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So I was thinking about Viktor sitting at his bachelor party and saying to Yurio or someone “where is my fiance can I see him now”, which got me thinking about the fact that despite everyone trying to keep an eye on Viktor to make sure he stays at the party, he sneaks off at some point to show up at Yuuri’s door, a little bit drunk, throws himself at Yuuri and informs him “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”. Poor Yuuri was expecting this and just sighs, says “I know, I love you too”, tucks him into his own bed and snuggles him for the rest of the night. Probably checks to find his phone with a text from Yurio: “he snuck off to go see you didn’t he. tell him he’s an asshole and not to fuck up his wedding tmrw”. 

And they just spend the whole night clinging to each other, Viktor wrapped around him like an octopus and whispering to Yuuri all about how happy he is that he’s going to marry the man of his life, and how silly it was to celebrate their wedding by being apart, “like what is that about Yuuri? Yuuri, it’s so silly, I missed you so much”. Yuuri just pats his hair and agrees, he missed Viktor too, because they’re both gross and in love and I can’t stand it.

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So. Undertale. 

This game is very important to me! It helped me get through a lotta stuff, helped me grow as an artist and a person, helped me stay determined. Never expected a video game to make such a big impact on my life, but here we are. 

I’m not very good at speeches, so i’m just gonna say this: thank you, Toby, and thank you, Undertale. Happy one year anniversary! c’:


Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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Determined (Drabble) [3]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

Genre:  Slight Fluff/Slight Angst

College AU

Character: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 680

A/N: I know this drabble is a bit boring, but don’t worry I promise the next one will make up for it. You guys ready for some drama? Then stay tuned! I will probably post drabble #4 tomorrow, I’m almost done… But I got some homework to do so I’ll probably finish it up tomorrow.
Also Jungkook will make his appearance soon, just be patient~

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              -          Admin Mochi

[January 17, 2016]

              “I would have never thought you were all roommates.” Y/N commented before taking a bite of her chicken.

               “Now you see what I have to deal with…” Jin groaned signaling over to the other five boys sitting at the dinner table with them. “How do you even know these two anyway?” he questioned pointing his chopsticks at the blonde and orange haired boys.

               “Y/N, Taehyung, and I met our senior year in high school.” Jimin responded before she could.

               “What I want to know is how all of you met.” She uttered peering at them inquisitively.

               “Well, as you know despite being a year apart Yoongi and I met at school because we’re both majoring in business administration.” Said the oldest, Jin as he served himself more rice.

               “I met Jimin at the dance studio. Since both of us enjoy dancing we hit it off really well.” The one by the name of Hoseok added.

               “I met Yoongi at one of my gigs two years ago.” the silver haired Namjoon informed her. “And I then met Hoseok in one of my classes.”

               “One of your gigs?” Y/N asked confused as to what he was referring to.

               “Yeah. He’s an underground rapper, he goes by the stage name Rap Monster.” Chimed in Taehyung.

               “That’s so cool! Are you really good?” she wondered.
               “I guess so, but you should see Yoongi perform he’s a legend.” Namjoon replied motioning over to his older friend.

               “Really?” Y/N excitedly exclaimed and turned to the tattooed boy only to find him glaring daggers at Namjoon.

               “Mhm.” He hummed completely ignoring Yoongi. “But back to your original question, somehow we all ended up becoming friends through one another and bam! Here we are now as roommates.” Six college boys, one house… That’s crazy, she thought with a grin.

              Y/N would have never thought Yoongi would be walking her home, even if it was because Jin had asked him to since he had too much to clean up after dinner. The two made their way down the dimly lit streets in complete silence, she wasn’t sure whether he wanted to have a conversation with her and even if he did she wasn’t sure what to talk about. Instead, Y/N found herself peeking at him when he wasn’t paying attention.

              He walked with his hands tucked into his olive bomber while staring straight ahead. The fringe of his jet black hair brushed against his lashes with every echoing step he took. His face was blank, there was absolutely no sign of emotions. Her eyes then lingered on the new piercing on his ear, which was now his third one. Her attention was promptly drawn to how the moonlight illuminated his fair skin making him look ethereal, Y/N had never seen anyone as beautiful and handsome as him.

              “Are you done gawking?” Yoongi snorted breaking Y/N out of her trance.

