will possibly hurt him a lot

I can’t stop thinking about Stan in the latest episode for a few reasons. Thinking about his character arc in this episode hurts a lot and makes me sad with the possible writing implications. I mean…

He’s feeling overshadowed by his brother as though Ford is the “cooler” one (Mabel even calls Ford a hero). Stan went through all of these troubles to get his family’s approval, to have some love and care returned to him after all that he’s done for the twins.

This episode, the dialogue is really telling on how aware the writers AND Stan are of his age. “I’m old, and I’m not getting any younger.” Stan talked about his gravestone freaking twice if not a third time I missed in this episode alone.

He looks so dang sad when he’s talking to the kids about running for Mayor. So sad that it’s when he talks about his age in a negative way and talks about his gravestone for the first time as far as I remember. You know what really hurts about this? He doesn’t want to be known as the “grifter” when he’s gone. He wants to be worth something before he dies. He wants to be deemed important and loved by his family. They’re the only family he has left after all, right?

Stan spent 30 years getting the portal back up and running without the other 2 journals. 30 years he spent until he got the other two journals and got everything else he needed to finally bring his brother back. The portal caused so much damage… It was dangerous… But he just wanted to save his twin.

And now? This poor man hasn’t been thanked or rewarded with the same love and selflessness in return for all he’s done and been through. He risked his life and everybody else’s lives to get his brother back…. For whatever is going on now.

Where Mabel feels like she doesn’t have much time left to continue being a kid, Stan believes he doesn’t have much time left in his life on its own. I can just imagine him thinking every night that this is the last summer he CAN see and spend time with the twins. Maybe the whole “there aren’t that many [months/years] left” instead of Halloweens like Mabel said in Summerween.

This is a time he finally got his brother back and he can’t even feel close to him like old times. His brother hasn’t shown much interest in spending time with him. Ford mostly seems interested in spending time with, AND impressing the twins. That’s great and all, I guess, but don’t leave your own darn twin brother out of the family picture, Ford…

So… Then I get to the part of this episode that really gets me. There are firework explosives all over the inside of that monument. Stan is rescuing his only family and in the moment the fireworks are about to explode, he talks about his gravestone again. He talks about this as though it IS his last moment alive and he just wants to make sure the twins survive if he doesn’t. Stan also wants that grifter status to not be on his grave. He committed heroic actions in this moment - GENUINE hero moments compared to Ford just putting in the new lightbulb that Mabel called heroic - and he probably would’ve wanted to be remembered for that instead. He’s more and more accepting of his potential death… Just wishing for others to see more in him.

And that’s what really bites and hurts. I’m sure many of us want to accomplish something we’ve dreamed of before we move on from our lives in this world. We want to feel worth whether it’s by our standards or not. When the time comes, we want to be remembered for what we’ve done even in the little ways.

Stan… He’s done so much for his family. He really has. He goes through all this garbage of being kicked out by his dad, feeling unloved by his own brother, and now he seems to feel like his only family is being taken away from him as Ford seems “cooler” than him. All he probably ever desires is to just feel that in return. To be certain that his family is aware of his worth and his importance before he’s not there anymore.

When I think of this more and more, I just hurt more for this poor old man. It worries me that the direction of the writing for his character arc isn’t going to conclude with him remaining alive if the show is to kill off characters later on… To the extent that Alex makes a big deal of future character deaths saying something along the lines of people dying and the audience will cry. What character deaths would make us cry? Not the past mayor. Not some background character with few character arcs, screen time or lines.

The character would have to be a character that’s had an impact on the audience. A character whose arc and development are grand and seemingly coming to a close. It would have to be a character with great opportunity, from an emotional writing standpoint, to tear the audience’s feeling apart. It could be an outright painfully sad death, or a bittersweet death.

Painfully sad death: The character that’s gone through so much, likely sacrificed so much, dies without much reward for his actions and without goodbyes, etc.

