will no one ever love me

don’t tell me
that i can’t love someone else
until i love myself
don’t try and convince me
that it’s logical
because i call bullshit on your logic
i may not know how to love myself
but i sure as hell know how to love others
because i know what it’s like
to feel as though no one cares
to feel alone
to feel broken
to feel unloved
and i would never wish that on anyone
—  in the absence of self love i am able to love others
(cc, 2017)

This line. This line frickin killed me.

Because Star is not done with her training. Even if she is, Moon knows how important Earth is to Star and would of course allow her to return, even if it was just to visit.

So that means Star is expecting one of two outcomes: either Moon is going to die in battle and Star will be made queen earlier than expected

Or Star is going to die in battle, without ever seeing the people and planet she had come to love ever again.

This girl’s gearing up for the ultimate showdown, and she had to tell Marco how she truly felt before she did

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Top 5 best height differences? (for the ships!!)


1. Kagehina. I’m so weak for everything related to their height difference. Not to mention all the times that Kageyama effortlessly picks Hinata up by the shirt or that time when Hinata hid himself behind Kageyama and he actually moved a bit to cover him more and ???? honestly guys idk I just love them so much they make a mess out of me

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2. Iwaoi. THE WILDES CONCEPT IN HAIKYUU HISTORY WILL ALWAYS BE IWAIZUMI BEING SHORTER THAT OIKAWA #BLESSED literally that’s one of the best ideas Furudate ever had, kudos to him

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3. Asanoya. They are the ultimate height difference couple and the definition of a smol tol (ง •̀_•́)ง and a tol smol (;;;*_*)

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4. Kurotsuki. Kuroo’s true current concern is not “I can’t get rid of my bedhead hair” but “what if…Tsukki….never stops getting taller?” (he’s already 3 cm ahead and he’s 2 years younger than you Kuroo….RIP)

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5. Kuroken and Yakulev (bless Nekoma). JUST LOOK AT THEM. If there’s something extremely comforting in how Kuroo is way way bigger than Kenma, the fact that Yaku could be that sassy and terrifying despite being so chibi is…just amazing. I live for the day we’re gonna see Lev picking him up (and getting killed right after) tbh

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Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

The Confession of a Reluctant King

In celebration of the month of February being dedicated to the beautiful, darling crown prince and king of Adarlan, Dorian Havilliard, I have written a confessional piece for him, looking back on his life from his own point of view.

I hope you all like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I don’t know if ever truly deserved love. I think my father had a lot to do with that. I never saw him show affection to my mother, never mind myself or my brother. We were just…there; a Queen, an heir, and a spare.

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Just finished The Hammer of Thor, can you freak out with me????? PLEAAAAASSEEE???? FIERROCHASE FTW OMG😍😍😍😍😍😍This book almost gave me a heart attack so many times!!! It's AMAZING!! Riordan's acid on society in this book made me ALIVE!!!!!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 (sorry, my friends haven't read it yet and won't let me say anything... And I completely understand but... It's just KILLING MEEE 😭😭😭)

Hdjsbfkd it deserves the hype!! Not just for fierrochase (tho it’s a big factor lol) but also for the other scenes. That part where they visited hearthstone’s home???? Loved the ambiance and setting tbh one of my fav scenes ever


Character moodboard: Maleficent

“What a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and… How quaint, even the rabble. I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation. “

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Hi, the author of Malibu Love here(Idk if you know my fic), just wanted to say that I love your account. I don't know what else to say but you're pretty fucking dope. You're such a Bo$$, working from home and being brave, honest and beautiful for blessing us with this acc. That's my girl! Suga mama we ain't going nowhere, this is how we roll. We got that everlasting love. Ive got one wish though, don't leave us and be miss moving on. Hope me being cheesy is worth it enough & makes you smile.

Oh my god this is the best thing I’ve ever received lmao!!! Thank you so much!

I think I’ve heard of your fic before, but I’ll definitely check it out now!

Acts of Love & Devotion

Faith, I don’t know
no one ever showed me
so, it’s only you I serve.
Sure, I know some scriptures,
I’m not a total degenerate.
I’m educated. But, I
worship only you.