               “I- I’m sorry.” Y/N meekly muttered not knowing what else to say. The brunette mentally cursed for having embarrassed herself in front of him once again. Those were the only words the two exchanged until they had finally reached her apartment complex. “Before you go I was wondering…”


               “When and where your next gig is, I really want to see you perform.” She beamed looking up at him with bright hopeful eyes.

               “No.” came his curt reply.

               “No, what?”

               “No, you can’t go.” Yoongi stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

               “What… Why not?”

               “Because girls like you don’t belong in places like that.” He responded sounding as intimidating as he could. A tiny part of him instantly regretted his words seeing her look so defeated. Her big brown eyes gazed up at his filled with disappointment. “So forget about it.” He finished not sounding as confident as before. With that the black haired boy walked off into to the night leaving a saddened and muddled Y/N at the front of her door steps.

               But no matter his words, she was determined to see Min Yoongi perform if it’s the last thing she’d do.

    ( I should think of something to write. Currently am working on my IceQueen AU
      based on some of the epics/stories I’ve read regarding Brynhildr/Brunhildr.
      However probably tomorrow along with others things or tuesday. I am so
      exhuasted today… But thinking creatively is healing in a way. Guess why I
      cant ever seem to get away from roleplaying. That being said, expect a Queen
      Brynhildr AU up sometime soon. And her refusal of letting anyone wed her and
      rule her country unless they can defeat her in combat.                                           )


ugh posting. I really wanna stick with this posting every day thing but I know I’m bad at this. Some might be shorter than others. 
The only exciting food thing today was that I made a homemade cauliflower soup. It wasnt as good as I remember my mom making it but she’s hard to live up to in the kitchen. Need to ask her for her recipe. 

Work was…well it was boring. Tomorrow is inventory so things are gonna be so boring and I’ll probably be stuck there FOREVER. But since the gym is across the street I’m going to make myself go after. Need to get some cardio in. been lacking on that lately- although I have been really good with doing my pushups each night before bed. And the boy made me do squats today too.
If my stomach didn’t hurt I would have done some crunches too but oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Self love: I love the color of my eyes. They have so many damn dimensions to them. Between the freckles and the specks of orange around my pupils- I’ve always found them fascinating.

BOOM Day 6 completed. With 8 minutes to spare.

Here’s to another 24.

// Welp, tomorrow college starts back up, which is gonna limit my time on here a considerable amount. I apologize for my inactivity over the break; I’ve had to do some concert performances, had to deal with some crap with my brother, and I recently got into the Beetlejuice cartoon (Which is probably one of the funniest shows I’ve watched in awhile lol.), which took up a lot of my time. So until summer starts up, I’m going to be lurking around mostly on Mask and the TMNT during the night time, ‘cuz I want to aim a bit higher on my grades this semester. But I’ll still be around if anyone wants to chat, plot, or whatever. <3

Also, tomorrow is Jim Carrey’s Birthday, so I’ll be streaming both The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective tomorrow night at 7:30 EST if anyone wants to come watch with me! Stay S-S-S-Smokin’, guys!

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I swear to God it needs to end with Sherlock visiting someone else in that prison...........................

I would probably have a heart attack if that happens…I will probably be up all night and have to call off work tomorrow. 

It makes sense to round things out like that. I mean, if we get to see some Jimcroft and Euriarty, it only makes sense for some Sheriarty action as well. Having him interact with every member of the trio is logical. 

I’m not going to get my hopes up too much but, then again, none of us expected that ending to HLV or Moriarty to be in TAB so who knows what might happen!

Only stubbornness, curiosity, and spite keeping me awake at this point. Maybe I should sleep.

Tomorrow I should look for activities to do with one’s cat. I think he’s bored. I could be projecting though, I dunno. He gets a bored look a lot though.

I also need to look into flowers. I’d like to grow some flowers like I say I’m gonna do every year. But I honestly dunno much about gardening stuff. Or flowers. Other than they’re pretty.

I thought about going to the Y tomorrow afternoon to at least do some walking but not sure. Seems wasteful / silly to make an extra 15 minute trip to stay for probably a half hour.


Good night.

