will never forget those two

in light of tonight’s Events who are the players that everyone thinks is attractive but you just dont see it

One of my favorite things in the World is seeing Wonwoo putting so much passion into his dancing, like yes my dude, work it, show them you’re not just a jukebox, show them your wiggles

First Love || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

Don’t worry even if I leave.

You’ll do well on your own.

I remember when I first met you.

Before I knew it you grew up.

Though we are putting an end to our relationship.

Don’t ever feel sorry to me.

I will get to meet you again, no matter what form.

Greet me happily then.

There were a lot of things that always went through your head when you thought back to who you were, what you did. You tried to remember only the good moments, but the little thoughts always crept into the back of your mind. A breath left your lungs and coated the window beside you in a small layer of frost, the only heat in the car coming from your bodies.

It had been years since you had been in Daegu, and it seemed so weird to you to be back. You had been living in Europe for the last six years, having finished high school there and attended your first year of college. It was during the winter holidays that you decided to move back to your home town. There was no reason behind it, other than wanting to experience a few years of work, and to be closer with family.

The last memory you had of Daegu was him. He was the last one you had spent time with before leaving. There was a part of you that had always regretted leaving him, and not being able to get in contact with him ever again. It seemed that fear had become real after a couple of months. It was when you were flying back to South Korea when you had heard news about him.

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you know Capcom has zero quality standards for its spin-offs when Kobayashi honest-to-God refers to the cringy, uncoordinated, inaccurate, secondhand-embarrassment-inducing, oftentimes physically impossible “fight” scenes in the Anderson movies as “action-packed” and worth aspiring towards

hi. yes. i would like to remind everyone that completely heterosexual peggy carter from the abc television program ‘agent carter’ had a dream of her also totally heterosexual roommate angie martinelli singing and dancing to her.. whilst wearing her diner uniform… and touching tiddies… and peggy cried… 


Crossover between two favorite things. Sorry for the inaccurate bone structure, I take engineering not medics haha. And also, NomiPapyrus and dream!Sans coz I can never forget abt those two devils Nomirandy and dream!Howard.

Oh also, I made a separate blog for my other works (for now it just contain Undertale stuff) if you guys wanna check it out. Don’t wanna mix others with ninjashow stuff (coz ninjashow is special *whispery voice*)


I will never forget September 25th and 26th. Those two days were two of the best days of my life. I got to meet my best friends that I have been talking to for over a year. These were people who lived in different states all over the country and one in a completely different country. I felt true happiness in those two days. Nothing else mattered. I don’t feel completely happy all the time but every second spent with my friends I was 100% happy and I am so grateful for them. Spending all day both days in Nashville and seeing Taylor with them was a dream come true. Those days went by in a blink of an eye but I’ll never forget those moments. Taylor, thank you so much for bringing these girls into my life.

“I’ll never forget you as long as I live”

I was looking through the things I’ve saved on my computer when I came across these. 

This was when I first joined twitter back in December of  2011 and I was using a picture of Tom as my avatar. David and I were talking about Loki’s costume and Tom responded. 

Then this happened after I changed my picture to myself a few days later. 

I will never forget those two times when Tom tweeted me back. 

You Think Luke Deserves Better

Luke looks up at you, all you can read from his expression is hurt. You turn away; you can’t bring yourself to hold his gaze any longer.

“Why?” His voice was strained, and you could feel your posture go rigid. That was the question you were hoping to avoid. You didn’t want to tell him the truth, you just wanted a clean break. But you had always known that would never happen.

“Luke, I can’t do this right now. I can’t handle questions…” You were holding back tears as you hoped he wouldn’t notice.

But of course he did. He always did.

Instead of comforting you like he used to, his expression just grew confused and angry. “You can’t do this right now? Y/N, you’re the one breaking up with me!”

That’s it, you thought, letting tears escape from the corners of your eyes and run down your cheeks. “I don’t want to.  I have to.”

Luke stands up, fists balled up by his sides. “"Have to”, of course Y/N. Well fuck you too. I hope I don’t see you around.“

He stormed out of your living room, slamming the front door on his way out. As soon as he’s gone, you let it all out. You’re home alone, so what does it matter if you’re screaming and wailing?

You felt as if your world was crumbling, maybe you had made a mistake? No. Luke deserved better, he didn’t need to be putting up with a girl who was always second guessing herself. You didn’t deserve to feel as good and happy as he made you feel. 

