will possibly hurt him a lot

to the one who comes after me:

he likes rock. he loves country. he likes being able to guess songs that come up on his phone- it’s a good way to stay entertained in traffic.

he claims his favorite place in the entire world is Joshua Tree, but he loves being with you just as much. it doesn’t matter what you do, he loves being by your side.

he gets insecure. a lot. be reassuring and caring- always remind him how much you love him. he has a big heart and can be hurt easily. he has the potential to treat you like a queen, and you should let him. don’t feel bad or nervous, he loves spoiling you.

he will hurt you. he will build up your trust and then break it like its nothing. he’ll move on extremely fast. you’ll feel pain like you’ve never felt before. he will hurt you more than you’ve ever thought was possible. he is a special type of heroin and you are the addict. he will pulsate through your veins and make your life a living hell.

to the one who comes after me: prepare yourself. you have no idea what is waiting for you at the end of this relationship.

the look on toshi’s and sougo’s faces just make me…

these are the faces of people who grew up with kondo, have fought beside him in so many battles, would die for him, and is now potentially watching their brother hurt– dead, possibly. if things don’t pan out well, i can only imagine how they’d react..

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Izaya and Shizuo cuddling headcanons~


  • Mostly clingy when cuddling
  • When he feels ignored he will hug his S/o and whine
  • While sleeping always cuddles as close to his S/o as possible
  • Likes to put his head in the lap of his S/o and have them play with his hair


  • Just lays down and has his S/o on top of him so that he doesn’t hurt them
  • If  he squeezes them too much while cuddling he lets go and apologizes a lot
  • Gives his S/o lots of kisses when cuddling
  • Very, very carefully pets the hair of his S/o while cuddling

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Hi there! I love your headcanons, but I can't help but notice that you say Italy pulls on his hair when he's anxious.. It doesn't bother me but do you think Italy might suffer from Trichotillomania(a hair pulling disorder), specifically when he's in a panic or in one of his "shut downs?" If so, what do you think Germany does when he either finds out about it or when Italy starts tugging on his hair? Sorry to bother you!

(no need to feel sorry!! ^3^)

I feel like that is possible, I believe he pulls his hair when anxious because he talks with his hands a lot, and when he’s freaking out he has no where to put his hands and they go strait to his head. 

Germany definitely worries when he sees Italy tugging at his hair because it can hurt him, so he actually holds Italy’s hands down

At first he though it was just a habit but it could possibly be Trichotillomania triggered by anxiety 

jason’s house fire in 2x23 set while jenna was inside of the house was it explained who did it, i can’t remember? is it possible he lied about being on his way to scranton and he set it himself? but why would he want to hurt jenna?? it just seems suspicious all of the stuff he said were ali’s that he just so happens to start mentioning to the girls near the end of the season. plus he disappears and reappears a lot, and he said he saw maya and she packed a bag of ali’s stuff and gave it to him, but maya isn’t seen on screen, just sending emily texts. what if it wasn’t even her sending those texts? and jason never saw her at all. the man at the bus station said he saw maya with a black/ blue car, and then she vanished and he didn’t see her again. whose car was it? was that explained or?

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What if Charles really IS dead and is just Jason trying to get revenge for him? I mean isn't it weird how he was so sure Ali killed Mona when A wanted her to be in jail and how the second day he was like "i made i mistake, u didn't kill her"?? all those clues leading to Charles might be just "i want ppl to know him, what happened to him" and then there's Big A who's working with Jason and have other motives to hurt the girls...

i think this theory holds a lot of possibility, honestly. i re-watched 6.04 again earlier and with the thought in the back of my mind of jason being A and leading the liars around a maze to intentional ‘clues,’ everything he said/did seemed so suspicious

which i guess happens when you place bias in your head abt a character, but damn god damn god. ur right, tho!! i think it could be likely jason is trying to bring justice to charles or whatever. i also think it’s interesting they didn’t show us jason’s face when ali asked why charles would do this to them. like we didn’t see hanna’s either, but i’d have thought they’d have shown jason’s idk it just striked me as odd

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I think people categorise Mika as a 'yandere' because he has yandere traits, but isn't exactly yandere. He's protective and possessive, but not enough to kill his object of affection (but he'd hurt other people). It's more like a fangirl thing- it's fun to imagine how much he'd do for Mika. Lots of people categorise anime characters who aren't really "If I can't have you, nobody can!!" or "I'll chop off your legs if you leave.." as yandere because they at least have SOME traits of a yandere.

