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i was tagged by my bab emilia @tequiladimples​ to share what i’m working on at the moment, which i totally want to share with u guys because i’ve been super slack with posting anything fic related lately!!

heres what i’m up to:

1. a new chaptered fic, historical au thats very niche and is slowly destroying me that i’m not going to spoil:

Outside, all is set in yellow haze, morning light filtering through the grain dust that settles low over everything, accumulated in a fuzzy cloud by the distant fields where the air is disturbed by the beginning of the harvest. Louis lets his fingers brush through the airy plumes of the switchgrass that’s consumed the surrounds of the Tomlinson property, blurring the places where the fence meets the road, heavy and loping over the dirt laneway, almost as tall as his shoulder.

As they turn onto the wide expanse of the lane, gravel crunching under their feet, a soft gust blows down from the pillowy hills in the distance. It sends with it the wispy remains of cotton-grass and pastel petals, drifting all the way from the slanted meadows to tangle with the pale brown of the switchgrass, looking like golden strands in direct sunlight as they do now. Looking ahead, Louis can see the tall, swaying cornfield, and he watches it move with the wind while Lottie toddles beside him, her tiny fingers looped tight around his pointer finger and pinkie.

2. the sequel to a rhythm in rush: 

Mâlia keeps her nose low to the ground as she moves ahead of him. Louis walks idly, watches the dewy blades fold under his feet, the cool blue undertones of the earth and the frosted, pale bundles of the moss. By the time he’s reached the peak of the hills, Ilulissat stretched out below, his calves are aching pleasantly, and he finds a patch of ground that’s bare of the slick grass, just the smoothed out grey of rock.

The moss settles in pillowy bundles around his feet, and he leans his elbows on his knees, breathing out slow, chest rising and falling in one steady movement. He looks down at his hands, the callouses that have formed there, the little cracks and scars. When he flips them over, he traces his finger over the lines running across his palms softly.

A soft breeze pushes up the hill, and with it, he hears Ánga’s gentle whisper; lidenskab, hengivenhed, hjerte, du ønsker så desperat at blive elsket, lille kerub. He curls his fingers into his palms slowly, doesn’t think of Harry bathed in blue light, of the suspended moment when Harry’s eyes had been so wide, his soft, murmured, so do I.

3. summer au thats v personal and angsty but also very fluffy

“Who was that?” Harry murmurs, unsure if he’s even formed actual words. His only indication is that Louis tilts his head to look at him, and suddenly, his features are frosted by moonlight, every dip highlighted by icy-blue, every curve shadowed by navy. “That guy.”

“Don’t worry,” Louis curls onto his side and lays a hand over Harry’s chest, but he does it so slowly, so hesitantly, like his body is too quick for his brain. “An old friend of mine. Are you feeling better?”

“Not really,” Harry says, breathing out slow. He can’t break his gaze away. “Please let me kiss you.”

Louis shifts away slightly, chest rising and falling in a solid movement, eyes flicking all over Harry’s face. “I shouldn’t.”

“You already have,” Harry whispers. He turns onto his side slowly. “I’ve kissed you here,” he presses an unsteady palm over Louis’ neck, “here,” his stomach, “here,” his thigh, “here,” a whispered brush over his underwear, then, finally, his fingertips on his lips, “here.”

“This is a bad idea,” Louis says, but he’s moving closer, his fingers curling up into small fists by his chest, like he’s ready to fight, to keep them at a distance.

“Great,” Harry says. “Summer’s full of bad ideas. Look at me right now.”

That makes Louis laugh, the softest giggle Harry’s ever heard a person make, softer than moonlight on ocean spray, than the wispy strands of a dandelion. And then, when they do kiss, when Louis leans forward and slots his bottom lip between Harry’s, it’s softer than any terrible metaphor or simile Harry’s drunken mind could ever think up.

It feels to soft for a summer love.

4. italy au, or in other words, 50k of poetry and odes to my family and my second home, also v personal and close to my heart

The streets are bathed in silver and blue, the light from the moon almost as strong as it’s lover. Harry basks in it as he and Louis walk silently through the streets. It cuts across them luminously, and the air is cool against his skin, comfortable. Occasionally, their path is lit by a dull street lamp, and they step into a bubble of orange glow.  

“Thank you for letting me come tonight,” Harry says eventually, because he feels like he needs to say something.

“That’s okay,” Louis says. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“Where did you learn to cook like that?” Harry asks. They come to a little bridge, intricate patterns carved along it. They cross over the black water.

“My Nonna,” Louis says, after a moments hesitation.  

“Oh,” Harry makes a noise of recognition. “She was at the lace store, in Burano, right?”

