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Are you saying… you want to stay at Doldam Hospital?

- Yes, I am.


“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

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Jealous Boys & Dressing Rooms

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Pairing: Thomas-Brodie Sangster x Reader

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Oral (Girl on Boy), Daddy Kink (Kind of)

      I smiled and called Thomas as soon as I got to the set of the Death Cure. “Hey Baby” I felt my face heat up at his words. We’ve been together for one year and I still haven’t gotten used to him using pet names.

“Hey, umm I’m up front where do I go now?” I asked. “I’ll come get you, just stay there.” He sounded so eager it made me giggle. I mumbled a quick okay and hung up waiting for him. I stood there going through twitter. I was glad that the majority of his fans were very supportive of us. I barely got any hate. It wasn’t long before I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me from behind. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve probably freaked out and started punching everywhere but these arms are like no other.

“Miss me?” He whispered in my ear. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine and made my knee’s go weak. “I always miss you” I said, smiling softly. He chuckled and spun me around so he could peck my lips. “I always miss you too baby now let’s go.” I giggled as he pulled me to the back where the rest of the guys were. “(Y/N)!!!!” I looked over and saw Kaya running over to me. “Oh I’ve missed you! Thomas and the rest of the guys get so annoying” A chorus of “Hey’s” Erupted from behind me and I laughed. “I don’t doubt you.” I said and Thomas came up behind me “You don’t think I’m annoying when my head’s in between your le-“I clamped my hand over his mouth and Kaya laughed. “I’ll leave you two alone” She said and ran over to Will and Ki Hong.

“Why are always so inappropriate?” I asked as he slid his arms around my waist. “How can I not be? Have you seen yourself? And this dress you’re wearing…. It’s doing things to me” I blushed and he hid his face in my neck leaving soft “innocent” kisses. I wish it could go further but we were at his job and there were at least a hundred people around. So I giggled and pushed him off me “Don’t you have scenes to film?” I asked raising and eyebrow. “The only thing I want to film is you” I threw my head back laughing. “You’re so cheesy, go back to work.” He groaned and pecked my lips before running back to the rest of the guys.

I was on my phone for like five minutes when I felt someone stand next to me. I looked up to see Dylan smiling down at me. “Oh hey Dyl, what’s up?” He smirked “Oh you know, just standing next to the most beautiful girl ever” I chuckled and blushed at his words. “Thomas is going to kill you… Literally” He chuckled and placed a hand on my shoulder. From the corner of my eye I could see a very angry looking Thomas along with and amused Ki Hong. Dylan let his fingertips roam up and down my arm and I saw how red Thomas was getting. “Dylan, you know I’m with Thomas” He hummed in response. “Yeah well, what Thomas doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” I was actually shocked. Did he really just say that? What the fuck? I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even notice him leaning in. “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!” To say he looked furious was an understatement. “Hey dude chill I was just messing aro- “Dylan didn’t get to finish because his mouth connected with Thomas’ fist. I’ve never seen him this upset before. I should’ve stopped Dylan earlier. Fuck.

“Thomas I’m- “I started but he cut me off “I don’t wanna hear it. Just go.” And with that he ran off to his dressing room. “(Y/N) …… He’s just upset” Kaya said. Will and Dexter took Dylan to get cleaned up. “I know I’m gonna go talk to him…” I murmured and walked towards his dressing room. I slowly opened the door to reveal a shirtless Thomas throwing things all over the place. I felt tears prick at my eyes. “Babe…” I whispered and his head snapped up towards me. “What the fuck are you doing here? Go help Dylan” Hate dripped from every word he spoke and I felt my heart breaking. His stare was cold but I decided to be bold and walk over to him. He didn’t say anything when I placed my hand on his shoulder. He just stared at me blankly. “You know I love you…… So why are you acting like this?” As soon as that left my mouth he snapped again and had me pinned against the wall in seconds. “Why do I act this way?! How can I not act this way when that bastard had his hands all over you!? And to make it even better you didn’t fucking do anything!” I flinched at his tone but he had every right. “How can I believe you love me, if you don’t stop shit like that from happening?” His voice cracked and it made my heart break even more. If that was possible. An idea popped into my head and I had to hide my smirk. He still had me pinned against the wall, His face so close to mine. I slowly moved my lips to his ears. “I’m sorry Daddy…. Let me show you how much I love you.” I smiled to myself when he started to relax. “You’ve been a bad girl.” He murmured looking at me. “And bad girls need to be punished. Knee’s. Now.” His voice was stern and hard but his eyes gave away every emotion he was feeling. I quickly dropped to my knees and he slid his jeans down along with his boxers. I suppressed a moan and took him into my hand pumping him slowly. He moaned softly and I moved faster. After a few moments of just using my hand on him I ran my tongue over his tip and he threw his head back. I took more of him in and started bobbing my head, using my hand to pump whatever couldn’t fit into my mouth. Low moans left his mouth as he watched me. I looked up at him innocently threw my eyelashes and he pulled me up. “Fuck…” He muttered before crashing his lips onto mine. There was nothing sweet and slow about what was happening. I was his and he was making sure I knew that. He pulled off my top when I slid down my jeans and underwear, leaving me in only my bra.

Thomas took a step back admiring my body before he went and sat on the couch. He pulled me down and positioned me so I was bent over his knee.  Without warning his hand connected with my ass. I bit down on my lip hard. “That one was for letting him touch you” He smoothed his hand over the redness before spanking it again, and again, and again. I moaned out loud. He was never like this and it was so hot. Once he was finished I sat up straddling him. “I need you…” I whimpered. He smirked and laid on the couch. “Ride me.” I positioned myself over him before slowly sliding down on him. I moaned loud as he entered me.

I started grinding on him slowing which cause made him close his eyes in pleasure. After a few seconds I started moving faster. His name left my lips in breathy moans. “Fuck (Y/N) Like that. Oh Fuck Yes.” A smirk formed on my lips and I began bouncing up and down. “Fuck…” He hissed and flipped us over. His lips found my neck and he kept thrusting into me hard. He sucked on any skin he found. There would be some very visible hickeys by the time we were done. “Can Dylan make you feel like this?” He asked thrusting into me deeper. I shook my head unable to form words. “Fucking answer me” He kept pounding into me and to make it worse he brought his thumb down to rob my clit.

“Answer me (Y/N) or I won’t let you come” I moaned out as he applied more pressure. “No! He can’t” Thomas smirked. “Who’s making you feel so good baby girl?” I felt it coming. Oh Fuck “You are!” I could tell he was close too, considering how sloppy his thrusts were getting “And who am I?” He asked again “Say it (Y/N) Say It” He thrusted into me again hitting my g-spot. Oh fuck All I saw was white and my back arched. “Oh Fuck Daddy! Only you make me feel like this!” I moaned out as I rode out my high. I heard him mutter “Fuck that was hot” Before he came inside of me.

Thomas literally collapsed on top of me. We were both sweaty and breathing heavily. “I love you… I’m sorry” I whispered raking my fingers through his hair. He smiled and place a soft kiss on my neck. “I love you too… I’ll try not to be so jealous next time.”  I giggled, “Or maybe I should make you jealous more often”

i hATE


No Thomas, you don’t know that. The only thing that we do know is they helped rescue us from WICKED. They gave us new clothes, they gave us food, they gave us a proper bed! Some of us haven’t had that in a long time. Some of us a lot longer than others.