will never stop missing you t t

I remember the moment you decided to leave me. I remember what I said to you on the phone. “Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. Please don’t fucking leave me. I need you, you don’t understand. I love you.” I could barely get out the words. I was sobbing and begging for you to stay with me. I never wanted to beg for you to stay and I never thought I would have to. Begging for you to stay just made me seem weak. I needed you and I still need you. You told me you weren’t going to leave me even though I knew it was a lie. You just wanted me to stop crying. Two years later and there’s still a fucking missing piece in my heart where you should still be. I guess my begging wasn’t enough. I guess I wasn’t enough.
—  via ( @ench4ntedvibes )

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I don’t like beans… especially not refried beans.  I’m not sure why, but I never have.  I mention this because Dick swung by earlier, and he stopped off at Taco Bell before he got here.  So we were chatting as he was eating this bean and cheese burrito and this massive glob of beans fell out one end… it was so unlike me but I couldn’t help saying, “I can’t believe you eat that, it’s so gross.”  Without missing a beat, he goes, “I can’t believe you have sex with my dad, it’s so gross.”  I think I’ve been spending too much time on this website though, because my response was, “some people have sex with other people’s dads to cope.”

the day we break up, that day forth, i can’t tell you how I feel. i am not even entitled to know how you feel. but that doesn’t mean i stop loving you. but that doesn’t mean my heart would beat any slower when i hear your name.but that doesn’t mean i’d stop hoping its a text from you every time when my phone vibrates. but that doesn’t mean i stop loving you. it means i no longer can tell you i love you. and that sucks. because it means i no longer can hear you stay those words to me.
—  the day we break up// lessons for karan
I’ve accepted that no matter how hard I try and wish that things would go back to the way they used to be between us they won’t. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing you but I’ve learned to be grateful for what we had and not to be bitter that we don’t have it anymore. You came into my life right when I needed you and I think you left right when you needed to as well. Things may not have went the way I wanted them to go between us but I do think that it all worked out in the end, we’re not together and we never will be, I don’t really think we were ever meant to be. I’ve accepted that we’re strangers again and I think that’s what we were always meant to be, I think we make better strangers than we did anything else and finally I realise that that’s okay and that I will be okay too.
—  everything happens for a reason, it really does.

Marcus Flint & Oliver Wood ♡ Time Traveler AU

There’s no traces of Oliver when Marcus wakes up the next day. It’s like he’s never been here in the first place. All those silly dancing, and morning hikes together seem like a remnant of his past life. Or future. Marcus wonders, amused, how can you miss your future life when you don’t even know if you’re gonna be still alive tomorrow to, well, live it. But those days that he had shared with Oliver… are in the past now, aren’t they?

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Your best appocalyptic/dystopian horror?

Hmm perhaps zombie stories: 

2251 Stahlheber Road

Don’t Look Up

Fear of Zombies

Infected Town

Kystlich Syndrome

Let Me Tell You About Zombies

My Southern Grandma’s Advice

Never Stop In An Apocolypse

Not Much Longer

Once Upon A Time In Gumdrop Village

Patient Zero

Records Of Events Unsolved

Shadows of Bedzin

Strange Appetite

The Enemy

The Groundskeeper

The Invitation

They’re Not All Bad

They Were Missing For Less Than 24 Hours

Thousands Do It Everyday

Tourist Trap

Zombies Are Bad

Zombies Are Patient

Zombies Can’t Swim

Zombie Contingency Plan






Requested: Dad Shawn 💕       

Shawn Mendes x Reader

words: 582

Shawn and you had been engaged for some time and your daughter Olivia was already 5 years old. She was a very happy and open-minded kid and nearly as much into music as her father. Olivia meant everything to him and he would never put his career before his daughter, but of course, he still loved his music and his fans. He never stopped working on new songs or a new album and he also went on tour again.

It was at the end of the tour, there were only a few shows left when Olivia couldn´t sleep because she missed him so much. “Can we visit him again? I know he´s coming back soon, but I can´t wait. Please mum.” she cried while lying in your arms. You two had visited him once before, but it was already a few weeks ago and it was just not the same to talk to him only via facetime. You missed him also very much and you hated to see your daughter like that. You thought about it and came to the conclusion that it would be a great surprise for Shawn at the end of his tour. You nodded “Okay! I will book us a flight,” you said with a smile and kissed Olivia on the head.