I still don’t see where his yandere traits are and the only person Mika has hurt is Ferid.. Because Ferid was trying to drink from Yuu and possibly turn him too. Hell, he even protected Shinoa to save Yuu from doing something he’d regret. 

I understand it’s fun to imagine yandere!Mika but now it’s being seen as the truth in the fandom and by others who aren’t even in the fandom and it’s irritating to see that on my dash now.

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With all the foreshadowing around Sora carrying so much hurt in his heart (from Ven/Roxas/Xion as well as others he has to save) just what kind of fate do you think will befall him that he'll have to overcome in order to carry on. He does have a lot of issues building up from the pressure of saving the worlds again, saving people (in complicated situations), carrying all the hurt from others, and the strain of it possibly affecting his psyche (the whole DDD convo about if he knows what's real)

I think we’ve actually already seen the culmination of that storyline. He took on Roxas’ memories, he felt his pain, and the experience only made him kinder and more compassionate, allowing him to see the truth about what Nobodies really are, how they really work, and how they’d always been lied to.

Which is possibly really underwhelming, since it doesn’t really acknowledge people like Namine and Xion except in the most absolutely indirect way, but, hey, that’s Kingdom Hearts for you.

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How do you feel about Dorian, Josephine, and the Inquisitor?

hello!!!! This question was Meant for the host but i’m here now and I’m going to do it if that’s okay because i know the Answer!

I loved dorian a lot! he had a very bold presence that not many other people have and He always made the people around him light up. he’d make them laugh and relax and smile and even though corypheus made everything Seem dark and hopeless, when people spoke to him Everything seemed a little less scary and a little more possible. It was like he was larger than life and you couldn’t help but notice him. even though he Had a lot of hurt, he covered it all up with laughter and white lies and too much worry for other people and not enough for himself. I wanted to help him, i know now that i talked about things he didn’t want said and i know it was painful for him to talk about his father and Tevinter but i hope i helped at least a little.

I didn’t speak to josephine as much. she was always busy and i was always somewhere else but when i Did speak to her, i liked her a lot. she made everyone around her feel safer. she soothed and fussed like a mother or a sister, she Took care of everyone and even though she had more and more work every day she balanced it all with Everything she did for other people. she had a lot of guilt and pain because of what she did to the bard, but instead of letting the Guilt make her cold and cruel, she used it to change and charm and work to help without hurting. there aren’t many people like her, but I wish there were

the Inquisitor that i remember was very kind. sometimes she was scared and sometimes she didn’t know the Answers but it was always the others first, the people first and her last. Even when she didn’t know how to cope with everything she had to do she still asked after me and after the others and she gave a lot of people hope. I don’t know where she is now but i hope she’s all right.

does the episode where the song ‘you’d do it for him’ bother anybody else? it might just be me being a bit too sensitive but pearl puts a whole lot of pressure on Connie. like Connie is a little kid but pearl is all ‘do you want him to die?’ and that bothers me because ^. i dunno it just kinda makes me a bit upset that pearl is placing this big responsibility on Connie and yes i know that Connie takes it all in stride because she wants to help and protect Steven and the earth but it just feels too much like when a parent expect something from you that you can’t possibly accomplish. it is unfair and hurtful in a way that sometimes people don’t get. it might go along the same lines as pearl not understanding the way it would look to humans or how humans might take it. the song is pretty good but i think i can’t enjoy it as much because of these things.

