will pool for friendship

Ok so in Mac and Charlie: White Trash, they do a memorial for their old pal Jamie Nelson who drowned in the pool. It says “Friendship” and “RIP” and a little stick figure with a skateboard. Charlie is the one scratching this into the side of the pool but Charlie’s illiterate so I’m imagining Mac patiently helping him sound out and spell the word “friendship” and I could cry tbh

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"eleven years of friendship and i still don't know" Voltron. brotp Pidge and Lance!!!!

Ooooohhh I’m gonna make this a modern au, kind of! With mythics and whatnot!
Lance circled the cove quietly, tail causing ripples in the water as he waited. Soon enough, he heard the powerful swish swish of flapping wings decending into the nearby rocks. “Pidge!” He trilled joyfully, the young Avian female scrambling over to the pool where the Merman waited excitedly.
“Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know how you get here before I do. And I come in from the sky!” Pidge huffed, setting down her bag and rummaging through it. “It’s called excellent swimming and flexibility, my dear featherbrain.” Lance explained haughtily. “Please tell me you brought more of that whipped cream stuff!” He switched to whining quite quickly, pulling himself onto the sandy bank a little more.
Pidge smiled. “Of course I did!” Her golden brown and white speckled feathers settled onto her back as she pulled out a can of instant whipped cream, the blue scaled Mer having become fascinated with the treat only a few weeks ago.
“I’m surprised you’ve kept me secret for do long. Your flock must worry about where you disappear to so often.” Lance hummed, happily squirting some of the sugary cream into his mouth. “I’m surprised nobody’s noticed! You’d think Matt or Shiro would notice, but no, still oblivious.” Pidge huffed, hair floofing in agitation.
A clawed, webbed hand patted her knee reassuringly. “Well, secret or not, I’m glad we met. If you hadn’t saved me from that netting back then… I’d be one dead fish.” Lance shuddered at the memory, a tale for another time. Pidge shrugged noncommittally. “It reminded me of when Shiro got snagged by the Galra’s air traps. I couldn’t let it happen again, even if the Mer and the Avians are supposed to be enemies.” She sighed, opening a wing to shield him from the sunlight peeking through the clouds.
Lance patted her knee again. “Avian or not, I could never hate you, Pidgey.”
His feathery friend smiled. “Same here, Lance.”
I might make this a series if you guys want? It’s more than just Avians and Mer, there are other Mythics like vampires (Keith), Nagas (Galra), Centaurs (Hunk), Witches (Allura and Coran) etc…. It’d mostly be small little shorts like this, and I have ideas for it, like Shiro finding Lance, Keith and Hunk being friends, the war between species…..etc etc :)
Let me know if you’d like that!

Sirius Black, Alice Fortescue, Peter Pettigrew, Emmeline Vance, Remus Lupin, James Potter and Mary MacDonald jumping into a muggle pool

- taken by Lily Evans, circa 1978

Squad Aesthetics
  • Aries, Leo & Sagittarius : going to disneyland, eating candy floss, dancing in a field
  • Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn : doing each other's hair & make up, walking the streets at night, sipping wine at a fancy event
  • Gemini, Libra & Aquarius : queens/kings of social media, tanning on the beach, acting crazy in public places
  • Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces : petting cats, going to the swimming pool, tight hugs