will make your eyes bleed

When you saw them tortured the traitors

Some of you were requesting for the second part of “When one of his men hurt you because you threatened them to tell that he’s a traitor to your BF” so here it is!! You can see the 

Part 1 here

(Damn, I have that Jungkook feels y’know)

Kim Namjoon : 

So, here you are. In the mansion with Jin cooking your meal, although he had a lot of business to do but he still helped Namjoon to make sure you’re okay. Namjoon never asked you to tagged along with him to his office for your safety. He wanted you to be happy. That’s all. 

“Oppa. let’s see what Namjoon’s doing there,” you asked him and insisted to bring you there. Jin called Namjoon and he agreed because you yelled from the background. 

You was excited to see Namjoon and opened the door as you arrived there. But you widened your eyes as you saw the man who betrayed Namjoon was being tied on the chair and barely opened his eyes. “Oh, you are here. Someone bring her to another room while I finished him.” 

You waited and waited until Namjoon opened the door, make you flinched. “Don’t be scared, I’m sorry I was scary in the room.” You nodded your head, “I’m not going to hurt you but that man killed a lot of my man so that was nothing.”He tried to cheer you up by being a cute Namjoon like he always do when he’s with you. 

Kim Seok Jin : 

You heard a loud gunshot from downstairs and flinched. You closed your ears and closed your eyes tightly, but then, you were worried that Jin might be wounded so you breathed and brave yourself to go downstairs. You walked slowly and you gasped as you found the man that beat you now lying on the floor with blood over his body. 

“What the hell…” You mumbled. 

“Uh-oh. No, no, you shouldn’t go downstairs hun,” Jin sighed as he tried to calmed you down. “He really deserved this, trust me. He hurt you, he betrayed me-no, the whole gang. He deserved death.” 

You shook in fear and he kinda disappointed by your reaction, he would give you time to be alone and he certainly sure that you would call him to have a talk because he knows how deep is your love for him. “Even though, you walked in the different path with me, I’ll still protect you.” 

Min Yoongi : 

He couldn’t forgot how you sound when he beat you up, your scream, your pain, he couldn’t get those visions from his mind. “Hyung, everything will be alright. Okay? Jungkook is tracking her, I’m sure-”

“Shut up, Jimin. You don’t know how she screamed….” He trembled as he covered his face with both of his hands. “It’s been two days and I couldn’t sleep without seeing those bad dreams about her. I’m scared..” 

Jimin sighed and patted his shoulder (damn, my Yoonmin feels). Jungkook opened the door, “I found her! She’s near the storage room near the harbor!” Yoongi grabbed his coat and gun before he went to his car. Well, he was preparing for the worst even though he tried to be optimist but, he still have a little bit hope that you’re save. 

Yoongi sneaked up inside the storage room. There, you could see the men were drunk and sleeping. “Y/n…” he mumbled as he saw you unconsciousness while being tied. You looked very pale and bruises everywhere. “Kill them.” While the others having a party he would untied you and cried as he carried you from the place and whispering loving words to your ear, “please, wake up. I’m so sorry I didn’t notice how you were in pain before,” he said. 

Jung Hoseok : 

He was very late that night so you decided to went visit him, you put a light-makeup and told the driver to drove to Hoseok’s place. You expected him to be in his office room with pile of documents instead of pointing a gun in front of the man that hurt you, “Hoseok,” you called. 

He turned his head and sighed as he saw you, same like Namjoon he would told you to wait in another room. “y/n, I’m so sorry that you have to witnessed those filthy experienced. Look, if you need time to be alone….you know what? I’ll let you.” He prepared for the worst, which is you leaving him. But you shook your head slowly and smiled softly, “you did that to protect me. right?”

He would hugged you and stroked your head, “this is why I’m the most scared when I lose you.” 

Park Jimin : 

You held his arm tightly and shook in fear, “no, don’t. Jimin, let’s….just ignore him.” He looked at you in confused, “yah, he hurt you.” 

“Yeah, but it’s fine. You don’t want to make a problem with him or his gang.” You stared at the man that smirked at you, “well done, lady. Well done.” You expect Jimin to be the softy whenever you’re near him but this time he suddenly kicked the man and beat him up. 

