will never unfollow!

Idk how many times i have to say this/reblog it but if you see me refollow you i never unfollowed you. It’s just tumblr being a jerk. Literally had to refollow 10+ blogs just now ughhh.

Here’s another “friendly” reminder that the LGBTQIA+ community is not a fucking pissing contest to see who suffers the most oppression. The only people who do not belong in the LGBTQIA community are heterosexual, hetero-romantic, cisgender people (as in, ticking all three categories).

You’re biromantic, asexual, cis? You’re in.
Bisexual aro enby? Definitely in.
Asexual, aromantic, intersex? STILL IN.

Our community is built on inclusion and love. Finding peace and comfort with each other when we can’t find it elsewhere.

Stop fucking gatekeeping. You look like an asshole. You don’t get to decide who can or cannot be part of the community. We are not some elite club, where each member must adhere to some standard of queerness.

It’s not a competition. Fucking stop acting like it.

ok but you know those mutuals you follow during a certain obsession and over time you both drift out of the fandom and into different ones but u never unfollow them because they’re still cool and all and then one day you both find yourselves in the same fandom again and it’s like going to a class for the first time and locking eyes with someone you know from the previous semester who’s pretty chill

The Signs As My Little Pony Characters

Aries: Princess Luna

Taurus: Applejack

Gemini: Princess Celestia

Cancer: Apple Bloom

Leo: Pinkie Pie

Virgo: Fluttershy

Libra: Sweetie Belle

Scorpio: Rarity

Sagittarius: Twilight Sparkle

Capricorn: Princess Cadance

Aquarius: Rainbow Dash

Pisces: Spike

I wanted to participate to  #TonyswithThomas (thank you @thatsthat24​) because I love to sing and Broadway’s songs too and it’s just so nice to see everyone sharing their performance :)   So here we go////////

This is a short version of Not while I’m around from Sweeney Todd & a cappela, I always loved this song, and I think that those days, it’s important to protect the people we care about <3

Also forgive my face and my super french accent *die of embarrassment*

that moment when you’re about to unfollow someone and then they post something like “unfollow me if youre a nazi” and now you cant unfollow them because if they see someone unfollowed them right after they posted that theyll just assume youre a nazi when in reality THEY JUST KEPT POSTING AN UNGODLY AMOUNT OF MLP BUT NOW YOU CANT UNFOLLOW and have to suffer through at least 2 days of their content until they forget they posted it and dont think a loss of followers is directly correlated to their nazi post, and then THE NEXT DAY THEY POST “unfollow right now if youre homphobic uwu” AND ASDFGHJKL


Then & Now // redbubble

(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )

anonymous asked:

why did you unfollow me

one of the following:

  • you posted something racist
  • you posted something homophobic
  • you posted something transphobic
  • you posted something ableist
  • you posted something sexist
  • you posted something bigoted in any way
  • you posted gore untagged
  • you posted porn untagged repeatedly 
  • you support donald trump / or any other racist
  • you support abusers of any kind
  • you support (or are) a “terf”
  • you support or ship incest
  • you support or ship abuse
  • you support or ship pedophilia
  • you were unnecessarily rude when answering innocent asks trying to be funny (pet peeve of mine sorry)
  • or it could have been a mistake, if you’ve done nothing like this come talk to me! :)

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a really really long time as there are/have been so many simblrs out there who have inspired me or shown me kindness over the last 2 years and I feel like it’s time to say thank you to those people! 

Everyone on this list is someone I would never dream of unfollowing and each and every one of them deserve nothing but the best! Some are newly followed, some I’ve followed since I very first started my simblr back in 2015, but all of them are great! 

Anyway; on with the follow forever!  

a - b - c

@andromeda-sims | @adorablesimlove | @butterscotchsims | @bsimth | @blarffy | @blursims | @butterbunss | @boocreek@brntwaffles | @bonehlda | @bratfish | @cupidjuice | @cocooni | @crimsonsims | @ceiuu | @cabsim | @citrontart | @calexasims | @ceomi | @cat-nerd-sims | @comfysim 

d - e - f

@deetron-sims | @dank-owski | @daffysims | @early-grape | @eldrberries | @faeflowr | @flirtypotion | @foxbie | @fatpandasims 

g - h - i

@gabreux | @ghardenia | @gnomesims | @hsilmis | @heartsickpixels | @icarusim | @ivo-sims | @inabadromance 

j - k - l

@jalannah | @johnnyzest | @jenba | @leeleesims1 | @kotiij | @kabunasims | @kkelpcake | @litttlecakes | @laenyrie | @lyriumsims | @lunarr-sims |   @littlecrisps | @lukesplumbs | @liubez | @lifefroot

m - n - o

@meisiu | @moon-craters | @maimouth | @mundanefaerie | @mangosim | @magnolianfarewell | @mamalovesnuts | @mysimblruniverse | @mysteriousdane | @maxvillareal | @malcolmlandgraab | @madoof |  @nolan-sims | @necrospirits | @nullmoonsims | @nadinemaee | @noonicorn | @ohhiplumbob | @omniplant | @ohare-lane | @ohkai-sims | @our-dazed-sims

p - q - r

@peonypyxels | @pickypikachu | @pixelateddust | @pixeldots | @plumbobbles | @pxeldoll | @plumboops | @pxelbun | @pink-tea | @pxeldaisy | @publicwoohoo | @quakezone | @riice | @rinvalee | @ratboysims | @raspberi | @randomcoffeesimmer | @roseville-sims

s - t - u

@sammyshuno | @sim-bubble | @simblob | @soneasims | @simduction | @simster | @simmenycricket | @simsao | @sweetformysims | @simsy-baby | @simkabob | @simreaper | @simemi | @simpeaches | @sandy-sims | @simvy | @shysimblr | @skadisim | @simmamonwaffles | @suzychi-sims | @sebastianvictorian | @simprising | @sunnyfriendell | @squeamishsimmer | @stargirl-sims | @smubuh | @simkath | @soulfulsim | @touchmypixels | @trillyke | @toddlers-and-tiarras | @theplumbobarchitect | @teanmoon | @tea-sims | @thefoxandhersimblr | @toadsims | @theartofqueenie

v - w - x

@wanderingsimmer | @wildlyminiaturesandwich | @wrixles | @weepingsimmer | @wrenpity | @womrats | @wyattssims

y - z

@yaaro | @zauglom