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My Tales of Official Artbook came in!! It contains every (or nearly every) Viva magazine cover, small prints of their posters/wall scrolls and some chibis. I’m so happy I got this cause I wanted some of these prints for awhile now also I don’t think I ever saw the Cress and Sorey one until now.


I don’t know if this has been said yet, but I have a horrible feeling that whoever we saved in the Fade in Inquisition will be the one to die and whoever we left behind will be the one to survive. This is just the kind of thing these kind of games and Bioware would pull… I hope not, though, because I want Hawke to survive and I almost always save him…            


Abyss: “And how are you feeling?”
Neptune: “Just fine.”
Abyss: “So you’ve decided to keep it then?”
Neptune: “…I guess I have. Why are we having this conversation?”
Abyss: “As your aunt I think it’s perfectly normal that we do. How was your mother by the way?”
Neptune: “Why do you all of a sudden care of my or my mother’s well being?”
Abyss: “I do care. I might not show it at times as well as I should, but.”
Neptune: “No. You really don’t. There was something about a photo shoot?”
Abyss: “Ah, yes. It’s a big one and I want you to be a part of it. I believe you’re in…friendly terms with Revan Victus? At least the internet thinks so.”
Neptune: “He’s a friend? And why?”
Abyss: “He’s going to be our model. I thought it would be fitting for you to assist.”
Neptune: Oh. Just him?”
Abyss: “We’re still trying to find a fitting female model to accompany him.”
Neptune: “So what kind of a shoot is it then? The theme?”
Abyss: “Underwear.”


Pls note Zesty is also available for PS3 but these were originally made for friend who doesn’t have a PS3

(also Alisha got armatization in the zesty anime tozx I know but it’s not available in game cri she’s so pretty)

here is the longest powerpoint because I forgot abt armatization and made a bunch of slides on it in my  Very Informative Powerpoints™ series on tales games~~ pls enjoy

Abyss Cinnamon Roll Meme

someone please gif this for me i have no skills there

Pre Haircut Luke: Looks Like They Could Kill You, But Is Actually A Cinnamon Roll

Post Haircut Luke: Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll, And Is Actually A Cinnamon Roll

Tear: Looks Like They Could Kill You, But Is Actually A Cinnamon Roll

Jade: Looks Like They Could Kill You, And Will Actually Kill You

Guy: Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll, But Could Actually Kill You

Anise: Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll, But Is Actually A Sinnamon Roll

Natalia: Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll, But Could Actually Kill You


Asch: Bitter Burnt Cinnamon Roll Full Of Rage

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First of all the way you write Ignis is amazing <3 And I LOVED your Nightmare with Ignis. But what if it's the other way around? He is struggling with a nightmare(s) and need some comfort from his S/O? :3c (I'm 110% for angst!)

Ignis was drowning.

His lungs filled with water, and his limbs remained still, weighed down by an invisible force.

Why couldn’t he move?

He tried to thrash. Tried to breathe, but the inky darkness that surrounded him crept up along his skin in thin tendrils, tying him to the black abyss that threatened to swallow him whole. He struggled against his restraints, his mouth opened in a silent scream.

Above him, something appeared.

It was Noctis’ face, empty and blank. His once clear blue eyes were glazed over, his skin a deathly white.

Why have the Six cursed me? Ignis thought, panic rising like bile in his throat. Why have they granted me this one sight, while the rest of my existence is shrouded in darkness?

He started to struggle against his bonds again when Noctis’ dead eyes suddenly snapped to meet his. His lip curled into a snarl, his arm outstretched into a bloody claw.

“You failed me…”

Ignis felt tears stinging his eyes and tried to get away, but it was no use. He still couldn’t move. In the distance, he thought he heard someone calling his name. He tried to strain his hearing to pinpoint the voice, but he couldn’t quite find the direction it was coming from.

The bloody claw drew closer and closer, until it was almost upon him. It was just about to close around his throat when—


He bolted upright, drenched in cold sweat. Ignis panted, feeling the dampness of his night shirt as he tried to steady his breathing. He felt your hand touch his arm and he instinctively withdrew, thinking it had been the disfigured corpse of his best friend.

“Ignis,” your voice called to him, gentle and soft. “It’s okay. You were just having a nightmare.”

Ignis panted, feeling around him. His fingers were met with his plush duvet, and even though he couldn’t see, he realized he was back in his apartment, where he was safe, with you.

“I’m sorry, my love,” he finally managed, his shoulders curled inward as he gripped the sheets in his lap. “Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the darkness of my reality and the darkness within my dreams.”

You looked at your lover, the man who had given up so much of his life to the Crown, who had fought valiantly alongside his friends for years. It had been a few months since the light had returned to Insomnia, and ever since Noctis’ passing, he kept having these awful nightmares. It broke your heart to see someone so strong feeling so helpless.

You bit your lip. “Can I touch you? Is that okay?”

After a moment, he gave a nod.

You started off slow. Your fingers touched his forearm, and he flinched. You let the warmth of your palm seep into his skin before gently rubbing along his bicep, and then over to his back. You moved closer to him, pulling him in close. He leaned into your touch, finally, and you brought his head to your chest and rubbed comforting circles against his spine.

“It was just a dream, Iggy. It’s okay. I’m here for you, you don’t have to be scared.”

You could feel his breath starting to hitch, heard the small sniffle that he tried so hard to keep at bay. He never wanted to look weak in front of you, but he couldn’t help it. The nightmares were starting to compound, starting to take a toll on him. His arms came to wrap around you, hugging you tightly, like he was afraid that if he let go, he fall right back into that darkness again. You took his face in your hands and helped wipe away the tears that fell from his cloudy eye.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Ignis opened his mouth briefly, but closed it just as fast. He shook his head.

“It’s okay,” you said, stroking your thumb over his cheek bone. “If you’re not ready, it’s alright. But just know that you don’t have to be ashamed, okay? They’re just dreams. They don’t control you.”

Ignis nodded, but you weren’t certain that he believed you. You pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek, and then the other side, then his nose, and then a lingering one to his lips. You felt him respond, to your relief, and pulled away, resting your forehead against his.

“Do you want me to make you a cup of Ebony to calm your nerves?”

Ignis nodded again. “I think I’d like that.”

“Alright.” You rose from the bed and he got up with you, not wanting to be alone. You took his hand and brought him to the kitchen, and he held you from behind while you made his coffee.

You stayed up with him until the sun rose, the warmth of daylight kissing his skin. In the light of day, in the safety of your arms, he could escape the darkness of his unconscious mind. At least for a little while longer.

Vídeo promocional y reparto principal del Anime Made in Abyss.

Una imagen promocional tambi茅n fue revelada:聽

La web oficial del pr贸ximo Anime para televisi贸n adaptaci贸n del Manga Made in Abyss de Akihito Tsukushi, comenz贸 la transmisi贸n de su primer v铆deo promocional y revel贸 una nueva imagen promocional y a su reparto principal. El Anime se estrenar谩 en julio del 2017 en Jap贸n. 聽

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