You gasped and pulled him, “Jimin, stop.” He scoffed, “I’m so mad. He makes you scared, it doesn’t matter if he betrayed me or something. But he hurt you. I won’t for give him.”


“Stay out from this business, y/n. Someone take her.” Yoongi and Jungkook would lead you to another room and calmed you down. “He’s scary when he’s angry,” Jungkook said. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You noticed how worried Taehyung’s face when he watched you in pain so you tried not to yelled or flinched whenever the man put the knife near your neck and make you bleeding. 

Taehyung widened his eyes when he saw a red liquid falling from your neck and stained your white shirt. The man seemed enjoyed the moment and you took this chance to make an eye contact with Taehyung. You glanced at his feet and Taehyung’s, Taehyung nodded and smirked. You stepped really hard and Taehyung got you covered. 

“Shoot them.” While Taehyung told his men to fired the ran and caught you, “you’re wounded.” You smiled to him, “but I’m still alive.” He sighed and kissed you, “I’m sorry I didn’t protect you well.” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

He was stressed all day all night, just like Yoongi’s reaction. He wouldn’t talk at all and choose to think by himself in his room. His hyungs tried to help him and cheered him up but none of them work for him. 

“I don’t know where is she, how she’s doing, she must be scared…” He mumbled and trembled. It’s been a month when the rival gang sent Jungkook about your worsening condition ; pale skin, bruises, skinny body, barely opened eyes, you also didn’t respond when someone smacked your head. His blood boiling inside as he remembered those nightmares. He didn’t sleep nor eat well, “I won’t treat myself better when she’s not around. It doesn’t feel right.”

One day, the man sent Jungkook your location. He also sent him a photo you prepared to be drowned in an aquarium. He ran and called all of his men right away and drove to the aquarium. “Please, please, God…I was so stupid back then. P;ease give me another chance to meet her…” He prayed along the road. 

When he arrived at the aquarium, he ran to the location and he saw you. You struggled to breath underwater. Jungkook screamed your name and ran to find the stairs, he ran like crazy while yelling your name. 

“Jungkook, you’re here.” Without a word he shot him on the head. Jungkook jumped to the aquarium and released you from the rope. He hugged you tightly while crying your name when he saved you to the land. His words told you that he’s been hiding his emotions, “I love you so much..”

You told him to helped you walked instead he carried you with his arms. 

“No, I won’t llet you have a single moment being alone. No, you’re coming with me 24/7.” 

All that Jazz - Sirius Black x Reader (smut)

[Request: Hi could I request a Sirius imagine where reader and Sirius have an argument and like hanging out with the Marauders becomes awkward as the two make sarcastic remarks and stuff. But after a few days there’s too much tension and make up smut (quite rough) but the Marauders walk in and are like ‘well I guess you guys made up then’ xxx
Warnings: SMUT/ kink/ my English/not that great? Idk!
I don’t own the gifs/ Credits to their original owners. Also, thank you @ra-veela-claw  for the gentle push!
Thank you for requesting!]
Requests are open!

You were struggling to study and remain calm at the same time because, in all honesty, all you wanted to do was flip the damn table over and burn your notes. It was soul sucking. Merlin knows how long you have been studying. You have been studying for hours upon hours. You weren’t that studious usually and you would prefer to be with your boyfriend but alas! N.E.W.T.S. 

