will never stop bragging about this

Kurt Cobain: was mentally and physically abused by his biological father because he had ADHD and was hyperactive which bothered his dad.

Kurt Cobain: his parents didn’t want him to play with poor kids because he was “better than them” and he was forced to wear a sweater he was allergic to so his mom would brag how her kids “were the best dressed kids in town”

Kurt Cobain: thought he was the reason of his parents divorce since his parents usually argued about his up-bringing which made him feel guilty and embarassed 

Kurt Cobain: witnessed his mother being abused by her boyfriend who once broke her arm and felt guilty because he couldn’t do anything about it

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his dad in a trailer trying to improve their relationship but his dad ended up marrying another woman after promising his 10 year old son not to remarry

Kurt Cobain: couldn’t get along with his step-mom because he felt that if he would love her he would betray his mom and because his father treated his step-siblings better than him which made him withdrawn and deprssed 

Kurt Cobain: he had minor scoliosis but both of his parents didn’t care which caused several physical problems in the future mainly his stomach problems

Kurt Cobain: was forced by his father to practice sports and left his father’s house when he was 14 after a huge argument because he lost a wrestling match 

Kurt Cobain: his mother didn’t want him to come live with her so he had to move from relative to relative. None of his relatives afforded his stay which made him feel depressed and un-wanted

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his mom and her husband and he was constantly abused by his step-dad for being a virgin and single and often called him “loser” and “faggot”

Kurt Cobain: was bullied in high school for being friends with a gay boy and because he was intersted in arts while the other boys were interested in sports

Kurt Cobain: started smoking pot when he was 13 to deal with his depression and his mother didn’t bother to stop him because she was also smoking pot that she hid in her jewerly box and she even once took a drag from her son’s joint at a party

Kurt Cobain: got kicked out of his mom’s house at 17 because he brought a girl with him to impress his step-dad who would always brag about how many girls he slept with when he was in Kurt’s age

Kurt Cobain: was homeless when he was just 17 and he would sometimes sleep in the library, in the hospital waiting room or on cardboards and he NEVER complained to anyone about it

Kurt Cobain: had to quit school at 18 to find a job to afford his bread and rent a dirty and smelly shack and he went through several jobs including being a janitor at his own high school

Kurt Cobain: he was kicked out of his appartements several times because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent until moving in with his first girlfriend when he was 21

Kurt Cobain: suffered from severe stomach problems because he had  a pinched nerve in his spine caused by his untreated scoliosis and he didn’t talk about it because he didn’t want to bother people which later made him medicate himself using heroin in littles doses to kill the pain   

Kurt Cobain: would sometimes stop in the middle of the performance to check if the people who stage dived were ok

Kurt Cobain: heard the story of a 14 year old girl who got raped and wrote a song about her (Polly) 

Kurt Cobain: hated sexists, racists and homophobes and didn’t want them to come to his shows and always expressed his annoyance because of their presence

Kurt Cobain: respected women dearly and encouraged feminist movements (like Riot Grrrls) 

Kurt Cobain: tried to quit drugs and went to rehab twice in a row. Once when his wife was pregnant and a second time when his daughter was born

Kurt Cobain: accepted to play a benefit for rape survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and didn’t get a dime for his performance

Kurt Cobain: wrote a song about rape (Rape Me) because he wanted to attract media’s attention to that issue and kept playing it despite the critics and the controversy that surrounded the song

Kurt Cobain: played a gay rights benefit supporting No-on-Nine

Kurt Cobain: stopped in the middle of the song to defend a girl who was being harrassed and kicked the man out of the show after making him feel ashamed about himself

Kurt Cobain: used his fame to promote good bands who weren’t famous and was bothered by media’s focus on his band only and openly expressed how he thought bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains were better and deserve more recogniation

Kurt Cobain: didn’t want to be called “a voice of a generation” because his drug use was exposed and he didn’t want to influence anybody negatively and he felt that he was judged by media which deepened his depresion because of his insecurity and made his drug addiction worse

Media: Kurt Cobain was a rock star junkie who hated fame and commited suicide because of it at age 27

People: Kurt Cobain is an emo pussy! He was a coward for killing himself and he was a junkie loser! He was always complaining about how his life sucked and the only thing he did is whine and sing about depression!

The signs as lovers

Aries: the daredevil.
They’ll fight for you and protect you, but be direct, upfront and adventurous. The type to go to a festival and fuck you in the car, but also spoil and be jealous. Sometimes lacks the ability to slow down but means the best. Demanding.

Taurus: the comforter.
Provides emotional stability and comfort. Super supportive. They’re very sensual, and find comfort in giving to their partner. Bad day? Let’s have slow sweet sex. Loyal.

Gemini: the free spirit.
Doesn’t want to feel tied down. Wants a person to do whatever with them: sleep, go on drives, have witty conversation, watch Netflix, doesn’t matter. They want to feel like they’re with their best friend and not be smothered, but they’re curious and will never want to stop learning about you. Expressive.

Cancer: the over feeler.
They’re very loyal but demand a lot, bringing security, love and care. They pay attention and want security, but also to be allowed to care for you. Mothering.

Leo: the show off.
Wants to go out and show you off. They want to feel wanted and be able to brag about your relationship. They’re warm and loyal in a relationship but can be self centered. Sometimes they forget the give, in give and take. They’re very physical and sex is very important. Needy.

Virgo: the submissive.
will act tough and sassy but truth is: they probably need you. will move the earth to make you happy, do anything you ask at the drop of a hat. You will never have to question if they love you, not when they’re being sarcastic, not when they’re expressing themselves to you. Never. Extremely submissive in bed, but also very kinky. Will give themselves to you over and over again.

Libra: the romantic.
Cute dates and long cuddles. Slow kissing, laughter and class are how they love. They nurture but never stop courting you. Will bring you flowers every anniversary for the rest of your life. Givers in bed. They get screwed over a lot due to their trusting and loving nature. Hopeless.

Scorpio: the psycho.
Passionate and quiet. Their love is like a silent storm that rains over you and only you. You will never have to worry about them leaving if they truly love you. They’re jealous and controlling though, sex will always be them in control.

Sagittarius: the all or nothing.
They will never do anything half way. It’s everything or you get nothing. They’re a confusing mix of serious and lighthearted- forward and passive aggressive. Intense, and experimental.