After you two arrived, you called Andrew, Shawn´s Manager. You had told him about your plan and he told you where to meet him so he could get you backstage at the show. Olivia was very excited, she couldn´t wait to see Shawn again but the show had already started when you two arrived.  “Where´s dad?” Liv asked with shining eyes while pulling nervously on your hand. “He´s on stage” and before you could say anything else, she was already on her way. “Olivia! Wait!” You ran after her but she was too fast.

He just finished a song, and soft murmurs went through the crowd when Olivia ran towards Shawn. The look on his face was priceless. At first, he looked extremely confused, but then there was nothing except joy. “Dad!” she shouted when she finally jumped in his arms. “Liv, what are you doing here?” he let out a laugh. “Surprise! We´ve missed you way too much to wait any longer,” she said while hugging him as tightly as she could, her arms and legs around his upper body. “I´ve missed you too, this is the best surprise ever, thank you.” He kissed her on the cheek.
“Do you want to stay on stage for one song?” he asked. Olivia nodded wildly. A man brought a stool onstage and Shawn sat down, with Liv on his lap. “Okay, apparently we´ve a little guest onstage,” he told the crowd, with a big smile. “My beautiful daughter Olivia.” He introduced her to the crowd. “What´s your favourite song Liv?” he asked her through the mic. “Never be alone” she answered after thinking for a second, and the audience cheered. Shawn smiled knowingly, when the tour began he told her to listen to that song whenever she´s missing him.
“This is Never be alone. For you Olivia.” He kissed her on her hair and began to sing. Almost everyone sang along, Liv also, hardly audible for the crowd, but Shawn heard it and it was the best feeling in the world for him. Singing together with his little daughter, ahead of thousands of fans.

Lay Me Down

AN: This is Mor x Elain smut, and I have absolutely no regrets. NSFW.

SO. I would like to sort of revamp Sin Night. I know I’ll never be as awesome as fuckyeahazriel was, but I really enjoyed it! So. Every Thursday, I will take the headcanons and ideas and fantasies you inbox me and publish them with my thoughts. ON TOP of that, I will take my favorite one or two each week and publish extended fics about them. Like this one. You can send me sinful things ALL WEEK LONG whenever you want, and I will do my best to answer them ALL on Thursdays!!! So get sending, friends! No sin is too dirty <3


Elain couldn’t help but grin as she tucked the beautifully blooming primrose into the woven basket on her arm. Its white petals joined the riot of color in the basket, back-dropped by every shade of spring green she could have imagined. The Night Court looked snowy and cold, but when it was kissed by Spring, when the sun bent to touch its nose to the ground and caress the earth with its fingers…She’d never seen a spring so beautiful in all her life.

Mor had been kind enough to take her to nearby fields of wildflowers, had been kind enough to point out the blooms native to Prythian, the ones native to the Night Court itself. She had never seen so many new species of flowers, had never had such access to their seeds, never been able to study their anatomy. Now, she supposed, she had all the time in the world. She had all the time she wanted to grow as many flowers as she wanted.

She stood and wiped the dirt from her fingers onto the front of her simple, cerulean cotton gown. It was an odd design—far freer and mobile than the designs she was used to in the human world, but she couldn’t say she minded it. She liked feeling the breeze dance on her legs, liked being able to simply undo a few buttons at her breast and tug the whole dress off, the way a man might have. She enjoyed the short, capped sleeves even more. It kept her arms more able to work, to pull up the flowers and put them back in the earth.

“Have you gotten all the flowers you wanted?”