Devotion, my dear, is me
sitting on the edge of your bed.
Your head is in your hands & always the crying
& me putting my fingers inside of your
tangle of curls,
lifting your head to inquire why all the tears?

My fingers now under your jaw
tracing the lines of tanned emotion.
Your eyes still wet, & you
spit out, “What now?”
I say, “Just give me the signal &
we’re out of this desert. We’ll watch
it smoke and burn.”

“I love you,” you repeated
over and
a mantra.

I sit there hugging myself thinking,
‘I know.’

(Written and submitted by @jabberamongthetrees)

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Do you know any good stydia college fics? Also are there any good stydia au fics you would recommend? Sorry lol I'm in desperate need of new fics, thanks!!!!!


1. Ground Rules by writergirl8 aka @rongasm​. This was the first stydia fic I ever read, and it ruined me forever. (If you haven’t already read it - FOR SHAME - Stydia live together pseudo-platonically during college and are actual idiots in love. It’s great fun and the number one Stydia fandom Must.)

2. you should be rolling with me (you’re a real-life fantasy) by safeandsound13. She’s one of my favorite fic writers, I love her style so much. Awesome Stydia college AU, sort of frenemies to friends to lovers. 

3. Intro to Banshees by lilbluednacer. Lydia has issues with her powers in this one, and leaves college to stay with Scott and Stiles, but they’re college aged and technically counts? More of a murder/mystery vibe and plot driven, but the character relationships are fab. 

4. You Make Love Look Easy by afineskyline. Annnnddd not to shamelessly self-promote or anything, but I totally wrote my first real stydia fic which coincidentally is also a college AU. Where Stiles is a nanny. So. 

Better Than Words (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Write-A-Thon: Day 2 (Femslash)

Summary: At 3 am, the world is asleep and your best friend has dragged you up to the hotel rooftop to stargaze- but the stars reflected in each other’s eyes are far more captivating than the ones in the sky will ever be.

Words: 2166

A/N: here’s day 2 of the write-a-thon ft me being a hoe for space and sneakily putting in quotes from skam

You’d always loved stars, and space as a whole for that matter. Whether it was simply to gaze at them or to study them, you always found a sense of blissful happiness in the gleaming beacons of light scattered across the formidable vast darkness of the sky.

The planetarium, to say the very least, had been a colossal disappointment, although perhaps that was to be blamed on the fact that you’d set your expectations far too high. But even by lower standards, it was a vastly overrated show.

Perhaps the artificial pleasure of the planetarium was sufficient for some people, but you much preferred the real stars, not a flimsy projection.

You drew out a slow and heavy sigh. In the frigid air, it seemed unnatural not to see the puffs of your breath hanging in the air before you, but the visual had been stolen away by the darkness.

Pulling the stiff blanket tighter around your shivering body, you made one last attempt to let yourself fall into the restless sleep that often came with sleeping away from home, especially in hotels such as this one.

Given the choice, you would have stayed home, but you weren’t granted that luxury. School trips were mandatory, and this overnight stay in Ashland was no exception. At least the school had been kind enough to put you in a hotel room with Phillipa Soo, the only classmate who you felt comfortable enough with to speak to.

“Pippa?” Your voice was a mere whisper, swallowed by the reigning darkness, but it somehow reached Phillipa’s ears.

“Yeah?” she breathed, rolling over in her bed so she could face you.

The night was illuminated only by her eyes, sparkling with a new light as if a fire had been ignited in her, world erupting in forever ardent flames.

“I can’t sleep,” you admitted, your words clinging to the tip of your tongue like a secret that wasn’t eager to be told.

More than anything, you wanted to go home. Back to your own mattress, your own sheets, your own bathroom. To burnt toast in the morning rather than the freshly prepared hotel meals. You longed for the feeling of belonging that lingered behind those walls. The only thing that lingered in the hotel room was the sense of a false comfort.

“Me either,” Phillipa whispered, her voice wavering in the still night.

Your eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness and you could just barely make out Phillipa’s face. Dark hair falling around her pale face in waves, lips turned upwards in the teasing hint of a smile. She was ethereal, almost, as if she’d been sent directly from heaven.