Capricorn: the rock.
They’re funny and sarcastic but they’re solid, they want you to see what good there is in dating them. They’re both givers and takers and not push overs but will have a soft spot for you. Practical.

Aquarius: the rebel.
Notorious for being detached, Aqua will impress you by slowly opening up. They’ll want to get into all sorts of trouble with you, and they’ll slowly become your best friend. They’re interesting and quirky and will give stimulating conversations, passionate kisses, little kisses and lots of diverse sex. Once they have you they’ll never want to let go.

Pisces: the dreamer.
Softhearted and starry eyed, they will think the world of you, while building a world with you. They’re sweet and genuine and creative. Never stop romanticizing you. They’re old souls with the stars in their eyes when they look at you.


au where betty starts a groupme for the Sad Breakfast Club

she wants them to try to be actual friends. veronica is a surprisingly enthusiastic member (betty thinks it’s because she’s never been in one with people she actually likes) and posts all day every day; archie keeps liking his own comments; josie, val, and melody wish the rest of the group would stop talking during rehearsal and in the middle of the fucking night; jughead has the group on mute because it’s a “distraction from his novel” but is somehow always the first one to like any interesting comment; reggie just likes to brag about his conquests and hit on everyone (but when he’s drunk he tells them how much he loves them, every time); kevin mostly uses the group to spread gossip but he’s also the designated Social Calendar Coordinator (getting everyone together at the same time is like herding cats); and cheryl won’t stop sending awful pics of veronica to the group (veronica has no idea where she’s getting them from).

work © azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.
— (Hey, since you guys like this drawing so much, why don’t you drop me some ask or request? I’m totally open for that.)

OK SO, I’ve gotten sooooososoSO inspired by the awesome artist in the fandom that have made so many AU’s and such that I just HAD to draw up a lil something to toss into the ink machine of madness.

The AU’s meant to be in this story atm are:
Toon!Henry (Henry is a Toon)
PhotoCopy (That means there’s doubles)
Sketchy (That means the studio isn’t ‘realistic’ and instead is toonified)
Heartless (That means one or more of the toon’s are without a soul, and are pretty much just mindless monsters, they’re not searchers because they’re legit just like melted bendy)

(I may add more though, there’s a plot to this I’ve created as well but for now I’m keeping it under wraps because I love surprises <333)

Ok, onward to the next thing of business.

 Long story short

I want to make a comic in regards to SEVERAL au’s that many other fans (including myself) have come up with.

However I suck majorly when it comes to making comic’s. I can’t really draw comic panels well or pace them out to where they make sense, I can make scripts just fine, I guess I’m looking for a panel artist?? Or maybe just any artist in general that know’s how to work with comic’s. Either way, perspective is a pain and I need assistance with it to help get this thing going. You’re welcome to pop a message to me if you’re interested, but otherwise I hope you enjoy the art as well as the references I’m gonna drop down below because I couldn’t have thought up any of this stuff without you guys.


@squigglydigglydoo​ has been a HUGE inspiration to this. Alongside their Toon!Henry AU, I went to one of their streams and watched how AWESOMELY they drew out everyone’s favorite demon on Clip Studio Paint. I’d previously bought it but I had no clue how to use it, which is why I started learning and drew this ENTIRE image using it. Needless to say, this gal is a godsend and you should totally support her and her work because GOSH DANG SHE’S SO COOL.

@yunisverse​​ They’re the first person who’s art I bumped into in regards to the Rubberhose AU and their comic (Remade in his image) which was what sold me to the fandom. I hope you don’t mind that I used your based references for the toon’s because I really liked how you drew them so simply but with personality! Definitely worth checking them out and supporting them!

@the-vampire-inside-me​​ Honestly if there was any way to express how fucking awesome this person’s art style is you’d bet your ass I’d straight up say it to em in person. This dude is the one that inspired me to even grow interest within attempting the comic altogether. Their style, their finesse, it’s just too GOOD. I swear they made a bargain with the ink demon himself because ffs henry looks like such a beefcake daddy you’d never wanna stop huggin’.

@askthedevilswing​​ THOSE LINES, THE LINES. AHHHHHHH THEY’RE SO SMOOTHE AND SOFT. Another inspiring artist I’ve fallen pen over pad for with how fantastic their style is and how perfect they grab the studio’s characters. (and also that goddam buff bendy, holy hooligans I’ll never lookat my boi the same way again after that. Brings me to tears EVERY TIME.)

There’s plenty more pal’s out there that I wish I could brag about being amazing, but it’s gettin’ late and this post is pretty long enough as is so I hope everyone in the fandom know’s just how much I adore all their work and keeps at it!!! <333

fifteen minutes

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seungcheol x reader smut

6,760 words

a/n: i had to write this to expel all of the longing n pain over seungcheol that i’ve developed over the past couple of months, so this is basically just my ruminations on what a great boyfriend and ass man i think he’d be. so…if butt stuff isn’t your cup of tea there’s just a lil bit of it in here, nothing wild. enjoy.

~ in which it’s impossible to get a minute alone and there’s not much time to spare, but you and seungcheol make it work

[1:27 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: hey babe are you still up?
[1:27 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: we just got home frm practice
[1:29 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: babe??? pls be awake
[1:33 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I knowww it’s late but 😔 I miss u 😔
[1:36 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: ok. ok it’s fine. ur probably cuddled up in bed fast asleep right now. I know u worked late.
[1:37 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: it’s fine love u I’ll just talk to u tomorrow then
[1:39 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: but wait ✋ I have a real problem bby!!! I know u would want to help me out.
[1:39 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I’m really doing this for u so u don’t feel guilty 😇
[1:40 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I’m calling you

 You knew there was no such thing as the “perfect boyfriend"—that was just something pre-teen girls whispered about at slumber parties. But once upon a time you had been that pre-teen girl, and while Sojung and Jiyeon cut out bits of male celebrities from teen magazines to create an absolute monstrosity (with Zac Efron’s abs and Ryan Gosling’s eyes and Chris Evans’ hair), you had drafted the complete list of every personality trait, hobby, and talent your dream man had to have.

