will make you mentally disturbed

If your persona is the angry young man, you can work that up to maybe 35.

But then you enter into a tough 15 year period from 35 to 50 where you run the risk that the anger will make you look mentally disturbed and/or intellectually impaired. 

At 50 you are safely in curmudgeon territory, and from then on it’s smooth sailing. I’m glad Henry Rollins made it to 50 and went grey.  Good for him.

This Gap ad is a hoot. 

“video games are a bad influence on-”

“video games make you kill peo-”

“that one murderer played video gam-”

“video games are bad-”

I saw this in an Odesta fanfic written from Finnick’s POV.

I cannot, repeat CANNOT tell you how much I despise this term.

Just because somebody is mentally ill or has any type of mental trauma doesn’t make them damaged goods. Damaged goods are something you buy somewhere at a knockdown price.

Mental illness does NOT, I repeat DOES NOT, make you worth any less than anybody else.

And this is from Finnick’s point of view. Out of everybody in the entire series, the person who is least likely to even have a fleeting thought about Annie in this way it’s Finnick.

I want to say again ANNIE CRESTA IS NOT DAMAGED GOODS! She is probably one of the stronger characters, the love of her life died and she was forced to raise her baby by herself, in addition with trying to deal with her own personal issues.

This line deeply offends me. As somebody who has been abused, has mental health issues, someone who has considered herself tainted because of the past and damaged in some way because of the mental health issues I suffer from, I find this comment highly offensive and disturbing.

Mental illness and trauma doesn’t make you damaged, it doesn’t make you worth any less, this is something that took me years to accept in regards to myself.