“Um, no, actually,” Louis says, and it’s quiet. Harry looks over at him, and his eyes are cast down. “That’s Melissa. I just call her that because I’m close with her and stay at her place a lot. My Nonna…she, um, she died a few years ago.” 

Harry lets out a long breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Thank you,” Louis looks up at him. “It’s been a while, but, I still miss her. She taught me everything.”

“What was she like?” Harry asks carefully.  

Louis’ lips quirk up and he lets out a puff of laughter, his eyes shiny. “Different. She would always make my mamma mad because she’d steal me away from my chores to play and paint and write. My mamma would go out into the backyard looking for me, and instead of hanging her sheets I’d be in the little wagon that my Nonna built, being pushed down the hill. Mamma used to throw fits.”

“She sounds like the coolest,” Harry laughs. Louis’ eyes are sparkling.

“She was,” he continues. “When I got old enough she started teaching me to cook. At first it was just simple things like crostoli and prezele, biscuits. I loved it and we used to practice together all the time. I’ve still got a massive book full of her recipes in the kitchen. I was kind of pudgy as a kid because she used to feed us all day. It was always mangiare, mangiare, mangiare! Maybe that’s why I’m constantly feeding my friends now.”

Harry lets out a tiny giggle and pokes Louis’ side. “I can picture that so well, you toddling up to her to get more biscuits.”  

Hey,” Louis drawls. “Don’t get cheeky with me.”

woooo there we go, there’s a few other things here and there that i’ve started but at the moment, those are the ones i’m flicking most between!! hopefully i can post something soon, uni and work are just filling up every crevice of spare time i have right now :( i’m going to tag @alienproof and @churchrat because i love u both and ur writing fuels me, but don’t feel obliged to post anything if u don’t want to!! 

中文词汇 colors

so @yusibts requested a color vocab list so here it is! i went all in with it so i hope you enjoy

basic colors:

颜色 yánsè color

红色 hóngsè red

粉红色 fěnhóng sè pink

橘色 jú sè orange

黄色 huángsè yellow

绿色 lǜsè green

蓝色 lán sè blue

紫色 zǐsè purple

咖啡色/棕色/褐色 kāfēisè/zōngsè/hésè brown (all i know is all of these mean brown but the first one is specified as *coffee* brown but other than that idk if there are any distinctions btw them)

白色 báisè white

灰色 huīsè grey

黑色 hēisè black

银色 yínsè silver

金色 jīnsè gold

beyond the basics:

*note: for colors you can add 深 shēn (dark) or 浅 qiǎn (light) to colors to describe their intensity*

深红 shēn hóng dark red

玫瑰红 méi gui hóng rose red

棕红 zōng hóng brown-red

珊瑚红 shānhú hóng coral

鲜红 xiānhóng bright red

绯红 fēihóng scarlet

枣红 zǎohóng maroon


看破红尘 kàn pò hóng chén “to see through the red dust of the world”; to give up worldly desires and live a Buddhist monastic lifestyle

姹紫嫣红 chà zǐ yān hóng “beautiful purples and bright reds”; for describing a bright and colorful bouquet

桔黄 jú huáng tangerine

柠檬黄 níngméng huáng lemon yellow

橄榄黄 gǎnlǎn huáng olive yellow

杏黄 xìng huáng apricot

金黄 jīn huáng golden yellow


明日黄花 míng rì huáng huā “crysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival”; an antiquated or outdated thing

人老珠黄 rén lǎo zhū huáng “old and yellow”; an old and faded woman

青黄不接 qīng huáng bù jiē “the yellow crop of autumn doesn’t last until the green of spring”; reffers to scarce resources, such as not enough manpower or not being able to make ends meet

橄榄绿 gǎnlǎnlǜ olive green

葱绿 cōnglǜ scallion green/verdant

苹果绿 píngguǒlǜ apple green

森林绿 sēnlín lǜ forest green

水草绿 shuǐ cǎolǜ seaweed green

草绿 cǎolǜ grass green


红男绿女 hóng nán lǜ nǚ “red gentlemen and green ladies”; young people dressed up in fancy clothes

柳绿花红 liǔ lǜ huā hóng “green willows and red flowers”; the colors of spring

戴绿帽子 dài lǜ mào zi “to wear a green hat”; to be cheated on by one’s wife

脸都绿了 liǎn dōu lǜ le “green in the face”; to look sick/unwell

花花绿绿 huā huā lǜ lǜ “lots of flowers and green”; colorful, flashy, and gaudy

天蓝 tiānlán sky blue

蔚蓝 wèilán azure

月光蓝 yuèguāng lán moonlight blue

海洋蓝 hǎiyáng lán sea blue


青出于蓝 qīngchūyúlán “green supersedes blue”; the younger generation surpasses the old