 These qualifications included but were not limited to: eight-pack abs, the ability to cook a meal so delicious it would make your own mother weep out of jealousy, thoughtfulness so much so that he’d bring you little gifts home just because he was thinking of you, the ability to make you laugh so hard that you cried, he had to be able to play the piano and the guitar and the drums, loyalty to you and only you, passion, ambition but not enough so that he’d put his own goals over your needs, he had to have the emotional maturity to be able to cry during The Notebook, and most importantly, he had to be good at math (because you definitely were not). Preferably, he’d also like all the same things you did and want to get a corgi when you got married.

 12-year-old You had it all figured out, but 22-year-old You knew that perfect man simply did not exist…still, Seungcheol came pretty close.

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Skinny Love

skinny love  ❀ 

[ski • n • ny lo • ve] when two people are in love with each other but are too shy to admit it, although they still show it.

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x reader.

Genre: Smut, fluff, romance.

Word Count: 2.2K.

Summary: You have always loved Hoseok and he has always loved you, but you were never brave enough to say it. That didn’t mean you didn’t show it in other ways though… 

warning, some quite explicit language and smut ahead (◕‿◕✿)

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

Being yelled “Jung Hoseok I’m going to chop your dick off!” probably isn’t the best way to wake up, but you honestly couldn’t care less.

You patiently wait with both arms on your waist until he lazily opens his eyes, looking at you so confusedly and with such messy bed hair and half-closed adorable eyes that your heart almost melts. But you had to be strong. It didn’t matter if he was your best friend, your crush since you were kids, even if he were to be the fucking president, he would hear you because he had seriously messed up.

“What the fuck Y/N”.

“I could ask you the same question, you giant dick”.

You could see that he honestly had no idea of what he had done, and that only made it worse because it meant that he didn’t think it had been a bad thing. He was clueless and that drove you mad.  You sat in front of him on the bed with both legs crossed and waited for him to do the same thing.

“I can’t even believe that… I should kick you out of my house, damn it you’re even sleeping on my bed! You’re such a jerk Hobi I–“, you suddenly stop when you feel both his hands on your shoulders, pressing gently, trying to calm you like only he can do it. You try to resist, but his touch has always been like medicine to you. You couldn’t get his hands out of you even if you actually wanted to.

“What the fuck did I do now, Y/N?”

You shove your phone’s screen on his face, watching his face light up with laughter as he reads the conversation you’re showing to him, in which you can clearly read how he ‘confessed’ your undying love to whom he thought was your crush. You snorted, looking at him with fierce eyes and clenched fists, almost about to cry at how clueless he was to the fact that your real crush is, and always has been him. Even the dumbest person on Earth would see that you loved him, but he was completely oblivious, and you didn’t have the heart to tell him, the fear of rejection and the possibility of ruining your friendship being too much of a risk. When he sees your expression, his laugh instantly dies.

“Hey” he softly whispers as he gets closer to you and holds you in his arms. You almost melt at his touch, feeling his scent was enough to make you shiver, and his husky sleepy voice didn’t help at all. “I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal”. You tried to hold back the tears.

“Hobi, you giant dickhead, you took my phone while I wasn’t watching and texted this idiot that I love him! How am I supposed to feel?”

“But you’ve been telling me that he’s your crush since last year!” there was a funny shade on his voice, like when you take a vodka shot and your throat starts to burn. It was almost like he was struggling to get the words out. “I knew that if I didn’t take the matter in my hands, you would’ve never told him!”

You sighed; his intentions weren’t bad, even though the act itself was pretty questionable. He honestly thought he was doing you a favour. Stupid, cute, fucking adorable Hoseok, you couldn’t be more in love even if you tried.

“I never really had a crush on him; I just told you that so you would stop questioning me.”

His eyes widen to your confession. You softly scratch your neck and he copies you.

“Whoa I didn’t… but wait!” a smirk appeared on his face “then who’s your real crush?”

He slightly pushes you away from his embrace to look you straight in the eyes. You stutter and start to sweat a bit. You couldn’t believe you had just messed up that bad. There is no way in this life you were telling him. You quickly try to escape but his arms wrap firmly around your wrists, making it impossible. His touch was almost burning you, making you wish his hands would go over all your body; but they just stay on your wrists.

You make a desperate intent of running, but you only make him get up and grab you from the waist, making you stand still. You’re having a hard time trying to breathe normally. He looks you straight in the eyes, and there’s a little voice in your head screaming that you should kiss him, but you know deep down inside that he would reject you. Still, his eyes are piercing you, and you can’t take it anymore. You lower your head, but he gently puts his hand on your chin and makes you look at him.

With a soft movement, you get out of his grip and sit on the edge of the bed. He’s ready to imitate you, but a funny move makes him trip and land right in top of you, pushing your back against the mattress. You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks as his lips accidentally collide with yours. He immediately gets up, and watching his face being as red as yours makes you smile unconsciously. He starts to move his mouth, but no sound comes out. You can’t even try to speak. You seem like a pair of teenage lovers, inexperienced and innocent.

“Y/N I’m so sorry, oh my-“

You watch as he stutters, trying desperately to get his voice to stop shaking. You are about to cry, because you had fantasised all your life about kissing Hoseok, and now that it finally had happened; it had been just because of a stupid stumble. You are too shocked to try and stand up, so you run one hand through your hair, trying to compose yourself. Then, his eyes locks with yours, and time seems to stop as he gets closer to you and sits in front of you, his face being extremely close to yours, one small movement would be enough to make your lips encounter again.

You try not to, but your eyes can’t help but wander to his lips. Those precious lips, you can’t remember a moment when you didn’t want to try them.

“Y/N…” a soft whisper comes out of his mouth, so quietly you don’t really know if you are imagining it or it’s really happening.

Then, in a moment of intense joy, his lips finally find yours once again, but this time without any intention at all to leave.  You try to move your mouth as slowly and carefully as he’s doing it, but you’re desperate for more, so your tongue gently passes through his lips to collide with his. You push him against the mattress, placing yourself on top of him and making the kiss a little rougher. When you finally break apart, you see that his eyes have darkened, and a sly smirk appears on his face.

“This isn’t how I expected this movie night to end” he jokes with a deep voice, and as you’re in top of him, you feel his dick become significantly harder under you.

“But I’m guessing you’re not exactly sad about it?” you tease him as you grind a bit against his bulge, watching him biting his lip makes you wish there weren’t any clothes in the way.