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I didn't know where or who I could ask to give me advice so this seemed like the best place. Last week my boyfriend started punching my legs to try and dead leg me as a joke I didnt think much of it at first but once I couldn't take it I asked him to please stop but he wouldn't until he finally hit me so hard I cried. He apologized and stopped ...but wanted to try again , he thought it was funny. I now have bruises up and down my legs that I have to lie about. Should I be concerned

Yes that’s cause for a lot of concern. That’s physical abuse and this type of behavior will only escalate over time. You need to get as far away from this person as possible. He won’t stop, he’ll continue to hurt you as long as you maintain the relationship. 

“I’m heading out!“ Elena yelled out, her voice echoing throughout the house. She did her best to stay calm and collected, not wanting her parents to notice anything was off - she had enough to deal with Jeremy. But in all honesty, she was annoyed, pissed off and sad all at the same time. And maybe, just maybe a little hurt. She could understand why Jeremy reacted the way he did, there was no denying it, but she could help but to feel slightly hurt by it anyway.

Finally arriving at her destination, Elena parked the car while also trying to calm herself down, not wanting to just explode on Jeremy. Looking around the parking lot, she couldn’t spot him so the brunette made her way inside the Boathouse. When she noticed him. Elena practically ran up to him. “Let’s go.“ The brunette said, trying to keep her tone as low as she possibly could, pulling his arm. “Outside. Now.“

One of my classes is doing a diversity week and my professor decided to bring up Rachel Dolezal and ask how she is different from transgender people.

There were a few transphobic comments before I gave in my two cents (and in which I had a lot of ranting) and then we finally moved into another fucking topic.

I’m still upset this had to happen. Like, my professor didn’t do it out of anything but ignorance. He was surprised when I brought up hate crime statistics against transgender women.

I’m thinking of emailing him and explaining more deeply why transgender people’s identities are legit and how even entertaining questions about Dolezal can hurt his students, including possibly ones he would not know are transgender.

I was close to tears when I left the class. I’m just really disappointed with a lot of friends and acquintances over this, including so-called liberal-minded people.


{While Alaron keeps getting herself into mildly sexual situations, let’s talk her type in guys because I haven’t really picked that apart yet.

Alaron likes men who can hurt her, but for some reason or the other, don’t. I’ll use Cul Borson as an example. He could probably break Alaron with one hit, as he’s nearly choked Frigga to death, but he doesn’t lay a finger on Alaron, possibly due to their mutual hatred of Odin. With another ship, the guy gets like, hulked out when he gets angry, and nearly choked her to death, bringing on flashbacks. But that was only when she lost it and yelled at him for a lot of shit.

Sure, with this there is also the trend where most of these people are also royalty in one way or another, be it beggar king or heir to a throne, but Alaron dreads ever having to sit on a throne, so she actually tries not to get serious with these people, but sometimes it does not work *cough* Cul *cough* 

That pretty much summarizes it}

The Young Turks are really shitty news station. They gave Rachel Dolezal a pass and sympathized with her. First, of all she’s doing black face (subtle but still noticable). She pretended to be black /mixed to gained what could’ve gone to the black communities (free scholarship, professor for Afirana Studies…These were intended for black people). Plus, they gave her a pass on culture appropriation. They excused all of it because of the possibly of child abuse infected from her parents which doesn’t excuse racist, and colorist actions, behaviors.

Just because she married to a black man doesn’t excuse the behavior ( and doesn’t excuse him letting her do this either). Because she’s a professor doesn’t mean she expert on black culture (which could be different depending on region/area + it’s a lot most diverse).

She’s hurting black women who went through shit with how they look and suddenly this white women decides to play “costume” becomes racially ambiguous to gain her own motives. Whenever she wants she can turn back to being white where privilege knows no boundaries. 

P.S. Stop comparing transgenders to transracial. Transracial doesn’t exist. It doesn’t make any damn sense to compared the two. I don’t think Rachel Dolezal wants to be treated like a real black person in this world (face with violence like police brutality, genocide, discrimination in the work force). 

