will possibly hurt him a lot

prettylittlehateful  asked:

new chapter new chapter *dances around* WELL WELL WELL... Im not going to say i liked it bc thats obvious, so im going to talk about... about... PAIGE. I'm really really interested in how the Stiles/Paige dynamic changes through time and how is that going to affect Stiles. I bet is going to be difficult for him to not "like" her but at the same time she's going to be Derek girlfriend and we all know what happens next... I'm really excited for this part of the story!!!


Yeah there’s gonna be a lot of guilt >:)

I promise to all y’all that I am handling Paige as carefully as possible like we are gonna be mad at Derek for hurting Paige, we are gonna think Derek and Stiles are assholes, but we’re also gonna be like damn…. they’re into each other tho… IT’S COMPLEX.

I’m queer. I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders. I am very much in love with no one in particular. […] I do feel that it’s possible to be at this age unintentionally hurtful, just by being irresponsible – which is fine. I’m super down with being irresponsible. I’m just trying to make sure my lack of responsibility no longer hurts people. That’s where I’m at in the boyfriend/girlfriend/zefriend type of question.
—  ezra miller

What really hurts about the new SDCC footage is that you can definitely tell that the Author gets along with Mabel more than Dipper.

*May contain minor s p o i l e r s having to do with the footage*

And with Dipper being in the back you just know that the Author will bond with Mabel more and Dipper will start to feel isolated from everyone. The Author knows Stan, he likes Mabel, he’ll probably get along with Soos, but Dipper? He’ll be left alone with time to think about so many things: Mabel “betraying” him, Stan lying to him for so long, the fact that he might not even know Stan anymore, the Author not really liking him as much as he wanted. Dipper is going to have a lot of time to think about how much people have let him down. There’s going to be a lot of jealousy and hurt. You know who he will have time for? Bill. Bill or anyone else that could do the worst possible things.

Mabel has gotten what she wanted for so long (not that she doesn’t deserve anything, but Dipper has sacrificed a lot for her, and she hasn’t exactly “returned the favor”….), and I think Bill is going to take advantage of that. Something is going to happen with Bill, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and the Author, and it won’t be pretty. It’s all probably going to stem from one thing: Dipper’s feelings towards what’s happening.

I keep seeing people say that Niles is an improvement as a character “because he’s so much nicer” and it makes me really sad.

The point of Zero is that he’s hard to like.

Zero is a man who does ugly things because he hurts. He crosses lines. His suffering doesn’t squeeze him into a delicate, pitiable box. Most of the time when you see characters in pain in fiction, they’re very easy to like–sad chew toys that need lots of help and don’t get in anyone’s way and maybe their biggest fault is that they’re really shy. As a reader, sometimes you even wonder how this character could possibly be so ostracized in canon when they’re such a sweetheart. Zero isn’t like that.

Zero is a test of your compassion.

When people in real life are hurting, they do vicious, hurtful things. They are not bound to a range of ESRB-appropriate acts to demonstrate their unhappiness. They lash out at another’s weakest point or take genuine delight in shadenfreude that’s much stronger than a harmless statement like “I hope you step on a lego”.

With Zero, you have to genuinely accept that sometimes you’re going to be uncomfortable and see dysfunctions that aren’t cute or funny, and then it is your decision as a person whether or not to open your heart. Whether or not a person like that is worthy of forgiveness, of compassion. And true reader engagement like that is good writing. You struggle to give him another chance, just as Kamui does.

By backing away from acts like being mean to kids or sexually harassing people or his sadism, Niles wastes all that.

And I do honestly get that it’s unfortunate that an unpleasant guy ended up being the rep for the game’s m/m romance. I respect that unhappiness. But Zero is a very strong character in his own right and it’s a real shame that that was erased from Niles.