“You’ve been studying all the day. And yesterday. And the day before. I missed you” Sirius said while he played with a strand of your hair affectionately
“I know, love. I just need to study for the exams. It’s not like I can fail” you said while you tucked the strand he was playing with behind your ear. He was pouting.
“Come on! Let’s do something fun! I feel abandoned” he murmured while he started pecking your neck. You let out a heavy breath. You can’t give up now. It’s only one more chapter after all!
“Cut it out Siri” you pulled away from his kisses. You wouldn’t be able to resist him any longer if he kept doing that.
“Jeez, woman!” he said mocking you. You really didn’t need that kind of attitude right now.
“Stop it! I need to study. You may not care about your future, but I do. So leave me the fuck alone!” you snapped at him. You weren’t really that mad but it came out that way. Truth is, you were bottling things up. Like how he didn’t care about the exams or anything, that is. He seemed to be so laid back and chilled out when you were studying your ass off and still- you hadn’t even finished one book.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he spat cruelly at you, causing your mind to shut down. With you? What was wrong with him?
“I am not the one who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything. I want to do something with my life. I don’t want to waste it away because I was so stupid to throw every chance out of the window. I have goals and aspirations”. You were yelling at him by now. You just didn’t understand how someone could throw his life away to have fun. Fun. How fun will it be when he can’t even find a job?
“Screw this” he yelled at you, venom spreading through his words into your blood. He just stood up and left. And took all of the air with him. For a while, you felt numb and you tried to regain focus. Nothing seemed to work and soon tears were streaming down your face, sobs echoing around you, silent at first, deafening after a while.
You grabbed the books and threw them at the wall while ripping your notes apart and creating a chaos.  
Lily marched in. Your legs gave away and you crashed the floor.

Dinner was… Heartbreaking. You were sitting alongside the girls. They were talking about the next Hogsmeade trip and how beneficial a day off would be. You wouldn’t dare to look up because he was sitting there with his friends, laughing and girls were right beside him. Too many girls. Not you. You were mad and sad and mad. You literally wanted to scream at them that he was yours… but was he? The only thing you wanted to do after the argument was to apologize to him because you just didn’t mean it. You didn’t want to yell at him. He wasn’t the problem. The exam thing was just too overwhelming and you… Oh, great you thought to yourself. Here they come. They sat right across you. You had to keep your posture.
“Lily-pad! How is it you look so ravishing every day?” James flirted. Lily just rolled her eyes and offered him a forced smile.
“We are already dating James” she simply stated. Yeah, like that would do it. The guy never stopped flirting with her.
“At least she isn’t screwing you over studying”. He didn’t. Your mouth agape. Fine, two can play this game.
“I’m not listening, but keep talking. I enjoy the way your voice makes my ears bleed” you said sarcastically, making eye contact with him for the first time. He raised an eyebrow.
“I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong” he returned. You felt like punching him straight in the face.
“Are you always this retarded or are you making a special effort today?”. Who would have guessed that you could go this cocky?
“If it looks like I give a damn, please tell me. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression” he continued. You rose from your seat. You wanted to scream and punch and kick the hell out of him.
“I’d insult you, but the sad truth is that you wouldn’t understand and if I tried to explain it to you, your brain might implode from information overload” you spat at him. You were glaring daggers at each other. Every student was staring at you two. Your friends were trying to distract you from each other but every attempt failed.
“Why are you here?” he growled. You faked an innocent smile and batted your eyelashes.
“Wow, you sound better with your mouth closed” you answered too sweetly. You walked away from your friends and made your way towards the exit. What you couldn’t realize though was that even though you were furious at him, you actually found him so damn hot.

The same scene was playing on repeat. Every time you two were in the same room, doing as much as breathing the same air, the world would stop spinning and sarcastic, mean even, remarks would be exchanged. Your friends tried to reason both of you but nothing could change the fact that he was an ass to you and that you were an ass to him.
You were currently about to enter their room because Lily made you the messenger. She wanted you to tell James to meet her in the Astronomy Tower. You were fuming at your friend but you did owe her that much.
When you did enter the room, however, James wasn’t there. In fact, no one was there but the very person you wanted to slap. He was shirtless. That was a sight that never failed to make you blush. He was gorgeous and he knew it.
“You’re not that lucky and I’m not that desperate!” he exclaimed. But you’ve had enough. More than enough.
“Yes. Yes, you are” you whispered, your voice stripped from any sarcasm. It was the truth. It had been one week and two days since this crazy thing had begun. You haven’t touched each other for what seemed like, forever. You’d lie if you said that you didn’t miss his hands on your body, his lips on your face.
You took a few steps closer. You could feel the heat that his body radiated.
“And Merlin knows, I am” you breathed out, inches away. Your hot breath fell on his lips, sending shivers down his spine.