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so recently I've come to realize that im very gay (female), but the thing is I'm still dating a guy and I don't want to hurt him by breaking up with him but it just doesn't feel right dating him, any advice?

well you should break up with him, and it will suck for him but once you’re single it will feel a lot better, im sure. maybe you could try to remain friends with him, if you’d like. just break it off in the nicest way possible. x
~tell me a secret on anon~

i have so many bellamy feelings rn and i’m not even sorry. like, i watched how the grounder’s army went through the woods and it looked so epic and all i could think of that was “this is possible because of bellamy. this is possible because he let himself get captured on purpose, he got hurt, they took his blood, they hit him, he had all this pressure on him and he did it in the end”. my mind is all asdfghjkl at the moment. 

also murphy + desert is an amazing combination, sassy little trash king, please be safe and stay sassy

and raven/wick happened and it makes me happy so yayy

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                           &  KAI & ELENA.

who throws things in a fight ?: in general, elena might be more apt to, but still i doubt either of them would. i mean they couldn’t live with themselves if they hurt each other, especially elena with all the guilt she’d have if she ever hurt him.

who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad ?: elena, but she typically will go to the lakehouse instead of home. there’s fonder memories at the lake.

who wants to have children ? who doesn’t ? if both do, how do their goals differentiate ?: elena is probably the one that wants children more, but kai probably doesn’t because the whole possible twins thing. it’s not something that’s discussed a lot, but she has thought about it.

who is more adverse to physical contact ?: kai, probably, because all of the abuse, but elena’s touch is soft and reassuring. he doesn’t mind if it’s by her. plus, all the warm snuggles help them both relax and calm down after stressful days.

who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most ?: i imagine kai since he’s not really the friendly neighbor type, and i can see him getting annoyed as elena chats with the neighbors for hours. she’s just so bubbly and friendly. hahaha.

who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family ?: elena loathes kai’s family, or mainly his dad. she likes his siblings, but she doesn’t understand or like their coven at all.

who is most likely to leave when things get rough ?: it depends because kai is more prone to push her away, but elena is very stubborn and just might not let him. if it does get that rough, elena would probably go to the lakehouse and let him cool down.

who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought ?: neither. they both love each other, flaws and all. there isn’t a thing about each other that they would change. cheesy but true. xo.

who is more likely to cheat ?: neither, because all they want is each other.

who is the more experienced ( sexually or otherwise ) ?: well, they were each others’ first time, so. ;) they’ll gain experience with each other tbh.

who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends ?: probably kai because they lessen his time with elena, but she definitely makes it up to him. ;)

who wants to go to social gatherings the most ?: laughs, elena. sometimes she can drag kai along with her, but most of the time she’ll go alone if it is really that important to her. if it isn’t then she’ll just skip it to stay with kai.

who is most likely to be dishonest ?: they might embellish, but they’d never lie.

who is more emotionally closed off ? how does this affect their partner ?: elena is more emotional than kai for sure, and it always annoys her when he’s being closed off. that is really the only time that she gets angry with him.

who is the dessert person ?: both of them could probably eat their weight in cupcakes.

who is more conservative ?: neither ??

who hates/dislikes oral sex ?: neither ??


i can’t sleep
it’s been 10 minutes and i can’t stop shaking or crying
my thoughts are full of you
and i have a massive lump in my throat
but i’m finally thinking of you and only you tonight
i can’t possibly fall asleep and lose it all
it’s hurting but i don’t want to go to sleep
i miss you abbu i do i miss you so much i want to scream
i’m hurting a lot now
my heart i can feel it tightening and my throat is burning
my tears are burning
but i don’t want to sleep abbu my darling abbu what if i sleep and i forget you
i don’t want that to happen
i’m sorry if you see me laughing
i’m sorry if i sometimes forget you abbu
but even when i forget you you’re still there
i wish i could lay here and think of you and only you for the rest of my life
even if i’m aching and in pain
i’m thinking of you
i love you
i know you love me i know
just know that i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you but the tears are starting to make my eyes feel heavy
i feel as though i’m in a daze
i know i’ll be crying myself to sleep with you clouding my thoughts
i miss you
i will see you soon.