Bittersweet death: Same as the other kind of character death, but with a little positivity in the mix. The death is caused by the character’s sacrifice, they probably get to have their goodbyes, and they’re finally recognized for everything that wanted to be recognized for - at the cost of their life. It’s horribly sad that they die either way, but the fact that get rewarded and recognized for what they wanted makes life in the fictional universe seem more hopeful and well-concluded.

So… These are my thoughts… And if we indeed lose a main character, I fear that the direction of writing for Stan is definitely coming to a close sometime soon.

I’ve suspected this for a while because it DOES make story-writing sense to lose Stan, but this episode has only further convinced me that it’s highly probable to happen.

Plus, what’s a big part of growing up and handling the harsh realities of the world? Life endangerment. Believe me when I say that losing grandparents as a kid is the most painful thing to go through. It still hurts when you’re older, but as a kid you cannot grasp the reality of death that easily. It’s new territory, it’s terrifying, and downright depressing. The grandparents that took care of you, babysat you, spoiled you, cease to exist in this world.

This show is about family, and it’s also about growing up. Whether or not Disney allows it doesn’t matter. They’ve let Alex have more freedom, and one of the storyboard artists has claimed that the show gets much darker than they expected to get away with at all.

And… Well… I’ll conclude with that…

> DK, along with being a very energetic and talkative person, is very sensitive

> He felt scared and lonely when he first joined Pledis 

> He’s a pretty playful and cheerful guy, so he likes others to be cheerful too. 

> Which makes him goof off a lot and act loud

> Because of this people often mistake his actions as being awkward, annoying, messy, and possibly self centered

> which he’s not self centered, he’s just trying to help others the only way he knows how  

> he gets yelled at or insulted a lot though because people don’t always understand 

> He’s said before that he wishes he had a bit more self control

> DK gets pretty hurt when others misunderstand his actions +  snap at him

> Since he’s so lively, lots of fans associate him with the color yellow, but his favorite color is actually black 

> Black + Yellow are the colors of a bee so this is proof Seokmin is as sweet as honey

> Anyways

> He’s really good at live performances 

> His voice, despite jumping all over when dancing, is carried out really well and he can hit all of his notes perfectly 

> Which means he’s able to make up and cover for any other member singing if they miss a note or aren’t able to be heard

> Is pretty curious

> And also nostalgic. He likes to think about the song he sang at auditions and remember old memories. 

> Did you see him when he thought that woman was very pretty

> he was a mess. a blushy, giggly, mess like

> please DK is a gentle giant

> also he likes rock music

> and was also a part of a rock band

> so I guess he’s like a hardcore gentle giant

> went to a music academy  

> Is rated one of the funniest members

> And is one of the easiest to get along with

> this is great not only as a general human being thing but also as a performer because although it’s important to be talented it’s also very important to be able to connect with the crowd. His bright aura overall just helps pick up the vibe of the place and that means better reviews, even if Seventeen messes up that day

> likes apples he likes everything actually 

> Is optimistic which means he’s able to comfort other members who suddenly become overwhelmed or doubtful  because of the harsh idol scene

> had to spend Christmas at the dorms away from his family multiple times but was still like !!!!! this is great buddy !!! can’t wait until next year!!!!

> has a terrible sense of fashion but he’s such a sweetheart the other members usually try to avoid telling him

> literally loves when Woozi compliments him or said he did a good job and really takes those comments to heart. Admires Woozi a lot. 

> Refuses to stop imitating Naruto or making anime references

> let’s all love literal sunshine Lee Seokmin

The Serum Outcome

I know a lot of people are in a state of mourning within the SnK fandom right now and with good reason. We lost two important and well-loved characters all in one chapter and no matter how you look at it; that’s going to be hurtful for a lot of people. But, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the potential outcome of what transpired within the spoilers and the possibilities on why the scenario with Armin getting the serum in the end played out the way it did. 

