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Not my Jacket - Part 1 - S.P

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The red headed boy run into Southside high. Ghoulies looked at him oddly and serpents glared at him.

“Archie? What the hell are you doing here?” Jughead quizzed him.

“It’s Mayor McCoy! She’s rounding up all the serpents. You gotta go jug!”

“Oi!” Sweet Pea walked up to the red headed boy, pushing him slightly, “What are you doing here.

“You have to g-”

Archie couldn’t finished what he started. For the mayor, trailed by cops, started walking into the school. First they got fangs, securing him in handcuffs. They ran after Toni, slamming her into the ground.

“Fuck” Sweet peas eyes wondered around. “Fuck, fuck wheres y/n?”

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Rowan: “Are you two… sure that’s smart?”
Neil: *munches* “What?”
Rowan; “You know..”
Tyler: *munches* “I don’t know what you mean..”
Rowan: “Okay.. Never mind..”

Rowan looked up from her own sandwich towards the Darke boys, who were both scarfing down yesterday evening’s left over popcorn. Hazel had made so much popcorn yesterday that they weren’t able finish it all during their movie marathon yesterday and still over half of it was left. Neil and Tyler didn’t want to throw it out so they had filled up a bowl and ate it for breakfast. Rowan shot a disapproving glance at the boys but on the inside she smiled at their child-like behavior.

| Movie | Bakugou Katsuki


“I said,” you spoke offhandedly, eyes trailing the blonde ambling into the room with his mail. “We should go watch a movie on your day off.”

“Oh wouldn’t I just love that?” His voice was utterly drenched in sarcasm as he dropped the package, pressing a hand into the column of his neck with an irritated hiss. He sat without a semblance of grace, kicking the chair back.

“What? Why not?” You whined, begged, leaned over the table to invade his personal space. He batted away your flailing arms and held away your face with a single hand, eyes never moving from the box he was opening. 

“I don’t have time,” he grumbled.

“Please?” Your muffled voice came from underneath his palm. Peering through the gaps in his spread fingers your tone softened, lips pressing gently to the rough skin. “You’re always training.” The young hero barely had any time to do anything, and it was driving you nuts. The both of you needed a time to rest from the hustle and bustle, and needed it bad. “Spend some time with me?”

Bakugou glared down at you. You found yourself being lost in the tunnel of those blood red eyes - a familiar storm within them quietly brewing, calm for now but ready to rage when necessary. 

He grunted a sigh, reluctantly submitting to your request. “Fine.”

You positively beamed, wiggling your eyebrows. “Yes! It’s a date then.”

“Not a date,” he grumbled.

“Shh,” You flicked his forehead. “Get into the spirit you brat~”

This’ll be nice, you thought to yourself with a calm smile as you jumped over the couch, dodging the chair that was thrown at you by the enraged hero. A nice, peaceful escape from the stress and excitement. After all, what could go wrong?

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yknow? frozen itself was not a particularly bad movie. wasnt fantastic but it was ok. you know whats made it so unbearable that every time its mentioned the kill bill sirens go off in my head tho? no matter where you go. no matter what you do. chances are youll hear let it go at least once per day. at any given grocery store in the entire US, it plays at least once per day. it plays on the news all the time. the radio? but of course. and its been like that for like YEARS, now. over 1000 days. every day. it started before the movie even came out. and you know? i wake up in the middle of the damn night every night. and my brain full-on launches into that song. that fucking song. i’ll never know peace again. the world has been forever changed. i hate it and im ready for death

I feel like the biggest moron (spoilers for The Wind 1928)

I’ve seen The Wind several times over the years, but it never occurred to me literally until watching it again tonight that it’s heavily implied that after Roddy gets into the house in the middle of the “norther” that he rapes Letty. It actually isn’t spelled out– and I never really caught that until now, but from Letty’s behavior toward him after that scene and her wish that Lige would kill them both kind of point in that direction, don’t they? Makes me hate Wirt all the more.

Anyways, I love The Wind. One of my favorite movies. It’s like gothic expressionism meets the Hollywood western. It sucks that this movie has never had a proper DVD or Bluray release. I also wish it had a better restoration; the print they use on TCM is so murky, which does the splendid lighting and cinematography no justice.

Ah well. We silent film nerds take what we can get.

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probs-crying  asked:

Can you describe Melkor's house? You mentioned it was good for parties, but four people is a very small party. What does he do with all that space?