“I barely sleep,” you confessed to her, not intending to speak in a whisper, yet the night demanded hushed tones. “But it’s worse here.”

“Sleep is the cousin to death.” She spoke in soothing tones that greatly contradicted the nature of the statement. “It’s only natural to fear it.”

“I don’t fear it.” You drew out a sigh, selecting your words carefully as if plucking them one by one out of the air. “It’s never come naturally to me, I just can’t turn my brain off. And when I’m far from home, it’s worse. There’s just too many thoughts in my head.”

Phillipa seemed to consider your words for a few moments. “You like space, don’t you?” she asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

You nodded, unsure of where she was heading with this.

“That planetarium exhibit was awful.” She kept her tone light, adding another layer of comfort to the night, and perhaps, you thought, perhaps you could even get so comfortable with the soothing sound of her voice that you could drift off.

“Yeah…” Your voice was muffled, hesitant, not quite daring to make eye contact.

“Hey…” Phillipa spoke softly, struggling to hold your gaze. “How’d you like to look at some real stars?”

“Real stars?” You wrapped your lips around a smile, daring to ask the question. “And how exactly would you go about showing me some of those?”

“Mmm…” Phillipa flashed a small smile, speaking with the kind of unbreakable confidence that you couldn’t deny intimidated you, but the gentle warmth was ever present in her eyes. “What if I told you I knew the way up to the roof?”

You followed Phillipa to the roof, wishing with every step you took that you’d thought to bring a jacket. The frigid air cut into your skin like knives.

You tucked your knees into your chest as you sat just far enough from the edge of the roof that there was no danger of falling. Even with Phillipa sitting right next to you, you could barely see her face: her hair fell in a sheet concealing her from your view.

“How many floors are in this hotel?” you murmured, daring to glance down at the world below you. You immediately regretted it. Your stomach seemed to drop from the top of the building, and your heart rate sped up.

“Don’t look down,” Phillipa advised, her gentle voice washing over you like the tide. “It’ll only freak you out.”

“Too late.” You cracked a smile through your nervousness, but Phillipa could still see the fear in your eyes.

“Look up at the sky instead,” she told you, pointing upwards. You followed the direction of her finger and gazed up at the stars like scattered diamonds against the night sky. You found your worries dissipating as you searched for constellations among the thousands- millions of stars against the pitch black curtain draped over the sky.

You fought back the urge to smile, biting your lip in resistance. You resigned yourself to silence, letting Phillipa fill the quiet. She was good at it: she always laughed the loudest, smiled the widest, and her eyes gleamed the brightest.

“Look at them,” Phillipa continued, referring to the stars. “They’re so small from here, but each of them is even bigger than our sun.”

You nodded, sucking in air as if you were afraid to speak.

In the silence, Phillipa continued to talk, and you let her. You let her lead you farther in, allowing yourself to get lost in her words.

“Imagine it. Those stars, they could have their own planets just like ours circling them. Planets with life.” Her voice floated through the near summer breeze, giving it an almost sing song tone.

“I’d like that.” Voice timid and shaky, you let yourself speak. “I think…” You trailed off as you felt Phillipa’s eyes on you, waiting for you to continue.

You tilted your head up towards the sky and let yourself lose your mind under the stars. Your breathing came in trembling waves. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

“I think I’d like to see one of those planets.” It took a few moments but you finally finished your sentence as you focused your attention solely on your breath.

“It’s easier to pretend that they don’t exist.” Phillipa let herself fall back against the rooftop, lying next to you with a lazy smile dancing across her face.

“I disagree.”

Phillipa raised her eyebrows, amused by the notion. “Do you?”

“Yeah.” You didn’t elaborate, simply letting your words stand alone with no explanation needed. Why disrupt the peaceful silence with meaningless words?

“We can’t possibly be alone in the universe.” She spoke with a reassuring tone, though you couldn’t tell whether she meant it to be directed towards you or herself. “But I think that it would make things easier if we were.”

“Mmm…” You thought for a few moments, waiting to see if Phillipa had anything else to add. “It would be worse to be alone. We’d be so… helpless. Just a tiny little rock floating through space. Isn’t it better to have that constant reassurance that there’s someone- or something else?”