At least that’s what you always thought.


"Y/N, please call me back. I’m sick of not knowing. That was really unfair of you. But then again, I shouldn’t have just left angry like that. Just please, don’t leave me in the dark.” His voice is hoarse in the seventh message he’s left you. Luke sounds tired, miserable, and defeated.

You broke up with him so he could be with someone better, but he didn’t seem to see that. He was hung up on you. All the texts, all the calls. It was driving you both insane.

One night, it was almost midnight. You missed his arms around you and his laugh echoing through your apartment. You felt completely numb.

Your fingers stumbled across the keypad, you would never forget those numbers.

After two rings, you hear his voice. “Y/N?”

“Luke.” The name just fell from your parted lip, your fingers curling around the phone.

“Oh my god it feels so nice to hear your actual voice again.” The boy sighed, the knot in your stomach twisting tighter.

Your teeth tugged at your bottom lip, “I’m so sorry Luke." 

He laughed, it was hollow. "You  had  to do it, remember? Do you really need to apologize?”

“I’ve been wasting your time. Please stop worrying about me. I can’t handle this anymore, knowing that you’re thinking about me just as much as I’m thinking about you.” Your throat felt sore, like you’d been screaming. 

There was a pause, you were scared of what he would say. You could hear him swallow before he spoke. “Y/N, what the hell are you talking about? If I’m still on your mind, why aren’t you still in my arms?”

“Luke, please.” You begged, not wanting to even think of him holding you. It was too painful.

“Why do you want me to move on if you haven’t?” He sounded confused and hurt, it killed you.

A tear slipped down your face, Why is everything so difficult? You found yourself thinking. The words weren’t coming, you didn’t know what to say.

“Y/N?” Luke whispered into the phone. You couldn’t bring yourself to answer. After a few more moments of silence that were terribly painful for him, he spoke again. “That’s it. I’m coming over there and we’re having this goddamned conversation in person like we should be.”

And with that he hung up the phone, yet you still held yours to the side of your face. 

After about twenty minutes, there was a knock at the door. You managed to walk over to it, and open the door to the hauntingly familiar face.

He walked right in, slamming the door behind him. You followed him in to your home, siting down on the sofa.

“Please just explain what’s going on, Y/N. Please.” He pleaded, his blue eyes wide and full of expression.

Everything was still caught in your throat, but after he spoke it just tumbled out, leaving you empty. “You deserve someone better. Someone prettier. Someone thinner. Someone funnier. Someone as good as you. Not someone like me, Luke. I’m always second guessing myself. I don’t think of you often enough.” Your voice dropped to a quivering whisper as the tears fell and your arms wrapped around your abdomen,. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Bullshit.” Luke stared at you. He had been swearing a lot, which was a bit confusing to you. You knew he swore in the heat of the moment, was this just a long heated moment?

You looked up at him with a painfully puzzled expression, “What?”

“You were perfect. You  are perfect, Y/N. I loved you then, I love you know. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, but I happen to like the way you look. And don’t say you don’t think of me, you obviously do if you did all this to protect me. But you can’t protect me.” He shook his head, his facial expression going soft.

“Why can’t I try?” You murmured, eyes going as wide as his.

A grin tugged up one corner of his mouth. “There’s nothing to protect me from.”

“Bullshit.” You copied his previous comment, but you also found yourself copying his grin.

He laughed lightly, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He nuzzled his face into your hair, whispering. “Now there’s the Y/N I know." 

"You’re willing to give this another try?” The tears slowed as you wrapped your arms around his neck, you had missed the sensation of his arms around you. You felt alive again.

Luke pulled back a bit, leaning his forehead against yours. “I never wanted it to stop.”