Melkor bought out the top floor of a building, knocked down all the walls between apartments, and lives in this stupidly enormous place that’s definitely too big for one person.  (except for the one guy, who refused all offers of money and had to be forced out by the sheer, persistent dickishness of Melkor’s shenanigans)  

A lot of it’s pretty generic tbh.  He’s not much of a decorator.  He never painted over the generic beige that was on the walls when he moved in.  His furniture is more functional than fashionable (but damn is his giant comfy couch nice to spoon ur bf on).  He has stupid old movie and band posters plastered on the walls.  

What makes it nice for parties (even when you only have like three friends, why you gotta call him out like this) is a) the fact that it’s big, duh, and thus has many, many bedrooms to crash in, and b) the fact that Melkor obsessively buys shiny new electronics.  He has the biggest TV you’ve ever seen in the living room.  He’s got surround sound.  He built himself a little movie theater in one of the disused bedrooms.  He’s got a stupidly nice kitchen and largely abandoned formal dining room that his friends happily commandeer for holidays.  

The place is always messy.  Not dirty, because he has maid service, but definitely cluttered.  I mean, let’s face it.  Melkor doesn’t put things away.  He throws them on the exact spot where he lost interest.  There are always, always, random articles of clothing on the living room furniture.  His coats have literally never been hung up.  If he didn’t have the aforementioned maid service, he’d run out places to stack the dirty dishes he refuses to wash.  He draws on the walls sometimes, when he has an idea and he can’t find a piece of paper.  Mairon has a love/hate relationship with the place.  On the one hand, it’s comfy and cozy and so very Melkor, and he has a lot of fun memories in it.  On the other hand, the level of mess makes him itch.  He copes by cleaning things when Melkor isn’t looking.  

Anyway, that’s Melkor’s place.

If there’s one thing I will never ever understand, it is people’s hatred for Zack Snyder. Coming out of Justice League, all I wanted to do was watch Man of Steel over and over again. This movie is a fucking masterpiece, every line is amazing, every shot is superb, every scene has me screaming internally about how much I adore this movie. BVS Extended Cut is magnificent. I’m so disappointed that Justice League is so short. I can see blurbs of what it could have been had it all been Snyder’s work, and I mourn for it.

The story of Esther needs to stop being devalued and told as a romance. It is not a romantic story. It’s a story of a young girl, most likely still a teenager of 13-15, who was 1. kidnapped from her home 2. taken into a harem, where she knew she’d have to remain for the rest of her life if she was not chosen 3. told to hide her national identity in fear of death 4. forced to sleep with a man who was most likely 40 at the time, etc. She happened to be chosen as queen because Xerxes thought she was beautiful and wanted her as a trophy. He never got to know her before the night she was brought to him. He probably only learned her name that night. He was only looking at her appearance and forcing himself on her to determine if he wanted her as a wife. There was no romance there. Movies like “One night with a king,” etc. etc. completely ignore and wash over what was really happening. Despite all this, Esther summoned the courage and strength to defy her husband, despite knowing she could be killed or banished like the queen before her, and saved her people. Too often, pastors turn the story of Esther into a romance and a story of how wives should obey their husbands. They justify Xerxes’ treatment of Vashti, turning her into an evil character, when all she she did was refuse to answer her husband and, according to tradition, appear naked before the party so Xerxes could show her off like an object. She was standing up for herself. However, pastors somehow turn the story of Esther into a story of how women should behave. Isn’t that how most biblical stories of strong and courageous women are watered down in church society and culture? They’re twisted into stories that focus on her role as a wife, daughter, etc. That speaks levels on how most men view women… They ignore that the story is really about how much strength and courage we can have despite being in a difficult situation. Esther was kidnapped, raped, and put into a frightening situation. She summoned extreme courage and strength, defying the odds against her. She was still scared, and probably faced troubles the rest of her life. I honestly don’t think she ever loved Xerxes so let’s stop devaluing her story as a romantic cinderella tale. 


I’d like to apologize in advance.

IT AU where everything is the same, except nothing’s the same and this is terrible i’M SORRY.

Based on @itseddietozier‘s post.

edit: It’s come to my attention that I’ve caused some…mild discomfort in the IT community, and while I would like to say I regret my decision, I’m basically having the time of my life reading through all these tags and comments. You guys are great *blows kiss*


Sometimes I feel like the only one who had a crush on John Bender from The Breakfast Club

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