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Sara, I’m putting you in danger by saying this, but maybe it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead, and they’ll leave you alone. But I love you. You’ll see, I loved you. I never stopped loving you. This whole lie was for you. Sara If I do die, don’t let them put Kaniel Outis on my headstone, because that’s never who I was. Make them put my real name, the man I’ve always been, Michael Scofield.
—  Michael Scofield breaking my heart. (PB s05ep03)
he has come out to play - Joji/Filthy Frank

A request for part 2 of the Filthy Frank role-play, which can be read here X Sorry for it being shitty, didn’t know exactly what to write about, but I hope you enjoy it either way. (And sorry for not being that active lately V_V’)


Ever since that day, you stopped spending time around Joji whenever he was filming for his channel. Too much of a distraction for you; you wanted and at the same time, didn’t want, to end up in the same position as last time. The shame of your kink being uncovered by your lover, Joji, has been bothering you ever since then. You never wanted him to find out and yet he did—and he hasn’t stopped teasing you with it.

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Do you miss the time when Homestuck was alive? And if you do, would you want it to come back?

do you mean when it still updated? sure yes, I always got really hyped for the new updates. it was like the real ‘never ending story’ for me. and if you mean the fandom that has been declared dead by many. not really, I guess. sure it was awesome going to cons and just knowing that there would always be a big meetup or having the homestuck tag on tumblr filled with a gazillion posts each day. that’s what I do miss. but I go by the quote: if you love something, don’t let anyone’s opinion make you love it any less. in this case, I don’t care if everyone else stops loving it. if I still enjoy it then I don’t care if I have to enjoy it on my own. I don’t feel obligated to leave the fandom bc it’s finished now. I feel many people do feel obligated tho, as if it’s weird to like it now that it’s over. that’s kind of a shitty mindset tbh. like making people feel bad for liking it by posting texts like ‘just saw a homestuck cosplayer in the year of our lord 2017 omg why′. I know it’s mostly sarcastic and ‘tumblr humor’ but these jokes come with a hint of honesty, so some people actually do think like this. which is ridiculous bc really? do I have to stop cosplaying something bc the series now ended? this reminds me of the nonsense that fashion trends are. do I have to stop wearing this clothing item just bc everyone else stopped wearing it? so over-dramatically speaking, I don’t mind being the last homestuck. I’ll continue cosplaying it as long as I enjoy it and that’s it. my love for a series isn’t influenced by its audience or popularity.

if-ifs-existed  asked:

Can you do mine?

I’m going to miss you.

I can feel my heart breaking. You should know, I don’t cry in front of people but I can’t seem to stop around you. My heart is with you, beating miles apart in a chest that isn’t mine.

Me too.

We’ll talk soon, yeah?

I watch the cursor flash, pause, thumbs poised over letters that don’t really mean a thing unless I can tell you this:

If the moon can grow three times itself just to reach more of the sky, if a person can feel more like home than a building has ever felt, if the wind is gentle because it knows how much a harboured love can ache, how could anyone love you more than this?

Please, don’t leave me.


I’ll still be here

Send me an ask, I’ll answer with prose based on what your URL reminds me of.

Liberty:  *sniffle sniffle* “I can’t believe he’s dead…maybe I should have known, he’s been missing more than a month but I couldn’t stop hoping.”

Owens:  “What was your relationship to Mr. Zest, Ms. Lee?”

Liberty:  “Johnny is my boyfriend.  We’ve…um, sorry, we had been dating for almost five years.  I was hoping he’d purpose soon… I guess that will never happen…” *sob, sob*

Jakande: “Do you have any idea why he disappeared six weeks ago?  Was he in trouble, did he have any enemies?”

Liberty:  “Enemies?  …no…I mean, he’d been working at a bar on the Eastside, Sketchy’s it’s called, and he’d quit because the detergent they were using for their cleaning gave him a horrible rash.  He wanted the owner to pay for his doctors visits but the guy refused.  They had a big fight about it and Johnny threatened to take him to court…”

Jakande:  “Thank you, Ms. Lee.  That’s helpful.”

Feel better, sweet pea

Request for @crylorenlo: Modern Kylo accompanying his girlfriend to therapy  and encouraging her 

Kylo tried his best not to overstep your boundaries when it came to your mental illness, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to help you. He could never understand exactly what you were going through, though he had his problems he didn’t experience the same things that you did. He tried his best in listening to you, letting you vent you’re feelings, but you needed someone better than him, a therapist.

