will no one ever love me

Jay Park - Circles

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Inspired by G.Soul - Circles

You knew the ending— it always ended like this. Even though you knew how it would turn out, no matter how hard you tried to escape, eventually you always went back to him. Even after everything he had done, all the lies he had told, and the scars he left on your broken soul, you just couldn’t walk away.

You held onto that little glimmer of hope that things would turn out differently this time, that all the suffering and fighting wouldn’t be in vain; that it was worth it, because what you two had was special. However, after one argument was settled, another one took its place. If was an endless cycle you both were trapped in.

However, today you had made up your mind. You wanted to end it this time, once and for all. That was really the last time you had forgiven him. You wouldn’t do it again, you swore to yourself. You would stay strong and you wouldn’t waver.


“Technically I never lied to you,” he pointed out with an even voice, as if he was stating a universally valid fact. You stared at him full of disbelief as you let out a short chortle.

“Are you really doing this right now?” You knew he would defend himself at all costs, wanting to prove that he did nothing wrong. You knew he would try to justify his actions. Nonetheless, you still hoped he would lower his pride and show you that he cared about you. You knew it was foolish, but you couldn’t help it. You desperately wanted him to prove you wrong, to prove you that breaking up with him was the wrong decision. But with his actions, he only solidified your presentiments. At least this way, it would be easier to break up with him, you thought.

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I know the producers and writers jeopardized Kara and Alex relationship all along season 2, but let’s imagine for a minute everything was fine and they hadn’t messed up. Let’s pretend the show hadn’t become some sort of parody of itself and their relationship was still the same as it was in season 1.

Can you imagine if Kara had had to choose between National City and Alex in the final?

What really sucks about the way Joss Whedon writes is that he sort of has this idea that if he writes about women being strong and confident, that is all it takes for women to appreciate his work. Like, even if the villain constantly belittles a woman for being a woman and people are constantly harassing her and sexualizing her, it’s okay because she’s strong and she can take it.

The biggest difference between Whedon’s version of Wonder Woman and Jenkins is that in Whedon’s version Wonder Woman is A Woman. She (and the audience) must be constantly aware that she is a Woman, that she is Sexy, that she is overcoming incredible odds because she has the terrible disadvantage of Being Born A Woman.

Whereas in Jenkins’ film Diana simply exists. There are some points made by other characters about her being a woman, like when Steve won’t sleep with her because he feels it’s improper, or when his secretary says, “Oh yes, put specs on her, like after that she won’t be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen”, but Diana is almost completely unaware of her status as a Dreaded Woman. Her excitement over a baby? She’s literally never seen one before. Her little makeover seen? Spends the whole thing looking for something comfortable she can fight in. She basically never mentions the difference between men and women, never even says that women are better or whatever because she was raised by them. 

Joss Whedon would have never let Wonder Woman forget she was a Woman. She would have constantly been making comments about it, wether positive or negative, as would everyone around her. In Whedon’s heyday that might have flown a lot better, but now women seem to be a little sick of grrrrl power. They just want power. They just want to exist, both on screen and in life, without constant reminders that they are Women and that they must pay for that at every turn.

I honestly love how, no matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite pokemon. And they all have their own reasons, like

Onix is your favorite because it was the first Pokemon card you ever owned?

Of course

Mudkip is your favorite because it’s the first starter you ever chose?


Venipede is your favorite because you love bug types?

Heck yeah

Rockruff is your favorite because it’s just so freakin’ cute?


Reblog and put in the tags what your favorite Pokemon is and why!


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath


i still think about boysbe a lot


I’m currently falling into terumob hell so heres some lil doots of them, someone pls help

Also here’s mob returning the lil chu


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*

I'm so tired of

- always being the one who cares more
- knowing i’ll always need them more than they need me
- feeling completely useless
- hating my reflection
- feeling painfully invisible
- having no idea what i’m going to do with my life
- people asking me what i want to do when i leave school
- being stressed, like all the time
- always looking at pretty people and feeling so angry and jealous because of how ugly i am
- feeling like if i died today, no one would notice… no one would care…


Jeremy: And despite all of their bitching they sung along to all the songs anyway.

Christine: Yeah and then you and Mike were making bedroom eyes at each other during “Love Will Find A Way”.

Rich: Not to mention you wouldn’t shut up about how much you loved Kovu for the entire movie lol

Jeremy: Wha? Hey!!

Michael: Yeah we know you’re a furry but do you have to make it so obvious?

Jeremy: I AM NOT–

Michael: Saying that you have a crush on Kovu immediately results in classifying you as a furry, Jer.

Jeremy: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now



There was also a really awesome match last night where yeah, my team lost (their team was frighteningly good okay) and we lost by a large enough margin that I didn’t even manage to get to the objective to have any objective time, but there was a Blackwatch Reyes on the other team. And I seriously got the impression that me and this other dude (each of us was the highest level person on our team) were just in our own little world trying to kill or one-up each other.

AND THEN. And then. He had to go and be a good sport about it so I can’t even get annoyed. Blargh.

(wherever you are, dude, I love you. GGWP.)


Get to know me meme: 5/10 pairings » Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
    You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces. What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers, “You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.”