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How To Avoid Having A Pile of Dead Webcomics

This also means how to avoid rebooting a comic several times as well. As a former Reboot Queen, I thought I would post this for new webcomic creators or even ones who’ve been at it a while and are just feeling kind of uncertain about their work.

I actually posted this on a forum first, but thought someone here might also find it useful. XP Note that these are not unspoken rules or anything! First and foremost, do what you feel you need to! Everyone learns in their own way.

1: At the beginning, aim shorter. If you’re just getting into webcomics, try some experimental one-shots first. It’s the comics with no end in sight (or an ending waaayyy too out of sight) that are more likely to be left unfinished. If your projects involve characters or plotlines you REALLY want to use again, you can always leave them open-ended to continue them, or just move on to your grand, epic project after getting the hang of things a bit first. XP It’s just better to start out kind of slow and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Or even if you’re not new to comics, this is still a good way to experiment.

2: NEVER start a comic on a sudden inspiration. You want to make an art or some short comics when this happens, cool, but what seems great to you one month may seem kinda lame the next. I mean, sure, we all have moments where we’re not as interested in our comics, but if you pick subjects you truly love, it makes it easier to plow through those downer moments. XP Heck, this advice can go for ANY sort of project.

3: If possible, avoid rebooting old chapters because of amateur art/writing. If you absolutely need to for publishing reasons or to change some plot elements, then do what you must, but doing this can REALLY slow things down. That old art/writing may make your eyes bleed, but remember that most readers really don’t mind and even enjoy seeing an artist grow.

4: Even with a longer series, have an ending in sight. Again, kind of related to tip 1. Basically, unless you’re making a comic strip or slice of life or something, make it possible to reach the end of your comic in your lifetime! Consider trimming unnecessary bulk from your story.

5: Don’t let readers’ opinions sway you! I don’t mean ignore helpful constructive criticism, I mean people who question how a character acts, or say “I hope this doesn’t happen!” or anything that might be making you second guess parts of your story. I actually spazzed out and changed an entire character because people were considering her too ‘Mary Sue’, and a lot of the reboots I made were partially influenced by reader opinions as well! Make the story YOU want to make, don’t worry about your characters being cliched (heck, even if they are), or people having a different opinion of your characters than you expected. Stay the course! XP

Though also remember that it’s okay to have unfinished webcomics. They helped you learn and are still art, so they were worth the effort.^^

Worth It

Title: Worth It

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x female!Reader

Word Count: ~4.1k (how did this happen?)

Warnings: angst, h/c

Request: Hello! Could I request a reader x Draco? Like where Draco has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much

(A/n: I don’t even know how this got so long. Anyway please enjoy. It has been really interesting to try and understand post-war Malfoy and how he feels about his past now. || not my gif)

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

“Malfoy? Draco Malfoy?” You asked the stranger who looked at you in confusion, the young man looked nothing like the arrogant always well-dressed boy you remembered from your days in Hogwarts. The man in front of you was pale and wary, lost and confused. Yet he still had the eyes that had haunted your dreams for years, both nightmares and daydream fantasies – the young Malfoy had always been something else.

“Who are you?” His voice wary as he looked you up and down, not trusting you. Good on him, you would never trust him either. Although he seemed more than vulnerable with his haunted eyes and confusion written all over his handsome features.

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Ok so there’s a story behind this one: until like 2 hours ago, I thought everyone sees colors when they hear music but??? Apparently only some people do and it’s one aspect of this thing called Synesthesia.

So, here’s Cas in the song that caused me to discover my useless superpower: “Synesthesia” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

(Also grayscale version added because the original might make your eyes bleed lmao)

alright but why does no one write colorblind character AUs??? 

