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Taylor is so kind and good and she doesn’t have to meet ANY fans, especially not in her own house for free, but she still does. I know it can seem exclusive but she’s definitely trying her best to include EVERYONE possible and even if we never meet her, we have connected to her through her music and I honestly think that’s enough.

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just thought i should let you know that starting tomorrow, i wont be as active as i usually am. i have a lot of stuff going on in real life and i really need to focus and figure everything out. and because of that i can’t be here as much as i would like to. i’m still gonna be here, you can still message me, please, it’s just gonna take
me a little more time to answer. i probably won’t be as active in gcs too (this one is gonna be painful, i love all of my gcs so much).i hope yall understand and i hope yall don’t forget my annoying ass!!!!! everything will probably go back to normal after the first week of november (hopefully).

i love all of you very very much 💕

Magic Manipulation Part 4 Teaser

( @pristine-starlight, @ukeleledun21, @imdoingthisironically this is your last chance to theorise, because Part 4 will be the end! At 19:30 GMT I will post it, but for now, before I go to bed, have another little teaser. I posed some questions in the tags too. )

“Welcome back.” Marvin said softly, offering a soft smile. His tone was just as gentle as it always was whenever he welcomed Jackaboy home from fighting crime. The knowledge that all of those crimes had been caused at his hands now made the greeting bittersweet.

“You lied to me.” Jackaboy whispered, his footsteps loud in the otherwise quiet warehouse as he moved closer to Marvin. His hands were trembling and there was a waver to his voice that was hard to pick up on, but Marvin heard it. He always heard the slight changes to Jackaboy’s tone, could read his emotions easily, had been doing so for years.

It made his stomach twist.

“Why did you tell me that Anti was involved? He had nothing to do with this.” Jackaboy demanded, stopping only a few feet away from Marvin.

“It took you that long to figure out?” Marvin laughed, his body glitching closer to Jackaboy and the Hero flinched. “Impressive though, right? Illusionary magic that makes it look like Anti is infecting me…you were so easily manipulated.” He stepped back into position again, but as he did, the Jim’s were revealed to Jackaboy’s eyes, having scooted around Marvin to get a better shot of the Hero.

When Jackaboy noticed them, his eyes narrowed.

“What are they doing here?” He snapped, glancing back and forth between the egos. “Marvin-.”

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I want to motivate you but I also want to help you stare at Cullen…

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we shall stare at cullen together then ;D

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Shuffle Music

I was tagged by @inspectorwired thanks so much for the tag!!

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up. Tag 10 others to do the same. 

1. Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi

2. Look (a starlight night) by N’uest

3. Nevermind by BTS

4. Hooray for Beer by Bowling for Soup

5. Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi

6. Savior by Rise Against

7. You’re not Me by Marty Bags

8. Ah Yeah by EXID

9. Two-Seater by Bowling for Soup

10. Gone Forever by Three Days Grace

I’m personally very offended that there wasn’t a single Day6 song that came on, but, you know, what can you do. Somehow, shuffle doesn’t want to give you what you want.

I’ll tag @nebulous–heart @flap-monster @namgii @polgara @nekromantorium @transemmagoldman @strawbubbly @namjoonmyprince @jiminicriket @greekaboo

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I feel like Robert was more jealous of Donny than Alex. They spent more time showing his jealousy.


Yes Robert was jealous of Donnie. It made him say and do crazy things….

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And it lasted for fucking ever… But really, it wasn’t about Chrissie. Not really. Otherwise he would have been equally as psychopathically upset about Cain kissing Chrissie…. instead of just using it as an opportunity for “blackmail”. (Suggo: He’s pretty but he’s hella thick sometimes)…

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It was about Home Farm, the Whites, the kingdom he built around himself, the kingdom where he was safe and secure and the envy of all those people who looked down on him or dismissed him when he was a simple village greasemonkey. 

Donnie had a claim through Lachlan to it all, a claim Robert couldn’t compete with back then (ughhh how times change). Robert was trading his tail. But Donnie was tied to the Whites through blood. He could get away with much worse and he could keep coming back. 