“What good does it do us to believe in life elsewhere?” Phillipa’s voice almost shocked you: you weren’t expecting it to have such bitter undertone. “It’s not like there are aliens here. On our planet.”

“Maybe in some alternate universe there is,” you mused, thinking out loud more than putting real consideration into your words.

Phillipa smirked lazily, letting her lips part slowly. “Don’t tell me you believe in alternate universes as well as aliens.”

In that moment, you had never been more grateful for the darkness: it hid the blush that slowly flooded your cheeks. Even so, you turned away from Phillipa so she wouldn’t see. “Maybe.”

Phillipa spurred up a soft chuckle, the sound ringing out clearly in the still night. She wasn’t mocking you though, you were sure of that.

“The thing about alternate universes,” she began, in the same soothing voice. It seemed as though no matter what she was saying, her voice carried that same gentle undertone. “The thing about them is that the whole concept is just the product of wishful thinking.”

“Wishful thinking?” you repeated, trying to figure out how that could possibly be the source of alternate universes.

“Yeah. Because that’s what people would like to think exists.” The words rolled smoothly off of Phillipa’s tongue as she filled the gaping silence of the night. “If something goes wrong, they have that to blame it on. They can think that the only reason things are going badly is that they’re going fine in some other universe.”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged off Phillipa’s theory in favor of your own. “I think they’re real. I think that somewhere far away, in another universe, everything is exactly the same except… I don’t know.”

“You really believe that there’s really the same Pippa and the same (Y/N) on the same rooftop but you were smart enough to bring a coat?” Phillipa laughed softly, but the sound died off when she saw just how cold you were. “Sorry. Here-” She slipped her own jacket off of her shoulders. “Wear this.”

You pulled her hoodie around yourself and smiled gratefully. You found yourself getting lost in Phillipa’s eyes, and the way the stars up above reflected in them. It was as if you simply lacked the capacity to care about anything but her star sprinkled eyes.

“Y/N?” Phillipa’s voice drew your attention back to reality.


“We should probably get back inside before someone notices we’re gone.” You could almost detect a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Yeah…” You trailed off, knowing she was right. A quick glance at your watch confirmed that it was almost 3 am, and you couldn’t even fathom the amount of trouble you would get in if you were caught out of bed at this time.

Yet, neither of you made any move to get up. You continued to lie next to each other on the roof, eyes staring into one another’s, and both seeing much more than simply a face in the dark.

“Hey… um…” Phillipa stumbled over her words, cheeks flushing a deep red.

You raised your eyebrows in concern: you’d never seen Phillipa so lost for something to say.

“I don’t actually know that much about space,” she confessed, biting her lip anxiously. “I just… I may have looked it up before we got here. I… well, I knew that you liked space and I thought…” she trailed off.

You’d never felt as much at a loss for words as you did in that moment, and never had there been a worse time for you to forget how to speak.

“I thought it might impress you,” she finished, regaining a small shred of confidence.

“Oh.” You knew that one word wouldn’t suffice, but you didn’t quite know how to respond to a confession like that.

The smooth and confident Pippa from mere hours ago was gone, replaced by the blushing, insecure girl before you.

You reached out across the void for her hand, letting your fingers brush up against hers. You drew out a smile as she slipped her hand into yours. They felt like ice in your hands.

“I just… I’m sorry, but I-”

“It’s okay,” you interjected, cutting her off mid sentence. “I promise.”

She smiled gratefully, letting her eyes flutter shut.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep,” you warned. “We’ve got to get inside. You’re freezing.”

“Mmm…” She smiled sleepily, resting her head on your shoulder. “Would it be wrong to kiss you?”

You faltered, unsure of how to respond to a question such as that one. “It wouldn’t be wrong.” You dragged your words out, giving yourself time to consider what she’d said. “Maybe… you could.”

Her smile widened considerably, and her eyes lit up with a fervent light you’d never seen in her before. But despite it, she still giggled nervously, cheeks flushed pink.

“You can kiss me,” you decided, meeting her gaze. “I’d like that.”

