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Are you saying… you want to stay at Doldam Hospital?

- Yes, I am.


“GALLY!!!!!!! Notice in the movie, he never once says something you can truly disagree with.”

- James Dashner on #mazerunnerfriday


No Thomas, you don’t know that. The only thing that we do know is they helped rescue us from WICKED. They gave us new clothes, they gave us food, they gave us a proper bed! Some of us haven’t had that in a long time. Some of us a lot longer than others.


The Maze Runner: Zodiacs Teresa
A woman born in the sign of Aquarius is independent and original. Being unpredictable, broadminded and very self-confident, she’s unlikely to be interested in winning approval or compliments, making her often bold, non-comforming, and sometimes shocking. She is amused by narrow-minded people, going as far as saying or doing things purely to see which reaction she gets. She isn’t aggressive per se, but she can be a little mischievous in this area. Her creative attributes, original thoughts and kindness make her a perfect leader or visionary.

Friendships are valuable to her and you can expect her to be loyal and have a strong mental connection with those she is close to. However, her fierce independence can make her seem cold, detached, or impersonal at times. Most Aquarians would say that humanity as a whole is more important than any individual.

Polarity: Positive
People of positive signs tend to be extrovert, confident and optimistic (when compared to people of negative signs). They typically relate better to people of other positive signs (though their soulmates are typically of negative signs).

Element: Air
People of air signs tend to be friendly, outgoing, and easy going. Typically they hate being bored or stuck in dull routines. When in a relationship they like a high level of independence and generally dislike to feel restricted.

Quality: Fixed
People of fixed signs are known for their determination, deep thoughts and persistence. They tend to achieve more than the other (cardinal or mutable) signs due to being so willful. On the negative side they can be stubborn, opinionated or inflexible.

Please note this is no official information, just my personal interpretation of this character.


tmr meme: 1/3 Lead Characters
     ↪   Teresa Agnes

                               I’m saying I want you to  u n d e r s t a n d… why I did it.

Newt x Teresa Pen Pal AU

          Teresa wouldn’t describe herself as troubled, but with the late night partying, underage drinking, smoking, and endless string of shitty boyfriends she couldn’t say she was without a care in the world, either. One would think that, with her mother gone and her father always between jobs, she would work hard to make something of herself, but the overbearing, over-protective attitude of her father only made her want to rebel more—-no matter how much trouble it got her into. When the guidance counselor suggests she join an online pen pal community, a support group of sorts, Teresa is less than thrilled. Nonetheless, she registers for the website, if just to make her father happy and to get the counselor off her back, and is immediately matched up with some boy from London.

Enter Newt, a charming yet snarky English boy who seemed to understand her more than she ever thought a stranger could.

          E-mails turned into text messages; text messages turned into Skype calls, and as summer rolls around friends become lovers. Teresa manages to turn her whole life around with his support, and though distance will often separate them she can’t imagine her life without him in it.


“How close were you guys? What was her name, again?”

“Rachel.” Aris paused. “We were way more than close. Things happened. We remembered stuff. Made new memories.