“I don’t understand how people can just stop talking to each other. It hurts because the smallest of things can cause the end of it all.” She had been talking to herself, wanting to gain to courage to text him. She missed him so badly yet she knew that he wasn’t thinking of her. She knew he would cringe and push his phone away when he saw who the text was from, hoping he could avoid it as long as possible.
The thought made her stomach twist- Only for a second. Then she realized, the smallest thing that ended it all was straw on top of a stack of hay that kept building up.
—  She also realized she would be the one pushing her phone away when he texted
My Season Eleven Wishlist

Inspired by My Aussie Pixie’s wishlist. Note: Some are the same as hers because they’re just so genius and important.

It’s long so buckle up

  • Sex scenes for everyone-Sam, Dean, Cas…just sex scenes please.
  • Sam with dogs and/or animals in general. Doesn’t matter, just give the boy some animals to love on please.
  • Some crying Winchesters scenes
  • Lots of hurt!Winchesters. Lots.
  • Winchesters with babies and kids. Because it makes me happy
  • Sam washes his hair/takes a shower and we see it.
  • Dean baking himself a pie in the bunker kitchen, grumbling over recipies and getting flour and other ingredients all over his hands and face. Possibly in his hair, lots of white specks dancing through the air and dusting those beautiful long spikes in the front…..mmm…but I digress! Sam comes in teases and chuckles @ Dean’s frustration, so Dee throws flour at him, gets all over Sam, who gives him his best bitchface (while hiding a smile) and Dean cackles with laughter. Full-body laughter.
  • An episode where the boys are stuck in a laundromat. In their boxers.

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What’s really interesting is the comparison.

Think about it. The two main characters of the First Order we see - General Hux and Kylo Ren- have both come out of completely different backgrounds and yet still end up where they are, in the same place, in the same evil environment.

So Ben Solo, his parents were married, he’d probably seen them together, he knows that marriages do not end well and that the children get hurt in the process. Kylo Ren had a loving family for his early childhood and a father who wasn’t as strict and demanding as Brendol Hux but most likely very absent from his son’s life. And Kylo Ren eventually does turn to the dark side and his parentage and childhood surfaces through a lot. Though he doesn’t do it to please anyone or show himself as better. He does it for himself.

Then we have Armitage Hux. Whose mother is unknown, possibly to him also, and who is labelled as illegitimate from the moment he was born. Hux doesn’t have the parentage Ben had. His parents aren’t together, he grew up with a woman who wasn’t his mother and a mentally abusive father. Hux has something to prove. That’s his goal. He joins the order as a legacy. He does it to please his father and to show himself better then useless. He does it for someone.

Think of the jealousy. Hux longed for what Kylo has. A family. He never had that. Think of the anger boiling in Hux when Kylo complains about how his father never cared or how having an overbearing mother and protective uncle was annoying. Think of the outroar when Hux finally screams at him “You had everything I ever wanted!” Because Hux is still a child screaming for approval. Kylo is still a child crying to for affection. They are both still children because they had no childhoods.

So, consider, they’ve suddenly become a lot more real but yet, different. Hux and Kylo’s aspirations are similar to each other, but yet they have their own motives. 

Just thought this was interesting.

  • DMMD
  • Listen

Follow up from this scene. Noiz begins to understand empathy.

Aoba: Ow, it hurts…

Noiz: The injury you got earlier? Seems like it hurts a lot.

Aoba: It does.

Noiz: We’d better treat it, right?

Aoba: …Yeah… well, if it’s possible.

Noiz: …What is it?

Aoba: No, nothing.

Noiz: …I need something that could help treat it…

Aoba: Handkerchief? Why would you have something like that?

Noiz: …Old habits don’t die so easily.

Aoba: Heeeeeh…

Noiz: What, shut up.

(Psst by the way after this scene happens Noiz goes to find something to treat his wound and he kisses him before leaving (◕‿◕✿))

For Once

Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 4: Fix Canon
Team: Halesparks

Writer: @halesheart

Writer (2nd entry):  @stiles-stilinskys

Your favorite team? Vote Here

Rating: G
WC: 2156

But Derek thinks that he thinks too much about Stiles and too much about himself and too much about them together as if the phrase ‘Stiles and Derek’ could ever make some sort of harmony.

