will of the macrocosm

Macrocosm dust
Evolving inspiration

Tiny white flowers
Sneeze their ambrosia
Into the night

My head is a mess
Clarity forms a fitting distraction
The earth with her mist
And light refracting light

The cooler hum of sacred vibrations
The ancient calm
Of a thousand heavy sighs

Fear not for conviction blown aloft
Untying roots that tangle inside

“As for the end of the universe, I say let it come as it will, in ice, fire, or darkness. What did the universe ever do for me that I should mind its welfare?”

milky way, part two.

we came
from the same
chain reaction

i swear i could feel you
an eternity ago

a long time before
the lapse in gravity
that led to such a
celestial seperation
ending our celebration

you may not remember
but once upon a time
before time ever existed
we were two parts, whole
and everything was holy

we were once a love
unlike any other

you may not remember
the birth of the universe
or how, on the very first day
something changed, you felt
like you just needed space

i remember
watching you
move further away

i felt your heart race
into unknown distance
and i just couldn’t wait
to start my endless chase
through the macrocosm
but i just couldn’t keep up
with your pace

we were once a love
unlike any other

i swear i could feel you
long before that day

and i’ll never rest
until you let me
prove my case

we are evidence
of quantum

we are two hearts
both the same
no matter how far
apart we are

i swear i still feel you
every single day

Using Any Item For Magick 101

Symbols hold power and can be used to communicate with practically any aspect of the self. From words being symbols used to communicate via conscious thought, to art communicating meaning and feeling, to colors affecting instincts. Symbols even communicate to the unconscious mind, and in theory even to the spiritual aspects of Self.

Thus any item you wish to use for magick will be analyzed as a symbol. What does the item mean to you? What does it make you think of? What imagery comes to mind when you contemplate it? How does this relate to your magical cosmology?

Let us take a simple example of an old satellite dish, maybe one that was used for television. To me this brings up, rhetorically, the idea of communication and transmission of information. They seem to have the ability to both transmit and receive information.

Thus out of this old satilite dish I will make myself a magical apparatus which will transmit and receive information between microcosm and macrocosm. I will paint it a color which represents Neshamah (intuitive spiritual knowledge), and paint on it a sigil I designed to boost informational signal strength. Then I will wire it up to a switch and paint sigils along the switch positions, this will allow me to tune into different channels or places. Finally I will add some stone which fits the correspondence, and wire it into the whole contraption as if it was an energy source.

The basic idea is you find the meaning of the item then boost it using magick symbols which correlate to the same meaning. You take the spirit/meme of the item and empower it to suit the use of your will.

The Microcosm and the Macrocosm, Matthäus Merian the Elder, 1678. From Musaeum Hermeticum [The Hermetic Museum] (Frankfurt, 1678). pl. 4. 1380-912
the getty

something always becomes.

what became of…

because we know
nothing stays still
the world around you
in constant motion
the macrocosm
the microcosm
a ship on the ocean

movement is constant
stand still
blood courses through your veins
stand still long enough
you will fall over
becoming your remains

no permission was sought
no act of will precipitated
the process of thought

what ever became
of you?

Know Thyself, Cast Yeself Down, and in your own ashes, Create Thou!

Why are your spells not working, or at least not working efficiently? Do you wonder why the spirits are not calling? Why you hex was only a spurt of effect? why your money spell didn’t come to fruition?

It all starts with one thing. Yourself. If you cannot create the change in the microcosm, how can you expect to create in the macrocosm? That’s what magick is, changes to the inner to change the outer.

Begin by actualizing and actually letting your spells effect yourself. All great healers are somewhat wounded themselves, and therefore, such a blessing must be taken in before it can be applied to oneself. The hex must also begin with you, as it’s source, you need to be changed, and not always for worst. Sometimes, that change is empowering, animalizing.

And then of course, take action. Take actions purposely and willfully that are going to perpetuate the change of self to change the whole. Make the chances of that job you did a spell for more likely to come fourth in manifestation. Go out and locate what is possible right now, or what you got to take the chance on. Apply! Clean yourself up, review your own questions, prepare for the interviewers, and know why you are a better candidate! I’ll repeat that last line. KNOW why YOU are the better applicant. Make that change to convince yourself, so that when it comes to it, you’ve made the change at the deepest level of who you are.

