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My Dearest Charlotte


I promised your mom that I’d write this letter when I wasn’t completely sleep deprived. But I figure that there’s honestly no better time than this.

Tonight a man was elected as president. A man who is a misogynist and bigot and who has hijacked my party and my ideals by aligning himself with a group of Republicans who refer to themselves as the Tea Party. Hopefully, when you’re older, you’ll understand why I so utterly despise them and why they are truly Republicans in name only.

Right now it’s early in the morning, and as I write this, the realization is slowing sinking in that Donald Trump is the President-Elect and come January he will be president. I can’t guarantee that the next four years will be easy or that anything that Trump does will not impact on you. I want you to know that your mom and I will not shy away from holding President-Elect Trump accountable. We will also continue to raise you believing in what is fair and right, and you will know that Trump is the exception and not the rule.

I know that your mom and I will have a fight on our hands.  But I promise you this, for as long as Trump is president, your mom is president of the news division and I am on the air. We’re going to give ‘em hell because that what we’re supposed to do and anything less is not worth doing the news for. I will inevitably make a lot of people mad, and some of these people will have the power to take me off the air. But I have absolutely no intention of quitting, nor will I in any way censor myself. I also do not fear being taken off the air. It was your mom and your namesake that taught me that anything worth fighting for is done with courage and the desire to fight the good fight no matter the outcome.

I also know that tonight things have fundamentally changed and politics as we know it will never be the same again. Everything I was certain of has tonight crumbled beneath my feet and no longer can I make certain promises and guarantees. I have also learned just what can happen in four years. Four years ago, I proposed to your mom after realizing that she was above all else the most important part of my life and that without her I figuratively ceased to exist. Four years ago you hadn’t made your mark in this world, and I hadn’t stopped to think that you would be the unplanned chaos to turn our worlds completely upside down.  

Anything can happen in four years. It was your namesake that once said that ‘whatever happens next. Happens next.’ I truly believe this, and I know that in four years when someone asks what I said to you on this night four years ago. I’ll tell them that I wrote you a letter and that I promised your mom that I was going to do exactly what I have always done. Keep on fighting and whatever happens next. Happens next. I will also tell them that you were too young to understand what’s happened tonight entirely, but that I am almost certainly convinced that you were already a life-long Democrat with no chance of ever changing your mind on that and that as young as you were you always had strong opinions on Trump.

I am almost sure that you’d have been proud to know that Hilary never gave up and fought to the very end. She was courageous and just the type of person who you would have wanted for president. It’s my hope that in my lifetime and most definitely yours, we will have a Madam President. Someone that will be worthy of our respect and admiration and someone that won’t result to nor encourage the insults and stupidity of others.

Until then, the next fours years will be unchartered and completely alter everything we do.  And hopefully, in four years time, I’ll have an entirely different story to tell you.

Love always,



“He said ‘Memphis is a stand-in for wherever you are right now.  That it really means that’s how I got here.’”