Gently, she pressed her lips against yours, and you swore you saw stars- though perhaps it was the ones up in the sky.

As you kissed her, you found that the best part was that you hadn’t even lied.

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I know you and a couple of other blogs have species, you with doilypons and Adelaide with rose ponies and there's some new ones coming out...ever think of making cross species between you all? Like a doilyrose pon! Or any other cross! I just have so much want to see them tbh QAQ

That’d be cool, I’d love to see crossbreeding myself, but that involves a lot of communicating, planning, discussing what traits from each species would be used, etc. I’m a loner and I’m not comfortable just messaging them about it, but if they’re interested, I’d be down to work stuff out with them if they contact me. Communicating with new people isn’t my strong point tbh //wheeze 

Kinda sad considering my real life talent is empathy, comforting, and advice. I have saved multiple friends’ lives, therapists think I’m an under cover therapist, but I can’t talk normally with people RIP //weeps

Imperfect (Angst) (Potential New Admin)

Originally posted by kingsobi

[ reminder: these are submitted to us so that we can see if we want the writers to be admins on our account. we’re sharing them with you so that you can give feedback! if you like this, help the writer out and send us a message about it or reblog/reply with a comment. full credit goes to the blog listed at the very bottom ] [ other applications and scenarios here ]

Word Count: 1,173

Trigger Warning: mentions of death and suicide

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Dear Lou,

Did I tell you how lucky I am to have you as my partner? Husband? Boyfriend? Best friend? Because I really fucking am. Out of all the people in this world, you chose me. I saw you writing some songs a while ago while humming to an unknown tune that would probably be in your album, then I thought to myself how did my plain old self got you to love me again? You’re the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on. (except for our kids someday, maybe) You just fucking glow, okay? You’re perfect in so many ways I can’t even begin where, maybe I’ll start with your personality. You never let the atmosphere in the room be gloomy or sad or dull. You take your glow with you everywhere you go. I don’t know how you do it but I love you. And then your voice, oh how i love that raspy high-pitched voice of yours. Especially when you belt out the songs you made for me or you scream my name so loud I’m afraid you’ll lose your voice. (please don’t hit me when you read this part) Then there’s your eyes. The bluest of the blues. When I first saw you, your eyes got me hooked. (your penis too) It’s so kind and deep and I don’t know what I’m saying anymore it’s hard to write with you watching me like a hawk behind my back, knock it off love. Anyways going back, last is your ass. Would I forget your ass? Of course not. The only ass big enough to fit my hands. We’re really made for each other aren’t we? You have lots of perfect traits because even your nails are perfect. But I have to cut this short because you’re approaching me and you look so hot. (i have no doubt we’ll fuck after this) So bye my perfect little husband. Don’t get tired of me, ‘kay? All the love. Harry Tomlinson

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i got tagged by @daxiia <333

all fmab based

1. Who do you think has the best character development in the series?

oh god in my bias opinion greed but i really like how roy’s character arch was a lot and obvsly scars development was really really good

2. Tell me about your FAVORITE character and your LEAST favorite character? Why do you love/hate them?

my favorite character is greedling and oliver armstrong! greedling’s personality and story in general is one of the best thing ive ever seen, and have u seen olivier???? 
my least favorite character is kimblee. fuck the antenna coakroach

3. If you could change one hing in the entire series what would it be?

they didnt give us content on what greedling doing btwn the briggs episodes
( more representation would have been nice)

4. QUICK! Give me a really cute headcanon about your OTP/fave?

ed and ling lives in a bakery/home thing and own five cats named: boiled boots, quater metal, eggs muffin, lettuce and creampuff

5. What is your favorite arc and why?

oh god, greedling probably? the way they interact and how greed becomes to realize/accept his own wants and how ling reacts and comments on that is the best

6. What character do you think is under appreciated?

all the women characters tbh??? but i think may is the most? 

7. What is your sin?

pfffft greed sldkfjsdlfj i want everything…..

8. If you (and someone close to you) were in Ed and Al’s place, would you be okay with using the stone? Why or why not?

i dont think i would :// just the fact that there are souls in there would make me not use it at all. i mean the ingredients is living human beings; their still in terms “alive” in there.