"This Christmas" - One Direction Preference

You walked with your hand in his, mittens on both of your hands, boots crunching in the powder fresh snow. The snow had just started to fall, big crystal white flakes covering the ground in a big white blanket. He led you down the path, stopping in front of a small gazebo in the middle of the park square. It was adorned with dozens of shining white lights, all glinting brilliantly against the night sky. “Louis, It’s beautiful,” you breathed, your voice leaving a trail in the cool winter air. You rushed up the steps, standing in the middle of the little wooden fixture, the lights casting a soft glow on your skin. He grinned, pulling you into him, pressing his hips to yours. He began to sway you to an unheard beat. “These past few years have been the greatest of my life, because I have you right beside me.” He smiled, his blue eyes blazing with emotion. Your heart felt light in your chest, filling quickly with his loving words. “I want this Christmas Eve to be a night the two of us never forget.” With those words he dropped down to one knee, pulling a small black box out of his coat pocket. You let out a gasp, placing a hand to your mouth. His hands were trembling slightly, but his voice remained steady and confident. “(Y/N). I want to spend this Christmas, and the rest of my life, showing you all the ways I love you. Will you marry me?” The tears fell down your cheeks, unable to fully believe this moment was happening. “Yes. Nothing would make me happier,” you squealed. He rose to his full height, kissing you passionately on the lips, twirling you round and round in his arms.

He walked into your bedroom, a big smile plastered on his face. He was extremely excited for this Christmas. “Hey pretty girl, ready to go?” You zipped up your suitcase, returning a smile his way, “Yup. All packed.” The two of you had been friends for a couple of years, spending time together whenever his schedule allowed. You even got to visit him at one point while he was on tour. It was Christmas time, and he had invited you to spend the holidays with him and his family in Mullingar. You had met his brother at one point, but he was excited for you to meet the rest of the Horan clan. You had become such an important part of his life, and his heart. He wanted you, and everyone else to know exactly how he felt. He didn’t want to be just another friend to you anymore, his feelings for you had become so much deeper than friendship. He could swear he was falling in love. On the trip to his home town, his mind was racing, debating with himself on how exactly he should tell you his feelings. He would open his mouth to speak, and then snap it shut a second later, biting down on his bottom lip. He repeated this action three times before finally blurting, “(Y/N)? Will ya be my girlfriend?” You looked at him, your eyes wide with surprise, a smile pulling at your pale lips. “I think I’m falling in love with ya, and I don’t wanna share ya with anyone. Will ya be my girlfriend?” You smiled kissing him hard on the lips, “Yes! I would be honored.” He smiled wider than you’d ever seen before and pulled your lips back to his.

The tree was decorated from top to bottom in strings of soft white lights, the ornaments glinting in the light. You sat curled up on the sofa, admiring all the pretty Christmas decorating you’d done, blanket draped across your lap. Liam walked into the room, two glasses of red wine in each of his hands. He sat down beside you, the contact instantly making you feel warmer. “A glass of wine for you, Mrs. Payne?” He pecked your cheek lightly with is smooth lips. You giggled, smiling from ear to ear at the sound of your new name. “Why thank you, Mr. Payne.” You’ve been married for just under five months, and your heart still felt light each time someone addressed you as his wife. These past few months had been complete bliss, filled with sweet stolen kisses, late nights cuddled in each other’s arms in bed, and love making beyond your wildest dreams. Being married to Liam was like a literal heaven on earth. Now, here it was, your first Christmas Eve together as a married couple. The snow swirled around outside your home, while the two of you sat snuggled inside. He wrapped his muscular arm around your shoulders, and you rested your small body into his. You let out a contented sigh, “This is the greatest Christmas I’ve ever had.” He kissed the top of your head, “For me too, love. And I can’t wait to start a family, and make years and years of Christmas memories with you.”

You stood laughing with a group of your closest friends, a drink resting in one hand. It was your annual Christmas Eve party, and Harry watched as your head would fall back in laughter, your eyes shining their brightest. He couldn’t help but smile, his favorite thing was to see you laugh and smile. You were so beautiful, your silky hair falling in waves down your back. Your cheeks flush with a holiday glow. You looked elegant in your simple lace skirt, and a Christmas green sweater. He walked up behind you, lacing his arms tightly around your waist. He whispered softly in your ear, “hello gorgeous. You look ravishing this evening.” He bit playfully at your earlobe, earning a sweet and girly giggle. You felt him smile against your neck, his lips soft against your skin. You turned in his arms, to face him, his dimpled smile greeting your eyes. “You’re quite handsome yourself, sir.” He winked, pulling you closer, his large hand grabbing your small one. “Come with me, love, I want to show you something.” He led you, hand-in-hand through the house, until you reached a doorway. He stopped, hugging you tight to his body once more. “Look,” he said, pointing above your heads. There hanging in the doorway, was a beautiful bunch of green mistletoe, tied together with a red satin ribbon. “Mistletoe,” he whispered, raising his eyebrows up and down mischievously. His bright green irises danced with delight as you leaned in closer, your lips just inches from his. “Harry, you know you can kiss me anytime you want. We don’t need mistletoe.” You teased him, your breath lingering on his lips as you spoke. He smirked, “I know, but it’s a Christmas tradition for couples in love.” He lightly kissed your cheek, “And boy, am I in love.” Your smile lit up your entire face as you kissed him square on the lips, electricity coursing through your veins.