(An end-of-3A fix it)

(Second Entry)

Derek’s head lifts as soon as the sound of Roscoe’s sputtering engine reaches his ears. His pulse spikes and he’s mentally already at the door, alert to any urgent news Stiles could be delivering, but he stays on the bed with the book spread in his lap. A part of him reasons that the teen would’ve texted him if there was any danger but another part worries that he might have lost his phone in the midst of battle and he is coming here as a last resort.

The jeep enters the parking lot slowly and Derek considers the possibility Stiles might just be visiting but logically- why would he? He might be hurt and the jeep might be beat up again and that could be the reason for its slow pace. Still, Derek is sitting here unmoving and wasting time - precious seconds passing where he could be at Stiles’ side in case he happened to be wounded. Erica’s death that summer and Boyd’s in the following months had made the fragility of their physical states all the more clearer. Those two were werewolves, young and inexperienced, nonetheless in possession of quick healing. Stiles did not. He could die so much easier than any of them.

This rarely occurs to Derek. How often Stiles could have died and how easily he could. Maybe Derek considered him as the weaker link in the beginning but that was before Stiles had proved his bravery and quick thinking time and time again. So he expects him to survive. That something as simple as a car accident could take his life after facing a rogue omega, a kanima and even a monster alpha makes his skin crawl. It’s not fair that Stiles doesn’t have the advantages the others have when he’s the one risking his life over and over again the most, for the simple chance to save another.

Derek doesn’t like comparing Stiles to himself, when he could never really match up to the bright, courageous teen, but sometimes- just sometimes -he thinks there might be more similarities between them than first meets the eye. And he’s pretty sure Stiles feels it too. Maybe that’s why he feels closest to him.

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“Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?” you ask.

Darling, we do because we think that love can overcome everything. We do because we believe that there’s no greater thing than loving and being loved in return even if the world tells you it’s impossible to find that in the person you set your heart on.

And I tell you, it’s okay. It’s alright to fall for someone that seems out of your league. Only the world should think that way. Let it not get to you. If you truly care for him, then go and fight for whatever is it you have. Take risks. Take chances. Be brave.

And if you hurt, embrace the pain although never let it consume you. Love opens you to a lot of possibilities. Getting hurt is part of that.

Still, don’t let it define you. Pick yourself up once you’re ready to face another day. Dust yourself and let not  cobwebs rule your heart. After all, it was something worth looking back to. It was one moment you were brave enough to let somebody in.

It was one moment you were brave enough to try and face whatever consequences loving has in store for you.

—  EL // “Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?”
Not good enough

Summary: “The hardest part of all is the simple fact that I was not good enough. And I cannot tell you how many nights I’ve laid awake wondering why.”

Words:  728

Warnings: depression, bad thoughts, cheating, self hate, alcoholsim/drinking

Notes: possibly everything im writing for this prompt is like my last relationship so yeah. possible part 2 idk. Request are still open.

Request:  Hello! I saw your prompt list and I was wondering if you could do #10 with Pietro Maximoff. Thank you!



Originally posted by marvelheroes

The thing about when people cheat is that they do it behind your back and then they lie about it which is way worse. ‘It hurts a lot.’ You thought knowing you’re not good enough for him or anyone making them cheat and leave. He just doesn’t understand that you are so delicate and everything will affect you hard, like heart pounding, hands shaking and a whole lots of crying.

They tell you not to blame yourself, not to overthink it, not be upset or just get over it. ‘You can’t just get over it.’ You thought, your anxiety is more than over thinking. Seeing someone you love cheat on you is like getting hit by a train but you’re still alive suffering slowly in pain. I don’t think it ever stops hurting, giving somebody the best of you and watching them chose someone else. He chose the perfect girl; tall, skinny, naturally beautiful hair, plump lips, blue eyes, gorgeous curves. You settle for less from all those features. “Pietro never loved me, I mean, how could he?” You said to yourself. So lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear your door open.