This isn’t a post bashing Erwin by any means so please don’t get the wrong idea, but I do discuss him a bit. However, this is a warning for those of you who are very fond of Bertoldt. I don’t bash him in this post either, but I do discuss his end a bit and there are images in this meta. I just don’t want to unnecessarily hurt any of you Bertl fans out there by adding to your feels so this is a disclaimer. I’m putting the actual meta under a read more, but I do find it necessary to discuss this outcome one way or another for a lot of reasons. So without further adieu…

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so anyway here’s a post about Izuku’s hands. specifically, about which hand he usually writes with

Izuku almost ALWAYS writes with his right hand. Horikoshi is fairly consistant with this

(also lmao at Bakugou finishing his test early, the nerd)

there’s only one time he doesn’t, and that’s the day when the class is coming up with hero names, as well as trying to figure out which hero they want to train with.

in fact, i’d call this a a mistake if it wasn’t shown in three separate panels within two different chapters. that shows consistency.

now, i could just be reaching here. it could just be a mistake. but Izuku is shown training himself during two of those panels. he’s trying to build up muscle strength.

what if he’s also training his left hand? what if he’s trying to become ambidextrous? 

one, because it gives him better range of movement. being ambidextrous opens a lot of possibilities. and two, because he keeps hurting his hands. if he hurts one too badly, he’ll have to use the other to write. what if he’s just trying to get a head start on that, so when that time comes, he won’t have to struggle? (this is also after the point where Recovery Girl said that she’d refuse to treat anymore injuries to Izuku’s hands like the ones she took care of in the past)

(heck, maybe the reason he’s writing with his left hand here is simply because his right hand still hurt from the Stain incident?)

anyway this is just me speculating about little details lmao

I’m queer. I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders. I am very much in love with no one in particular. […] I do feel that it’s possible to be at this age unintentionally hurtful, just by being irresponsible – which is fine. I’m super down with being irresponsible. I’m just trying to make sure my lack of responsibility no longer hurts people. That’s where I’m at in the boyfriend/girlfriend/zefriend type of question.
—  ezra miller

Due to working on commissions/con stock I started Sheith week a little late.

Day 1 - Hurt/Comfort

I have a lot of feelings about Shiro as a character, he’s pretty much the prime example of a person who’s had to be strong/keep it together for longer than was healthy. It’s just nice to see that they wrote a character who is a strong leader but that it’s still possible for him to come undone every now and again.

Long story short, I just want these two to be happy.

What really hurts about the new SDCC footage is that you can definitely tell that the Author gets along with Mabel more than Dipper.

*May contain minor s p o i l e r s having to do with the footage*

And with Dipper being in the back you just know that the Author will bond with Mabel more and Dipper will start to feel isolated from everyone. The Author knows Stan, he likes Mabel, he’ll probably get along with Soos, but Dipper? He’ll be left alone with time to think about so many things: Mabel “betraying” him, Stan lying to him for so long, the fact that he might not even know Stan anymore, the Author not really liking him as much as he wanted. Dipper is going to have a lot of time to think about how much people have let him down. There’s going to be a lot of jealousy and hurt. You know who he will have time for? Bill. Bill or anyone else that could do the worst possible things.

Mabel has gotten what she wanted for so long (not that she doesn’t deserve anything, but Dipper has sacrificed a lot for her, and she hasn’t exactly “returned the favor”….), and I think Bill is going to take advantage of that. Something is going to happen with Bill, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and the Author, and it won’t be pretty. It’s all probably going to stem from one thing: Dipper’s feelings towards what’s happening.

SPN Logic

Today’s lesson: “Sometimes in order to figure things out, a person needs space.”

Mary: *abandons Dean, a person with big abandonement fears, in the most insensitive way possible*

Dean: *doesn’t want to talk about it because it hurt him a lot*

Sam/Narrative: OMG Dean stop being such an emotionally constipated dick, you HAVE to tell me everything that bothers you! I'm not going to stop nagging you about it. Not unconditionally accepting everything your family does to you is such unhealthy behavior, you really need to learn letting loved ones do to you whatever they want go! Even if they treat you as if you weren’t a real person!