衣衫蓝褛 yīshān lán lǚ “shabby clothes

紫罗兰色 zǐluólán sè violet

葡萄籽 pútáo zǐ grape purple/grayish purple

玫瑰紫 méiguizǐ rose purple

暗紫 àn zǐ gloomy purple


万紫千红 wàn zǐ qiān hóng “thousands of purples and reds”; the flourishing of a variety of industries

紫气东来 zǐ qì dōng lái “purple breeze blows from the east”; suggests and auspicious and lucky time is coming

橙红色 chéng hóngsè red-orange

柿子橙 shìzi chéng persimmon

热带橙 rè dài chéng tropical orange

蜜橙 mì chéng honey orange

深橙 shēn chéng dark orange


红橙黄绿蓝靛紫 hóng chéng huáng lǜ lán diàn zǐ “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple”; all the colors of the rainbow

象牙白 xiàng yá bái ivory

牡蛎白 mǔ lì bái oyster white

珍珠白 zhēn zhū bái pearl white

玉石白 yù shí bái jade white

银白 yín bái silvery white

米白 mǐ bái beige


一穷二白 yī qióng è bái “first poor then white”; describes someone as financially impoverished and culturally backward

唇红齿白 chún hóng chǐ bái “red lips and white teeth,”; describes a beautiful feminine mouth

白璧无瑕 bái bì wú xiá “white as jade without imperfections”; spotless and perfect.

土黑 tǔ hēi soil or earth colored

煤黑 méi hēi coal black

碳黑 tàn hēi soot black

古铜黑 gǔ tóng hēi black like the color of old copper

铁黑 tiě hēi iron black 


月黑风高 yuè hēi fēng gāo “the moon is black and the winds are high”; a dark, windy and ominous night

起早贪黑 qǐ zǎo tān hēi “rise early and desire the dark”; to wake up early and sleep late

颠倒黑白 diān dǎo hēi bái “reverse black and white”; to distort the truth and misrepresent facts.

银灰 yín hūi silver gray

铁灰 tiě hūi iron gray

铅灰 qiān hūi lead gray

烟灰 yān hūi smoky gray


万念俱灰 wàn niàn jù hūi “all hopes turn gray”; utter disappointment

灰心丧气 hūi xīn sàng qì “gray heart and mournful spirits”; to feel down and depressed.

红棕 hóng zōng reddish brown

金棕 jīn zōng golden brown

奶油色 nǎi yóu sè cream or nude

豆沙色 dòu shā sè literally “red bean colored,” this color looks like a pinky-mauve and is a popular color for lipstick!

牛仔色 níu zǎi sè denim colored

荧光色 yíng guāng sè neon

彩虹色 cǎi hóng sè rainbow

so that’s it for the color vocab post

as per usual if there’s any mistakes just hmu

Penelope Bunce and hydrangeas. 

‘“I don’t know,” Penelope said when I asked her how magic feels for her. “I suppose it feels like a well inside me. So deep that i can’t see or even imagine the bottom. But instead of sending down buckets, I just think about drawing it up. And then it’s there for me - as much as I need, as long as I stay focused”’ - Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Thank you for all the lovely comments + reposts on my previous post! Means a lot :) 

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Simon // Penelope // Agatha // Baz


I know I’ve posted pictures of this lot a million times, but I really love it and I don’t know what in the world possessed me to banish it to a university subhood. I’m going to update the landscaping a bit and then I’m 100% moving it to the main hood. 

What the signs remind me of 💭👑

Aries: racing your friends on bikes//summer// long talks with your best friend// eating ice cream on a hot day// getting a sweet text message

Taurus: long car rides//big trees// giving someone a box of chocolate// fancy pens// dancing

Gemini: cats// driving aimlessly// laughing// making stupid videos with your friends// silly smiles

Cancer: getting a tight hug// having fun with your mom// lollipops//holding hands with your friends// junk food

Leo: happy screaming// fashions// a bright light that emits heat// white washed Jeans// lipstick

Virgo: smudged glasses// rolling your eyes at a stupid joke// oversized sweaters// hot chocolate// sharpies

Libra: ballerinas// long necks// laying alone under a tree// soft breezes// laughing so hard you can’t breath// lemons

Scorpio: memes// the relief of spotting your friends in a big crowd// black hoodies// furrowed brows // twirling around for no reason

Sagittarius: asking a lot of questions in class// nerdy glasses// converse// pranks //passports// freshly cut grass

Capricorn: serious looks,then bursting out laughing// getting a good grade// playing tag when it’s dark and cold out// spinning around in a office chair// sticky notes

Aquarius: planners// Hanging out with squad// wandering alone// skateboarding// freckles// waking up early and having a lot of energy

Pisces: happy crying// a beautiful sunrise// ring pops// pinching someone// seas shells

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