 “Your thoughts are so sad and I can’t help but cry Y/N.” Wanda said coming up to you and embracing you in a tight warm hug. That’s what you needed a shoulder to cry on, someone’s presences. “Can you make me sleep? I haven’t had a good sleep… I kept waking up panicking and crying.” It’s true. Ever since that night during the party where Pietro kissed her you don’t remember having a good night rest. You were tired of these thoughts racing through your mind like race cars destroying everything good about yourself. 

“Okay I will but promise me, we’ll go to Bruce to prescribe medication for your anxiety okay?” She said while her hands move up to your head and red mist came out like flowing water, soon you fell into a deep sleep and it was far the best sleep you ever had.

The next morning you and Wanda headed down to see Bruce in private to tell him what’s been going on. You got your prescription for your anxiety and you were almost okay. Everyone else thought you were okay but only Wanda knows how you truly feel. Every time you were in common room with everyone you feel so alone and helpless, you thought maybe everyone would be completely fine if you were gone. The more you thought negative about yourself, the more tears started to form and before you had an anxiety attack you left and went straight to your room to take your medication. As you were walking down the hallway you always have to pass by Pietro room.

 It’s usually closed but this time it was open and all you could hear are faint moans and the bed shaking. Your crying possibly worse than ever, you ran to your room slammed the door shut and just let yourself sink into this bliss of sadness that he doesnt love you anymore and my god does it hurt so bad, you felt like your chest was going to cave in.

You couldn’t help it, you missed him but he didn’t miss you at all. ‘You’re destroying yourself for someone that doesn’t acknowledge your existence.’ you thought to yourself, You got up from the floor and searched for your meds and that’s when you realized you were out. And you haven’t even noticed how dependent you were on those little things until they were gone and you realized you are a fucking mess.

So you do what you always do go back to a bad habit that once helped you for a very long time. You walk towards your closet and at the very bottom to the left corner you still had vodka from Tony’s stash of drinks. Vodka may burn your throat but the thought of him burns your mind. You’d rather black out then stare at my empty hands that once held his. 

“Why cant i be good enough!” you screamed throwing the bottle at the wall, watching as the liquid slides down the wall, you were so caught up looking at the the broken pieces you didnt even realize the arms around you. “Draga mea” soon as you heard those words you automatically know it is, Pietro.

Can we talk about this?
Jack is blindfolded, tied up and half naked, /outside/ and would have every reason to be scared out of his mind (about what’s happening next, being disoriented, hurting himself) but no, instead he’s smiling (and we know how rare that is), turning towards bitty in a way that looks like he’s encouraging him since bitty looks a lot more concerned here. This is what trust looks like. Jack so completely trusts bitty to look after him when he can’t even see where he’s going and could very possibly hurt himself but bitty is there to guide him and make sure nothing happens.

the shape you take reflects who you are

[trans!scott for the-candy-van, based on this post]

Scott is frazzled as he parks his bike in the school parking lot just in time for Jackson to sneer at him as he gets out of his Porsche. Whatever. Scott’s in no mood to deal with this right now, last night in the woods was so incredibly weird, and even weirder is that the bite isn’t even hurting anymore. But his head hurts, and it feels like the world is swimming around him, voices amplified somehow. Which shouldn’t be possible. Scott’s lucky he isn’t late for school though, although he couldn’t find his binder this morning in the rush, so he feels a more than a bit uncomfortable today.

Scott catches up with Stiles soon enough, who’s apologetic for leaving Scott alone but he didn’t want to out that Scott was there too and get him in trouble–

“It’s okay, Stiles. Look at this, like a wolf or something bit me last night,” Scott says, lifting the bottom his shirt up just enough to show Stiles the gauze he taped over the bite. 

“There aren’t any wolves in California,” Stiles says, rolling his eyes.

