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This woman is breathtaking! Not just in her looks but in her mind and heart too! I had the amazing opportunity to meet her and get a little taste of her pure, radiating beauty! I was also able to share how she inspires me and thank her profusely for everything she has taught me! Let’s take a moment to share everything that we love and cherish about this wonderful woman!

all that practise has really made a difference, you’ve done a great job Lance. we’re proud of you

that feeling when someone tells you exactly what you need to hear

(psst, Lance is a shojo manga protagonist, pass it on) 

but you know that if you said you liked the colour red i’d set myself on fire and if you complained about the heat I’d freeze over and become colder than that heart of yours that only lights up when you get what you want. you made me hopeful. you said you care, you said you love me, you said you’d get into trouble for me. how could you spit lies into my mind only to grab them and toss them over your shoulder like you never told them? why do you avoid me like I’m some disease that’ll rot you just because I make you feel some sort of love that isn’t plastic like what you’ve been given in a heart-shaped box before? you know I don’t love many people and it doesn’t come easy. so why would you treat this like it’s nothing?
small things i notice about the signs
  • aries:
  • - are always so energetic and know how to partyyyyy
  • - always seems to get mad about small things
  • - very protective over themselves
  • -taurus:
  • - they talk so much
  • - always questions things
  • - never listens to you tho
  • -gemini:
  • - they're very flirty
  • - all over the place
  • - you can't tell if they're mad or happy or sad
  • -cancer:
  • - they are very ambitious
  • - either very emotional or emotionless
  • - always seem to get out of shitty situations
  • leo:
  • - always look fierce on pictures
  • - very very sensitive
  • - pretty intimidating
  • virgo:
  • - smartasses
  • - they always love to help you, but will fucking kill you if you use them
  • - sooo judgemental
  • -libra:
  • - very insecure but so flawless
  • - either talk really soft or really
  • loud
  • - they are very bossy
  • scorpio:
  • - sex
  • - they stare into your soul
  • - very quiet but very loud tho
  • sagittarius:
  • - hyper af
  • - they love attention
  • - you will never know that they're sad
  • capricorn:
  • - has a lot of talent
  • - very smart
  • - if they don't care 'bout your stupid shit they will just straight up tell you
  • aquarius:
  • - always have great stories to tell
  • - shy but social
  • - lots of friends
  • pisces:
  • - more two-faced than gemini's stereotype
  • - very soft-spoken and kind
  • - can get annoyed very easily
Dean Ambrose - soon to be dad

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“Dean, have you seen our ultrasound picture? I wanna show our friends when we go for Smackdown.” I walked downstairs, holding my lower back with one hand and the other rubbing my six month pregnant belly. We were having our first baby together and we decided to keep the gender a surprise til birth. 
Dean looked up from the couch. “Yeah, I got it!” He raised his arm and the ultrasound was in his hand. I smiled before walking over. 
“You have had that in your hand since we gotten home with it.” I told him. Dean just looked at it as he traced his finger across the picture. “I just can’t believe we are gonna be parents. I am really excited. If we have a girl though, she is not allowed to date.” Dean then got up and walked over to me.
“I never seen you this excited.” I told him with a smile. Dean shrugged before placing his hand on my belly. 
“Hey little one. Princess or Prince, whatever you are, we can’t wait to meet you. I am going to teach you everything you need to know. With me and you, your mom will have trouble pulling us apart. We are going to be mischievous partners in crime.” Dean spoke to my stomach.
When he finished, the baby kicked. Dean grinned. “Looks like you are going to have a hard time with the both of us.” Dean said. I rolled my eyes.
“If we are having a boy, we will. I think with a girl, it will be the same too.” I sighed before laughing.
After the cute little moment between Dean and baby, we have to leave for Smackdown.
Dean was already in his gear which was a tank top and jeans. “There is the glowing pregnant woman!” Nikki ran over and hugged me. I smiled as she rubbed her hand over my stomach. “He or she is getting closer to being here.” Nikki said. I smiled.
“ I know. I will have two troublemakers on my hand.” I said as I looked at Dean who was showing AJ and everyone else the ultrasound picture.
“He has been holding that ultrasound picture all day since we got home.” I told Nikki. Nikki smiled.
“That’s adorable. He is gonna be an amazing dad.” Nikki told me.
“I know.” I agreed. 

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Oh gosh congrats!!!❤❤ You deserve all of the followers you're amazing👌👌 Could I pretty please request a Lucifer x reader one where the reader is an angel and his soul mate too and some wings grooming and/or fluff fluff😇? If it's stupid just ignore ily bye❤❤

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Standing in front of the kneeling Lucifer, you swallowed. Slowly, you knelt as well, his head tilting up to look at you. “Mate.” You reached out, touching his cheek, watching the rage slowly melt from his face. You Y/E/C eyes met his and you gave him a kind smile.

“Mine.” He finally replied, his voice deep, and full of desire.

“Come.” You stood, holding out your hand for him. Lucifer never expected to be given a soul mate, let alone one as radiant as you. His calloused hand slipped into yours as he stood, your eyes never leaving his as he loomed over you. Yet, you felt no fear.

He smiled at you, moving just a bit closer. “Are you not terrified of the devil?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Why would I fear my mate?” Your voice was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. You eyes glanced to his wings, and you sighed. “Your wings are torn, and in need of a good washing.” Reaching you, you ran your fingers through them gently. “Allow me?”

Lucifer simply nodded before following you to your home.

Pregnancy- Fred Weasley

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader (Platonic)

Characters: Fred Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad- "I think you might be pregnant.“

Word Count: 718

Author: Charlotte

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Never trust a man who hits you up for sex over two years after he broke up with you when he has a girlfriend and knows how much power he has over you and you feel like you can't say no to him

My suggestion? Block him

For real though, I say a lot of crap about Eurus, but I’m mean she sucks in th context of being a Mary sue OC in someones fanfiction, who took over the a story that wasnt hers.

As her own character? Damn was she well written. She was scary and I really believed every moment she was on screen that Sian Brooke was a freaking psychopath. Her lines were intimidating, I really did feel like she had control of everything, she felt ruthless and unaffected, yet like she was still enjoying it like a kid in a candy store.

My only problem with her is that she had no business being in BBC Sherlock. She wasn’t from the ACD Canon, Sherlock never had a sister, No one should ever be so much smarter that Sherlock that he can’t knock them down eventually. Moriarty should never be over staged, and if you’re going to do this with a character, you can’t do it in the last episode, a character like that needs time be explored, studied. I need to see her cleverness, I need to see the baby Holmes interacting in more that just quick trippy flashbacks, I needed more, and that cant be delivered when the character is a last minute rug pull that just comments sense. Also, she was never shown to be as cleaver as she was state. I mean anyone can hold a gun and make the little puppets dance, Eurus had so much more potential they spoutting a few chilling lines and then getting a hug to make it all better.

Basically she deserves to be her own villan in her own show up against her own good guy. She was a good character, she just didn’t belong in the last episode of a show she had not business being in.

I have never been happier than the moment your name was mentioned and I realised I had fallen out of love with you. Finally, it was like I was finally free of the chains I had tangled around my head and heart.
—  Getting over you was the best thing that happened to me.

“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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