💌 — hello all of my late night followers! (it’s nearly midnight where i’m at so surely some of you are in the same timezone??) 

i currently have 6 requests that i’m working on right now! even if i finish them tonight, i probably won’t post until tomorrow afternoon bc 1) i have to edit them and 2) no one will see them if i post in the middle of the night ;_; 

 just wanted to let everyone know that even tho i was absent today, i’m still here! thank you to all of my new followers and the ppl who have sent me positive replies! it makes me feel super happy when i read even the simplest feedback so tysm‼️😇🌈❣️

well, I don’t wanna, but I think I might have to call it a night. I’m a sleepy sheepy. but I’ll hopefully make it back on here tomorrow! I make no promises though because my sister and I are supposed to watch some of our (as we like to call them) bro movies. we call each other bro, so ya know lmao

but if I don’t make it back tomorrow, I wanna forewarn y’all that I probably won’t be on for another two weeks because my sister is coming back to Indiana with me for a couple weeks, and @heyxliar and I have lots of things planned for her while she’s there

goodnight lovelies!!

Going to bed now

I’m going to have a really shitty day tomorrow, going to court and managing stuff that is going to determine my entire future so…yeah. can’t wait to have that done… anyways, today was great, i pray for jemaine to see my art and get some sleep now :3 i hope you all get to enjoy tomorrow a bit more than i’ll do! :D

Practice makes perfect (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: Newt imagine! The reader and Minho are always the spotlight when it comes to dancing around the bonfire, but Newt doesn’t dance, but he wants to dance with the reader, so the before the next bonfire he tries practicing in the deadheads si he cam impress the reader, but she catches him doing so and then some comedy and fluff?:)

Warnings: None

Word count: 624


The bonfire night was tomorrow, and Newt started to dread it a little. You and Minho were the best dancers the Glade knew. Newt wanted to dance with you, but how could he match your fluency and gracefulness, when he was known for not dancing at all?

Newt came to the conclusion that there was only one thing to do. Practice. But where could he practice without the Gladers making stupid comments and everything.

Newt eyed the Deadheads from his position at the Gardens. That should be a good enough place. He probably wouldn’t be bothered and-

“Newt, are you listening to me?” Zart asks and rests on his shovel.

Newts attention turned back to his work and he apologized. “Y-yeah. Just not paying very good attention, am I?”

“Not really,” Zart chuckled. “Here, plant these seeds.”


Newt wandered into the Deadheads thy night, not entirely sure where to practice. He knew a couple spots that were private enough and picked one. It wasn’t too far from the Homestead but he knew no one would see him.

You tried to sleep, but going to bed early apparently wasn’t your thing. You wandered outside and sighed. A walk it was then. Maybe by the time you were done you’d be tired enough to sleep.

You’d seen too much of the Glade already, so the only place you liked to take walks was the Deadheads. It was pretty, quiet, and-

You pushed past a trees branches and stopped in your tracks. You covered your gaping mouth and laughed silently to yourself.

In the middle of a small opening was Newt, spinning in circles and stepping forwards and back, nearly tripping every two steps. Was he trying to dance?

Newt spins around again and drops his arms from a position of dancing with someone. His eyes went wide when he sees you and he goes stiff.

“Y/N! What uh, what are you doing up?”

You snicker and step towards him so you could see him better. “I couldn’t sleep…so I took a walk…”

Newt chuckles and scratches the back of his neck. “Oh yeah, me too.”

You rest against the side of a tree. “Newt, were you dancing?”

Newts eyebrows furrow. “What? Me? N-No, you know I don’t dance.” He faked confidence but you saw right through him.

You raise an eyebrow. “You don’t have to lie to me, you know. If you want to learn to dance, I can teach you.”

He stops breathing at your offer. He smiles a little and shakes his head. “No it’s alright you don’t have to-”

“Hey it’s either me or Minho,” you laugh and hold your hands up.

Newt blinks a couple times. “Okay so where do you want to start?”

You take his hands in yours and lead him to the middle of the small clearing you were in. “Follow my lead,” you smile.

Newt stares into your eyes the entire time you were trying to teach him to lead. He was trying hard to follow your instructions but dancing didn’t come naturally to him.

You stop and Newt furrows his eyebrows. “Why’d we stop?”

“Newt,” you sigh. “I know you don’t like dancing, so why did you want to learn?”

He looks down and back up to you. “Truthfully? I wanted to dance with you tomorrow. You know, impress you? Minho always gets to dance with you and it always makes me so bloody jealous.”

Your cheeks heat up a little. “You did all of this to impress me?”

He nodded. “Well, yeah.”

“Then I’m already impressed,” you grin. “But if you want to dance with me tomorrow, we’d better start practicing again.”