9. Is there any villain you feel sympathy for and can fully understand their motives? Do you think what they did was justified?

honestly i didn’t really feel much until the last moments of envy?? that totally made me cry. what all of them did was *not* justified tho. i understood why lots of them were doing tho

10. Which would you rather eat, Winry’s apple pie or Gracia’s quiche?


11. And finally, what is your FAVORITE moment in the entire series?

ahhhHHH i love it when ed and ling fist bumps, but anytime oliver stabs and/or shots someone???? there is a lot of moments that i really liked i mean thats why i like famb so much?

im tagging @pkground @banana–bread @springbender @gaypaninya @not-a-webaloo  @greedyboi @thestaffofra @usually-confused @steampouda @uglyelleth @deathvly

the questions are under the read more !

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I really don’t get why no one ever talks about the classic monster cafe at universal studios??? I unironically loved this place and it was one of my favorite things in the whole park???? 

First, thank you @aeinmaterial for tagging me is this challenge. I do love to participate in the community! That said, this was hell to figure out…..

According to the instructions, I picked my Top 10 biases (I choose to do it kdrama based only) and randomly pitted 2 against each other.

Here are the results:

Ji sung vs Park Seo-joon: The Oppa Love Fight!
Why choose when these two love each other as much I love them? They even won Best Couple (that’s right) for their awesome and hilarious performances in Heal Me, Kill Me (MBC) back in 2015.

Originally posted by 810118

Yoo Yeon Suk vs Seo In Guk: The Reply Showdown!

Fine, I will choose in this one… and I will have to go with Seo In guk. As much as I love Yoo Yeon-suk and his ever growing career, Seo In guk has a special place in my heart thanks to his boyish charm and killer three piece suit look.

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Jung Kyung ho vs Jung Il woo: The Heart Eye’s Dilemma!

GAH! As much I love Jung Il woo’s heart eyes when he’s on a romcom, I will choose Jung Kuyung ho. For starters, and from a carrier point of view, I like the choices Jung Kyung ho does much better than Il-woo’s, who I wish went for more diverse work in recent years.

That said, Jung Kyung ho also has an undeniable charm and amazing smile that will make the coldest heart melt. From mafia boss to single father and redeemed entertainer, he is a true chameleon!

Originally posted by dalpengi

Choi Siwon vs Nam Joo hyuk: The Choco-abs Dynasty!

How can I forget Choi Siwon and his surprisingly growing career as an actor that has proven he is more than just a pretty face or choco abs. And I can talk about this all night long, Siwon did good work in his two last kdramas. 

So, I’m picking Siwon over Nam Joo-hyuk, only for the reason that the latter is still new to the scene. But I have great hopes for Nam Joo-hyuk after his work in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which was one of the best dramas of 2016.

Originally posted by oppaheol

Park Hyungsik vs Jo Jung suk: the Skilfull Oppa conundrum!

I have been following Jo Jung suk career and I always thought he was good, although it wasn’t until Jealousy Incarnate (2016) that he really won my heart. I also adore he loves working on musicals and jumps at any chance to dance.

But my hearts tells me is Park Hyungsik who I should be talking about because I love him. To pieces. AS AN ACTOR. Just to make things clear, I have never heard one song by Z:EA, but I have always been impressed by his acting skills even when he was relative new to the scene. I see a good future for him in Dramaland and I couldn’t be more excited about his first lead role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

Originally posted by jeonggu

I SURVIVED!!! And now I pass on the challenge to @lavenderbyun @leeskyung @joowons @dingax and @gimme-a-chocolate. Have fun!


Look at my preggo baby <3 I know I’ve only posted one of her week updates on here but currenlty she’s at 23 weeks. God, this couple means so much to me. Atlas was my first ever girl RP I kept after deleting all my other ones, she’s the first to have gotten into a relationship so far along (Zane baby) and gotten pregnant. It still amazes me that their engaged and starting a family. I’m just so grateful for these two, they mean the absolute world to me. 

(Oh, and PS. I love you Hannah @mxrie-sims)