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What’s really interesting and beautiful, is that Robert (IN THE END - I know, he took a while) chose to make his life with Aaron Dingle. To build his future with him. Aaron Dingle who represented everything that Robert had spent so many years running away from. A village greasemonkey, a man who owned up to his crimes (did time for his friends even), someone who enjoyed the small cosy intimacy of village life, someone who had friends, family, but no wealth or status. No power or influence. Robert chose all of that - chose his true self - when he chose Aaron. “I want to be myself now with you.” 

Anyway, my OG point is that it goes way beyond just jealousy. The Donnie Era really represented the struggle at Robert’s core. Because Donnie is basically an even more extreme version of Robbo (I know, the fuck is that even possible? But he is). Money grabbing, opportunistic, parasitic, cynical, grasping. And then there was Aaron… Aaron who brought out this other Robert. This soft, sweet, gentle FUNNY Robert. A Robert who cared deeply… Aaron just wanted to be pure and true with him. Revel in their love (they had only just begun in terms of loving eachother). So Robert had a choice to make. And in typical fashion. He made the wrong one. And he regretted it. 

Alex is not the same. It’s not comparable. Robert already believes he’s done the worst. He’s lost Aaron. And it’s his fault. And although at first he begs and pleads with Aaron to just keep trying, to give them another shot…

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In his chats with Vic while Aaron is away, you can see, he sort of slowly accepts that he can’t go on making Aaron suffer. Course, hope never dies (as he tells Emma) as long as Aaron is out there in the world living his life. But Robert knows how much he’s hurt him. You can see that when he first saw the scars. He also knows that Aaron doesn’t deserve to feel pain like that. So if he’s the cause? He’ll tuck himself away. He won’t call. And when Aaron gets back and tells him to leave, he’ll go. Eventually. He’ll walk away… That’s what he deserves. He’s always known that deep down. He’s not good enough for his Good Man. 

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Aaron. The Mill. Their life. Their family. Robert accepts being shut out this time. He’s not clinging on when Alex comes on the scene like he was with Donnie. It doesn’t mean he’s not hoping. And that he doesn’t love Aaron. If anything, he loves Aaron more than life itself. Because the most important person in this equation is Aaron, and Aaron’s wellbeing. THAT’S WHY HE LEAVES. Even if it hurts like a bitch. 

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Don’t get me wrong he’s jealous. More jealous than he’s ever been. And seeing them together is like a knife to the chest. 

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But Aaron deserves the world on a platter. Robert knows that. He deserves someone good and pure. With a soul that isn’t pitch black. Who will love him and treasure him and protect him from harm. Basically all the things Robert failed to do on that fateful February night with Rebecca. So yes… It’s the most jealous he has ever felt in his life. 

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But he knows he has no right. Considering how he dealt with Aaron’s jealousy over Rebecca…? He has absolutely no right. So instead of taking it out on Aaron and Alex, the way he did with Chrissie and to a greater extent Donnie, he sort of implodes. Implodes in on himself. The true culprit. You can’t say he has been functioning at his level best since the end of his marriage. And we’re still seeing that now. The unravelling. We’re seeing Robert Sugden break down because he lost Aaron Dingle. He didn’t break this way when he lost Chrissie for good did he? Trace his departure from his senses back, and it’s when he saw Aaron with Alex. That’s when he truly lost it. And embarked on his own epic pain spiral. And Larry shaped plan.

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Fictober Day 22--Lost

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Ok.  All right.  It was fine.  Everything was ok.  Definitely ok.  Perfectly fine.  It would all work out ok, and tonight he’d be in his bed, safe and sound, laughing at himself over how worried he’d been over nothing.


Dewey hadn’t seen any sign of his uncles or brothers or Webby in forty-five minutes, according to his phone.  That was definitely a problem, considering they were in a dense forest that had been known to swallow up explorers on their way to finding lost civilizations and undiscovered species of animals and insects (according to Huey, at least).  They’d been trying to find the Lost Crown of Genghis Khan.  Why they were looking in South America, Dewey had no idea.  He was pretty sure Scrooge had explained it, but once it started to feel like history class, Dewey had zoned out.  Force of habit.

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Every single spell post: You gotta focus and empty your mind

My ADHD brain:

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