He grew concerned when he heard your therapist leaving a voice mail, asking why you missed your appointment. He was surprised to hear that you had been going to therapy but also proud that you had decided to take that step, as you had told him about how you were thinking of it in the past. He didn’t want to seem like he was telling you that you had to go see your therapist, but maybe he could help you get past whatever was keeping you away.

You were in your room, trying to distract yourself. Anxiety was high, you knew it was rude to not show up and you felt bad, but you just couldn’t make it this week. You snuggled deeper into the bed sheets, focusing your attention on the movie on TV. The bed dips besides you from Kylo’s weight and you feel the warmth of his body radiating off of him from behind you. He rests an arm over your torso, hand splaying across your stomach. You can feel your anxieties starting to melt away from the warmth of his embrace.

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It seems a bit full of yourself to rant on about shirtless photos. Boo - you ain't all that, so stop with the "I'm too pretty so stop badgering me" bullshit. You sound like one of those hacks on reality TV who have it so hard from being famous. WAAAAAAAAA. #FirstWorldAssholes

Wait? Did you miss the entire point of that post? Are you that full of hatred and wanting to cause a ruckus?

I never once said that I was “too pretty” to be bothered with those asks, nor did I scrutinize those who post photos like that. That wasn’t the point of the response.

The point is that no one on this website is entitled to anything from another user just because they are following them. By saying “at least post” is a way of stating they are disappointed in the content of that person’s blog because it didn’t satisfy their thirst factor.

It was a message to let people know that they don’t have feel pressured or guilted into doing something they don’t want or are hesitant to do.


tw6464  asked:

Hey, I love your work, dude, but are you sure you won't do a Warhammer comic? Not knowing a lot about source material hasn't stopped you before. Anyway, have a good day!

Yeah, but it’s also ended up with a lot of annoyed (or, at least, loooong ones) comments explaining what I missed, how did I not know about so-and-so, and other bits of things that keep me from ever looking at it again. XD  I’m not saying it’ll never happen, buuuut there you go.

shiroganeisshirolost  asked:

My friend is trying to make me read homestuck and I keep putting it off. Should I or should I not read it?

i have an overly complicated answer to this

i started reading homestuck as it was leading up to cascade, when i was 14, and i was obsessed. but as it dragged on, with acts within acts and hiatus after hiatus, it just…didn’t catch me anymore. i never actually finished it. i think i stopped reading around when john and roxy reset something?? i watched the final animation when it came out but i think i was missing something :/

SO my advice is: read it. at least finish act 5. it’s funny and original and the worldbuilding is phenomenal and the characters are enchanting and i love love love it. then read as far as you can tolerate. i’d like it if you met all the alpha kids and dancestors and the cherubs, but if you start getting bored…you don’t really have to bother.

Clint & Darcy, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’

for @greennonmonster

‘Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey

Darcy and Clint plopped down in unison on the seat in the subway car.  Darcy, for one, was never happier to see these slightly sticky, completely filthy little metal death traps in her life.  

Something about normalcy after everything crazy that had just happened to them.  

“Pizza?” Clint asked, his eyebrows raising up quizzically.  

“To go?  I bet Lucky’s wanting to see you.”  

“Darce.  We went through a wormhole and came back five minutes later than we left.  I don’t think Lucky had time to miss me any more than usual.”  

“He’s a dog.  He’ll know,” she assured him.  “Let’s get it to go.”  

“You’ve got it, boss.”  


Request:  Can you do a peter Parker imagine with mistletoe please

Prompt: Imagine your OTP (not in a relationship yet) going into a coffee shop or restaurant and when they go back out there’s a mistletoe hung above the door that the cashier points out. Person A protests and Person B just reaches up and kisses Person A, saying it’s just a harmless tradition. (from OTP Prompts)

Peter Parker x Reader

Send me a song from my holiday prompt list!

Originally posted by theunofficialthomasholland

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year!” I shouted while I spun around. 

The snow was falling all around me, little flakes getting on my eyelashes. The green grass below covered in a sheet of white. My hair being blown by the cold, winter air. The park lights illuminating my face while I laughed in delight.

“Having fun?” 

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