“You don’t have to… I mean, I-I” he violently blushes as he looks into your eyes “I mean, I really… I… kinda uh like y…”

You never knew Hoseok could be this sweet, and so you decided to stop his stuttering with a delicate, slow and short kiss that made sure to him that this was more than okay to you, you liked him back. You had been fantasising about this moment for years, but you never actually thought it would become a reality.

As you grind against him one more time without breaking the kiss, you feel a firm grip on your butt and, as you slowly back away to look at Hobi’s face in the poorly illuminated room, you can see something flickering in the back of his eyes, showing a sly smirk that was enough to make you melt.

“You know” he speaks; this time with a new found confidence that has you shook “this is not really fair…” You raise an eyebrow, not fully comprehending. “You’ll see… I’m almost naked but… you’re a little bit more dressed.”

You bite your lip, watching his naked torso and his tight grey sweatpants that always made you crazy; whenever he went to your house you would have them there for him. Watching his butt as he slept on your bed was one of your favourite hobbies. You lift your shirt up a little, teasing him, pressing yourself against his already erect dick. He lets out a stifled growl as he slaps your ass with one hand, helping you take off your shirt with the other hand.

As you lean forward to press your boobs against his chest, you bite his earlobe and slowly whisper “I guess we’re even now”. But he shakes his head, and with a playful grin, he makes your bra disappear.

“We’re even now, baby girl.

You start to deposit wet kisses all over his neck, sucking especially harder every then and there, making him moan every time, then on every millimetre of his chest, to finally stop for a while on the edge of his sweatpants, teasing him. You quickly get his trousers off, and then proceed to take off his boxers with your teeth, making sure you were going as slowly as possible without taking your eyes off of his.

Licking your lips at the sight of his veins popping and how large his dick was, you can’t believe it. He always bragged about being well gifted, but you never actually got to check… until today, it was. You make sure to be excruciatingly slow in every movement as you deposit a kiss on the top of his cock before taking it all into your mouth. You feel him shiver underneath you. While your tongue is doing its work, wondering all around it, you feel his hands messing up your hair and grabbing you, making your head move lower every time until you were choking. When you gag a bit, he looks at you to make sure you’re okay, but when you only give him a smirk and a wink back, he groans. Knowing you have the power to turn him on that much, your mind’s already wandering to all of the things you could do.

“Ah, fuck it, babe, I’m coming” he mutters, clearly heated, but you don’t have any intention of letting him go, so you twirl your tongue against the tip of his dick before taking it deep again, and when you feel his cum inside your mouth, shooting against the back of your throat, and as he gets out of your mouth, you can only smirk and lick your lips without breaking eye contact.

“Now lemme take care of you” you feel him whisper against your ear, teasingly biting your earlobe as one of his skilled hands goes down to get rid of your shorts that were only getting in the way. As he parts your legs as open as they can go, you already start to tremble. He teases you, licking through the thin fabric of your panties. When you groan, demanding him to go straight to it by harshly grabbing his hair and pushing his face into your pussy, he simply smiles against you and makes your panties disappear in a second.

Taking his revenge, he slowly licks your clit, making sure to grab you by your thighs so you can’t move. Every one of your shivers seems to turn him on even more, as he roughly teases your slit with his tongue, making you scream his name when you finally reach your orgasm, shaking and trembling against his face, as his tongue doesn’t stop even for a second.

“You taste delicious, baby girl” he says before kissing you so you could taste yourself. It amazes you how he could kiss you in such a sweet, caring, gentle way after being so dirty ten seconds ago.

You both agree to stop the action there for the night, since you are exhausted and as he helps you put on one of his large shirts, you cuddle next to him, burying your head in his chest.

“I love you, Hobi”

It slips before you could even think about it. It just happens. You suddenly raise your head and look into his eyes, searching for any trace of alarm, or something that tells you that you messed up, but all you can find is love and warmth. He smiles as he softly kisses you, then wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight, as if he’s scared of you disappearing at any moment, caressing your back slowly.

“I love you too, princess”.  

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Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d meet somebody as perfect as you. Everything about you makes my heart leap out of my chest. My heart had been shattered beyond repair but when I met you, I felt as if I was never broken to begin with. I didn’t think I would ever fall for somebody again, but I have and let me tell you, I fell hard and unbelievably fast. Ever since we met, thoughts of you have consumed my mind. I find myself wondering what you’re doing without even realising that my mind has yet again wandered to you. When I catch myself doing so, my heart begins to beat rapidly and I can feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. You’re so enchanting and darling, I hope I’ll always be under your spell. You’ve made me feel things that I never dreamed I could feel. When I speak with you, warmth spreads through my heart and a wave of happiness resonates within me. I long to be in the security of your arms and knowing me, I’d want to stay in them forever. My feelings for you are undeniable and with every day that passes without you knowing how I truly feel, the more unbearable it gets. You’ve made me happier than my words can express and for that, I can never thank you enough. You bring out the best in me and that, my love, is what made me realise how crazy I am for you. I’ve even began to have this unexplainable craving to be yours and for you to be mine. I constantly picture us together and the mere thought of it brings such joy to my heart. Everything about you makes me feel like I’m living in a fantasy. Your heavenly smile, your melodic voice, your angelic eyes, all of it is so captivating. I cannot explain how much I want to lie on your chest and hear your heart beating in sync with mine, to wake up next to you knowing I’m the luckiest woman ever, to cuddle with you and stay like that forever. I want to that person whom you cannot stop thinking about, that person whom you brag about to your friends, that person whom you love so dearly. I might be dreaming way too high but when it comes to you, I just cannot stop. I know that you may not feel as I do but that matters not to me. The only I care about is being with you, whether it’s as friend or as partners in crime. I cannot imagine my life without you being somewhere in it, and I hope I will never have to. I only ask that you consider giving me a chance to show you what we could be, to give you everything that I have, to love you like there’s no tomorrow, to show you the world hand in hand
—  Letters you’ll never receive #4 // S.T.
vocal unit reacts to your accent ↴


  • I read somewhere that josh likes accents
  • he’d find it very attractive
  • he’d always want to talk to you
  • just so he could hear it!
  • “can you say that again?” (;


  • jeonghan would be the same
  • he’d always find some excuse to make you speak
  • “huh?”
  • “can you repeat that please?” (;
  • you’d be annoyed at first
  • but you knew he was just trying to hear your accent
  • so you’d satisfy him


  • he’d find it so cute
  • “babe it’s so cool”
  • “how do you sound so cool?”
  • he’d lowkey brag about you to the boys


  • seungkwan is goofy
  • I feel like he’d tease you
  • but with no negative intent
  • he’d love to playfully tease you
  • and mock your accent
  • and you weren’t offended
  • you found it so cute


  • jihoon would lowkey find it hot
  • but he’d never tell you ofc
  • he’d blush when you speak
  • he would never want you to stop talking
  • what a cutie

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BTS Reaction - Their Idol Girlfriend Fainting on Stage

2.2k words | Reaction | Angst [☾]

A/N: First ever time trying to post my writing on this blog. It’s been ages since I’ve actually written anything so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little rusty, haha. I am an admin on a blog here on tumblr - @kpop-preferencesxtexts​ - I am Admin Nari. I have posted two works there I believe, so feel free to check those out although those are a little old.