Dean: *reluctantly repeats the “lesson” he was forced to “learn”*

Sam/Narrative: Good boy! See, you can be whatever we want/need you to be emotionally mature!

Fandom: *cheers over Sam being such a gentle, compassionate person*

Dating Credence Barebone - Modern AU

Request -  Anon: Hey dearie I was wondering if you could make a modern au headcanons of dating credence?

Anon: Ah I was gonna request a modern day credence too! haha I can’t wait until you post it!! :)

Well. of course I can lovelies :) This is my first time doing headcanons so I hope I don’t disappoint :)

Dating Credence Barebone Headcanons - Modern Setting


Dealing With His Trauma

  • This is the biggest thing. Being with Credence means that you have to deal with his up and downs and for the most part he has a lot of downs.
    • He is constantly dealing with the idea that he isn’t good enough for you, that he’s going to mess something up in some way.
      • He knows that you’ll never hurt him but he’s still really scared of the possibility of it happening and vice versa.
  • He tells you about how once he missed Sunday school and his mother locked him in his room with no food for almost two days and that was after she’d taken the belt to his hands.
    • You always hold him carefully after he tells you things that Mary-Lou had done to him, kissing his palms and tucking his body against yours. Trying to tell him that it wasn’t his fault and that he should never had to have lived like that.
  • Credence still prays sometimes.
    • You hear him when he thinks that you’re sleeping. He asks for help so that he doesn’t bring you down along with him. He prays he won’t lose control and hurt you.
      • Whenever that happens you pretend to roll over in your sleep and hug him or hold his arm, making sure he knows that you’re there and you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
  • Sometimes he gets really horrible night terrors.
    • Even though you don’t admit it to him, those nights scare you because his obscurus starts to break out, just a little.
    • One time it got so bad that you had bruises on your arms from where he grabbed you and thrashed around.
      • You tried to hide it from him the next day but you were doing dishes and he came over early from working with Newt and saw them.
        • He asked what happened and you tried to tell him it was nothing but he wasn’t dropping it. So you explained that before you’d woken him up the night before he’d been panicking really badly. You tried explaining that it had happened once or twice before and that it wasn’t anything he could control.
          • You didn’t see him for two days. He came back to your apartment around midnight, crying and cradling a bloody hand. You never asked where he’d gone.
  • He doesn’t lose control of his obscurus often, not since learning proper magic with Newt but sometimes it happens.
    • Usually, it only happens when he has nightmares and never completely, but it did happen once when you’d accidentally dropped a plate.
      • You tried to pick the glass up but ended up getting cuts all over your hands.
        • He came into the kitchen and saw you which sent him into a panic attack and trigger his obscurus.
          • You had to talk him down and that night he held you as you watched movies and drank hot chocolate.
  • On days that are bad but not too bad, the two of you press shoulder to shoulder under a blanket and watch cartoons.
    • Something Credence never got to do as a child.


  • These are few and far between but they do happen.
    • Most of the time it’s you that starts them.
      • You’re usually defending Credence from himself.
  • Sometimes you both say things you don’t mean.
    • The worst thing he’s ever said to you is that you were worse than his mother.
      • The second those words had left his mouth he was scrambling to apologize but you’d already started tearing up.
        • You two had to spend a few days apart after that.
    • The worst thing you’d ever said to him was that you wished he never had magic in the first place.
      • You really hurt him with that comment because he feels like being part of the magical community is the only place he does belong even if he’s still considered a bit of an outsider.
        • You both calmed down and you apologized.
          • You still feel awful about it.