Newt laughs, nods, and takes your hands in his. “Im ready when you are.”

date night #10

move in together. into your new, beautiful, thirty kitchen home: ikea. make sure to jump on all of your beds, check to see if any of your sinks are working, and get some swedish meatballs.

Stress Relief

So my muse won the battle of writing vs. productivity and out popped this little fic. There is basically zero plot, just some ust and a sprinkle of fluff. Probably sucks because wow am I bad at writing kisses, but hey practice makes perfect and all of that. 

I am definitely going to fail my psych presentation tomorrow. *throws glittler*

Probably a T rating on this one? IDK 

Being queen was a stressful, time consuming, pain in the arse job that never ended, Merida grumbled to herself one night. She was locked up in her private study, reading over missives from different nations wanting to work out trade agreements with the small country. She had spent the better part of the evening scanning through them; the candles on her desk were burning low and she had long since sent her ladies maid to bed, saying she could take care of herself for one night. The price of being a queen, so it seemed. It was at times like these where she wished she had someone to help her shoulder the burden of ruling; to have a companion on the long, unending nights where she would be lucky if she saw her bed for more than a few hours.

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  • Jean & Eren Get in a Fight Before a Mission

This request comes from @itsmarsbar221 “Can you make a recording of Eren and Jean getting into another fight and Armin is getting really sick of it, so he shouts at them for the first time?”

Everyone, tomorrow is the first day we’re going to actually fight titans. This is…this is probably going to be our last night for some of us. I hate to say it, but there’s no avoiding how many people die on these missions. I just…let’s try to make the most of tonight, okay?

Yeah, easy to say with how much of a downer you’re being.

What did you just say?

You heard me, Jaeger. If you want people to have fun, don’t tell them they might die. You’re supposed to give people hope.

Yeah, that sounds perfect. Let me just lie to everyone here. Your fucking stupidity never ceases to amaze me, horseface.

I’m warning you, Jaeger.

What are you gonna do? Your mommy isn’t here to protect you, Jean-bo.

Don’t you dare bring my mother into this.  I wouldn’t do that to you.

Well I would hope not, considering a titan bit her in ha-

F-fucking stop it you two!


No, Eren! I’m fucking sick of you guys fighting all the time. That’s all you guys do around here! If you want us to all have one last good night before we possibly will never see each other again, then shut the f-fuck up and ignore each other! Because we both know you can’t hold a civil conversation without acting like ass holes!

Hey, it’s not my fault he-

Don’t you dare get me started, Jean. You’re just as much to blame here as he is.

But I-

No! How many times do I have to say this! Shut the fuck up, apologize to each other, sit down, and enjoy yourselves!



*sigh* Jean, I’m sorry for sounding depressing. And for bringing your mom into this.

Y-yeah. I’m sorry for…going off on you like that. Happy?

…Jesus…Armin is scary when he’s mad.

Y-yeah…he really is.

Reasons to Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

• the hour after you get out of bed is usually when you feel the most sluggish - get up early so you can take your time with everything; shower, eat, read a bit

• it’s easier to get out of bed when you have something else to look forward to first thing in the morning, instead of having to go straight to school/class

• on the days you feel drained, you can say to yourself “I can sleep in tomorrow morning” but still be on time for school

• getting some sleep before finishing the rest of your work - you’ll work more effectively in the early hours of the morning than in the middle of the night

• have a bit of time to yourself before the craziness of the school day, take some time to organise and do the admin stuff you probably didn’t have time to do last night

• you’ll feel healthier and feel like you have your life together

• it makes time for all your “I’ll do it tomorrow” tasks

Tomorrow at Sunset the Long Nights begin. The longest nights of the year, eleven of them each some fourteen hours and change.  

Somewhere in the middle of that - right about the night of the 21st - is the Solstice. 

Previously I’ve cooked hearty meals (in a “Holy Supper” style), and this year will probably go much the same. The carrots I forgot about in the garden ought to be quite sweet now, and will make a fine addition to oxtail stew. 

Just before sunset on that night I’ll kindle a fire in the fireplace, ritually feed it, and tend it until the night is at it’s darkest. This year I’ll likely be knitting or spinning while I do so. When the true mid-night is looming I’ll go out and leave a hot bowl of stew (and good booze) at the trivium, and hurry home. I’ll let the fire slowly coast down to morning, and when it has cooled I will gather the ashes for Work in the new year. 

Compared to what some do that’s very little. To others it seems a lot. Find a balance that works for you for yearly celebrations.