ALSO; I set the scene here and it does take a while, but don’t worry the reactions are there. 

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You can feel your stomach churning as you and the other three members of your group stand in the small, cramped, humid room backstage. This is your group’s first MAMA and to say you were feeling unwell was an understatement by far. The four of you had been practicing non-stop the past two weeks, constantly dancing, singing, and rapping, always practicing.

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EXO Showing His Girlfriend to the Members


Xiumin would try to play it cool, letting you introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself.  He wouldn’t really care if the other members “approved” of you, proud to call you his girlfriend no matter what others said. He’d have a satisfied smile on his face as he watched you interact with his members.


Nervous but excited to show you off, Chen would introduce you himself. He’d let you mingle with the other members before quietly asking their opinion of you, sighing in relief when they showed their approval.


Baekhyun would loudly introduce you, bragging about how cute and funny you are, making you blush and hit him to stop. He’d never leave your side as you talked to the other members, watching his band-mates to see their reaction to you.


Definitely nervous, Chanyeol would introduce you, a proud smile spreading across his face. You’d have to be the one to suggest actually talking to the members, and he’d keep his hand intertwined with yours the entire time.


Lay would be like Xiumin in this situation, letting you introduce yourself and get to know the members. Though he’d appreciate their opinions about you, he wouldn’t care much for getting their “blessing”, loving you no matter what.


Pretty relaxed about the whole thing, D.O would introduce you before letting you meet the individual members on your own. He’d quietly ask what they thought of you, smiling shyly when they voiced their approval.


A bit shy about it, Suho would awkwardly introduce you to everyone, oversharing about you until you finally–politely–hinted that you should just talk to them yourselves. He’d readily agree, but follow you around the whole time, watching his bandmates’ reactions to you.


The other members’ opinions would be very important to Kai. Once you finished talking to one member and moved to the next, he’d begin interrogating them about what they thought of you. He’d be thoroughly relieved to find out they all (obviously) approved of you.


Sehun would introduce you, shyly smiling as he led you around to each member. He would try to act nonchalant, not asking his hyungs what they thought of you. In the inside, he was dying of nervousness.

Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Summary: AU! Bucky comes home from work to a celebration in his honor.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, plus some dad!Bucky feels

Word Count: 982

Warnings: fluff and cuteness overload

A/N: This is a one-shot (my first one on this blog!) in honor of Bucky’s 100th birthday (and in honor of me reaching 2k+ followers). I was in mighty need of some Time After Time Bucky, so that’s the family I used. I wrote this in like fifteen minutes to try to make up for my previous story’s angst.

HBD Old Man!

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Tom Riddle: Pick Up Lines

Warning(s): a curse word, sexual pick up lines


Maybe it was the way they talked to each other or how they both gazed into each other’s eyes, but no one was clueless to what was happening to Tom Riddle and Y/N L/N. Except Tom and Y/N, ironic, how the most intelligent people could be so clueless of about each other.

“Oh how sweet Riddle you’re going soft for me!” You cooed, touching his chocolate brown curls.

“I am not L/N!” Tom hissed, swatting your hand away from his hair.

“Oh look Abraxas!” You run up to Abraxas hugging him tightly.

“Hey N/N.” Abraxas hugged you back. “He is going soft on you.” He implied.

“What was that Malfoy?” Tom quirked. You stifled a laugh, Abraxas did too.

“Nothing my lord.” Abraxas replied. “My lord?” You furrow your eyebrows. Tom stared at you, “Yes, it’s my lord.” Tom stood up and grabbed your chin. “It’s always gonna be my lord from you.” He whispered. “Naughty.” You wink at him, letting yourself go from his grip. “Shut it L/N.” Tom groaned. “Yes, my lord.” You fluttered your eyes. Abraxas took your arm, and took you out of the Slytherin Common Room. “You and Riddle have a thing going on, don’t you?” Abraxas questioned.

“Nope.” You answered.

“You sure? I mean you seem to blush all the time Riddle is around. He stutters a lot as well. You both are defiantly hiding something.” Abraxas proposed. “Nope.” You kept denying.

“You are defiantly lying, L/N.” Avery came in. “I am not!” You huff. “You know Abraxas and I care about you,
Y/N. It’s just that Riddle can’t love.” Avery told you. “What do you mean?” You said, looking at Avery and Abraxas.

“Riddle was conceived under a love potion, because of that he can’t feel love. Either way you said you don’t love him. Nor like him.” Abraxas said. “Yeah you’re right.” You gloomed.

“It’s quite saddening.” You brushed back a strand of your hair. “Riddle still needs people that will care for him. He feels other emotions, you may not see them but they’re there.” Avery told you. “You are the only person Riddle every really bonded close to. We’re just his partners.” Abraxas pointed out.

“L/N, come along I need you for something!” Tom yelled out. “I’ll be there in a moment.” You shouted back at Tom. “Farewell Abraxas and Avery.” You told the pair. You ran towards Tom, your hair flowing back with your your tie and robes flying back. Tom stared at you, you looked absolutely gorgeous in his eyes. You met all his criteria, it dawned him that you were a close friend of his, it’s like he had a chance to get you, but didn’t take his own chance.

“Where to Tommy?” You smiled at him. “The Great Hall. It’s time for lunch.” Tom held a stern face. “Oh you wanted me to accompany you to lunch my lord.” You smirked. “Yes.” Tom sneered. “Don’t do that to me. That face makes me sad, Riddle.” You pout.

“Don’t pout, love.” Tom smiles charmingly at you. “Hey Riddle did you kiss her already!?” A Slytherin yelled out when you both walked in the Great Hall.