Date Night

  • He loves date nights more than he’ll ever admit to you.
    • He often gets nervous when it’s his turn to plan one because he’s never sure if you’ll like what he’s picked out.
      • You always do.
    • He’ll usually play it safe and do something where it’s just the two of you and mostly away from people like a long walk in the park at night with ice cream, a picnic beside a lake, a nice dinner at home with a new movie neither of you have seen.
      • Your favorite date by far is when he went out of his comfort zone a little and took you ice skating at an indoor rink. You got to hold his hand the whole time.
  • You generally like to try and base your date choices on how you know Credence is feeling that day.
    • You know that he doesn’t like to be around large groups so you try to always keep that in mind.
      • Sometimes you rope Newt or Queenie into helping you set up something. Like once you and Newt strung up fairy lights in the case so that you two could take of walk and it was just you and Credence. Then another time Queenie and Jacob helped set up a nice romantic dinner at Jacob’s bakery.
    • His favorite date that you’ve come up with so far is the drive-in movie theater. You burrowed Jacob’s truck and set up a lot of blankets and pillows in the back and the two of you watched back to back films, eating snacks and cuddling together under the blankets.


  • This is another big thing with him. Because of his abuse, Credence goes through phases of desperately needing touch and not even being able to hold your hand.
    • It took you awhile to get used to that because you had to figure out his boundaries and you were constantly worried that you’d push him too far.
      • You feel guilty about it but when he has those days/weeks where he can’t do touching you feel like he doesn’t want you even though you know that isn’t the case.
  • If you’re ever unsure if something’s okay you ask.
    • He always asks for things when it comes to you, holding your hand, kisses, ect…
  • You haven’t gone all the way yet because he still isn’t at a place where he’s okay with that and you completely understand, always backing off when he starts to get uncomfortable.
    • The most intimate thing you two have done together is been shirtless, heavily kissing on your couch with Batman Begins playing in the background. One of the explosions took Credence out of the mood pretty quickly and, while disappointed, you understood.
      • Baby steps.


Like I said, this is the first time I’ve done this before, I hope you guys liked it. Leave headcanon/imagine requests in my box if you feel up to it!!

“I don’t understand how people can just stop talking to each other. It hurts because the smallest of things can cause the end of it all.” She had been talking to herself, wanting to gain to courage to text him. She missed him so badly yet she knew that he wasn’t thinking of her. She knew he would cringe and push his phone away when he saw who the text was from, hoping he could avoid it as long as possible.
The thought made her stomach twist- Only for a second. Then she realized, the smallest thing that ended it all was straw on top of a stack of hay that kept building up.
—  She also realized she would be the one pushing her phone away when he texted
Of booty shorts and Injuries

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2fnPYZu

by Queerswimming

Keith is sure that he’s having a heart attack. Or that he hurt his brain when he fell earlier. Because it’s simply not possible that the boy who’s sitting next to him is not a hallucination. How could someone so gorgeous just sit in an emergency room at night?“

Keith and Lance unexpectantly meet at the emergency room in the middle of the night.

Words: 6479, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2fnPYZu

Note: I’ve been going through a little bit of a writer’s block lately, but I hope this one came out okay.

Request: Hey!! Can i request a Daveed x reader where they get in a big fight and he finds her later in the night drunkenly confessing all of her insecurities about their relationship to someone in the cast and then he takes her home and make up in the morning? Lots of fluff maybe slight angst? I might love your work a little too much😉 thanks so much💙

Word Count: 2066

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Warnings: some angst, hurtful words, language

Daveed had been stressing all day because he had to finish three songs by the end of the week. He had absolutely no ideas or inspiration. He had writer’s block at the worst time he could ever possibly get it.

He sat on the couch with his macbook as you sat next to him, suggesting ideas. He only gave short or one word answers.

“Write about something you’re going through. Or an experience.” You suggested.

“Can’t think of any.”

You gave him another idea. “Okay…write about getting drunk. Partying.”

“Done it.”

“Take a break, then.”


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My Season Eleven Wishlist

Inspired by My Aussie Pixie’s wishlist. Note: Some are the same as hers because they’re just so genius and important.

