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Optional Ingredients to Improve the Quality of Your Slime

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in forever, I’ve been very busy. Right now I’ll be sharing a few optional slime ingredients you may or may not already use in your recipes. 

1. Lotion

Many people already use this in their recipes. It makes the slime stretchier, and can be added before adding activator or after.

2. Baby Powder/Corn Starch

This is another common ingredient but not used by everyone. Corn starch is commonly used in clay slime and fluffy slime.  

3. Both Foaming Hand Soap and Liquid Hand Soap

Soap can make your slime bubbly and smell amazing, so I definitely recommend adding in a few pumps of foaming and liquid hand soap. 

4. Baby Oil

Baby oil can make you slime less sticky and more glossy. Baby oil is used a lot for making fluffy slime extra glossy. 

I will make another post about this kind of stuff later today, maybe, but for now, I must go :(

If you add anything crazy in your slime, I’d love to know!


Hey, I’m accepting commissions now!! 

Full body: $20
Half body: $15
Doodles: $10

  • I’ll draw: Fanart, OCs, shipping stuff, fantrolls, self-inserts, AUs, etc.
  • No NSFW though.
  • Extra characters will cost half the final price!
  • Payment will be through Paypal!

If you’re interested, or have any questions, please message me here on tumblr or at iamnotamuffin.art@gmail.com ! I’ll try to respond back as soon as possible! I’ve never done commissions before so I apologize in advance if I’m awkward, haha

How would you guys feel if I started doing a “just ace/aro stuff” series thing? It’d be like that “relatable teen posts” bullshit except with stuff relating to acespec and arospec people. Mostly it would be humorous content. I could even put the text over random pictures like cake or flags like the teen posts do to make it extra cheesy and silly. Reblog/like/reply/send an ask if you’d be interested in seeing that? Also the other admins and you all could do it too. Details later, I just want to know if this is something you’d be interested in, because if you’re not I won’t do it, there’d be no point. Thanks guys! -Kass

Amazingly I’ve never looked at this whole page in full. The Chinese scans included this, so let me just make a quick translation of the extra stuff before I post chapter 63.

Firstly, the pink footnote at the bottom: the next issue (later this month) will announce the cast for Mitsuhide, Kiki and Obi. ;)

Next, the message that Akizuki-sensei wrote in the white box beside the staff list.

When I think about how Shirayuki, Zen and the rest will be appearing in an anime, about how I’ll be able to see them move around in a Clarines with colour and sound, and also be able to hear them speak… It feels as though I’ll be meeting them for the first time, so I feel a little nervous. Yet at the same time I’m so excited to see it I can’t calm down! Thank you very, very much.

the lights in the theatre were still off while the end credits were scrolling thus confusing people who were getting up and leaving.

BUT when the final extra scene appeared with mama hinata knitting everyone was like “OOHHWAH” and THEN when little baby burrito and sunflower came running, there were cheers and just the general sound of people being very pleasantly surprised! aaaaaa i just want to go back and watch it all over again! ;w;

oh…and props to the two dudes in the audience dressed as obito and kakashi, you guys rock.

So due to me being hyped up for the new Dissidia Final Fantasy as well as World of Final Fantasy as of late, I decided to do a stream for redesigning my good ol’ Black Mage + Blue Mage fancharacter, Odell Ka’Ziel. Spruced him up, added extra details to his get-up, and made him look more adventurous, zealous, and all that good stuff.

I might post a link to a stream here later after I have lunch so I can work on another one of my old 8-bit FF characters, probably Sheyn the thief or Gaia the geomancer. We’ll see, but for now, have the new Odell!

okay so before i start explaining the drama, just wanna tell y'all i have NOTHING against dove herself, this was just some fans. 

basically dove uploaded this video on snapchat of her covering satisfied (and another video too i might post it later) and nobody had a REAL problem with it until some of her fans said stuff like this

 and as you all know, since dove cameron is an already successful white woman, she cannot play the role of angelica because that role is specifically for woc.

 it went back and forth for a while with dove stans attacking hamilton fans (not that the ham fans didn’t provoke or retaliate, but y'all can see why) anyways it was just overall kind of funny and Extra and it took up my night, save for all the racist people attacking my friend 😷😷 (but that’s a different story lmao)