“Quiet, Theroux!” Tom screeched.

“It’s not my fault you both eye fuck each other.” Theroux laughs, others laughing along. Tom was about to launch at Theroux, “Calm down Tom it was just a joke.” You held him back.

“Watch your back Theroux.” Tom scowled. “Let’s go eat with Avery and Abraxas, shall we?” You gleamed. “Sure.” Tom sighed, walking along beside you. Tom heard some girls whisper; Tom paid no attention till he heard your name along with his.

“Riddle should be heading for a girl like me. You can see L/N trying to head for him, what a slut. Don’t you girls think?” The girls all chuckled.

“I’d say different myself.” Tom popped in their conversation. You looked at Tom who stopped in place. “Mess with her you mess with me.” Tom responded to their comment. “Sorry Riddle.” The girls apologized. Tom returned back to you, “What was that about?” You asked Tom.

“Nothing L/N.” Tom assured you.

You both sat down on the opposite side of where Abraxas and Avery where. Only eating a little bit since you weren’t hungry, yet everyone was stilll eating. “Tom.” You poked him. “Tom.”

“What L/N?” Tom gave you a look of annoyance.

“I’m bored.” You laid your head on the table. “What do you want me to do about it?” Tom interrogated you. “Pick up lines.” You slyly grinned. “Pick up lines? Malfoy, Avery what is that?” Abraxas and Avery laughed loudly. “Want an example?” Avery quirked an eyebrow. “Cordelia! May I Slytherin your robes?” Avery whistled at a Ravenclaw girl, the girl blushed at Avery’s comment.

You giggled, “Let’s see if Tom has any in mind.”

“Um, I’ve been whomping my willow thinking about you?” Tom questioned the sentence he’s heard it come out of Avery’s mouth before, he never really thought of what it meant. “Oh Merlin!” You laughed, Avery, Abraxas and others all around joined he laughter.

“Do you know how wrong that sounds Tom?” You touched shoulder. “No.” Tom shrugged your hand off.

“You must be my horcrux, because you complete me.” Tom told you, you blushed. “That ones better.”

“Your turn then L/N.” Tom bragged.

“Did you make me your horcrux? Because my heart stopped when I met you.” You held your hand over your heart. “Very funny, L/N.” Tom smiled sheepishly. “Oh really? Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” You gave Tom a look. Tom became flustered and glared at you.

“That was a pretty good one I’ll say.” You tell him.

You bore into his glimmering brown eyes, Tom diving in your E/C orbs.

“Riddle and L/N are about to kiss!” A girl squeals. You tear your gaze from him and roll your eyes. “We aren’t.” You say. “Sure L/N.” Avery deadpans, sarcasm dripping in his tone. “Watch it Avery.” You point at him. “You both even have the signature glare .” Abraxas chuckles. “Quiet Malfoy and Avery.” Tom threatens.

“It’s obvious you both fancy each other.” Some other Slytherin pips in. “I mean Riddle is about to pass out from your beauty.” A Slytherin prefect clasps her hands together and flutter her eyes. “Flattering, Ava.” You tell her. “If Riddle doesn’t have the courage to ask you out, perhaps you should.” A fellow Slytherin beside you quipped. You thought about it, perhaps even though Tom really can’t feel love, just maybe, he has a caring emotion towards you.

“Tom.” You called out to him. The chatter of the Slytherin table was loud your only option was to yell it out. “Tom!” You vociferate. “Y/N.” Tom hummed, all of the Great Hall quieted down. You became nervous by then, not only did you silence the Slytherins, but the other houses as well.

“Will you go out with me?” You bite your bottom lip. Tom looks at you and smirks.

“Of course, because every king needs their queen.” Tom flatters you. You blush a santa red hue.

“Kiss. Kiss.” Avery and Abraxas silently chant. Then most male Slytherins started chanting with them.

Tom clutches your face and kisses your pink lips.

“Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” You smile against his lips.

“I’m just happy to see you with me.” Tom whispered.

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fandom-trash-kingdom  asked:

Hi! Do you mind doing a request for the Paladins reaction to their S/o being an amazing singer? Like an angelic voice that's extremely soothing?


~ He found out your amazing talent when he woke up from a nightmare. You were trying to calm him down and ended up singing to him. He felt a lot calmer and was able to fall back asleep. Shiro will catch you singing to yourself every now and then, smiling as he hears it. He loves your voice, and he loves how calm he feels whenever you sing for him. Some nights whenever he has trouble singing he’ll come to you and ask you to sing for him.


~ He heard you singing in the shower. He was just walking by when he heard you, and you voice made him freeze. He had never heard anyone sing so beautifully before. After that he pestered you to sing for him, and was always happy when you agreed to. Lance always asks for you to sing to him whenever he’s feeling really homesick, something about your voice makes him relax and feel a little more at home. Lance didn’t stop bragging about you having the voice of an angel for a week after he found out.


~ He found out when the two of you were cooking, you started singing and he stopped what he was doing to look at you. Though he found himself smiling as a feeling of relaxation washed over him, it was nice to hear your voice. He complimented you on your singing, secretly hoping for you to sing more. Hunk always found a smile on his face when you sang, the calming feeling overtaking and helping him relax. It was usually while you helped him cook that he would hear you singing. Glad to have you as his S/o


~ Keith was having troubles sleeping one night and that’s when he heard you sing. The soft and gentle tone of your voice made him relax, and let him fall asleep. He would ask you to sing for him every now and then, usually when he was stressed, and always found himself calmer after hearing you sing. He adores this talent of yours and loves every time you sing for him. It makes him feel better when he knows he’s the only one who gets to hear your beautiful voice.


~ Pidge usually lets you sit with her as she works, and the day you started signing as the two of you sat there was one of the best day of Pidges life. She smiled and listened to you as you sang, she relaxed greatly whenever you sang. She asked you to sing for her while she worked on stressful projects, or whenever she was trying to locate Matt, your voice made it easier to work.

Attracted To The Enemy (Part 1)

[Gang AU] [ Warning: Violence + Language + Suggestive ]

Jay clenched his teeth together to keep from cursing when he stepped in a puddle of unknown liquid. Loco and Kiseok laughed seeing their leader get angered so easily. “Why did we have to come here? We are higher than them.” He had been in a bad mood and it didn’t help to be called to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. 

