will mattson

sim and shirt download by simobsession

more gifts!! shocking!! these two things were both requests: my old sim, Nola Mattson, and this shirt. first of all, i’d normally ask you don’t edit Nola’s face as she’s one of my old main sims, but she’s so horrible to look at that I beg you fix her face up. just give credit to me and tag me if you’d like! also i’m too lazy to list all her cc, so just message me if you want something. second, i give full credit to simt0rr for the original shirt mesh. the latest post on the blog says it’s okay to upload recolors, but if the creator asks me to delete this, i will right away. all i did was add the words. i hope you guys enjoy these!!

download Nola Mattson

download “i have no tits” top