Scott peels the gauze away, wanting to wow Stiles with the gross factor, but instead there’s just smooth skin. He looks at Stiles in surprise, who shrugs and then laughs, punching his shoulder and saying, “Maybe it was a werewolf.”  Then Stiles is distracted by Lydia Martin walking by, and they don’t have time to talk about the weird bite because class is starting. 

Classes are okay, but Scott can’t concentrate because of a weird prickling sensation under his skin, everything feels strange, like every cell in his body just decided to have a dance party right now.

“Miss McCall, are you paying attention?" 

Harris is such a jerk. Scott blinks at the sound of his name, but he grits his teeth and keeps his eyes on his desk. He and his mom had what he thought was a good talk with the principal when they started the school year, about Scott’s pronouns and everything, but Harris really just–

"Sofia McCall, I asked you a question–”

“It’s Scott, asshole,” Stiles says vehemently next to him, and Scott shoots him a grateful look as Jackson starts tittering stupidly in the corner, and great, now the looks are starting. 

“Gonna use the bathroom,” Scott mumbles, getting to his feet and dashes out of the classroom as Harris gives Stiles detention.

He ducks into an empty stall, and pulls down his pants to pee. 



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I Love You, I Hate You (Phan One-Shot)

Words: 2,410

Ship: Phan

Type: Fluff, Angst, Prompt

Warning: (SPOILERS) Trapped in a small space, but nothing too much describing it, making out

Description: Dan and Phil pretend to hate one another, only the other person doesn’t know they are faking it.

A/N: This was a prompt, if you want to suggest me one, please do. (Wattpad link here)


Dan doesn’t hate Phil, he really doesn’t. He actually quite likes him, like a lot. It started out as an appreciation for his physical attributes, but then as time wore on, it turned into something bigger. He knew what it was, he had a crush, but he knew that Phil would never have a crush on him. And for some reason, he thought to protect himself from falling harder, he’d act like he hated him. Phil and Dan had actually been somewhat, close. So he knew it would possibly hurt Phil, but not really. Little does Dan know, Phil really likes him, like a lot. Phil really found him intriguing, the way he moves, the way he talks. Needless to say, they both never saw what was coming.

~One Month Later~

Dan carried out his plan, and it worked, sort of. He was no longer falling for Phil, he already hit rock bottom, only now, Phil hates him. Maybe he should have seen it coming, but he hadn’t. So now he loves Phil, but has to pretend to hate him. Phil is in the exact same situation, he’s in love with Dan, only he acts like he hates him. Phil started acting this way shortly after Dan started avoiding him, or on the very slim occasion when they hung out in a group, throwing glares and rude words his way. So Phil retaliated.

Currently Dan and Phil were sat on opposite ends of a couch, looking anywhere but one another, acting as though they hated the other, when in reality they both loved the other, not that either would have ever guessed. They are hanging out with some of their fellow friends, Chris and PJ, who are two of their closest. Chris shared a look with PJ from the couch opposite of Dan and Phil.

“Alright, game time! Everybody on the floor or else I will pull you down by your ears and no one wants that, now do you?” Chris said rather abruptly, but as if the threat was murder, they began to gather in a circle on the ground. However, Dan moved too slow, unenthusiastic about the game, resulting in only one open spot. Which so happened to be directly next to Phil. Dan’s heart fluttered, but acting as an enemy, he rolled his eyes and let out a deep sigh, acting reluctant for the close proximity to the person he loved.

“Dan, sit your ass down, or I’ll tell everyone a secret.” PJ stated, tried of his best friend’s attitude towards Phil, but he could tell it was an act, just like he could tell Phil’s was. He could tell these things, just like how he could tell that Chris had a plan, a plan to make the two boys realize the truth.

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We are all very concerned about the pointed mentions of aliens and Chairman Douchebag and co. possibly going for Junior, but there’s another dimension I don’t think a lot of people have considered:

In order to get Junior, they’d have to kidnap him from (presumably) the other aliens. And as we know, both Junior and Tucker are alien ambassadors/religious figures. Do you guys realize what this means?

