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In which my Swanfire shipper is showing

I can’t help but think all of Henry’s efforts to make Emma believe in the season 6 finale could have been short-circuited if Henry had brought up Neal.

There’s no reason he could possibly have to know the truth about his father, since it all came to light months after the turnover incident and Fiona’s curse seems to have altered memories of everything that happened from that day forward. Nothing would rip through Emma’s cursed memories like bringing up Neal, her True Love, for better or for worse, but especially considering how painful it would still be for her at this point in her personal cursed timeline, with no interaction after his apparent betrayal, no reconciliation.


So I started (and finish lbr) watching Skam less than a week ago and now the final clip comes out today and honestly my heart is breaking. I can’t even begin to imagine how some of you feel who have been with it for a LONG time. I think the thing that upsets me the most is the untold stories. More specifically Vilde and Even. I would’ve loved it if the show explored their characters and we could’ve really understood what happens in their heads. But honestly, I would’ve died for a Chris, William, Jonas, Magnus, Eskild, etc. season because this show just makes you LOVE all the characters. I just love how RAW and REAL this show feels. How RAW and REAL the character are. How every actor plays their character perfectly and spot on. Ugh especially the last two season which were SO important and can contribute SO much to todays society. Ugh I’ve only been with it for a week but I think I can honestly say I have never loved a show so thoroughly. I honestly wish this wasn’t ending. 

Villanos | Cartoon Network
0:00 La percepción del Mal 00:59 Helado de Miedo 01:12 Más grande, más malo 02:11 Chirrido 02:26 Horriblemente pesado 03:24 Vistiendo la Maldad 03:37 Segurid...

HEY Y’ALL Cartoon Network put up all 10 episodes of Villainous (in Spanish) on their YouTube! Please go to the source and watch it on YouTube and not through Tumblr’s video player so that they can see people like it and that it has support!!! ;w;

There are versions up on YouTube with subtitles (I’ve watched them so I can know what they’re saying (because I do not speak Spanish aheh,,)), but please share the version from Cartoon Network!! Show your friends! Share it!! I’m really invested in this show right now and I want to see it do well!!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

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Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)

When you dad gets murdered by the very corrupt gov. you are forced to serve

When people call you evil for taking a job that someone has to do

When people forget you’ve successfully minimized causalities while still in your youth

When people blame you for Farlan’s and Isabel’s deaths but you had zero fucking hand in that 

When humanities’s strongest chooses you as their liege but people still thinks he hates you

When you and Levi grow old and mature alongside each other but people still undermine your relationship

When people undervalue the other veterans such as Hanji/Moblit/Mike/Nanaba even though they’ve fought along you for years

When you save a 17 year old’s life and care for him in a fatherly role but people still pin you guys against each other for ugly plot developments

When you choose to abstain from relationships out of worry for their emotions ‘when’ not ‘if’ you were to die

When all you friend’s get eaten by titans

When your own fucking arm gets eaten by a titan

When nothing that happens to you matters because, even though people paint you as manipulative and evil, you have long grown to also blame the death of every last individual cadet on your shoulders and have, subsequently, already condemned yourself to Hell if only to give you a semblance of peace that even after your own death - you will have finally paid for your perceived hand in their deaths. But people still try to fucking antagonize you for everythinnng.

  • Me,every day during summer: I'll meet my friends every day, go out, workout, learn new hobbies, meet new people, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't spend to much time in front of my computer, start living life at its best
  • Also me, every day during summer: *counting down days until hiatus ends, while making tumblr edits and rewatching all seasons of my shows*
French Summer Vocabulary ☀️

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Été (m) - Summer
Juin - June
Juillet - July
Août - August
Solstice (m) d'été - Summer solstice 
Vacances (f.pl) - Holiday, vacation 

Soleil (m) - The sun 
Coup de soleil (m) - Sunburn 
Bronzage (m) - Suntan 
Crême solaire (f) - Sun cream 
Chaleur (f) - Heat 
Ombre (f) - Shade
Brise (f) - Breeze 
Ventilateur (m) - Fan
Glaçons (m.pl) - Ice cubes 
Humidité (f) - Humidity 
Climatisation (f) - Air conditioning 
Lunettes de soleil (f.pl) - Sunglasses 
Vague de chaleur (f), canicule (f) - Heatwave 
Orage (m) - Thunderstorm
Pluie (f) - Rain 
Nuages (m.pl) - Clouds

Dehors - Outside 
Océan (m) - Ocean
Mer (f) - Sea
Eau (f) - Water
Plage (f) - Beach
Sable (m) - Sand
Côte (f) - Coast, seashore 
Coquillage (m) - Seashell 
Maillot de bain (m) - Swimsuit 
Piscine (f) - Swimming pool
Lac (m) - Lake 
Pelouse (f) - Lawn 
Jardin (m) - Garden
Herbe (f) - Grass 
Campagne (f) - Countryside
Champ (m) - Field  
Parc (m) - Park 
Aventure (f) - Adventure

Ensoleillé - Sunny
Brillant - Bright
Estival - Summery
Chaud - Warm, hot 
Étouffant - Stifling, stuffy
Sec - Dry
Humide - Humid 
Moite - Clammy
Calme - Calm
Clair - Clear
Reposant, relaxant - Relaxing 

Briller - To shine
Chatoyer - To shimmer 
Se bronzer - To tan
Prendre un coup de soleil – To get sunburnt  
Suer - To sweat
Jardiner - To garden
Revigorer - To refresh 
Refroidir - To cool down 
Se détendre, se relaxer - To relax 
Explorer - To explore
Voyager - To travel
Nager - To swim
Courir - To run
Hydrater - To hydrate 
Se reposer - To rest