“They have the upper hand, therefore they get to choose where we meet.” Kiseok was second in command, therefore he would take over for Jay when he wasn’t in his right of mind. “They finally got that helmet wearing mercenary’s location down to a  twenty mile radius.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you please write something in which Feyre is pregnant and the whole night court is like super excited about it and Rhys is like super chill but on the inside he's really nervous because what if something happens to Feyre or the baby. I basically just want some pregnant Feysand pls.

I wrote this fic for the purpose of this request, but UMM its hardly like what you asked for, I’m sorry! I get off track easily! 

Feysand pregnancy fic, comin up!

3286 words


Stay calm.

Don’t embarrass Feyre, she said act like an adult at the celebration.

A celebration for our son who would come in less than a month.

One month. Holy hell one month. A child, our child, our son, future High Lord of the Night Court-

“Rhys you’ve been smiling at my stomach for 5 minutes and you were even bouncing on your toes- and you’re screaming everything you’re thinking down the bound too you over excited toddler.”

Rhysand glanced up. He had been staring at her while she was changing into her new gown. It was a flowing sparkling silver dress that made her look like a goddess, especially with her crown. He snapped his fingers and his appeared on his head.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t help it; I mean look at yourself!” Feyre turned to the mirror and frowned. “I already know I’m fat Rhys, no need to rub it in.” Rhys huffed a laugh and walked behind her, one arm hugging her neck and the other resting on her stomach. “You know that’s not what I mean Feyre darling. Not that it matters, you’d still be the most beautiful mate in all of the universe. And any day now you’re going to pop, forgive me for wanting to meet my son”

He kissed her temple and meet her eyes in the mirror. She was smiling softly at Rhys, and he wished he could see that look every day for the rest of their immortal life. He had never been able to dream about having a family, not until after the war centuries ago. And even centuries later, Feyre wanted him to herself for a while, not that he complained one bit. The day she told him that she had secretly stopped taking the tonic and was pregnant, was the best day of his life- aside from the day she accepted the mating bond.

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If your tits:
•aren’t big (or chest is flat)
•have a gap in between
•aren’t perky
•are narrow
•have stretch marks

If your dick:
•is not long
•is curved (right, left, up, down)
•is uncircumcised
•isn’t thick

If your ass:
•is flat
•isn’t round
•has stretch marks

…then I want you to know that you are a lot more beautiful than the person you wish to be. You’re likable. You’re lovable. You’re admirable. You’re something very rare and don’t wait for someone else to appreciate you before you appreciate and love yourself. Stay away from body shaming others because you find them to be “missing” features like you. Don’t feel insecure when you see people with features you wish you had. Don’t feel ashamed if someone you’re attracted to is not attracted to you. Don’t worry about the person who left you broken cuz you weren’t what they preferred. Stop searching for validation and reassurance so much (ladies, don’t pull the pity card with men; men, don’t brag about something you don’t have). And as for social media, don’t worry about memes or viners/comedians who body shame for double taps. You’ve got something no one else has…your identity. If you love what you see in the mirror, you’ll never hate who you think everyone else sees.

Public Love | Jaebum

Just a short imagine I wrote while I was bored and wanted to post it :)))) This is not edited or proofread, so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. I know this is kind of a ‘basic’ topic but I really wanted to write about it so, here you go:) 

Warnings: None :) 

Originally posted by wangpxppy

He sat in front of you as he waited for his coffee. You were so excited to see him. He just got out of the airport and happened to see you in the coffee shop you usually did your school work at. You wanted so badly to hug and kiss him. But you couldn’t. You were in public. 

His management doesn’t allow him to go public with you. He’s begged his manager many time over the past three years to finally let him be able to hold your hand in public and take you out on a date. Let him walk around with you. But he always just got the answer “After this comeback” to receive “Not yet, ask again next year”. One of the other managers finally explained to him that they wanted to keep the image going for the boys. Wanted to keep them single to the public to ‘keep their fans’. They explained that if one of them had a girlfriend, some fans will stop supporting, causing future albums and comebacks to go to shit. When the other boys stated they didn’t care and wanted to see their leader happy, they refused to listen, keeping Jaebum on close watch. Making sure he didn’t leak any information. That’s why you’re a secret. 

Or not so much. To the public eye, and to his fans, you were just his best friend. Close to the other members but his best friend. Knowing him since before his debut, everyone knew you. Fans asking about you on his Vlives or in person, answering questions about you in interviews or to other idols to clear things up, which always broke his heart and just wanted to yell she’s the love of my life! Some fans even openly shipped you two. Telling you that they want you guys together when they saw you out and about. Everyone knew you, just not the way he wanted you to be known as. 

He didn’t mean for the first time you guys saw each other, after two and a half long months, to be in public. Since you lived barely a mile away from the airport, he decided to walk to your house, get some fresh air. He saw you in the coffee shop and couldn’t wait another minute longer. Two and a half months was long enough. He walked in, very quickly let me tell you, almost tripping on his feet. When you looked up from your textbook and notes, about to make sure the clumsy person was okay, you froze looking into those soft brown eyes you’ve only been able to see through your small phone lately. You quickly got up, forgetting where you were and that you needed to keep your cool, knowing some fans or even paparazzi must’ve followed him. He gave you a sad smile, before walking the rest of the distance and hugging you lightly. 

What he really wanted to do was hug you so tightly, you’d turn red and your bones would hurt. He wanted to twirl you around to hear that soft giggle he lives so much. He wanted to kiss those lips he loves and misses so much. He wanted to not let go. But he had to. Because you were in public. 

After the moment where he inhaled your scent, something he hadn’t realized he missed until then, he hesitantly  pulled away. He pointed to your seat and you sat down while he went to order a drink. You shuffled to put your stuff away, dropping a few things, but you didn’t care. Your boyfriend of three years was here. 

And that’s what led up to now. You guys sat across each other, studying each other. His brown hair, messy from his hoody. His brown eyes slightly swollen and his two little moles right below his eyebrow. His slightly chapped lips that he’s licked a few times in the past minute. His eyes staring at your features, taking in your appearance. Your lips red and swollen from biting them in concentration so much. Your hair down and in its natural state. You eyes red from your lack of sleep. 

He opens his mouth to speak but his cut off by the middle aged women bringing his coffee. “Here you go young man.” She kindly smiles as she sat the coffee down. She turns to you, her smile still bright. “You want your regular, sweetie?”

