will murder your kittens

anonymous asked:

I am humbled by the sheer commitment your kitten shows towards murderous mayhem. I wish I found such passionate drive in my daily activities as your kitten finds in destroying Mother Nature's miraculous variety of life. It must be very frustrating for you so I commiserate, but seriously... your little murder machine is a thing of awe. Please scratch behind their ears for me as a show of respect and fondness by a random stranger online :)

Aww. Will do, random stranger online! May you find a motivation as strong and joyful as my kitten’s urge to shove reptiles in his mouth.

What the team gets you for Christmas:

12 days of christmas: day 11.



Ever since you met thor, You just begged him to take you to asgard not only to explore his land but you really wanted to meet his family. On christmas day, He had finally surprised you with a trip to asgard.


You had just died whenever your favorite band came to town but, They usally sold out within hours. For Christmas Clint had bought you tickets to your favorite band and backstage pases!


Bruce had bought you a book filled with memories of your time with him. it included pictures and inserts about dates you had with him that he wrote all by himself. By the end, you were easily in tears.


steve adored your old spirit so, He went as a classic guy and got you a fancy piece of jewelry. Also, He purchased a Polaroid camera for you that you had wanted for so long.


Bucky had done something quite special for you. You woke up to breakfast in bed then he insisted on showing you something. he drove you out and blindfolded you. Positive he was planning on murdering you, He suprised you to pick out your own Kitten together.


Natasha had surprised you with a trip to mexico to get away from all the stress your jobs had brought upon you and you two were finally able to let lose as a couple.


Wanda and you both agreed not to buy gifts for each other but instead, You wanted to get something you could enjoy together. That’s why you both bought a full-pass to a day at the spa.Afterward, You two had agreed to explore the city since you rarely had time off of work. Later, You shared dinner During a movie in the park at Central Park.


The point in your relationship with Tony was that tony’s job kept him always moving and your Job needed you elsewhere. You and Tony had never gotton much time together as a couple so, For Christmas Tony had flown you in to spend the Holidays together.


It was no joke hiding the fact that Pietro was still a kid and, so were you. that’s why he surprised you with a trip to the perfect place for two kids in love: Disneyworld!