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The Exalted Plains, Orlais 

“Dareth shiral, Tillahnnen.”

if i had a nickle for everytime some asked me “why watch someone else when you could just play the game yourself?” id have enough money to afford to buy a console, a computer, and all the games id ever wanna play


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“it would just be so unfair. i had a whole life planned out, and i’m not going to get to live any of it. i was going to graduate with honors… do a medical residency in new york… become a world-renowned neurosurgeon… and get married to… i mean… in… it doesn’t matter. it’s stupid. it just can’t all end here. not like this.”

- michelle nguyen

book: endless summer


is it wrong that i like this better than the original version

5 Lies Before Sunset

SUMMARY: Jake knows that nothing in La Huerta is going to last. But he wants it to. So as the sun sets, lies and denial fill his mind—with only one of them being the truth.

UNIVERSE: Endless Summer

PAIRINGS: Jake McKenzie X MC

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For Round Nineteen of #ChoicesCreates by @hollyashton hosted by @pb-boeboe.

Okay, I’ll admit that this is one of the saddest things I’ve written in a while. The uncertainty of Jake and our MC’s future just hurts so bad. Written while listening to Embody Me by Novo Amor. (Rating: T, mild language)

Seas crashing. We walk down the shore, the salted water against our toes. Sunset beach. You watch the sunkissed sky with awestruck wonder in your eyes. Eyes wide open. You whisper words of how beautiful the spectacle is before you, and I nod as all I see is you.

I focus on your moving lips and your intoxicating laughter. Lies, lies, lies are the words that flash before my gaze. I watch as you jump into the waves. Why, why, why is all I can ask as our future blurs.

I’m not afraid. No, I’m terrified. The colors light up your figure and I try so hard to remember, but the dark hits right after I blink—I fucking lose you. I want to fight for you. Hell, that’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at. But this fight is one I’ll never win.

I’ll never leave. But you will. When this is all over, you’ll go back to the future you’ve always wanted. You’ll have the life you deserve, while I’ll be living the damned life I never asked for. So stow your love with me. Every kiss, every night, every moment. Write it in my mind as your body leaves to embody my misery.

We were meant to be. But, oh, I’m in agony. Forcefully. That’s how you leave. And when you lose your hold on my hand, I find that the only grip you had of me didn’t have any at all.  In your happiness, all I had was pain. So much pain.

We’ll last forever. That’s what this endless summer wants us to believe. For what it’s worth, I would’ve held you close to me until the very end. Until the whole damn world slipped away. Until you slipped away.

I love you. I love the way your hand fits perfectly in mine, how you get me drunk when I’m as sober as I’ll ever be. But I’m sorry, I’m sorry because I know that my love will never be enough.

You come out of the water and pull me from the shallows to the deep. I look at you, I look at you like it’s the last time I ever will. I mirror your smile to mask the feel of being ripped apart from the inside. Loud, loud, loud is the sound of the harbinger. Stop, stop, stop is what I tell myself as we crash like those waves on the shore.

Five lies haunt my mind before the sun sets. I can’t help but wonder which one of them is true.