It’s long so buckle up

  • Sex scenes for everyone-Sam, Dean, Cas…just sex scenes please.
  • Sam with dogs and/or animals in general. Doesn’t matter, just give the boy some animals to love on please.
  • Some crying Winchesters scenes
  • Lots of hurt!Winchesters. Lots.
  • Winchesters with babies and kids. Because it makes me happy
  • Sam washes his hair/takes a shower and we see it.
  • Dean baking himself a pie in the bunker kitchen, grumbling over recipies and getting flour and other ingredients all over his hands and face. Possibly in his hair, lots of white specks dancing through the air and dusting those beautiful long spikes in the front…..mmm…but I digress! Sam comes in teases and chuckles @ Dean’s frustration, so Dee throws flour at him, gets all over Sam, who gives him his best bitchface (while hiding a smile) and Dean cackles with laughter. Full-body laughter.
  • An episode where the boys are stuck in a laundromat. In their boxers.

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Toriel is evil

Let’s think about it, when you kill her she basically tells you that you are dangerous for everyone outside the ruins and then laughs.

Why would toriel laugh if she knows you’re going to kill everyone?, well…

So, we know that Toriel hates Asgore right? She can’t forgive him because what he did, right?…

So, my theory is, she’s laughing because she knows you’re going to kill everyone, everyone who followed Asgore’s plan of kill the other 6 children, and eventually Asgore. Making this way possible for Toriel to get her revenge.


You say I’m wrong?

But she’s LAUGHING!!! She even SMILED!!

What?, you say people can laugh and smile for a lot of reasons?

If you say so…

But… you still say Chara wanted to hurt Asgore, right?… Why?

Oh I see… Chara laughed… So, obviously, they found Asgore’s pain funny…

But Toriel isn’t evil because people can laugh for a lot of reasons, uh?…

                                          How… Curious…

What’s really interesting is the comparison.

Think about it. The two main characters of the First Order we see - General Hux and Kylo Ren- have both come out of completely different backgrounds and yet still end up where they are, in the same place, in the same evil environment.

So Ben Solo, his parents were married, he’d probably seen them together, he knows that marriages do not end well and that the children get hurt in the process. Kylo Ren had a loving family for his early childhood and a father who wasn’t as strict and demanding as Brendol Hux but most likely very absent from his son’s life. And Kylo Ren eventually does turn to the dark side and his parentage and childhood surfaces through a lot. Though he doesn’t do it to please anyone or show himself as better. He does it for himself.

Then we have Armitage Hux. Whose mother is unknown, possibly to him also, and who is labelled as illegitimate from the moment he was born. Hux doesn’t have the parentage Ben had. His parents aren’t together, he grew up with a woman who wasn’t his mother and a mentally abusive father. Hux has something to prove. That’s his goal. He joins the order as a legacy. He does it to please his father and to show himself better then useless. He does it for someone.

Think of the jealousy. Hux longed for what Kylo has. A family. He never had that. Think of the anger boiling in Hux when Kylo complains about how his father never cared or how having an overbearing mother and protective uncle was annoying. Think of the outroar when Hux finally screams at him “You had everything I ever wanted!” Because Hux is still a child screaming for approval. Kylo is still a child crying to for affection. They are both still children because they had no childhoods.

So, consider, they’ve suddenly become a lot more real but yet, different. Hux and Kylo’s aspirations are similar to each other, but yet they have their own motives. 

Just thought this was interesting.

Dating Kim Jinhwan Would Include...
  • cute dates
  • him cooking for you
  • him wanting you to become friends with his fellow ikon members
  • a lot of cuddling
  • him wanting to be babied by you
  • his cute little pouts
  • him getting jealous when you spend too much time with the other members
  • slow and sensual sex 
  • cute couple accessories 
  • him singing you to sleep at night 
  • him being hurt and possibly tearing up when you guys fight
  • randoms moments where you’re sitting in his lap and making him do weird facial expressions with your hands
  • back hugs where he rests his chin on your shoulder
  • him whining when your refuse to give him kisses
  • matching cow patterned pajamas
  • him coming home stresses and you staying up with him, listening to him vent about his troubles
  • falling asleep with his head in your lap
  • cute and randoms kisses
  • getting cute texts with pictures of him in the studio
  • him randomly admiring your beauty while you’re focused on something else
  • having hanbin and jiwon over at your place 24/7 
  • him dancing half naked at night to make you laugh before you guys go to bed

long time no see😅😅 i missed you guys.