“Yes please, thank you Evelyn.” You smile as she nods and walks away. When she’s out of sight you finally look back to your boyfriend who’s been staring at you the whole time. You smile shyly, your cheeks heating up. 

“With how long we’ve been together, you’d think you wouldn’t blush because of me anymore.” He smiles softly as he takes a sip of his steaming coffee. 

“People say if you still have that effect on your significant other, that’s how you know they’re in love.” you shrug and leaning your elbow onto the table, chin on your palm. 

He raises an eyebrow as his smile becomes wider, eyeing you. “So you’re in love? With who?” 

“Just some guy. Super cute and tries to act like he’s not super soft when he really his. I miss him lots.” 

“Then why don’t you do something about it?” He challenges as he leans back into his eat, arms crossed over his chest. 

“Because we’re in public and we’d both probably get our heads chopped off if I do something about it.” 

His smile drops slightly with your statement. He knew it was a joke, but he also knew how much it hurt you to be kept a secret. He knew deep down you were hurting with that statement, slight hate towards his job for not letting you guys be together publicly. But he also knew that you wouldn’t ever complain about it, because you knew it was his dream job. And you loved him too much to make him choose. 

He sighs and leans forward, his arms crossed on the table. He looks up into your soft eyes that glow with the light that shines above you both. He looks at your smooth skin and flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry I put you through this crap, baby girl. I didn’t mean for me to surprise you here. I was walking to your place and saw you and I just couldn’t wait. Even though I basically am since I can’t even fucking touch you after waiting so damn long. I tried talking to them aga-” 

“Babe, it’s fine. I’m glad you came here. As long as I get to see you, I’m okay.” You smile softly as you look up in time for the coffee and thank her quietly before looking back to Jaebum. “How long are you back for?” 

“Three months. Maybe even longer. We’re just going to be preparing for a comeback.” He nods as he takes another sip of his coffee. 

“I’m really happy you’re back.” 

And you were. You weren’t unhappy with Jaebum at all. You loved him with all your heart and wouldn’t change that if you could. You did hate the fact that you could’t kiss him and if you could, you’d run away right now. You’d run away to a cabin in the woods where you;d be all alone. Just the two of you forever, you two in a little cabin watching the sun set and rise every day. You’d spend the day with just the two of you, walk around without anyone seeing and having to be cautious of everything you did around him. You wanted to have a normal relationship so badly it hurt. But you loved him too much, and if he was happy, you were happy. He’d never know how bad this hurt you to not be able to have a normal relationship with the man you loved since you were eighteen years old. You’ve wanted to gloat to people about you’re relationship and brag about how you found the perfect man in your childhood best friend. But you couldn’t. 

“I know this hurts you Y/N. I know it does but you don’t want to say anything because you’re the most selfless person I’ve ever met. I want you to talk to me about it.” 

“Jae, stop. Not here.” You mumble. The cafe is nearly empty except for another couple by the window in the front. The workers talking and not paying attention to the two of you. 

“I want you to tell me how much you hate it. How much this hurts not just me but you too. Tell me how you want me to fix this. I hate seeing the way your eyes get glossy whenever we’re in public because we have to act like we haven’t been in love for the past three years. I want nothing more than to wipe those emotions away but I need you to talk to me. Don’t worry about me or about the fans or my job. Worry about yourself and talk-” 

“Fine, Jaebum! I hate sitting here across from you and having to act like you mean nothing more than a friend to me. I hate how I have to act like this doesn’t bother me that I can’t kiss you or hug you more than ten seconds after I have’t seen you for nearly three months. I hate that your management basically controls our relationship and I hate that to the public eye I’m just some friend. I want people to know how much I love you. But I can’t do that.” 

He stares into your watery eyes and licks his lips. His eyes forming tears he wish weren’t caused because of his job. “Baby girl, I wish nothing more than to be able to kiss you right now. Or anywhere for that matter. I don’t want to have to hide our relationship either baby. I -” 

“It’s not your fault Jae.” You sigh and grab your bag. “I’m going to start heading home. You coming?” You ask him as you stand up and trudge your bag onto your shoulder. 

Jaebum bites his lip and nods. He knows you don’t like to talk about this. Especially not in public where you guys can’t comfort each other. He sighs as he gets up. You were already out of the door, walking slowly by the window, waiting to hear the door open and close before continuing to walk to your house. 

You’re about to cross the street when you feel someone tug on your arm pulling you back about a foot. You turn around expecting to see Jaebum’s worried face, thinking you were about to walk in front of a car. 

But no. You were met with the soft lips of your boyfriend’s, smacking into yours. You gasp a bit before kissing him back, your hands flying to his face. His hands lay on your waist and he brings you closer. You hear gasps and squeals come from across the street or in the coffee shop. The sound of clicks and flashes coming from across the street are what pulled you back to reality. You pull away from him with a gasp, your hands now on his shoulder. His eyes widen as he takes in your appearance. “Jae…” You whisper as you stare into his eyes. He smiles softly at you and kisses your nose.

“I’m not hiding you anymore. I’m not going to let this hurt us anymore. It’s my relationship and I just kissed you in front of a bunch of paps who followed me from the airport, so there’s no going back on it now.” He shrugs and his smile widens as he pulls you closer, your body flush against his as he wraps his arms rund your body. Finally holding you the way he wanted. Finally kissing you after so long. 

“Did you know-” 

He nods before you can finish, interrupting you with a kiss. “ I heard them behind me when I was walking, When you walked out of the shop I saw them again and needed to do this.” 

“Your managers and the boys-” 

“The boys will understand. They’ve been encouraging me to do this the past two weeks when they found out I was surprising you. As for the management.” He shrugs and looks across the street, smiling and waving at the fans who squealed and waved. “They’ll have to deal with it. I don’t know what they’ll do. But until then, I want to hang out with the love of my life and cuddle her. I want to make up for the lost time. I’m with you. I love you. You mean the world to me and I can’t lose you.” 

You smile brightly and pull him into a tight hug. “You were never going to lose me.” 

He pulls away and grabs you hand. “Now let’s get away from them. I want to be alone with you.” 

You smile brightly as he runs with you trailing behind him. You hear the girls yell for him and you. Yelling that they love you. He laughs and looks back at you. Happy because you’re in public.