The apartment was glowing bright with the light coming from the roaring flames in the fireplace. It was Christmas Eve, and you were cuddled in the arms of your boyfriend. He had made you each a steaming cup of hot chocolate, dropping a few extra marshmallows into your mug. You laid out the selection of Christmas DVDs on the coffee table in front of you. It was a tradition for the two of you to put on your comfiest sweat pants and watch all your favorite holiday movies together. You looked forward to this tradition most of all, because it meant a whole night spent doing nothing but cuddling up to Zayn. “So what movie should we kick this year’s marathon off with?” You waved your hand over the variety of movies. There was everything from ‘Elf’ to ‘The Santa Clause’ and everything in between. “I think you should pick, babe. Whatever you like.” He smiled, nuzzling his nose against your ear. “But first,” he snatched a present from somewhere on the other side of the sofa, “Merry Christmas, my love.” He set the small silver wrapped box in your blanketed lap, and you carefully untied the satin ribbon. You smiled softly, popping the box open. Inside was a small silver necklace, in the shape of a heart, a small diamond sat in the center. “Zayn, it’s beautiful. Thank you.” You kissed his scruffy cheek. “So you’ll always have my heart. Even when I’m far away.” He placed the thin chain around your neck, hooking the clasp in place. His words melted your heart, and you couldn’t stop a few tears from falling. “I love you Zayn.” He kissed your lips tenderly, “I love you more.” He wrapped you up in his arms, pulling you close. “Best Christmas ever,” you hummed.

Fairy Tail 437 Thoughts (Pairings)

Let’s all settle our emotions and feels from the chapter and look at some interesting points from 437. Aside from the FT reunion we have some key things to look at concerning the pairings.

Natsu and Lucy had some great interactions without really having to say anything important. It was all in looks.

Credit goes to http://hirata-s.tumblr.com/ for the color.

Lucy says to Wendy that it feels nostalgic and that nothing is really bothering her. Well, Natsu glances over at her and she does the same to him. It goes back to when will they have that “talk” and what will become of them afterwards. There still is a lot of heartache that these two need to get through and doing so they need to do it together or at least understand it. With Natsu leaving and seeing how it effected Lucy, and all the times Mashima has brought it up in this arc, it is going to make the payoff so much greater. I don’t care about the argument of who is at fault, I just want them talk to each other.  These have a close bond and it grows each time we see them that the emotions and feelings are starting to boil over slowly and build up. Natsu tries cheering her up and he was the one to help her revive the guild. It’s another nice moment with these two that should lead up to a more memorable moment later on.

Next we have a good bit of little moments. Erza says she has to meet Jellal and unfortunately we don’t see that. Why? I wish knew honestly. Maybe we might see Jellal before this arc is up, but I doubt it right now. At we have the notion that Erza and Jellal are talking on a semi-regular basis.

Gray is occupied with his completed stealth mission and finishing paperwork with Gajeel, while Juvia thinks he is talking about them living together which shouldn’t be something the council needs to worry about. Juvia will probably never forget that and who knows where those two go from here, but my guess is that it will be back to the way it was, but with a little more seriousness between the two. I love that Wendy is still shocked by that.

Gajeel and Levy tell us that they need to leave their part-time job and even though it’s nothing pairing related they are featured in panels together more often nowadays which is nice and it kinda solidifies those two without having to outwardly force it. 

Other than the main four there wasn’t much else. I would have thought Elfman and Evergreen would have been together considering the drawing Mashima posted on twitter a couple of days ago, but we only saw Elfman, Lisanna, and Mira and we know they tend to stick together as of course they are siblings. Other than a lot of touching moments between friends like Lucy/Cana and Lucy/Mira nothing to big or special. Send me an ask, cause I would love to hear from someone about what they thought on this weeks chapters and pairings. I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.