(note: i am not colorblind, a friend of mine who is was just telling me about some of the shit that’s happened to him)

  • you accidentally took my bag instead of yours and i don’t know your name so i yelled “YOU IN THE YELLOW SHIRT” but you didn’t respond so i yelled “HEY ASSHOLE” when i finally caught up with you… and apparently your shirt is red??
  • we’re doing a lab in chemistry with the “flame test” where you set an element on fire and we’re supposed to record what color the flame is, but i have no fucking clue what color it’s supposed to be so i’m copying your answers and now you think i’m trying to cheat
  • i thought this tomato was ripe but it’s actually green and you saw me take a bite out of it and whispered “hardcore”
  • if you ask me “what color is this” one more time i’m going to punch you out don’t think i won’t
  • did you know i can’t be a police officer in certain states??? like what the fuck i will fight the system and become a police officer goddamn it, my partner can record that the perp’s shirt was fucking purple
  • you’re too polite to tell me that the colors of my outfit clash horribly but the jokes on you because i actually know what colors they’re supposed to be (because there’s an app for that!) and i just like making your eyes bleed

Been a few months since I’ve snapped a photo of C.C. Smyth, and after reading about @sicktress‘ awesome new BJD Editorial Challenge I had to grab my camera. Out of all the dolls in my crew, C.C. has the boldest, brightest color scheme… and I love her for it.

Plus I happened to have a highlighter yellow backdrop that was just aching to be used. Apologies if the neon combo makes your eyes bleed. ^^;

I’ve never been so scared of losing something in my life, then again, nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do. 

A soft sigh slipped past your chapped lips as you slide your finger against the surface of your tablet, scrolling through the latest news. Your lips are pursed together, eyes flicking left to right as you read about the most recent incident, the accident that included you.

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Prisoner’s Dilemma

@godlingcaptainchristina, your wish is my command, though I admit that the ear infection is more of a minor plot device here than anything. Still, I think the fluff will (hopefully) make up for it.

E/R, Joly/Bossuet, Modern AU, shenanigans. All of the shenanigans. Also a fairly lengthy discussions of penises at one point. If you’re at all wondering how the Prisoner’s Dilemma, an ear infection and a discussion of penises tie together, this is the fic for you.

“Dare I even ask?” Enjolras sighed, rubbing his forehead and glaring at Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire, who were seated side-by-side in front of him and conspicuously avoiding looking at each other.

Joly let out what sounded like a hiccup and shrugged, holding the icepack over his eye, while Bossuet whistled under his breath and stared up towards the ceiling. Grantaire, on the other hand, was tugging on his ear and wincing. “I think there’s something wrong with my ear,” he said, his voice louder than normal.

Enjolras snorted. “There’s about to be something much more wrong with you than your ear,” he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “You three–” He said three as though it was a dirty word. “–Come here today, the day we’re meant to be meeting as a group with several influential aldermen about city regulations on public protests, and Joly looks like he’s been decked in the face, Bossuet can’t appear to speak, and Grantaire can’t hear and whose ear also appears to be leaking.”

Grantaire looked horrified. “My ear is squeaking?”

“Leaking,” Joly said loudly. “And it’s nothing to worry about. Just a bit of discharge.”

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Metalhead gothic

-You attend a concert. After the opening band’s set ends, someone holds up a boot that was lost in the mosh pit. No one claims it. How do you lose a laced-up boot, you wonder? You do not know. Its owner is long gone, disappeared into the void. Perhaps they will return for it someday.

-It’s been a week since you were last at a concert. Your ribs are still bruised from being at the barrier. The bruises are not getting smaller or going away. You do not think they will ever go away. They live there now.

-You open your closet door. All the clothing and band shirts within it are black. You look in your laundry basket. Everything is black. You do not remember buying all this black clothing. You look in your drawer. There is only black.

-You have more room on your battle jacket for new patches. You always have more room for new patches. You sew tirelessly, trying to fill the space so you can call the project done. The vast expanse of the jacket refuses to be filled.

-Someone shows you a new death metal album. You cannot read the band’s logo. It appears to have been created by drenching a pile of sticks in dripping paint. You stare longer, more intently, trying to make sense of the logo. Your eyes begin to bleed. You Cannot Read The Logo.

-Someone asks you why you like metal if it’s all just screaming. You sigh, and begin to explain for the fifth time this week why that isn’t true. They are still looking at you, smiling smugly and disapprovingly. Either they cannot hear you, or they do not care that they are wrong. Their smug smile has far, far too many teeth.