katy Perry kept playing in my ear since it fully loaded before I turned the iPad to airplane mode; I changed up the notes here and there, made it my own and it sounded pretty damn good.

“We’re preparing for take off Ms. Y/N.” The flight attendant, Carrie, smiled at me as she headed towards her seat.

“Thank you.” I shut my book, put my iPad in my lap after I hit shuffle on my iTunes and waited for the jet to ascend as I looked out of the window.

The captain came back on the intercom and I listened to him with my right ear as ‘Ready to Run’ started playing in my left ear.

“Good evening Ms. Y/L/N, it is now 6:30pm here in New York. Our flight will take approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes, we should arrive in Los Angeles around 9:15pm Pacific.”

I took a deep breath as the lights turned off and the plane quickly ran down the runway and the lifted up into the air.

‘This time I’m ready to run, where ever you are is the place I belong.’

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

<3 M

anonymous asked:

Omg idk if you'll see this ask but i actually sent u a message here on tumblr explaining something about more possibilities of kaisoo being real(idek but ye) hope you see it and read it :) thanks

This is regarding that Kaisoo photo at the airport that was posted as a preview to Kaiser & Dolly’s photobook. So as we all know, that photo was taken the day E><o was heading to China(? Im not sure if its in China but the event is the Top Chinese Music Awards). Anyways, that photo was not RELEASED until about a day or two after e><o headed back to SK. There was no preview of the same photo (not even from any other JI or KS fansites bc im sure they couldve also taken a pic of it/ks holding ji’s neck like he’s comforting him) That’s what weirded me out tbh. Like i bet it wouldnt even have been released if it wasnt for that photobook release(?) otherwise, again, other fansites couldve also taken a pic and posted any previews that atleast caught kaisoo in one frame during tht exact moment. And that got me thinking, what if some fansites doesn’t release some photos just solely bc of their own decision? What if there’s influence? Okay, here im gonna further my explanation for why i might think this. On February 14, 2016, E><o had their Exo'Luxion in LA and I actually went (i got pit tickets.) There was a moment in between the concert when I was just walking around the back of the pit (where there was more space bc ppl literally squeezed you as soon as the concert starter and it was so hot so i had to get out of the “crowd”) and i was standing on a settled side and when i decided to step back, my head hit something. Ofc, i looked back and what i saw actually shocked/scared me a little. It was a REALLY big DSLR camera lense and my guess is that its a fansite master (and shes korean too so ye) I tried to get away bc i dont wanna cause trouble with them or anything but later on, i kept seeing more fansite masters and the same fansite master i encountered with. Now here comes the more weird part… almost everywhere they go around the pit, they were always followed by one or two korean guys. Plus the fansite masters also uses foldable stools to stand on to be able to take pictures of e><o. During their NA tour, MMT has been repeatedly saying that there are NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. And that they’re gonna check it. Since i got pit tickets, i lined up in the line for pit ticket holders and theres staff who actually do check your bag. Weird thing is, those fansite masters had tote bags that werent so big(medium sized) and really thin in width. (mind you, there was even a rule that no one can bring a backpack or bags that exceed certain amount of size and the tote bags they were wearing were not within those measurements allowed) PLUS, the fact that they had a foldable tool, big lenses for their camera, plus the camera itself,bit wouldnt all fit in their tote bags and it would make a big bulge and make it really noticeable and suspicious to the staff if they went in like that. The guys as company, exceeded measurement of bags, foldable tools, big lense camera, etc. all kinda leads to the belief that some of the fansite masters that were there probably did not get into the concert through normal “buying tickets” and process of getting into the venue waiting in line like the others. I think that they somehow had connections with people within the company to get them into the venue (or they could’ve paid a big amount of money). Anyways, this kind of shows me that fansite masters and companies have somehow of a connection and there might be times when the company asks a fansite to not upload certain photos and such. And this isnt so impossible to think bc who benefits from the “unofficial” fantaken HD-ass photos fansites take and post? 1, fans do. 2, the artists. And 3, the company that holds the artist (and 4 the fansite masters too bc they could sell their shizzles). Think about it, without the GREAT HD FANTAKEN PHOTOS, there wouldnt be as much advertisement(in a way?) of a group. These fantaken photos get releases online and helps a group also gain popularity/advertises them. So isn’t there a great possibility that SM might also ask/reach an agreement with some fansite masters about not releasing CERTAIN PHOTOS. Maybe fansite masters hasthem all. But they might be paid my SM not to release anything that might damage the company

This is really interesting/fishy, take a look guys.

anonymous asked:

Hey, because I stalk everybody related to Star Wars on Instagram I noticed something interesting on Chelsea Hamill's(Marks daughter & PA) Instagram from a while ago. She posted several pics from Prague, one with Kelly Marie Tran. Tagged #starWarsLife #StarWarsEverywhere this was around the time they were shooting in Dubrovnik, which is a short flight away (I think).So I think there is a good chance that Rey and Luke could leave their Island during episode 8 after their early meeting with Kylo.