You want to live healthier mentally? Focus on what anxiety and depression is. Actualize what it is. Look for the causes, and shred them like a wolf on a lamb. Like the wolf is still eventually going to be hungry, you will still have that depression, that anxiety. But without actually going on the hunt with a thirst for the then and now in order to affect the soon and likely, you will starve. The battle is ongoing, much like the survival of the cunning is.

If you are a witch that unfortunately doesn’t have that rare luck some possess in terms of magic, handed by fate, then make your luck by actually putting in the hard work. Some people make knowing themselves look easy. That’s to be expected, but it doesn’t mean to give up and live in a fog, still searching for the next meal as you get weak. Or worst, tamed by the society we’re in.

You can claim to be a witch all day long, but until you make results, real tangible results from the fuel of magical and sorcerous change, you cannot expect to achieve. You can claim to be a magician all day long, but until you get out your armchair, your just a guy (or gal… or whatever) who knows things they’ve never accomplished themselves.

Go make it happen. Start with the self, and then it will fall into place easier!

You are more than your skills in playing violin, dancing, accumulated wealth, clothes you wear, intelligence you display, it is bigger than feelings you feel, since you are the universe recreating self over and over…and over again.


As you see yourself

Every day, early in the morning, stand in front of the mirror. If you dare to stand in front of the mirror, then you can easily stand in front of the whole world. Now, when you stand in front of the mirror, if you see an undivine face looking back at you, then rest assured that the whole world is undivine. But if you are getting joy from your face, if it is pure and divine, then rest assured that the world is also pure and divine. According to the way you see yourself, the rest of the world will present itself to you. If you see aspiration in your face, I assure you this aspiration you are bound to notice in the whole world. If you see aggressive forces, a devouring tiger inside you, then when you leave the house a big tiger will come and devour you. We are exact prototypes of the world. We are like a microcosm and the world is the macrocosm. A saint always sees everyone in the world — even the worst possible thief — as a saint. Similarly, a thief will see even the most divine saint as a thief. We judge others according to our own standard, according to our own realisation. A thief will think a saint is a thief and a saint will think a thief is a saint. Those who have not realised God will always suspect and doubt those who have. Everyone has to judge others according to his own standard of realisation.

- Sri Chinmoy, Union-Vision


Inquisition -  Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Helena Blavatsky - The Seven Planes of Existence, “The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy”, 1888.

The Sevenfold Nature of Man is the reflection of the Sevenfold Nature of the Universe. “As Above, So Below; on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Man is the Microcosm of the Great Macrocosm and the seven different “Principles” or components of his Being are literally derived from the Universal Seven Principles.

These Seven Planes correspond to the Seven States of Consciousness in Man. It remains with him to attune the Three Higher States in himself to the Three Higher Planes in Kosmos. But before he can attempt to attune, he must awaken the Three “Seats” to Life and Activity. In the diagram, the upper three Planes are described as “The Three Higher Planes of the Septenary Kosmos,” “The Divine and Formless World of Spirit.”

One of the fundamental teachings of Theosophy is that all Manifestation is of a Septenary Nature. Everything follows the Sevenfold pattern. Every group, division, or representation of Seven is always comprised of a Higher Three and a Lower Four. In the case of human beings in Physical Incarnation, our Seven Principles are divisible into the Spiritual Triad (also called the Upper Imperishable Triad) of Atma-Buddhi-Manas and the Lower Quaternary of Kama-Prana-Linga Sharira-Sthula Sharira. Also, each of those Seven Principles is itself Sevenfold, being comprised of Seven Sub-Principles. This is equally true for the Seven Planes and for all else. 7 x 7 = 49 and the Forty-Nine Fires, as they are called in the Vishnu Purana and other Eastern scriptures, is one of the deepest subjects of “The Secret Doctrine.”

The Three Higher Planes are the Arupa or Formless Planes, the Unmanifested, and that the Four Lower Planes are the Rupa or Planes of Form, the Manifested. The Three Higher Planes belong to the Archetypal Universe. The Four Lower Planes are labelled in this diagram with the names by which they are referred to in the teachings of the Kabbalah, namely the Archetypal Plane, the Intellectual-Creative Plane, the Substantial-Formative Plane, and our objectively visible and tangible Physical-Material Plane.