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Umm has anyone talked about the little jumping competition thingy cause that was kinda cute

that bit really stood out to me because it got me to wondering how many stupid little things like that they do on a regular basis, like maybe they race to see who can get to the cereal first and that person gets first pick, maybe they do rigorous rounds of rock paper scissors to determine who gets to choose what they watch that night, maybe they see who can stuff more cookies into their mouth and the loser has to do the washing up

just all the little domestic and friendshippy/relationshippy stuff that they probably do daily 


Alright, here’s my main Nanbaka OC, Nezumi Tachibana! She’s the head supervisor of Building 9. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sorry for this truckload of info! ε-(´∀`; )

The pics of her with short hair are when she first started working at Nanba and the others are her now.


Tachibana Nezumi
Sex: F Age: 28
Height: 4'11" (149.89 cm)
Nationality: Japanese
Traits Leader, Oblivious, Multi-tasker, Asocial, Tactful, Indolent
Trivia: -can go for days without sleep
-uses a segway to get around quickly
- weapon is a taser with different settings
- had built and set up all the traps in case of a jail break
- communicates with inmates through security cameras and the loud speaker


Nezumi and her big sister, Denso, are the daughters of two very successful engineers. In their childhood, their parents pushed them to pursue careers in engineering but Denso was more interested in traveling and Nezumi found it more fun to play video games. Still, the two siblings worked hard to make their parents proud so they would help each other out with school and studying.

Nezumi and Denso developed a bond stronger than what they had with their parents. When they graduated, they went to the same college. It was until Denso mysteriously dropped out and disappeared. Nezumi decided to do the same to find her. Nezumi started working in the police force, climbing her way up to get info on Denso’s whereabouts.

What made her decide to work at Nanba Prison was one phonecall from her parents who now placed all of their hopes of success onto her shoulders. With Denso gone, Nezumi was the only one left to carry on their company. So when she selected for an job at Nanba, she took it. Anything to get away from it all. She was placed in Building 9, where they held most of the female prisoners. She quickly became the right hand man to Building 9’s supervisor who became like a parent figure to her.

For one task, however, she was to deliver a few files to Building 5. That’s when she met Enki Gokuu, the supervisor at the time. She saw him as a role model for discipline and authority which she became quickly enamored with. Afterwards, any task that involve do going to Building 5 was snatched by Nezumi. She would always too flustered to have a conversation with Enki so she decided to send him anonymous letters. She would send paragraphs and he would send her short responses. To Nezumi, those responses made her felt like she truly connected with someone.

Nanba Prison was her safe haven, away from the problems with her family. It all came crashing down with the Buildings 5 incident. The letters stop instantly. All Nezumi had now was the Building 9 supervisor. One day, they called her into their office to tell them that they were going to take a vacation so she will be in charge of Building 9 from now on. “ I could always trust you to do your job” they said. They never came back since.

Nezumi did her job by locking herself away in the surveillance room. Her name soon deteriorated into security cameras and microphones. The building’s presence fade with her, becoming just a buildings to hold criminals in. In the present, nobody knows who Building 9’s supervisor is or what she looks like.

OMG, weird worlds-colliding: was idly discussing something with Farmsister, and she said “oh I read something like that in a Daredevil fanfiction,” and I was like “a what now” and she was like oh… I sometimes… if I don’t have enough good books to read, I go online and i find fanfictions of the TV shows I like…

I was like do you at least click the little kudos thing? and she was like no why would I do that i’m not in the community or anything, and I was like I mean, though, are you reading it on AO3? and she was like well yeah I mean, that’s where everything is

and I was like you don’t have to create an account but do me a personal, from the heart favor, and click the little heart if you liked the story, because I tell you what, I’m on the other end of that, I’m not telling you my handle and I probably don’t write for any of the series you watch, but click the little heart goddammit and she was like okay okay jeez

so all y’all Daredevil and Jessica Jones and, gasp, Supernatural peeps, I hope your kudos-to-hits ratio goes up a miniscule amount from here on out.