(2/3) That could also shed new light on that picture that was taken in Dubrovnik- believed to be Adam and Daisys stunt doubles ( I can’t actually remember if that photo was proven to be of somebody else in the end or not ??!). And we also know that Daisy’s stunt double was in Dubrovnik because she posted spoilery pics on Instagram of her in Dubrovnik that strangely went missing soon after?? Anyway haha - thought you might find that interesting ? I’m so obsessed #InTooDeepNow

(3/3)  Okay! So I’ve done some more research since I sent you my ask about Mark H in Prague. Apparently it’s common knowledge that scenes were filmed in Prague, as well as Dubrovnik. So we can almost guarantee that there will be scenescontaining Luke in Space Las Vagas. I’m still pretty intrigued to figure out the order of events now! I’m guessing that Kylo turns up on Ahch-too towards the beginning, then they go to the Prague/ Dub location ? Ahh it’s a mystery!!! And who is Benico playing? So many Qs!

- Huh. Interesting. Though I’m not overly surprised. I’ve kind of had this head canon for a while now, about how the sequence of events will unfold, but I haven’t really worked out how it could be possible, the ending sequence I mean.

Please note that this is VERY SPECULATIVE and MOSTLY HEAD CANON and WISHFUL THINKING basing on previous spoilers we’ve had.

Possible Spoilers under the cut

Keep reading

anon requested: tumblr/internet friends AU

“It’s just a blog, Dean, what’s the worst that could happen?” That’s what Sam said when he convinced Dean to join tumblr. They had gotten into a whole big, dumb argument about how it’s missing the letter E and Dean didn’t think that made any sense, which was his whole basis for not joining. Sam decreed that a bad reason and forced him to at least ‘give it a shot’. So that’s what Dean did, he gave it a shot.

He picked a url with “impala” in it and made a blog. It was pretty boring, because he didn’t know how to make the layout all fancy like other people and frankly, he didn’t care. Then he started following some random blogs that tumblr made him choose from. It was all pretty run of the mill, muscle cars, pictures of pie and other delicious foods, classic rock tribute blogs, the kind of stuff Dean liked. Then he found his way onto some blogs that made gifs of scenes from his favorite movies and it all kind of spiraled out of control after that.

Dean couldn’t even begin to explain how he ended up following Cas’s blog, because he couldn’t remember how he found it, to start with. The guy posted all kinds of stuff, deep poetry, pictures of amazing things in nature, sometimes there’d be a fish for some reason, or bees. He also had interesting taste in music. And then it happened. While doing some meme survey thing, Cas posted a picture of himself, upon request of an anonymous ask. Dean remembers that, because he stopped strolling as soon as he saw it and wondered who the celebrity guy was. When he scrolled back up and saw that Cas posted it and tagged it “gpoy” Dean had to do some googling. It turned out that “gpoy” wasn’t some acronym of a show he hadn’t heard of, it meant that the picture was Cas himself.

The guy was ridiculously hot. 

The two of them had been what Dean learned was called “mutual followers” and they had talked a few times about music. They both reblogged each other’s posts and Dean had kind of figured the two of them to be internet friends, as it were. He had no idea that the interesting guy on the other side of that blue tumblr background was a magnificently attractive man.

He opened up Cas’s blog and read the “about” page once more, checking again exactly how far away this guy lived. It would only be a five hour drive to get to his state. Dean and Sam had gone further for concerts before. It could totally be doable to get there and meet him. Then Dean realized he had to pump the breaks for a second there. So instead he went back to the photo of Cas. He clicked on the little bubble to reply.

“Holy shit, dude.” 

Okay, so it wasn’t his most eloquent reply to a post ever.

It must have worked though, because soon the little “1″ appeared over his inbox icon.

“Is that a good thing?”

He hit reply.

“Holy shit yes it is. Damn, Cas.” Then he clicked on Answer privately.

Dean sat staring at the inbox icon, waiting for a reply. Five minutes later it popped up. He refreshed his inbox. 

“Thanks. :) Hey, do you have skype? You should add me.” 

He did have Skype, because that’s how Dean and Sam kept in touch when Dean was away at college. A reply was sent with his username and email address, because Dean wasn’t entirely sure which Cas would need to add him and wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, himself. Dean could take apart an engine he had never seen before and put it back together no sweat. But he was at a loss using these things like Skype and SnapChat and Instagram. 

A minute later, Skype was making noises and Cas was chatting with him. His profile picture was the same image that Cas had just posted on tumblr. Did he just change it to that? Dean quickly checked his own and cringed when he realized it was a picture of himself making a really dumb face at Sam, when Sam set up his Skype account. Great.

Cas: Cute picture, Dean

Dean: Yeah, yeah. My little brother took it.

Cas: You’re pretty good looking, even when you’re making faces.

Dean: seriously?

Cas: Yes.

Dean: you’re right, I’m not bad

Cas: haha, you should send me a serious one sometime

Dean: really?

Cas: Absolutely.

