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Prompt: Dan’s answer video to the video that shall not be named

“Hello Internet.” Dan sighed, ruffling his hair. “Last year, an old video resurfaced. A video that Phil made for me. We tried to pass it off as an April Fool’s Day joke, but really, that’s just underestimating all of you.

“You worked it out, I guess. I mean, not that we were ever that subtle, but it was just- just unnecessary drama that we didn’t want. We… we’re not… okay. We wanted to be successful without riding on the other’s fame, but we realised quickly that that’s not something that can happen, especially not with our dynamic. No matter how much I try and deny it, we are Dan and Phil. We’re a brand, we’re advertised together, and together is the way we’re going to be successful, if all of this crazy stuff suddenly works out. I have a lot of people to apologise to.

“Phil… I need to apologise to you. The video was never meant to get out, sure, but it was also never meant to hurt me. And I know that, and I know that you feel guilty because it hurt us both. The video was never meant to be seen by anyone but me, and when I saw it, I loved it, because it made me so happy. I never wanted to get so angry at you that I hurt you. I couldn’t do that to you, and I regret ever doing it.

“Adrian… I’m so sorry. The world was never meant to find out stuff about you, or Mum or Dad. I hate that people forced you to close your blog- all you guys wanted was to stay out of this whole Internet thing, and all I did was make things worse. You’re a good kid. I’m proud of you. One day, things won’t be so bad. You’re gonna grow up, and you’re gonna do amazing things. I’m sorry that the world hurt you trying to find out about me.

“Mum, Dad, I’m sorry that my fame got us into this mess. I never meant to make myself distant from you, and I never meant to hurt Adrian. I’m sorry I dropped out of uni to do this stuff when all you wanted was for me to be successful. I promise, though, that things are gonna be okay. I’ve got Phil, and we’ve just gotten a thing from BBC Radio 1, it might be our big break. I’ll make sure that the Internet leave you alone from now on. I never meant for it to get this far.

“To all of you guys watching, I’m sorry for lying to you. I’m sorry for getting angry when you asked me questions, and I’m sorry that you all worried about me so much. I was under more pressure than I was used to, and all the fame was suddenly upon us, so many questions about me and Phil, so many questions about my sexuality- I got scared, I kept repeating how I’m not gay, but it wasn’t the whole truth, and you all knew that no matter how many times I told you otherwise.

“The video was never meant to get out, nor was it ever meant to be something other people saw. It was never meant to hurt people. But instead of running from it, I want to embrace it. It’s 2012, it’s been a year… and I love Phil. Thank you.”

Phil paused the video and looked up at Dan, who was crying. “Babe?”

“Mmm?” he hummed, unable to respond verbally. 

“I’m really proud of this,” he said, “but I don’t think you should post it.”

“Why?” he blurted out.

“Because, sweetheart, it’s okay,” he said gently, kissing his forehead. “Thank you for coming to me about it. Thank you for showing me. I’m glad you’re not angry anymore.”


“But… I think it’s better that this stays hidden. I know you want to separate our branding a little bit, and if anything ever happened-”

“I’m not b-b-breaking up with you,” stammered Dan. “E-Ever.”

“I know, Dan. But I don’t want everything surrounding us to be exactly that- about us. I don’t want them to see you in a depressive episode and assume we’re fighting, and I don’t want them to see me with a migraine and assume it’s your fault. I don’t want them to think of us as a unit, and only a unit, because I know how much you value your individuality.” 

“I’m happy to be a unit with you.”

“I know that.”


“But you might regret it one day. You might resent me. And I don’t want to be responsible for that.”

Dan sighed, wiping his eyes. “You’re… you’re sure?”

“Positive.” He kissed Dan’s forehead. “Send the video to your family, but I think you should think about it before you make it public.”

“Do you… not want the world to know?”

“Oh, Dan. Of course I do. I just think you’re being too rash. Think it over. Imagine if you saw it through. Take a week, and then decide. Either way, keep it.”

Dan nodded. “Thank you, Phil.”

“Anytime.” He kissed the top of Dan’s head, and left the room.

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I just wanted to doodle a little thing for the Undertale anniversary ♫♪
Drawing so much UT characters made me nostalgic ♥ I’ll prolly replay the game a little.

This game bring me so much, and still bring me a lot. Thank you Toby Fox and everyone who made this game possible. o/