(admin s)

HeavenFell G!Papyrus

G!Papyrus would still address the human as ‘Human’, but would be, just like his brother, a lot more careful with the Human and as much as possible, not hurt them. He also has the tendency to let his inner Gaster investigate, test and be a little cruel to the human to find out what ever is hurting them internally or externally, physically or emotionally, but once the tests are over, he snaps back to his normal self.

Probably the other failed experiment just like G!Sans that Gaster made, like a prototype, before the skelebros. 

A little thing can trigger that side of him, but most of the time he’s just a marshmallow too, just like G!Sans.

Of course these ideas are all mine and not canon in the HeavenFell storyline.

Heavenfell of course belongs to @heavenfell-au and @castelsart 

For Once

Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 4: Fix Canon
Team: Halesparks

Writer: @halesheart

Writer (2nd entry):  @stiles-stilinskys

Your favorite team? Vote Here

Rating: G
WC: 2156

But Derek thinks that he thinks too much about Stiles and too much about himself and too much about them together as if the phrase ‘Stiles and Derek’ could ever make some sort of harmony.

(An end-of-3A fix it)

(Second Entry)

Derek’s head lifts as soon as the sound of Roscoe’s sputtering engine reaches his ears. His pulse spikes and he’s mentally already at the door, alert to any urgent news Stiles could be delivering, but he stays on the bed with the book spread in his lap. A part of him reasons that the teen would’ve texted him if there was any danger but another part worries that he might have lost his phone in the midst of battle and he is coming here as a last resort.

The jeep enters the parking lot slowly and Derek considers the possibility Stiles might just be visiting but logically- why would he? He might be hurt and the jeep might be beat up again and that could be the reason for its slow pace. Still, Derek is sitting here unmoving and wasting time - precious seconds passing where he could be at Stiles’ side in case he happened to be wounded. Erica’s death that summer and Boyd’s in the following months had made the fragility of their physical states all the more clearer. Those two were werewolves, young and inexperienced, nonetheless in possession of quick healing. Stiles did not. He could die so much easier than any of them.

This rarely occurs to Derek. How often Stiles could have died and how easily he could. Maybe Derek considered him as the weaker link in the beginning but that was before Stiles had proved his bravery and quick thinking time and time again. So he expects him to survive. That something as simple as a car accident could take his life after facing a rogue omega, a kanima and even a monster alpha makes his skin crawl. It’s not fair that Stiles doesn’t have the advantages the others have when he’s the one risking his life over and over again the most, for the simple chance to save another.

Derek doesn’t like comparing Stiles to himself, when he could never really match up to the bright, courageous teen, but sometimes- just sometimes -he thinks there might be more similarities between them than first meets the eye. And he’s pretty sure Stiles feels it too. Maybe that’s why he feels closest to him.

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“Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?” you ask.

Darling, we do because we think that love can overcome everything. We do because we believe that there’s no greater thing than loving and being loved in return even if the world tells you it’s impossible to find that in the person you set your heart on.

And I tell you, it’s okay. It’s alright to fall for someone that seems out of your league. Only the world should think that way. Let it not get to you. If you truly care for him, then go and fight for whatever is it you have. Take risks. Take chances. Be brave.

And if you hurt, embrace the pain although never let it consume you. Love opens you to a lot of possibilities. Getting hurt is part of that.

Still, don’t let it define you. Pick yourself up once you’re ready to face another day. Dust yourself and let not  cobwebs rule your heart. After all, it was something worth looking back to. It was one moment you were brave enough to let somebody in.

It was one moment you were brave enough to try and face whatever consequences loving has in store for you.

—  EL // “Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?”