Dean: I’ll get right on that.

And he did, right that second. What transpired after that wasn’t something Dean would talk about in the most open fashion. There was a surprising amount of flirting, an eventual video chat, lots of laughing and joking around, sharing of music and by the end of the call, they were checking google maps for exactly how many miles away from each other they were. 

Next time Dean spoke to Sam, he might actually thank the kid for telling him about tumblr. Meeting Cas might be worth the week’s worth of gloating from his over-sized little brother. 


Yet more of the floral look :P

So I’ve finally after 3 months or so finally gotten around to posting the rest of the photos, at least some of the okay ones ;) of my more formal floral dress.

I love the dress and although I messed up my eye shadow a little I feel overall my make-up came out quite well.

I’m hoping to buy a new wig soon so perhaps it’ll give me another excuse to practice make-up and on on this dress :)

I didn’t want to post about this on tumblr because I didn’t want sympathy, but I just got news that my little man here, Buster, is going to be okay so I felt like sharing my happiness :)

Last week he was hit by a car, breaking his left leg and puncturing a lung. He was on a bunch of life support things for a week while we waited to see if his condition would improve. The whole family was completely broken; we love our two cats more than anything so this was one of the worst things we could imagine happening.

Luckily, his liver enzymes went back to normal day by day, his nutrition increased with the fluids they were giving him, and he was cleared of having any serious injuries to his spine, brain, pelvis, and head. 5 minutes ago my mum came and told me that his leg surgery was successful, meaning he should make a full recovery and will be back home within the next few days

This photo was taken 3 days ago, and despite how he looks this was actually him in the best condition since the accident. I wasn’t sure if he would survive his leg surgery, since there was always a chance he wouldn’t, so I took this photo in case it was my last chance. He was in great pain for about 4 whole days while we waited for his blood levels to lower back to normal, and it brought us all to tears seeing him in such a state.

We were always told that putting him to sleep, or amputating his broken leg, were possibilities that we may have to take for the sake of his pain. But luckily we had some very great nurses and doctors who looked after him and helped him recover from his trauma and depression from the incident, and now he’ll be back home very soon.

Im so thankful he’s okay and that I’ll be able to take many more photos with him. I’ve never been so grateful for anything in my life.

Idk who of you care about this story, but I’ll update this post with photos of his recovery just because I will be so proud and happy of him surviving all this :)

Freshprinceofmaldonia’s blog awards 2k15!
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Please, do not share photos that invade Taemin’s privacy. I’m asking you this as a fan of Taemin more than an admin. I can understand that you are interested in what Taemin and SHINee’s members do in their free time, but I hope you will understand that is not okay to share everywhere photos of their free time. They have performed during all March, we have seen them a lot and for sure we will see them more soon. We can wait a little bit for a new SHINee performance. There’s no need to invade their privacy, they need a rest away from cameras too. In this blog I won’t share any photos or information about Taemin’s private life and I hope you will join this decision. Thank you.

About me.

• My name is Ivona and I’m from Croatia.
• I’m 19 years old and I’m a law student.
• I guess I’m going to be a lawyer (as I’ve said I’m a law student), it wasn’t really my first choice, it’s a really long story and I don’t feel like talking about it now, sorry. I wanted to be archaeologist, it’d be my dream job.
• My hobbies? I love to read and I’m really interested in photography at the moment. (I just got new camera :D)
• I’m still single, and no, I’m not looking for boyfriend here.
• I’ve visited 9 countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Slovakia and Slovenia).
• Venice and Barcelona are my favorite cities I’ve visited.
• I speak 2 languages fluently (Croatian and English) and I know some Italian, Spanish and Russian. Oh, and I can understand few more a bit, but okay.
• I’m not travelling around the world and I’m not planning to do it soon, hopefully one day.
• I haven’t visited all the countries I posted. 99,9% photos on this blog don’t belong to me, click on the photo for the source.
• My biggest dream is to visit London. I always wanted to go there, I was always fascinated by it, I’m not even sure why, but it’s my dream. My dream is to live in London one day, even though I wouldn’t say no to living in Paris either.
• I don’t follow back. I’ll check your blog, I’ll tell you my opinion and I’ll help you if it’s possible, but I don’t follow back. This isn’t my first blog so it’s impossible to follow back here and my personal is totally different so I’m sorry, but my answer is still no.
• I have a lot of beautiful followers and if you want to know the exact number ask me, not anonymously and I’ll tell you.
• I’d recommend you to visit every single place you can. Never refuse to visit any country or city. Every place has something to offer. If you can’t decide where to go, make a list, write down what you want to see and what you want to do and see what can you make come true.
• If you’re traveling to Croatia message me again. Tell me when you want to come (winter, spring, summer, autumn) and what you have on your mind (you want to have fun, learn something, relax…) and I’ll help you as much as I can. Croatia really has a lot to offer.

I think this is it. I haven’t answered few questions because I think they’re little inappropriate and too personal. If you want to know anything else just ask.