If the mercs take Junior, not only will they be hurting Tucker, they could start another war.

Lizzie Loves Red - Oh Yes

I was compelled to write this post based on the recent quote from Jon Bokenkamp in the EW article below

Frankly this is the best thing I have heard out of Jon B. in a long time. Like Megan Boone did a few months ago in her interview with EW, Jon is confirming that Lizzie does indeed love Red. And that is not how one describes a platonic relationship. This is progress, finally.

Also as we suspected Jon also confirms that even though Red got hurt (badly hurt) that will not stop him from getting his Lizzie back. She is all he really cares about in the world.

So what do I think will happen in Season 4? Well I think we will experience lots of angst while Kirk is around (expected through episode 8). I think he will try to turn Lizzie against Red, telling her every possible bad thing Red has ever done. And he will try to make himself look like the good guy here - a father who was wronged by Red.

In addition Tom will be around for the first part of Season 4 (per an interview with Ryan Eggold). Tom always creates lots of angst, but something has to happen between he and Lizzie to cause him to leave (for his own show). Bokenkamp said on Twitter that Tom and Liz will experience a “shit ton” of problems. Hopefully bad enough to separate them permanently.

Anyway Tom will leave so how do we get rid of Kirk? Well in my ideal world I hope that Lizzie realizes Kirk is not all that and ends up having to kill him in order to save Red. That would be awesome! Regardless Kirk will bow out somehow so where does that leave Lizzie and Red?

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bro… something I noticed

in the silhouettes of team CFVY, Fox is standing very rigidly compared to everyone else

which to me, strengthens the whole “Fox is blind” practically-canon-headcanon. I mean seriously, he probably tries to take up as little space as possible because he can’t really see who or what’s around him and possibly doesn’t want to make moves that result in someone getting hurt? Which leads to a lot of stillness (but also not wasting movements) on Fox’s part.

IDK something I realized

idg why NS and SK are claiming canonship over this last chapter

like did you miss how Sakura wasn’t sobbing desperately over the fact Naruto was dying, the way she did when she thought Sasuke was dead in the LoW Arc? Like I’m not saying she doesn’t care, or hasn’t cried over Naruto, because that’s not true–she cares a lot about Naruto and is so stressed and hurt over the fact he might die but her reaction to his possible death is miles from how she ever reacted every time she thought Sasuke was hurt or dead. 

And that is very fucking telling if you ask me. 

Also, I’m mad that Karin is just standing there reporting how Sasuke might die. Like I believe she loves him, so why the fuck isn’t she throwing her life on the line to get to him and try to save him? I’m no shipper, obviously, but like I just think this proves she isn’t willing to go to world’s end to save him. 

Unless she just knows she doesn’t have enough chakra BUT IF THAT’S THE CASE THEN WHY ISN’T SHE TELLING ANYONE ELSE SO THEY CAN SAVE HIS ASS (I hope she does this next chapter). 

so lol joke’s on you NS and SK. It ain’t gonna happen.

P.s. if this was such a fucking foreshadowing to NS and SK as pairings for canon then why the fuck did Hinata even appear in this chapter, worried as usual, her promise of protecting Naruto thrown in our faces again. And why is EVERYONE of the opposing ship ignoring that if Sakura knew Sasuke was dying, she’d be losing her shit?

[ #rikuweek day one // favorite appearance

                    ↳ Dream Drop Distance

Riku hasn’t always been a character I particularly cared for. I couldn’t really find any traits I liked in the boy. He was obsessed with power and was a total jerk to his friend and went about trying to make it up to him in the worst ways possible. He hurt a lot of people along the way, and I think I grew fond of him in Dream Drop Distance because he was trying to atone for everything he’d done. 

He became a character I understood better and felt the need to cheer him on as he went into this exam, wondering if he was even worthy of the mighty weapon he held. His guilt burdened him and he only wanted to make it right.

By the end of the game, I believed he was worthy of the title Keyblade Master.